Scorpius and Rose^

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The day started out normal. I didn't expect for it to end where it did. I didn't suspect that when I rolled out of bed it would be my last time as a little girl.

Tonight, I was a woman.

Tonight, I was no longer a virgin.

Tonight, I was Scorpius Malfoy's.

I woke up early to an owl tapping at the glass of my bedroom window. I tried to shoo it, but the little bugger was incessant and after a few minutes I gave in.

I opened the window and the owl flew in. I recognized it immediately and my anger disappeared.

It was Scorpius' owl.

I've been in love with him for a year now, and even before then, I've cared about him a lot. I know it's all Romeo and Juliet sounding, but, honestly, it's just two people who fell in love young and unexpectedly.

I ripped the seal off the parchment and read it hungrily, much as a starving man would devour food.

Hey Rose!

How have you been, babe? I've been good. Same old thing, you know? I was actually wondering if you could come over soon, though? Like tonight?

My parents say it's fine with them if your mum and dad are okay with it, too. So no worries there.

I hope you can come. And I'll hopefully see you tonight.

P.S. Dress somewhat formally as my grandparents will be there for a "Banquet".

Oh. My. God! No freaking way!

I was going to be seeing Scorpius in like ten hours. That's not enough time to get ready properly and still eat and stuff. My hair looks like a deranged animal got loose and took up living on my head! Well, maybe Scorp will find the bush on my head attractive. Or maybe he's gone temporarily blind. Is that wrong to hope?

I crumpled the letter in my hand and looked around aimlessly. Better start getting ready if I want to look even half-way decent tonight, I guess. I walked to the bathroom in a dejected manner

I finished showering, stepping out of the jets of warm water and into the summer heat that engulfed the bright blue bathroom. I dried my hair as straight as I could and hoped that he'd find the “drowned rat/ Afro” look sexy. I'm somehow highly doubtful.

Both my parents were there in the kitchen when I finally got downstairs. I was instantly suspicious. That was an unusual occurrence. Neither of them were usually there at all on weekdays, let alone the both of them.

"Hi, Mum. Good morning, Dad," I greeted warily.

They looked up at my entrance and smiled warmly.

"Good morning, baby. How'd you sleep?" Mum asked. She was always concerned that something was wrong, even when it clearly was not.

"I slept fine, Mum. You shouldn't worry so much."

"I--" she started, but Dad cut her off.

"Yes, you do, Hermione. 'Mione, honey, you're always worrying about something or another. Rose's fine," Dad soothed.

"Yep, I'm fine, Mum," I agreed with a grin.

"That's debatable," piped up my little brother as he walked into the kitchen and plopped down in the chair next to mine.

"Hugo, don't be fresh," Mum warned, while Dad tried not to snigger and I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry, Mum," Hugh droned. It's like a reflex for him...

"Mum, Dad, can I go over to Scorpius' house tonight? He invited me," I explained.

They exchanged a look. Please, say yes! Come on just three little letters!

"Well, that would be alright for you to go to dinner, yes. But your dad and I are going to be gone the night. Do you think you could stay at your friend Jenna's house after you're done at the Malfoys'?” Mum asked. 

“I'll have to ask her, but I think that'll be okay. Where are you guys going anyway?”

“Just to do a few business things,” she said in a off-handed manner. She turned to Hugo then. “Honey, do you want to stay at a friend's house tonight or family?”

"I think I'll go to Lily's," he answered.

"Lily is my best friend, munchkin, remember that," I told him. He snorted and went back to shoving waffles into his huge mouth.

"Alight then, dear. I'm sure Ginny and Harry won't mind."

“I have to go start getting ready,” I sighed. “It's some sort of dinner 'banquet' thing at Scorpius' place with his grandparents and everything.”

“Oh, that sounds nice, dear,” my mum responded vaguely.

"Yeah, I guess. Thank you, Mum," I said sweetly, hugging her as I put my dish in the sink. "And you, too, Dad," I added, hugging him as well.

"You're quite welcome, Rose."

"Yeah, you're welcome," Dad agreed half- halfheartedly He's such a big baby sometimes.

"I'm going to go owl Jenna and ask her! And then I'm gonna talk to Scorp and let him know," I yelled over my shoulder as I bolted for my room. I reached my room quickly and sat down at my desk.

I owled Jenna quickly asking if I could stay the night at her house and when I received a positive reply I turned my attention to the blank piece of parchment before me. What was I supposed to say to Scorp? Why do I even care? I feel stupid right now.

I settled for just telling him I'd be there at five for dinner and then I'd be going down the street to Jenna's for the night. It sucked that I wouldn't even have time to snog him after dinner. Stupid responsible parents...

Short, sweet and to the point as the Muggles say.

Now what to wear?

I searched my closet frantically.

Too girly.

Too casual.

Too...what the hell is Freddie's Quidditch gear doing in MY closet?!

I don't even now why I'm surprised. My entire family lives at each other's houses, so it makes sense. Sort of.

