A few months later, the first of November now and everything was extremely hectic. James and Lily were both dead now too, Sirius blamed for their murder and Emmeline was the one who had to come with a reason for it all to be posted for the muggles. She had been called into work very early that morning before anyone else was even up. Her work pile was never ending and when the clock in her office struck seven she figured she had better head home before Nate came looking for her. She packed up all of her things again before she made her way down to the atrium and apparated back to her house. She set her things down in the living room before she walked into the kitchen where Nate and Kerri where. Kerri was mixing something and Nate was watching her. Kerri looked up at her and smiled, "Hey Emmy!" she greeted. Nate looked up at where Emmeline was and smiled at her.

Emmeline smiled lightly at him and dropped into a chair push a loose strand of hair from her face, "Hi Kerri."

Kerri smiled at her and continued stirring. "Hey Love. How was your day?" he asked.


"Oh. I'm sorry."

Emmeline nodded, "Did you hear the news yet?"

"What news?"

"James and Lily are dead, apparently Harry stopped Voldemort and Sirius is being blamed for the murder and his now in Azkaban."

Nate sighed and shook his head, "I am so sorry."

"What are we going to do?"

"I don't know..."

"We can't tell him now."

"Well, can't we wait a while? Until he's stable, really stable."

Emmeline nodded.

Nate sighed, "But, that might take years even..."

Emmeline nodded again, "Yeah, so what are we going to do until then?"

Nate sighed again, "Kerri, hand me the things you're stirring and go play in your room." Kerri nodded and gave the bowl to Nate before running off to her room. "We can't just give her up to anyone. We have to keep her."

"I know."

"So, I guess we can just keep her and care for her until we think it's safe for Remus to know about her."

"But what are we going to with her until then Nate, that could way more time then we think, or he could run off."

Nate sighed, "Well, we'll raise her as our own I guess. Send her to school, give her everything she needs, and so on and so forth."

Emmeline sighed and placed her arms on the table in front of her and her on her arms.


"You didn't even want children."

He shrugged, "We don't really have a choice, do we?"


"Exactly. And, I would never give up my cousin's baby to somebody she probably wouldn't trust. I guess it's just, safe to keep her with us."


"Unless, you don't want too..."

"We don't have a choice."

Nate nodded, "Alright."

Emmeline sighed and continued to sit there with her head on her arms.

"What else is wrong?"


"Where is Harry staying?"

"Lily's sister."

"Oh. That's nice."


Nate sighed and held his head in his hands. "This is going to be even harder now..."


"Where are we going to be sending her to school?"

"I don't know."

Nate sighed and sat up. "Well, are you hungry?" he asked.


He nodded and stood up, "I'm really sorry that everything is going wrong in your life Em..."

"It's not your fault, and not everything has gone wrong."

"What hasn't gone wrong? All of your friends are either dead or unreachable and everything at work is making you all, 'UGH'."

"You aren't wrong."

Nate smiled at her lightly, "Well, thank you. But, most of your life is screwed."

"I know." Nate sighed and walked over to her. "Don't feel bad for me, no else ever did. They all ever cared about was Raine or Sirius."

"And why is that? They aren't special." he said while wrapping his arms around her.

Emmeline shrugged and buried her face into his chest, "No one even offered to take Kerri not that I would have wanted them to take her, but from what they knew I should have been in no condition to take on such a responsibility as her."

Nate nodded, "Well, I'm sure Sirius would've taken her or even Lily and James. But, you never looked like you wanted them to take her..."

"I didn't but they just said I should probably keep her and who asked me how I was after school? No one. It was telling me to go check on Sirius, and then on Remus."

Nate sighed, "I'm sorry Love..."

"It's not your fault that I wasn't really that important to my friends unless they needed something."

"Well, you're important to me and now Kerri. And we don't even want anything." he said as he rubbed her back gently.

"Thanks." Emmeline replied.

He nodded, "You're friends thought you were important Em. You were important to all of them. You were really, just the advice giver. In a group of friends, everyone has their own, separate purpose. You were the advice giver, Remus was the mediator, James was the sportsman, Sirius was the lover, Dorcas was the smooth talker, Lily was the tutor, and Raine was the attention seeker and the one that everyone could always laugh at. Each of you were important to the others in different ways."

