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"Zeph—" began Void. Tempest shut her book and gave Void a deadly look that made Nila laugh and Void take a step back.

"I'm still not talking to you Void Dermot."

"I've apologized everyday for two weeks now. You're my best friend please talk to me." Void got down on his knees and Tempest and Nila laughed as he crawled over to her. Tempest slapped his head and forgave him.

"Bloody hell, you are an idiot."

"Yes, both you and Nila have e made that very clear."

"You made me brake his heart," muttered Tempest as she looked at Draco out from the corner of her eye. He sat with Maddox, Zoltron and Chad, barely looked at her. Her heart ached.

"You know he loves you," said Nila taking her hand.

"I know, but he think we've got so time. I hate that . . . Void,"s she shot him a looked and he looked away. The door opened suddenly and Divina came in dripping wet. Her hair was partly frozen by the weather. Her grey eyes searched for her and suddenly her white hair shook on itself and the ice fell all round her. She made her way to Tempest and stood, her pure white hands on her body.

"We have to talk."

"Its it really that urgently?"

"It's about Merwick's ever growing army. I have discovered something rather . . troublesome."

"She gave Tempest a worried look and in the firelight, her skin glistened. Tempest got up and outside waiting was Edana and Adrian. Both were battered and bruised.

"What the bloody hell?! Exclaimed Tempest taking her little sister in her arms.

"That's what I have to tell you," began Divina. "Wolves aren't the only weapons he's got. He's, informed some muggles, exposed the truth, his version anyway, somehow they are immortal."

"Janessa was there," said Edana. "They are humans who couldn't get hurt and we know we're not suppose to use mags on muggles, so we beat the crap out of the."

"Just you tree?"

Adrian shook his head. "No, Harry and Ron where there. Hermione too. It was all of us against them. Everyone else is in the infirmary." Tempest sighed, leave it to Merwick to use the rules against her.

"What about Lillith, Damien and Trixie?"

"Janessa knocked Lillith and Trixie out and—" Divina exchanged looked with Edana who looked away and buried her head into Adrian's chest.

"What happened Divina?" Tempest said more sternly.

"Janessa stabbed Damien in the shoulder and severely injured Stella. No one is dead but Stella is unconscious as is Damien."

"Vampire are pissing me off."

"And she's a newbie," said Adrian. "She's quick and very light on her feet. And her ability with the blade is . . Astonishing." He leaned against the wall with Edana in his arms. Tempest sighed and sent Divina, Adrian and Edana into the Common Room while she made sure that Potter and the others were okay. She ran quickly arriving on the fourth floor in a matter of minutes. She strolled in and saw them all battered up.

"Hey Zephyr," said Ron who winces as he sat up.

"Hey are you all, all right?"

Harry shook his head. "How exactly do you plan to deal with this? We can't go to the Ministry if she's out to kill you—"

"Who isn't," said Tempest leaning against the wall.

"And they are muggles, technically even the use of magic around them is against the law." He winced and laid back down. Tempest pulled out her wand and snorted as she began to heal his wounds.

"If you hadn't noticed, he's not exactly playing by the rules."

"We should at least," He winced again and Tempest began to laugh.

"Look around Potter, you are t the Nightmare Academy, a school for the Dark Arts, we don't exactly follow the rules."

"Doesn't make you much better."

Tempest gripped his arm. "Wrong. Merwick kills people just because and he's been doing to for centuries. I on the other hand have only ever killed Merwick. Several times over," she finished smiled. Harry stared at her fangs and she rolled her eyes annoyed.

"Don't be so judgmental Potter. I'm a pure blooded Nightmare Academy student, what did you expect." Tempest finished healing him and put her wand away.

"I expected you to be better."

Tempest snorted. "Says the guy who slashed up my boyfriends." Harry looked at her frightened as Tempest licked her fangs.

"How did you—"

"Snape sent me and urgent owl I swear I almost tore you to shreds." She laughed and pat his shoulder. "Relax Potter, I still need you." Tempest left him and went over to Damien and Stella who were both still unconscious, but alive. A tapping came at the window and Tempest looked up and growled along with Serena. Janessa a waved at them and smile.

