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Tempest led the way to platform 13 2/3. Harry hadn't expected this and Tempest took pleasure that he was about to his polar opposite. As they approached it was her who went through first followed closely by her cousin and Draco. Harry, Hermione and Ron followed them followed by Nila, Void and the rest.

"Come on lets get on the damn train already." As she made her way, she noticed that everyone was staring both at her and whispered on about Harry Potter. Everyone was a pureblood, and most supported the Dark Lord but they she was far more powerful and one thing was consistent for them all: choose the winning side betray and destroy.

"Congratulations on your betrayal Zeph," muttered some students as they past her by. Tempest thanked them as she end of the hell cabin filled with her 'entourage'.

"Okay Potter stay here. Just because your Harry Potter and with me doesn't mean you're be safe among all these darlings. Nila, Chad and Zoltron make sure that all behave." Tempest and Void put on their prefect badges and left them all to do their rounds.

It was Void who saw him first and pointed him out to Tempest. Tempest gasped ash she saw the forlorn walking blonde who wasn't even trying paying attention as he tried to make his rounds. Tempest ran to him and stared at the sullen figure who looked up at him. Tempest took a step back.

"My god Louis, what happened?"

Louis licked his newly protruding fangs. "She's changed, I sa it before but I didn't want to believe it. I loved her. I know I never said it and that I could sometimes be a bloody jerk but she loved me for it and I loved her in all her arrogance. Heather and Cassandra too, they saw what had become of their friends. We all tried to do something but . . . I broke up with her and Heather and Cassandra choose me over her. She didn't take it well, her eyes flashed gold and she pounced on all of us with Entia and this other girl, a blonde. She said she didn't care what we wanted, that we were hers."

Tempest looked at Void and embraced Louis tightly. He was her friend even though he was a jerk.

"You should go Zephyr, if Astrea sees you things may not go well."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Tempest pulled away and as she turned away Astrea popped up with a familiar arrogant smile on her face. The gold in her eyes followed with the smile that sent chills down her spine.

"Wow Astrea its like you become Merwick," said a voice. They all turned and looked at Nila. Astreas' eyes flared but her smile remained.

"You should watch your tongue. Right darling Young Tempest," she said returning her attention to Tempest who smiled serenely back at her.

"Don't call ,me that Astrea, only Merwick could actually pull it off."

"Oh what, regretting that you beheaded your love?"

"Hardly. He had it coming for his indirect betrayal. But here's news for you Astrea Sanguine, watch that pretty little back of yours." Tempest smiled ad headed back to her cabin where all her friends were crowded. She spread the word for everyone to behave in her trolley. They all did at they were told. Tempest went out the out the window and leapt onto the back of Aidan.

Aidan flew slowly, keeping time with the train. It was as though he were hardly flying at all.

"I can't determine whether she is Merwick or of this is a another ploy."

"It could be both Mistress."

Tempest groaned within her head. "I think that that worried me the most."Tempest sighed and closed her eyes to take a little deserved nap. She could never truly sleep as she flew on the back of Aidan. Tempest remained alert and jerked upright as she caught the scent in the air.

"Do not worry mistress, you've bested him several times over, I know you will continue to. Fear not. Take a nap."

"Yes, okay. I hope you're right Aidan."

"Zephyr!" Tempest heard Nila and Void and saw Stella and Selene jump onto the train. Tempest joined them. Entia stood afar and had Janessa and Charles along with more vampires and humans. She swore.

"Wolves. I hate Merwick." Nila, Zoltron and Void among other joined her. "Aidan take care of Potter and the others. Hello Entia."

"Hello darling, how are you."

"Bloody hell, what, are all of you girls going to do that. Really, none of you can pull it off."

"That maybe true, but that's until the wolves descend." The mean dn women ran and tuned into while wolves that haunted her dreams and memories. They paralysed her and the four wolves charging at her would have pounced had a white wolf not charged and took each of them down. Tempest stared at amazed as those four circled her cousin.

