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    "Samera! It's time to eat!" Miss Dodds yelled to the upstair bedroom.

    Samera closed her book reluctantly. She would just skip lunch and finish reading it, but when Miss Dodds yelled for someone, she wasn't expecting a "Hold up" She wanted you right then.

     Getting up, Samera closed her bedroom door, and muttered something. The door's lock clicked. She was the only person in the whole orphanage that could lock and unlock her door without a key, and even she didn't know why that was. Anythinng unexplanatory was always her fault. Whether it was snowing in July at their place, or stuff moving randomly without anyone touching it. No one knew why or how she did it, but she did. Even Sam began to wonder how she could do it.

      Down in the kitchen, Miss Dodds was mixing a salad in a huge bowl. Miss Dodds wasn't that old. Only about thirty. She was the only mother out of all the kids there. She had wavy brown hair that touched over her shoulders, that she always kept pulled in a tight bun. Stormy grey eyes that saw the best out of all the kids here. Sam loved her, only when she hadn't been cranky and moody. She was going through a lot with her boyfriend, and the only place that she l=found comfort in was the piano, and the kids.

    "Hey Sammy!" Brianna yelled from the table. Brianna was only six, and she loved Samera. Brianna's parents had abandoned her when she was only one. She had been through more than Samera had. The only thing Sam knew about herself was that her mother was dead, but her father was somewhere out in the world. Samera sat down as MIss Dodds began passing out the food. There were only about ten kids here. Sam, Brianna, Ashley and Lucas, who were both ten and twins, Michael, who was seven, Matthew, who was fourteen, Jessica, who was four, Erica, who was eight, Hayley, who was only one and the baby of the orphanage, and Jared, who was the oldest at seventeen. Samera was fifteen, and the oldest sister. Her and Jared got along so well together. They kept the orphanage going.

     "Still reading that book of yours, Sam?" Jared asked, pouring dressing over his salad. Sam stole the dressing from Jared.

       "The only times I can I get so rudely interupted." She said, glaring at the kids, who just bursted out laughing. Samera could never get mad at them, she just couldn't. Miss Dodds smiled, sitting down across from Sam.

       "Well, after you do your chores, you are free to go and read." She instructed Sam. They all had chores, even the little ones, with the help of the older ones. Samera didn't get that many because she was always a hard worker as it is, doing chores that even she didn't have to do or wasn't told to do. Miss Dodds always commented Samera and said that she was her favorite because it took a load off of her shoulders. Samera smiled, and began eating.


    There was a slight knock on Samera's door. She looked up from the book once, to see Jared standing there. 

      "Hey, Jare. Um. . .come on in." She said, sitting down her book and making room on her bed. Jared smiled, closed the door behind him. He sat down beside her.

        "I need to talk to you about something." He said quietly. She looked at him.

         "I got accepted to a college." He said. Jared was the only person that got to go to public school, everyone else was home schooled because they didn't have the money.

          "Jared that's great!" She exclaimed. He still looked unhappy.

          "The only problem. Its about twenty miles away, which means I have to move." He told her. Samera's heart dropped into her stomach, her blood running cold. Jared? Moving? He couldn't. He wouldn't.

        "You can't leave. Everyone here needs you!" She exclaimed. She didn't even know if anyone here was sad that he was leaving.

            "I'm leaving tomorrow. The last time I checked, everyone was happy for me. You're the only one not." He said, his voice beginning to rise.

            "I am happy for you. I just don't want to lose you. Everyone here needs you, can't you see that?!" Samera yelled, tears choking her. Jared knew this was going to happen.

              "Are you sure everyone wants me, or it's just you?" He said, getting up. Tears started trickling down her face.

                " Alright I need you. I need you, I need you, I bloody need you! You're the only person that understands me! You don't care what I can make happen for no reason. I can't let you go!" She yelled, getting up and walking over to her closet. Jared stood there, bewildered. Never did he know that she meant so much to him, or she cared about him so much. 

             "I need you." She whispered one more time. Jared walked over to her. Brushing a strand of her black hair away from her face, he looked at her, but she couldn't look at him. He took her chin and made him look at her, blue eyes against brown.

             "I know, and I'll miss you more than anything, but the thing I need you to do is be strong, for the kids and Miss Dodds. They'll need you now more than anything." He said to her. She looked down to the floor. He sighed, then took the braided bracelet he had gotten a long time ago off. He took Samera's wrist and put it on.

              "Keep it. It'll be a memory of you and me. But you'll have to let me go. Not now, not ever, but you will have to let me go someday. You'll find someone else. You're a very pretty girl Samera, anyone would be happy to know you." Jared explained. The ends of her mouth twitched. Never in all her life had she called pretty. She had long black hair and blue eyes, but she never was pretty.

              "Goodbye Sam. I won't forget you." He whispered in her ear, before placing his lips against her forehead, and walking out. Samera stood there as Jared walked out, closing the door behind her. As soon as he heard him walking down the stairs, she changed. She threw her book halfway across the room, making it collide with a vase and breaking it. She threw herself on the bed, tears streaming down her face. She buried her face in the pillow, and sobbed.

                                                                * * * * * * * * * *

   Miss Dodds had just finished putting the kids to sleep, when she heard a crash and a scream. Jared came down the stairs, looking as if he was about to cry.

       "You told her?" She asked. He nodded, before walking to his room to finish packing.


    A clanging noise was heard in the distance. Way too far for Samera to care. She turned, when the clanging became louder. She couldn't handle it then. She opened her eyes.

   A grey owl was at her windowsill. The stars were out. Samera must have fallen asleep. Everything was dark, and the shards of the vase she broke were sitting on the table, along with the flowers and water. I'll fix them tomorrow Samera said, before looking back to the owl, waiting impatiently with a letter in its beak at her window. She shook her head, opening the window. The little owl jumped in, onto her bed, and dropped the letter, before going into a flurry of loud hoots.

      "Shh, you'll wake the kids up." She said. Immediatly the owl quieted. Samera took the letter and opened it.

        Dear Miss Carson,
              My name is Albus Dumbeldore, and I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now, you might not know who I am, but I can tell you. I hear that your guardian, Miss Dodds, is taking all of you out for a day. Well, if you can get away from the group for about an hour, meet me at the Leaky Cauldron. I will be waiting.

                                                         Albus Dumbeldore

         P.S It won't be hard to find me.

Samera read the letter over and over again. Who was this person? She didn't know anything about this, but the letter seemed sincere, so she would have to meet him. She let the owl back out into the night, before falling back asleep


  Samera opened the door. The smell of beer and food filled her nose up. Some people looked up at her, then went back to talking and eating. She felt alone, like no one was here for her. She went inside up to the bar.

       "Um. . .excuse me but I'm looking for Albus Dumbeldore?" She asked him. The bartender smiled, then pointed over to a secluded aread of the bar. A man in a grey robe sat there, he had a long grey beard and looked like he was one of those old men near the orphanage. She said thanks, and walked over to him.

       Albus looked up. "Ah. . .Samera! So good to see you!" He exclaimed. He picked up what looked like a stick and flicked it near the chair. The chair slid out from the table. Samera gasped, before sitting down.

     "I trust you'll be wanting to know how I did that." He said. She nodded.

        "You see Samera. I, like you, am a wizard."

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