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A/N: Chapter Twenty everybody! Wooo! Up to 20 chappies already! Thanks so much for the brilliant reviews and support everyone! You rule!

Thanks to my beta Amelia Bones and my graphics maker .MementoMori, you rule!

Disclaimer: J.K owns all HP related, and I'd like to thank BlueBiro for the quote Sirius says to Dom during the potions scene and BiancaBear for the makeover idea :D thanks sooo much guys!

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I thought I was nervous announcing my relationship with Matthew - this felt worse. My confidence seemed to disappear when we arrived at the Great Hall doors. I just couldn't move. In my mind I marched right in there, hand in hand with Sirius and showed him off to the whole of Hogwarts on my arm (and poked my tongue out to a few girls who were Sirius' previous make-out choices) but now, I stood shaking in my robes with my heart pounding in my ears. I just couldn't bring myself to go any further. Where did my 'today was going to be a good day' spirit go? 

Was it because I'd see Matthew's face among the crowd? I knew his reaction meant most to me, and I knew only after a day he wouldn't take it … I should have just left it for a few days or weeks before jumping straight into a relationship with Sirius. Now standing here, I began to think; was I even emotionally ready to move on? 

I pulled my hand out of Sirius' and stepped back from the doors before they opened. Everyone looked a little worried at my action, Sirius most of all. 


Trying to stay calm I forced a smile. “Oh, uh, you guys go ahead. I um, just remembered I forgot something in the common room for – um, Transfiguration, yeah, so I better go get it!” 

I nodded vigorously trying to assure them I was cool and then, spinning around, I went to dash, but my arm was grabbed and I was spun back around to face Sirius. I didn't mean to be so panicky, but I yanked my arm back. 

“Sirius, just go, I'll be right down!” I said pushing him back slightly. 

“Sophie, what's up?” Sirius asked his eyebrows knotting in worry. “You are jumpy all of a sudden.” 

“Looks like someone doesn't want to be seen going out with the Sirius Black,” Kim pipped in sarcastically. “Or, someone doesn't want their ex to see he's been replaced so quickly.” 

I threw Kim a dirty look and Sirius sighed. “Is that true, Sophie?” 

“N-No! Of course not!” I answered quickly and I turned to Kim. “Just because you're not happy, doesn't mean you have to bring everyone else down!” 

Shiz, I didn't mean to sound so bitchy. Kim's mouth dropped and James looked a little guilty. I knew things still weren't smooth between them. I wished I could rewind to take my words back. 

“Sophie, calm down,” Sirius said gently, trying to pull me into a hug, but I pushed away his advances and felt even guiltier. 

“I didn't mean it like that, Kim – sorry,” I apologised. “Sorry.” I stepped back. “I'll be right down, don't worry, Sirius.” 

Sirius nodded, but he looked slightly unconvinced. “ let me take your bag.” 

“Sure, here.” I gave it to Sirius and then rushed back up the stairs and once out of sight, I stopped and took a deep breath. Damn it! I felt like an idiot, what the heck was wrong with me? Taking out my mirror, I opened it and Dom's face appeared with her mouth full. 

“Soph! Mornin', what up?” 

“Dom, I need to talk to you. Do you think you can meet me on top of the entrance hall stairs?” 

Dom nodded as she continued to chew her food. “Sure fing, be righ' out!” 

I lent against the wall and soon Dom skipped up the stairs. She looked particularly beautiful today. She had this aura about her and her eyes were bright.

“Yomee, wow, you look HOT!” I praised as I hugged her. 

“Well that's what happens when you have sex,” she replied without hesitation. 

I blinked, not the reply I was expecting. “So you and Reg ...” 

Dom nodded. “Oh yeah man! Bloody hell, he can't be stopped!” 

A mental image I didn't want to see of my two best friends...lovely. 

“So what's up?” Dom asked. 

“I can't walk in there with Sirius,” I replied. “I don't know why I am so scared!” 

“Well, Yomee, you've just come out of a relationship, duh!” Dom said chuckling. “You'll be fine! Trust me, people in drama's always move from relationship to relationship all the time.” 

“But this is real, Dom!” I exclaimed with worry. “I don't know how to handle this...” 