I settled on a royal blue halter dress that my cousin Dom bought me a few months ago. It hugged my thin frame nicely, showing off my curves in a subtle, but sexy way. (Here I am fifteen and my thirteen year old cousin/best friend, Lily, is far curvier than me. Where is the justice?!) The dress fitted itself to my body until it hit my hips and then it flared out and flowed loosely and prettily to the ground.

I laid my dress out on my bed where it rested for a few hours as I did my hair and makeup in preparation for the "Banquet". I usually hate dressing up and the hair and makeup thing, but for Scorpius I would do anything. Yes, I know I'm dramatic. Don't worry it doesn't hurt.

So, I'm standing there in a formal dress with my hair cascading down my back in flaming ringlets, with shimmers of brown and grey makeup decorating my pale face so that I look sophisticated.

My parents have to drive me to the Malfoys' because Side-Along Apparation or Flooing would ruin my hair and/or dress. This being the case, we have to leave at two o'clock in the afternoon in order to have time to drop off Hugo down the street at the Potters' and then drive the two and a half hour distance from our house to Malfoy Manor.

The trip there wasn't too bad because Mum drove (which meant there was no immediate danger of death or bodily injury as there is when Dad drives).

Surprisingly, my parents only hugged me and planted kisses on my rosy (oh, the coincidence in that is horrible) cheeks. They didn't lecture (Mum) or whine and warn me about the sick minds of all males my age (Dad), but just let me go. They even told me to say hello to Scorpius' grandparents (well, his grandmum, but still).

I walked up the stone path to the beautiful feat of Gothic architecture that was Scorpius' home. The hedges were trimmed very low and I saw that they had gotten rid of the white peacocks that Lucius Malfoy is so very fond of (thank Merlin! Those things were very creepy). The white fountain played tinkling music and I could actually see it because the hedges were so low now.

I rapped lightly on the dark wood and a extremely short moment later the door was opened by a bubbly looking two year old.

"Hi Rose!" she shrieked happily. I bent down and held my arms open for Scorpius' little sister, Rya, to hug me. Her mother, Astoria, was standing in the doorway smiling down at us.

"Hi, Rya. Hello, Astoria," I greeted politely. She told me awhile back I could call her that (just thought I'd tell you so you didn't think I was atrociously disrespectful).

"Hi there, Rose, honey. You're looking absolutely beautiful, sweetheart. Thank you for coming! I was very pleased to hear that Scorpius had invited you," she told me kindly. Her smile and generosity made my smile brighten even further as I followed her to the drawing room, carrying Rya on my hip.

Rya was wearing hundreds of ruffles and tiny black Mary Janes. Her shiny black curls were down and wild, just like her mother's were. Astoria was in a strapless purple dress covered in delicate black lace that hugged her magnificent figure. She walked like she was in control of the world, but in a way that was so kind, you couldn't help but to adore her.

We walked into the room and I looked around. The beauty and breadth of the place no longer shocked me. I'd been coming here since the summer after First Year with Al. The room we were in now was dimly lit and there was a roaring fire behind the heavy wrought iron grate. Greens, silvers, blues and blacks adorned the room elegantly and the ceilings soared to an ornate crystal chandelier hanging by thick gold and silver chains.

I registered the room briefly before my eyes locked on its occupants.

I set Rya down gently on the polished wood under my feet and she ran over to her grandfather.

Lucius Malfoy was released from Azkaban only two years ago. His long silver blond hair is pure silver now. His once arrogant face (from what I've seen in pictures) is now full of a gaunt shame, but he was somehow spared of the loss of his handsome features, although his chalky face is now lined. You could tell the man holding the black-haired toddler had done evil things in his past and that he also, miraculously, felt extreme remorse for those things now. I smiled at the thought of his reform.

His wife, Narcissa, sat quietly next to him. She looked up as I sat down across from her, next to Sadr, Scorpius' little brother. Her long plait of blonde hair was weaved elegantly up and was streaked through with elegant grey. Her once cold grey eyes lit up and she smiled at me.

"Hello, Rose. How are you this evening?" she asked. Her silver robes hung snugly and she contrasted stunningly with her husband's green robes. I grinned widely at the woman that had saved my Uncle Harry's life.

"I'm fine, thanks. How are you, Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Fine, dear, thank you. You look lovely."

"Thanks. So do you," I smiled.

She nodded and turned her attention back to her husband and granddaughter.

"Hi, Rose," Sadr said.

"Hey there," I quipped back. "You wouldn't happen to know where your brother is, would you?" Scorpius was nowhere to be seen.

"He's getting dressed. Apparently, he didn't look 'dapper enough'," Draco snorted as he entered the room.

I rolled my eyes and giggled.

"Oh, hello, Rose," Draco laughed pleasantly. He came over and shook my hand jovially. He had changed so much since I had first seen him. He was kinder now. His cold eyes had melted like his mother's and he still had that handsome face, so much like that of his father and his sons.