"Hello Darlings! Come out and play please!"

"To hell with you!" yelled Serena pulling out Veronica.

Janessa giggled and hung upside down like a true old vampire. Her blonde curly hair bounced around her.

"Please come out and play. I have some muggle friends who want to meet you!"

"Have you lost your bloody mind!" yelled Tempest pulling out Excaliber. "Why bring muggles into this!"

"For fun." She laughed again. "Merwick is brilliant isn't he. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned." She laughed and jumped off the frame.

"Bloody bitch," said Tempest. Her shoulder still stung when she thought about Merwick. "Get back."

"Zephyr!" exclaimed Harry.

Tempest shot him a threatening look. "Shut it Potter. She wants to play, I'll play. Protego! Bombarda!" The glass shattered outward and launched herself out of the window lancing gracefully on her feet. Serena followed suit and they both stood side to side. Janessa smiled at them and trailed her golden locks.

"My, my, quite violent aren't you."

"Only when it comes to people who hate me."

Janessa rolled her eyes and leaned against a tree. "You haven't met the newbie's have you. They are part of my . . . calvary I guess you could call it. Muggles, isn't it brilliant." She clapped her hands and from the forest came Muggles. Tempest caught one last look at Janessa as she skipped away.


"Don't tell Potter, but if you have to, kill them."

Serena smiled sadly. "Very well. We can't exactly count on the Ministry can we."

"They'd believe—" Tempest kicked away Muggle and a force of fire surrounded them.

"Will fire protect us?"

Serena shrugged. "Don't know, haven;'t really tested it. It should, their humans, not vampires, and even we don't' do to well in fires."

"We're running out of options. We can't arrest them. His little 'angles' will save them. Can we harm them?"

Serena smile. "By my standards they're still mortal which means we can still kill the."

"Tempest licked her fangs. "We can."

"So kill?"

"Yeah, but test the fire first. Now!" The fire flung outwards and the muggas fell to the ground in agony. Their wounds didn't heal, but they did not stay down. Someone charged at her, and Tempest quickly cut them both down with a quick and easy swing of her blade. They would die from blood loss if not from her poison first.

Serena was being a true vampire, lunging and killing anyone who got in her path. Tempest wondered what was going to happen to them. Janessa herself couldn't file any charges, she had been compromised.

"Question, how the bloody hell does the Ministry not know about this," she said snapping a neck.

"They're still to busy with all the Voldemort Chaos. Besides, she's manipulating the system." Tempest cut down another muggle and her fangs protruded through with the smell of blood. HE'S looked around, only three muggles remained, three who stared at both her and Serena in fear and anger,

"You will pay for this Tempest Artemisa Nyx," said a Muggle with auburn hair and bright blue eyes. She ran off followed by the two men. Tempest sheathed her swore d and looked looed at Serena.

"Burn the bodies, I'm going after them." Tempest ran, surpassing th smuggle and sniffed out the pretty childlike blonde who could give Nila a run for her money.

Janessa stood yawning as though she's were waiting for her.

"Took you long enough, I was beginning to o think that maybe you were too busy feasting." Janessa laughed, her fangs glistening, her head was arched back and he blonde curls bounced in the wind.

Tempest mildly took a step forward, her foot crushing the dead brown leaves beneath her feet against the cold hard ground.

"We killed them yes, but Serena did the feasting. We left three alone, enough blood was spilt."

Janessa snorted. "Says the girls who takes lives."

I take lives that end to be taken," growled Tempest.

"Like those Muggles!"

"They were not innocent. They were murdered and rapist. They were muggles without a conscious."

"Hmm. You make a valid point but—" She stopped and her eye widened, the golden ringlet in her eyes dilating. "Well it would seem my orders have changed. Au revoir Young Tempest." Janessa waved and ran off. Tempest stood there and watched her vanish. She turned back to the school until she head her name whispered in the wind.

The voice was male and she knew who it belonged to. Her hair blew around her, cutting into her face, slashing her outside to reflect the pain that burned within.

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