Emmeline sighed, "That doesn't help much, Love, but thanks."

Nate sighed, "Okay."

Emmeline sighed again before she pulled away from him and stood up. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up as well.

"Where are we going dear?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm tired." She replied kissing his cheek.

"Oh. Well, Kerri might not be asleep yet..."

"Then we'll go check."

He nodded, "Alright." he said as they made their way to the room where Kerri was.

Emmeline smiled at him before they knocked on the door to Kerri's room, like normal the door was only closed halfway.



"Will you come here please?"


Nate smiled and walked in with Emmeline. Kerri looked at them for a few seconds before standing up from the floor. "I said Emmy. Not Nate." she said as she tried to push Nate out of the room. Nate pouted before he turned and left the room. He headed down to the bedroom to wait for Emmeline.

Kerri smiled, "I love you!" she shouted as she walked over to Emmeline and grabbed her hand. She led her over to the small table she had sitting next to a window. "Emmy, this owl won't go away." she said as she swatted at the bird that was sitting on the table.

"Oh." Emmeline said as she carefully took the letter from the owl which had been the same owl that had given Remus his letter months ago. Once Emmeline had the letter the bird flew away. Emmeline looked at the letter before she sat down, "It's for you Kerri."

"Oh? Who's it from?"

"One second." Emmeline said as she opened the letter, "It just says love Damien at the bottom."

Kerri smiled, "Damien!"

"You know him?"

Kerri nodded happily, "That's only my bestest friend in the entire world! What does it say?"

Emmeline smiled at her before she read Kerri the letter, "It says, Dear Kerri, I'm sorry you can't come over anymore and I'm sorry about your mummy. But oh! I have a new little sister her name is Zaina, oh and a new puppy, and Zaina has a kitten and so does my mummy... but anyways I miss you Kerri, oh Sebastian says hi and I think Tybalt does too but he didn't say anything normal, and Zaina would say hi but she doesn’t know you. Well I guess that is all. I wish you could come over again, but mummy said you probably couldn't anymore. She said we could write to each other if it was okay with the people you are staying with. Love Damien."

Kerri smiled broadly, "Can we write each other?" she asked hopefully.

"Sure Kerri but where do you know him from?"

"It's one of mummy's friend's sons."

"But who is his mum?"

"Um... Aunty Ore."

"Oh, well can we write back in the morning you should be in bed."

Kerri nodded, "Okay." she said as she changed into her pajamas and got into her bed.

Emmeline smiled at her, "Good night Kerri."

"Night Emmy!"

"Sleep well." Emmeline said walking towards the door.

"You too."

Emmeline smiled at her again before she turned off the light, closed the door halfway, and walked down the hallway towards her own bedroom. She shut the door behind her and walked over to Nate.

He smiled up at her, "What did she want?"

"She had a letter."

"From who?"

"Damien Lestrange I'm assuming."

Nate raised an eyebrow, "Um... why?"

"Well it was a from a Damien and Kerri said it was a friend of her mum's sons and she said her name was Aunty Ore."

Nate sighed, "Secrets are coming out..."

"Yeah, and that explains how Raine was doing so well."

Nate nodded, "Yep... Why wouldn't she tell us about it?"

"I don't know Nate."


Zaina Lestrange had been happily playing with her brother Tybalt while her other two brothers Sebastian and Damien played with the dogs. Zaina suddenly stood up and slowly walked towards the door of the room. She looked around the outside of the door, looking for her father. She decided to leave the room and go out and search for him. She looked in all the normal places where he would be but actually found him outside. "Zaina?" he said softly once she walked outside.

"Daddee." She said walking over to him.

"What Love?" he asked as he picked her up.

"What you doing?"

"Right now? I'm just sitting out here."

She nodded, "Later?"

"Um... I was going to go over to Lucius' house..."

"I come?"

"No Love. This is a grown up meeting. Dra won't be there. Cissa is taking him to his gran's house.


Rabastan nodded, "Sorry..."

"Stay here?"

"No. I'm sorry. This is a very important meeting."



"I no want you go."

"I'm sorry Love. I have to."