"Hi, Draco," I giggled back, thinking of Scorp using the word "dapper".

"He'll be down in a moment, Rose," he explained.

Just as Draco finished speaking, Scorpius walked into the room in a navy blue Muggle suit. We inadvertently matched.

"Wow," we said simultaneously.

"Hey, that's my line," we said together again and burst out laughing as he sauntered over to me.

He leaned down and pressed his lips gently to mine. He tasted like peppermint and chocolate and I tasted his lips on mine still as he pulled away and sat down on my other side, his arm resting lightly and possessively around my thin waist. I leaned my head on his shoulder, completely disregarding the fact that my hair took two hours to do. He smelled like soap and musk. He was simply intoxicating.

I heard a throat clear and realized we were sitting in a room full of his family while I was inhaling his scent like some kind of horny animal...

I sat back up and just sort of leaned in to him instead of on him. I heard Sadr snigger softly and rolled my eyes.

"Well, why don't we all head into the dining room? Everything’s ready,"Astoria announced happily, trying to keep the suppressed laughter at our behavior out of her voice and failing miserably.

We trooped into the room and dinner commenced. The evening went well enough and soon I was saying my goodbye's and heading to Jenna's. I had just changed into my pajamas when I heard Jenna exclaim that I had an owl.

I opened the note from Scorpius. He had asked me to meet him at his family's guest house.

 “Will you cover for me, Jenna?” I really wanted to go. Maybe I could get my make out session after all...

“Yeah, no problem. Just be back before dawn, okay?” I nodded and slipped on a pair of jeans. I opened Jenna's window and squeezed out into the cool night.

I found Scorp waiting in front of the guest house. I smiled at him mischievously. He made me feel so naughty.

He opened the ivy covered door and waved me into a sumptuous living room. The walls were a pale green and the furniture was dark and rich leather and wood.

I didn't see any of this though. All I could see were the hundreds of daisies and bunches of honeysuckle adorning every free surface, their petals were even scattered all over the handsome wood floors.

"Oh! Scorpius, did you do all this?!" I asked in awe.

"I figured that if I could get you to sneak out then we could have some fun... I assumed that you would,” he explained. He laughed at my incredulous face. “Yeah, I know you're really a bad little girl on the inside, Rose.”

"This is beautiful, Scorp. Like absolutely amazing.."

“Well, I'm an amazing kind of guy, babe. And you're definitely worth it. Smoking hot and smart and naughty. I love it. I love you.” He is such a smooth-talker. But it sure is a turn on.

"Rose, say something." He looked slightly worried and I realized that I hadn't said anything since I told him the room was beautiful.

"Scorpius...Tonight. I want you, tonight." I was sure of what I said and I was sure he wouldn't expect it. Yeah, he thinks I'm naughty, but he never would've guessed that I would say that.

"What? What're you talking about, Rose?" he asked confusedly, just as I'd predicted he would.

"I want to be with you. I'm ready to make love with you. You know, sex," I told him. His face cleared and he smiled wolfishly.

"Are you sure, Rosie? Tonight wasn't about that. I just wanted to have a nice snog by the fire with the girl I love... I wasn't doing this to 'seduce' you."

"I know that, I just want to be with you. I'm ready and you're looking quite hot, to be honest.”

"Thank you."

"No problem, gorgeous."

We had strawberry shortcake with chocolate syrup and whipped cream and sat by the fire, holding one another. He knew my favorite dessert would make me more comfortable. Yeah, it was my decision, but I was still sweating bullets.

At a quarter to twelve, Scorpius stood up and led me to the bedroom, holding my hand. There were flower petals in here, too, and candles. So much for no planned seduction, huh?

I sat down on the bed and he sat down gently beside me.

He took my hands in his and we started kissing. It was soft at first, but quickly progressed as our passion grew. We slowly undressed one another, each of us lingering to shower the other with kisses.

He laid me down softly, treating me like a fragile doll. He slowly removed me clothes, kissing me with every item that was discarded. I don't know how he got his own things off. I just remember how sweet he smelled, the tickle of his gentle fingers playing over the curves of my body.

He was gentle and slow and through the entire time I could only think how much I loved him and he whispered to me repeatedly how much I meant to him, how much he would always want me and need me and love me.

When it was over, we rested against the feather mattress in a bubble of love and happiness.

"You're too good to be, did you know that?" Scorpius asked quietly, stroking my bare arm, as I lay curled against him under the green duvet. He said it quietly, almost as if he was talking to himself.

"I was going to say the same thing to you," I told him with a smile.

"Well, love, that just proves that we really are meant to be. You've got my heart in your hands, Rosie, so don't let it go."

"I would never," I vowed.

I kissed him softly. Our kisses, even the little pecks, were more intimate now, I noticed.

"I love you, Scorpius," I whispered to him.

"I love you, too, Rosie."

And with that we drifted off into a blissful sleep and the beginning of our forever.

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