"Damn it to hell." Tempest charged but was meet by both Janessa and Entia who kept her hands full. She saw Selene and Stella and shook her head. She could easily take Janessa and Entia down.

"Seems your cousin has embraced the power."

"You mean this curse! You planned this!"

"We planned to trap you he was just an added bonus," said Janessa

"Hey blondie, shut up," said Tempest blocked her attack.

"You killed my father and you dare—"  Tempest cut her short by tripped her and knocking her off the train.

"Hmm yeah, I dare."

"Always so upfront."

"She's like your polar opposite, how can you stand her," said Tempest blocking another blow. Entia offered her a sadistic smile.

"Yes, I embrace death while she loves life. I have to admit, she is annoying but I'll tolerate anyone who wants you dead." Entia swung again, when a spell struck her and knocked her off the train. Tempest looked gratefully at Potter as She ran to the aid of her cousin. The last wolf standing was hers and she took no time to give it a chance as she swung it off the train All the others left but Tempest caught all the manipulative smiles on all their fleeting faces.

Tempest looked back and her eyes as a very nude Maddox stood before her. Cheeks bright red.

"Clothes don't turn along with me.

"I can see that."

"Well isn't someone very well endowed," said Trixie

"Trixie!" yelled Tempest, Nila and Divina in unison. Trixie blushed and looked away while Void tossed him a cloak.

"Cover up Maddox."

Maddox blushed and put on the cloak and sat down. His eyes were still purple with the little specks of gold throughout his eyes.

"Bloody brilliant aren't you Maddox," said Draco snickering alongside Void.

"Jealous Malfoy," he said snickering back.

Nila and Tempest exchanged worried aggravated glances.

"Enough, don't start. Can everyone leave please. I highly doubt that they are coming back."

"Goodbye Maddox," said Trixie as bot Lillith and Damien pulled her away. Everyone looked at her cousin.

"It would seem that Trixie is very attracted to you."

"Maybe, or just what she saw." He blushed again and leaned against Aidan.

"So you actually used it."

"I wasn't about to let you fight alone Temp. Besides I thought use his gift against him."

"Very clever."

"Yeah, I know. Besides it felt exhilarating." Tempest smiled at him as she turned to head back into the train.


"Yes Mistress, I know."

As they all sat around the table watching the students begin getting sorted Tempest gave Potter and reassuring kick to his shins and gave him a gentle smile.

"What's wrong Potter, scared," mocked Draco.

"Shut it Draco," said Tempest taking hold of his hand.

"Looks like someone is whipped," said Ron. Both Tempest and Nila shot him threatening glances and he quickly shut up.

"We're all whipped when it comes to Zephyr," remarked Void. Nila laughed and Tempest smiled as she shrugged.

"It's true I'm not one to trifle with. Which means Potter, that you're safe just as long as you don't piss me off."

He smiled at her. "Glad to hear it."

"Silence!" yelled Master Vlad. Everyone turned their attention towards Headmistress Majika.

"Hello every faithful children of the dark. I welcome you to another year at the Nightmare Academy and for those new to us, welcome." Tempest saw her look at Harry Potter and his friends. "So that everyone will know, I have bitter news. According to Miss Nyx and from what I've seen first hand, Merwick has gathered a formidable army and although last year he was an ally, he noo longer is. He is still an enemy to Young Tempest and he attacked Camelot and will attack here, of that we are sure. Therefore we welcome Harry Potter and his fellow friends. Don't harm them for it won't be me you have to deal with."

"It'll be me," said Tempest standing up. Everyone looked at her fearfully. All but Astrea who met her gaze evenly. She blew her a kiss and Tempest smiled back unafraid.

Tempest looked back and in the distance with her dragon enhanced sight, she saw the gathering of enemies.began Tempest, her worried voice echoing int her head.

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