Rabastan shook his head, "I can't."


"No Love. I can't. I promise I'll be home as soon as I can be."

"No go."

"Zaina, I have to."


Rabastan sighed and set her down, "I have to go." he said as he walked inside.

"Daddee." She said as she started to cry.

"What Zaina?" he asked as he turned around and picked her up before bringing her inside.

“No leave me."

"I'm not going to leave you."


"For now."

"You leave?"

He nodded, "I have to Zaina."

"No!" Rabastan sighed and walked to the library where Orenda was sitting, reading a book. "Orenda, she won't stop crying." he said as he handed Zaina to her.

Orenda looked down at Zaina, "Shh. What is it?" She asked Zaina.

"Daddy no stay." she stated as she glared at her father.

"Oh sweetie." Orenda said as she stood up carefully with Zaina still in her arms.

Zaina started to cry into her mother's shoulder and Rabastan just sighed. "Do you have to go tonight?" Orenda asked trying to calm Zaina down at the same time.

He nodded, "I do. It's mandatory."

"How can it be?"

Rabastan sighed, "It just is."

"Fine." She said before she walked out of the room.

"Orenda..." Rabastan said as he followed her.

"What?" She asked walking towards the nursery.

"I'm sorry."

"You'd had just better come home."

"I will."

She nodded, "When do you have to leave?"

"By six..."

"What time is it?"

"Like, five-thirty."

"Tell the boys you're leaving."

He nodded, "Okay... Bye Zaina, I love you..."

Zaina glared at him and Orenda walked into the nursery. After she had finally calmed Zaina down enough and gotten her to sleep she walked off in search of Rabastan. She looked in his office but he wasn't there. She looked around for him and finally found him outside with the boys. Orenda sighed and sat down to let them finish whatever they were doing.

A few minutes later, Rabastan walked towards Orenda. "Hey..." She stood up and walked over to him. "What's up?" he asked.

"Won't you stay home tonight?" She asked.

"I can't Orenda. We've made plans for tonight and we have to follow through with them."


Rabastan sighed and wrapped his arms around her.

"Just come home, or she'll never forgive you."

He nodded, "I will."


He smiled at her reassuringly before kissing her lips lightly.

She returned the kiss before she pulled away from him.

Rabastan smiled at her again, "I love you."

"I love you too."

He sighed, "I have to go now..." he said.

"Okay, be safe."

"I will." he said as he started walking back in the house.

Orenda sighed and called the boys inside. All the boys came running towards her and ran into the house. Orenda ushered them into the kitchen and gave them something to eat before she sent them upstairs to play until bedtime. She sighed as she sat down in her library, waiting for someone to call her and for Rabastan to come home. A few hours later she stood up and put the boys to bed before she went and checked on Zaina

When she walked into the nursery, she saw Zaina sitting up her in crib. Orenda smiled at her, went over and picked her up. She sat down with Zaina in her normal chair.

Zaina looked up at her, "Daddee no home."


She sighed, "Daddee no home."

Orenda sighed as well, "Why not?"

"Because he get found."

Orenda sighed, "Not again."

Zaina nodded, "He go Azkaban with Aunt Bella and Uncle Rodolphus."

Orenda sighed, "Well I guess there isn't anything we can do anymore."

"Mummy, he no listen to me?"

"Because he thinks nothing is ever going to happen. But he's wrong."

Zaina sighed, "Well, I tried..." she said as she leaned against her mother.

"I know sweetie." She buried her head into Orenda's shoulder and started crying. Orenda sighed and held Zaina against her. "It'll be okay, Love. We'll manage without him and you still have Draco and your brothers."

"They no same Daddee..."

"I know sweetie, I'm going to miss him too."

Zaina shook her head and held on to her mother tightly. Orenda sighed and tried to comfort her. After a few minutes of crying, Zania sat up, "Mummy, I sleep with you?" she asked.

"Sure sweetie." Orenda replied.

Zaina nodded, "Now?"