“Sophie, don't be afraid. You might have haters, but they are just jealous because they can see that you have found 'the One'. Matthew and you left on good terms, and once he sees how happy you and Sirius are, he won't have any regrets. I promise you.” Dom finished proudly. “You've found the one, you got Sirius Black, Yomee! Enjoy it!” 

“Dom, you make everything sound so ... reassuring,” I said grimly. “But again you're right, maybe this time around I care about what people think, because I might lose Sirius as a result.” 

“Sirius would never let some stupid immature thing like fangirls or squabbles break you two apart and neither will you. Now just go in there and pash the living daylights outta Sirius, show the whole of Hogwarts he is yours!” 

“You're right, I should!” I said, my confidence slowly returning. “And I won’t care about a single thing people say or think!” 

Dom cheered. “Hell yeah, that's what I am talk-ing a-bout!” 

Smiling triumphantly, I marched happily down to the Great Hall, Dom happily cheering for me at my heels. When the doors opened I walked in and when I spotted Sirius I walked towards him with determination. He looked up when he saw me and smiled. I stopped in front of him and before he could say anything, I grabbed hold of his robe, pulled him to me, and placed my lips onto his. 


After giving him one hell of a smooch, I pulled away to find everyone silent, except for Dom's cheering in the background. All eyes were on me and I slapped my head when realization hit me. I did it, not only in front of everyone, but also in front of Dumbledore and- 

“Miss Adams!” McGonagall's voice cut through the silence like a knife through steal. Oops. 

“S-sorry...” I murmured, blushing madly. 

“Privacy is the key! Not these lewd displays of affection whenever you feel like it!” McGonagall scolded, coursing students to erupt with laughter and say 'lewd' 'Are you serious?' 'Come on!' 

“Oh come on McG!” Dom cried. “Don't tell me you didn't do it when you were younger!” 

“Miss Austin, sit down and eat your breakfast at once!” McGonagall ordered looking appalled. 

Dom shrugged. “Whatever.” 

“Uhh, the essence of young love,” Dumbledore chuckled, his expression amused. 
“Love makes you do the most outrageous things.” 

McGonagall ignored Dumbledore, and gave me a stern look. Biting my lip, I sank down in my seat. “Sorry...” I apologised. “Now excuse me while I die of embarrassment.” I covered my face with my hands and groaned. 

Sirius laughed. “I loved it, Cookie! So that's what you had planned!” 

Sure, I'll let you think that, Snuffles. I thought as I finally looked up and grabbed a piece of toast. 

“Far-out that was ace Sophie!” Mary said happily. “Peter, let's try it out!” 

Peter's watery eyes widened. “What? N-no, McGonagall is scary.” 

“Lily, let's up stage that!” James said elbowing her playfully and Lily smiled. 

“In your dreams, James.” 

I was never to take Dom's spur-of-the-moment advice again, that's for sure. 

“I love you, Cookie,” Sirius said, kissing me on the cheek. “I thought it was rather hot how you took control.” 

“Really? Well, that's good then...” I giggled and I felt a lot better after those words. Who was I kidding, there was nothing to be afraid of, I was happy. “I love you too, Snuffles.” 

Finally, looking around, I saw Matthew. Christy (whose leg was now better) was beside him and surprisingly he looked fine. My 'today was going to be a good day' spirit returned.

*** *** *** 

Well, so I thought. Even though dirty looks had been thrown my way by a bunch of girls, during and after breakfast, nothing bad had happened. Until Divination came along and most of the girls predictions were of Sirius' and my break-up and some even 'predicted' my death, Professor Valaria didn't know what to think. I ignored them as Sirius had instructed me to do and to be honest; their bitchiness didn't really bother me. 

I hung out on my own in Care of Magic Creatures. Matthew didn't talk to me and it sadly confirmed that friendship wasn't on the cards anymore. I was grateful though when he hushed any girls who threatened me or tried to get their Bowtruckle's to aim wood lice at me. 

DADA became MTTDMADM (me trying to defend myself against dark magic). Luckily, Professor Xanthos saw my suffering and then cancelled the practical and we all had to do theory instead. So the class hated me more for that. 

Luckily no one hated me in History of Magic so I was safe there. 

When lunch came along, only James and I were there on time, so I used him as a shield against any food thrown at me. 

