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Without her sword, she was at their mercy. The air was cold and damp. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes dirty. The Minister had left her with nothing but her clothes that were becoming ragged. The Dementors were weakening her. She hugged herself, as the tears came again. Three days . . . three days of reliving her most painful memories. Her fathers death, Vivaldi's death, Morganna's death, Gorx's death and that of the Mystics. All the deaths in her life, all her painful memories. She wanted to escape, but she didn't have the strength. Footsteps echoed down the hall and the Dementors left giving her a moment of peace. Her door opened and in stepped two men.

Nila and Void helped her up. Then suddenly gold magical chains wrapped around their wrists. Tempest stood at the forefront.

"Attention! You Young Tempest Artemisa Nyx, known amongst your friends as "Zephyr" are hereby charged in being in league with the Dark Lord who perished four months ago. How do you plead?" asked the former Prime Ministers daughter.

Tempest looked up and met her golden eyes. "Guilty."

"Death Eaters we apprehended said that you are responsible for the murder of muggles just two years ago. How do you plead?"

"Guilty," said Tempest through gritted teeth.

"And now, people say it is you who murdered the former prime minister, my father. How do you plead?"

"Guilty." Tempest hoped that Harry would hurry up and present the damn evidence she had given him. This was something she had luckily foreseen.

"Well then, I hereby have no other choice than to—"

"Wait," said a voice as the door opened. Tempest turned her head and watched as Harry walked through the door.

"What is the meaning of this!"

"I am Harry Potter and I have proof that Tempest Artemisa Nyx was cleared by your father."

"Excuse me?"

Harry stepped forth and held the letter and vial of the memories. "Here are his final memories as well as a note he wrote pardoning Miss Nyx and her friends."

"Someone grab those and verify the authenticity of these now," muttered the new Prime Minister through gritted teeth.

"Zephyr," muttered Nila.


"Have you noticed her?"

"Yes I have. How did she get wind of this?"

"Probably Entia," said Void. "After last year it's clear—"

"Hush Void, she can her you, they boh can," Tempest stared at the new prime ministers smile. Her light blue eyes were outlined in gold, something nobody cared to notice and her sinister smile held within it fangs. So now the bastard had three little witches, all with good reasons to hate her. Her smile vanished with the announcement that everything was authentic.


"It's all real Janessa. Your father pardoned her and her friends. By arresting her we—"

"Shut up! I know already, I know the damn rules." She growled and pulled her blond curly hair out of her face. "Very well then, your records, all of your records are expunged. Case dismissed." She banged her gable and stalked from the room. A wizard came by and held out his wand.

"Don't bother," said Tempest waving her hands and thus making the chains vanish. "I could have escaped at any moment." Tempest turned to leave catching sight of Astrea by the door. Potter stepped up next to her as they walked out of the room.

"Took you bloody long enough."

"Sorry, but they wouldn't let me present any evidence before the hearing."

"What about my sword and wand?"

"They'll be returned to you soon."

"They better, school starts in two days."

They all walked put an Tempest headed to the floo powder transportation hall.

"Zephyr!" Tempest spun around and stared at the coming Astrea.

"Who's she?" asked Harry.

"She's Astrea Sanguina."

"A friend?"


"What do you mean."

"You ask far too many questions Potter and lets discuss this when she's not within earshot."


"She's a vampire," said Void. Tempest smiled at him.

"What do you want Astrea?" asked Tempest when Astrea finally got to her. Astrea offered her a sweet false smile.

"I was just wondering something?"

"Stop playing coy, it doesn't suit you."

"All right then. How does it feel to one again beat justice."

"Go to hell," said Tempest turning away

"Not before you darling Young Tempest." Tempest stopped in her tracks and stared back at her. Tempest soon saw the faint trace of gold in her eyes. Astrea smiled and twirled around to walk off. In the distance she met up with Janessa.

"Zeph," said Nila offering her a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I really hate Merwick."


Tempest shoved her clothes into her suitcase. She had been imprisoned for three days and in those tree days she had to relive all of her worst nightmares, all those deaths. A knock came at the door. She was in no mood.

"Go away, I don't wish to talk, I'm busy." The door opened anyway and she was about to scream and shout until she caught the scent of who it was. Tempest turned around and stared at the kind and gentle smile of Narcissa Malfoy, her god mother and all that remained of both of her mothers.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Hi Cissa. I'm guessing you heard?" Narcissa nodded and went to over to give her a hug as she slumped onto the bed. She held her lightly.

"My poor girl, how are you now? Have you at least, gotten a decent rest?"

Tempest shook her head. "No. I got back a few hours ago. I've just packed and that's about it."

Narcissa shook her head and smiled at her sadly. "That will not do at all. Go get into bed this instant. I'll tuck you in and cast a spell so that you are only graced with sweet dreams this night."


"No another word. What kind of a god mother would I be if I didn't make sure that you got at least some sleep." Tempest laid down and did as she was told. She wasn't eighteen just yet, not for another few hours, which meant that she could still be told what to do.

Tempest took solace in the warm cozy bed and sheets. She felt like a little girl again, as Narcissa made sure that the blankets tucked her in tightly and waved her wand over Tempest head. Tempest feel into a deep sleep, happily with Narcissa by her head humming softly.


Tempest woke the next morning refreshed. Draco wasn't next to her and by the door all three suitcases were neatly stacked. She knew everyone was downstairs making last minute decorations. It was her birthday, she was finally eighteen. Tempest reached to the side of her end for her three daily vials and drank each before she got dressed. Next she drank up the up the pouch of defrosting blood on her bedside. She knew that both Nila and Void had done something to get the blood she just didn't know what and didn't ask.

Tempest got up and went to the closet. Her eyes stopped at the dress in the back perfectly taken care of. The Yule Ball had been both a brilliant and terrfying night for her. Tempest sighed to herself and grabbed a plain dark blue tank and ger regular black jeans.

As she made her way down the stairs, she head the rushing of feet and people whispering they knew she was awake. Tempest smiled and gave them a few more seconds before she opened the door.

"Happy Birthday!" yelled all her friends. Tempest smiled and walked into the hugs awaiting her. The last person to give her a hug had been Maddox who strange enough was wearing sunglasses.

"Maddox, are you okay?"

He gave her a warm smile and hugged her. "Just enjoy your party." He led her to the cake and Narcissa lit the candles. Tempest stared into the flames and looked around at all her friends before she made her wish. All she wanted was to be mortal again, to live alongside her friends.

Although Maddox had told her not to worry she still did. She wanted to know what was wrong with her cousin.

"Maddox what's wrong?"

"Not now Zeph," he said trying to push past her. Tempest easily help him back.

"No, now. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"So why are you acting so weird?"

Maddox sighed and pulled her into the empty kitchen. "Those werewolves were different, they were Merwicks right?"


"Well, it gave off a few unforeseeable side effects."

"Like what?"

"Like this." Maddox took off his glasses and Tempest gasped as she stumbled back. She couldn't believe what she saw.

"Maddox you have gold in your eyes." He nodded and put his glasses back on.

"I was going to tell you afterwards but—"

"But I persisted." Tempest cupped his face and this time she held him tightly. What have I done, she asked herself.

"Tempest Artemisa Nyx, your hearing is about to start. Come with us now. Your trial will take place with your friends. They refuse to say a word without seeing you. Grab her." They grabbed her and dragged her out of her cell in Azcaban. One cast apparatus and they each dragged her through. She appeared and saw shoved to the ground.

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