Orenda nodded before she carefully stood up and carried Zaina into her bedroom. She set her down on the bed before she went to go change. Zaina sighed and curled up on her father's old pillow. Orenda smiled sadly at her before she disappeared into the closet. She sighed once she was out of site. If he was going to be arrested again that meant the ministry would want to search the house and who knows how many times they would do that. She sighed again before she changed out of her normal clothes and into her pajamas. Once she was done with that she walked out of the closet and over to her vanity table where instead of killing her curls with a brush she used magic to fix them. When she had finished with that she stood up and walked back over the bed and sat down.

"Mummy..." Zaina said softly.

"What sweetie?" Orenda asked.

"You no let him home?"

"I don't know Zaina."

Zaina nodded and curled up tighter.

Orenda sighed and watched Zaina for a few hours not able to sleep.

She sighed and tried to close her eyes but nothing really worked. But, around two or three in the morning, she fell into a fretful sleep.

At seven like usual she woke up. Zaina was still sleeping curled up around her father's pillow. Orenda sighed before she made her way to the bathroom. She took a quick shower, changed into clothes for the day and did her hair. She walked over to Zaina once she was finished and woke her up. Together they went to go wake up the boys.

All the boys decided to sleep on the floor that evening and were sprawled out. Orenda sighed and carefully woke each of the boys up. Once they were all awake, she led them down to the kitchen where she started on breakfast.

After she had finished preparing breakfast for everyone she set it down in front of them and got them something to drink. She was in no mood to eat so she just sat down at the table to watch them eat. Her eyes traveled to the window and she watched the wind toss around a pile of crimson, yellow, orange, and green leaves around the yard.

"Mummy," Zaina said as she ate her breakfast. "Minister come today..."

Orenda nodded, "Okay." She said quietly her eyes not moving from the window.

Zaina nodded and continued with breakfast. Once everyone was finished with their breakfast, Orenda made the boys change into some clothes before forcing them outside.

She took Zaina upstairs and set her in her room. Zaina's cat came and curled up next to her and Zaina started to pet it. She understood that her mother had to deal with their visitor by herself. Once Zaina was content Orenda made her way back down stairs where she sat down on one of the green couches in the living room, not even bothering to turn on a light. She sighed and sat there for a little over an hour before there was a knock on the front door. She sighed, stood up, and pushed a strand of her curly hair out of her face. She walked towards the foyer trying to prepare herself for whatever was going to happen. She took a deep breath before she opened the door.

When she looked out of the house, she saw a small group of people standing in front of her. At the head of the group was Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, "Ah, good afternoon Mrs. Lestrange. You wouldn't mind if we looked around a bit, would you?" he asked.

"Depends on why you would be looking aroud." Orenda replied.

"Oh. Right. Well, your husband, Rabastan Lestrange, your sister-in-law, Bellatrix Lestrange, and your brother-in-law Rodolphus Lestrange were arrested yesterday for torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom. Right now, we need to search your house for evidence of any other crime they may have committed.”

"I see, no."

"Why is that?"

"I don't need any of you disturbing my children."

"Right. Well, you'd better find someone to look after them while we search your house then."

Orenda sighed, "And what are excepting to find?"

"We don't particularly know right now Mrs. Lestrange. That's why we need to search."

"If you must. Come in." The minister nodded and walked into the house, followed by all the other people that were with him. "If you'll wait here, then." Orenda said. They all nodded and stayed where they were. Orenda sighed before she first went up the stairs and got Zaina before she had to go back downstairs and get the boys from outside, "Sebastian can you take everyone over to Cissa’s?"

"Where's Cissa?" Sebastian asked as all three boys walked inside.

"Her house, Love."

"Oh... Floo?"


Sebastian nodded and led all his siblings over to the fireplace. Once they were all in the fireplace, Sebastian threw the floo powder down and flooed to Narcissa's house. Orenda sighed before she turned around and made her way back to the foyer.

"May we search now?" Fudge asked.


He nodded and the other people that were with him began searching the whole house. Orenda sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. She walked into the living room, sat down, and waited for this search to be over with. It was a few hours later when Fudge said they had finished. They had probably gone through each room three times and questioned her twice, each time, it was the same question and she gave the same responses.

Orenda sighed, "So did you find anything?" She asked him, as everyone he had brought with him was getting ready to leave.

"We did."

"And what was that?"