“Bugger off, you annoying girls!” James cried, using a plate to deflect some yoghurt thrown at me. “You are not cool!” 

The girls actually listened since it was Marauder who ordered it and I let out a sigh of relief. 

“James, I just wanted to apologise again for this morning. Have you and Kim sorted everything out?” 

James shrugged as he grabbed us both a chocolate muffin each. “I tried to talk to her, I really did. But Kim refused, so I left it there.” 

I nodded and took a bite of my muffin. “I'm sorry to hear that, I hope things do work out. Man, I feel so stupid saying what I did though.” 

“You were a little scared this morning, that's to be expected, plus Kim shouldn't have provoked,” James said, pushing his glasses back up to his nose. “But Sirius wouldn't stop going on about it 'oh, Prongs, what if she's changed her mind, blah, blah, blah.' Seriously, the amount of advice I gave him before you two got together. I thought about applying for a job in the advice column in Witch Weekly!” 

I chuckled. “I wished he'd just told me directly that he liked me.” 

“Yeah, but he didn't want to scare you off apparently,” James said chuckling. “Sirius said: 'Why the hell do I listen to you, when you aren't making any progress with Lily' - pfft, I am too!” 

I laughed. “Big progress James, big progress.” I polished off my muffin and then James and I got stuck into some grapes. 

“Have you ever played Exploding Snap?” James asked. 

I shook my head. “No, but I'd like to,” 

“Right, then tonight we will play!” James said with a nod of confirmation. “It's a good stress relief.” 


We went onto Quidditch and James was over the moon about the first match of the year, but he said I wasn't allowed to cheer for the Slytherin team just because Regulus was on it and he would know if I do. Two minutes later the rest decided to arrive and Sirius looked rather pissed. “Snuffles, what's wrong?” 

“Nothing,” he muttered, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Are you okay?” 

I raised an eyebrow as he checked me over like someone trying to find a fault on their prized possession. Finding nothing, Sirius looked more relieved and he began eating some of my grapes. I smiled and couldn't help, but to feel special. “I'm fine.” I ruffled his hair slightly and kissed him on the cheek. “You're here now.” 

Sirius seemed to relax even more and after giving me a kiss, he quickly began a conversation with James about Quidditch. Boys and sports - I couldn't get a bar in. So I began a conversation with Heather, who wasn't sitting with Darren today, but that too was interrupted when her eyes drifted off and her mouth dropped a little like she'd seen a ghost. 

“What is it?” I asked chuckling slightly. “Have you seen Nearly Headless Nick?” 

Heather shook her head. “Soph, look...” she said gently. 

Giving her a confused look, I quickly followed her gaze to the two people who had just walked through the doors and were now making their way hand in hand towards the Ravenclaw table. My mouth too, dropped open when I saw who it was. 

Matthew and Christy. 

I couldn't help, but to stare as they sat down. Matthew kissed Christy, and then together they dished themselves something to eat. I felt a hand touch mine slightly, but I didn't pay attention to who it was, and just kept staring at the scene playing out before me. Once they shared a few more kisses, Matthew turned to the boy beside him and began talking, and that's when Christy caught my gaze. She didn't smile, she just stared. 

Matthew was no longer my boyfriend, I got that. I was happy, really happy. A warm feeling rushed through me and it brought a smile to my lips. Once Christy saw this, she smiled as well. 

Take care of him. 

It was like she could hear me and she gave me a slight nod. Even though it had happened so quickly, Matthew and I had found happiness again and that's all that mattered. We both had to focus on our futures now. 

“Sophie, are you okay?” 

I jumped a little, my eyes finding Sirius' worried ones. It wasn't his hand on mine, but Heather's and it looked as though it was she had informed him, but I hadn't noticed. 

I smiled brightly. “I totally am! Damn, today has been a good day!” 

Sirius beamed. “Mousse?” 

“Hell yeah!” 

Laughing, Sirius served me some and I squealed when he stuck some on my nose. 

“Naw, Sirius you mofo!” I cried laughingly, as I wiped it off. Grabbing my spoon, I smeared some on his cheek. 

“Ah, now you have to lick it off!” Sirius said leaning in. “Go on, lick it!” 


“Damn, I always found it kinda kinky you know...” Sirius said pouting. 