"We can not discuss that with you Mrs. Lestrange." Fudge answered.

"Of course."

He nodded, "Thank you for your cooperation."

"If you wouldn't mind leaving so I can get my house back into order then."

He nodded, "Have a nice evening," he said before him and everyone else, left.

Orenda sighed before she asked the house elves to clean the house back up and put everything back in order. Once she was done with that she apparated to Narcissa's to retrieve her children again. Once she landed in Narcissa's home, she walked around, looking for them. She finally found them sitting down in the kitchen, eating a snack.

Orenda brushed a strand of her hair from her face before she walked into the room.

Narcissa was the first to spot her and she gave Orenda a small, reassuring smile. "Hey Ore." she said softly.

"Hi." Orenda replied.

"Did everything go okay?"

"I guess."

"I'm really sorry. Lucius told me everything today..." Orenda nodded softly. Narcissa sighed, "Here, have a seat. I'll fix you something to eat."

"I'm not hungry but thank you."

"Orenda, please?"


Narcissa nodded and started making dinner for Orenda. Orenda sighed and sat down at the table. "Hi Mummy." Damien greeted.

"Hi Love." Orenda replied quietly.

"Are you okay Mummy?" Sebastian asked. Orenda nodded. "Okay..."

Orenda smiled at them lightly. Narcissa sighed and brought a plate of food over to Orenda and whispered softly in her ear, "If you want me to take them for tonight I will." Orenda shook her head and picked at the food Narcissa had put in front of her just so make her happy. Narcissa sighed again, "Boys, go upstairs and find Lucius. He said he wants to show you something." she said. The boys all nodded and ran upstairs to find Lucius. Once they were out of earshot, Narcissa sat down next to Orenda. "Are you going to need me to do anything?" she asked.

"No Cissa I'm fine."

"You sure? Do you want me to take the kids or maybe just one or two of them?"

"No I'm fine don't worry."

Narcissa nodded, "Okay..."

"But thanks for offering."

She nodded again, "Anytime Love." Orenda smiled at her lightly. "You will let me know if and when you need something though, correct?"

"Of course."

"Okay. Good."

Orenda smiled at her lightly again, "I should probably get them back home now."

Narcissa nodded, "Alright." she said as she picked up Orenda's plate and washed it off.

Orenda slowly stood up from the table while she brushed a strand of hair from her pale face. She walked out of the kitchen and rounded up all her kids. Once she found all of them, she walked back into the kitchen to say goodbye to Narcissa. Once all the goodbyes were said, she apparated her, and all her children home.

She sighed and walked into the living room with the boys following her; Zaina was still in her arms. She sat down on a couch and set Zaina in her lap.

"Hey mummy. Where's Daddy?" Sebastian asked.

"Yeah, and who were those people that came by the house earlier?" Damien asked.

Orenda sighed, "Your father probably won't be coming back, and they were from the ministry."

"Oh... Why not?"

"Because he did something bad."

"What did he do?" Sebastian asked as Tybalt nudged him lightly and shook his head.

Orenda sighed, "I'll tell you when you're older if you want to know."

"Oh. Okay...What do we do until then?"


"Everything... How is everything going to go without daddy?"

She sighed again, "I don't know."

The boys nodded, "Oh. Okay."

Orenda sighed, "Why don't you go get ready for bed?"

They nodded again and stood up. All three of them walked upstairs and got ready for bed. "Mummy, I sleep with you?" Zaina asked softly.

"Sure." Orenda replied. She sighed and nodded her head. "What?" Orenda asked as she picked Zaina up again and stood up. Zaina shook her head. "Okay." Orenda replied before she carried Zaina upstairs to make sure the boys were getting themselves to bed.

Zaina yawned and rubbed her eyes before burring her head in her mother's chest. Orenda smiled at her lightly before she walked into the boys room.

"Night Mum!" Sebastian and Damien sang as they lay down in their bed. Tybalt just smiled at her.

"Good night boys." Orenda said, "Sleep well."

They all nodded and got themselves comfortable. Orenda smiled at them lightly before she walked out of the room and down to her own. She set Zaina down on the bed.

Zaina crawled over to her father's pillow and curled up on it as Orenda walked over to her closet and got changed. When she came out of the closet, there was an owl waiting on the desk in the room with a letter attached to its leg.Orenda sighed and walked over to the owl. She carefully removed the letter from its leg before she sat down on a chair in the room to read it.


Dear Mrs. Lestrange,


 Rabastan Lestrange's trial date for the crimes he committed will be next Thursday at noon sharp. If you would like to attend this trial, you may.


 Thank you. Have a nice night.

                                                             -Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.


Orenda sighed before she set the letter down. She looked over at Zaina while she pushed a piece of curly black hair from eyes. Zaina was running her hands through her short hair and burying her head deeper into her father's old pillow. Orenda sighed before she walked over to the bed and sat down on it.

“Night." Zaina said quietly.

"Good night, Love." Orenda said lying down.

Zaina sighed and curled up against her mother, tightly. Orenda wrapped an arm around her daughter holding her close and she tried to get herself to sleep. She hoped Zaina wasn't going to make sleeping here a habit. About an hour later, and everyone in the house was fast asleep.


The days up to the trial had been difficult but Orenda being stubborn and not liking to admit she needed help never asked for Narcissa to come over. The day of the trial that she had finally decided she was going to go to Orenda woke up in her bed alone. The children stayed the night at the Malfoys’. Orenda sighed before she got up and went into the bathroom to shower. Once she was out of the shower, she got dressed into something comfortable yet dressy for the trial. She did everything she needed to do to get ready. Once she couldn't do any more stalling, she sighed and made sure everything in the house was okay before she flooed to the ministry and walked around to find the room her husband's trial was going to be held. She sighed as she made her way down to level ten where the courtrooms where. She brushed a strand of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail out of her eyes as she made her way down. Once she got to the specified room, she walked in and chose to sit towards the back of the room. She sat down quietly, not many people where in the room yet. She sighed as she looked around the large room.

She saw the minister sitting down in front at his pedestal type thing. She saw Rabastan sitting down in front of the minister. Everyone else was slowly but surely filing into the courtroom. She sighed and within minutes, the trial began.

Orenda sat through the entire thing she never shed a tear. She sighed as they declared that Rabastan was going to Azkaban for life for what he had done. His brother and Bella had already been sent there as well as a few other death eaters who had played hand in the events of that night. Once the trial was finally over, Orenda waited for everyone else to leave the courtroom before she left. Rabastan was scoping her out from his seat, hoping to say a few things to her. Then, once everyone else was gone besides the Lestranges', the minister, and a few others, Rabastan stood up and finally spotted his wife.

"Orenda." he said quietly as he started walking over to where she was. Orenda just looked at him and didn't say anything. "Orenda, please. I love you. I didn't mean for this to happen..." She still didn't say anything just started to make her way to the door. "Orenda." Rabastan said as he tried to get closer to her. "Tell the kids I'm sorry. Tell Zaina I said I was sorry for not listening to her. Tell them I love them," he said quickly. Orenda continued to ignore him as she walked towards the door. "Orenda, I love you. I'll find a way out. I promise."

"Don't." She said turning to face him.


"You promised before you wouldn't get arrested again so have fun in prison."

"Orenda, I didn't mean too. I wasn't even planning on going to the Longbottom's house that night. Bella and Rodolphus forced me. So, I'm really sorry. And I promise I will find a way out. I'm not going to break this promise. I swear."

Orenda just glared at him before she walked out of the courtroom. Rabastan tried to follow her but the guards in the room soon hauled him back into the room. Rabastan was finally realizing what he'd put Orenda through. He'd taken everything away from her, and he had gotten everything he had ever wanted. He had gotten her, the children; she let him continue doing things she didn't believe in. He had taken everything away from her, her dreams, her life, and now he left her to raise their children by herself. He had taken everything away from her and now left her to clean up after him; left her to fix his mistakes; left her to take care of the kids. He stopped struggling with the guards and just watched Orenda leave, hoping that she would make better choices than he ever had. He did call out to her one last time however, but Orenda ignored him once more and left to continue on with the new life she had to live, without Rabastan.

A/N Well now this one is over the next one about Zaina and Kerri starts, the next one isn't as long this one.

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