Laughing I elbowed him playfully and handed him a napkin and then together we happily ate our mousse. 

*** *** *** 

When Potions came along, I had a few cuts and grazes here and there from when McGonagall had her back turned in Transfiguration, and the girls sent exploding notes my way. Luckily it was nothing I couldn't cover up so Sirius couldn't see. I didn't react to them; I just brushed it aside knowing that they would eventually stop when they saw it didn't bother me. Plus I really, really didn't want Sirius to be angered in any way. 

“Ugh, I'm sooo tired!” Dom sighed, as she linked her arm through mine. “No morrree!”
“We're having a fun class remember,” I said happily. “Slugster is going to pick someone's fun potion to do today.” 

Dom chuckled. “I hope it's my Sneezewort one, ooh! Or my swelling one! Sluggy said we could totally try it on ourselves!” 

“Hilarious, much!” I laughed. “I did my essay on my chosen Potion, but I don't exactly remember what I wrote down in class.” 

“That's because all your attention was set on Sirius,” Dom said with a smile. “And speak of the Devil.” 

I looked up to see Sirius leaning against the wall casually, his eyes lit up when he saw me and I nearly lost my breath. 

“Heya, Cookie,” he said as I gave him a hug and he kissed me on the head. “How was McG's class?” 

“Okay...” I murmured into his chest. “Potions is way better.” 

“It never used to be my favourite class, but it is now,” Sirius said, as he wrapped an arm around my waist. 

“Oh, look at you two,” Dom said softly. “You are picture perfect.” 

“Picture perfect indeed,” Snape drawled as he approached Dom. 

“Beat it, Snivellus!” James snapped, as he arrived looking a little dishevelled from his last class. 

“Hey, hey, he wasn't doing anything wrong,” I said, making sure a fight didn't break out.
James narrowed his eyes and I could feel him and Sirius immediately stand on guard. 

“Yeah Potter, listen to your little friend here, it's a bit late to be her body guard when she's already been through the war of the fangirls.” 

I froze and I heard Sirius let out a low growl. 

Lily arrived not long after James and by the looks of things, was a little perplexed to see Snape standing near us. I could see Snape notice her arrival, but didn't make any eye contact, and pursing her lips, Lily went and stood a few feet away, even though I could see she wanted to join in.

“So um, how's your hair and skin now Serverus?” Dom asked brightly, changing the subject.

Snape's lips tightened. “Do you see a difference?” 

“Wait, what's going on?” I asked with interest. 

“I gave, well tried, to give Snapey here a little makeover.” 

We couldn't help to laugh. Even Lily held back a smile, and I could see her shaking slightly with silent laughter. I felt so mean, but the mere thought of Dom trying to makeover Snape was hilarious!
Poor Snape's face darkened and I saw his hand dip into his pocket for his wand. 

“Someone should alert the authorities because I'm not quite sure your level of brilliance is at all human!” Sirius said to Dom, as he and James roared with laughter. 

I elbowed Sirius in the chest and he left out a 'humph' and immediately stopped laughing. 

“Shut up you two!” I scolded at them. 

Finally Slughorn came to the rescue before a fight could break out. Entering the class, we took our usual seats. Our cauldrons were already set to go and the ingredients were already at the front table. 

“Homework, please, class,” Slughorn said as he went past collecting everyone's papers. “Thank you, thank you. I'd also like to remind all those who are in Slugclub that the first meeting will be held on the fifth of November.” Slughorn smiled at me as I handed him my essay. “And you Miss Adams are allowed to come along.” 

“Sounds great, I'm excited!” I said happily. 

Slughorn looked flattered as he moved onto Dom and Snape. “Also, of course Miss Austin you may come along as well, I am quite excited for both you and Adams' attendance.” 

“It'll be a friggen honour,” Dom replied, handing him her essay. 

Slughorn gave a goofy grin and carried on down the line.

Sirius turned to me and shook his head. “Are you really serious about going Cookie?” he whispered, “I mean he'll interview you, probe you and if you don't meet certain requirements, you won't make the cut.” 

I laughed. “Look, I'm not really interested in the whole Slugclub thing, so I won't care if I don't make it in.” 

“Then why are you going?” 

I shrugged. “Just to see who is in it and just to experience it, I guess.” 

“I don't want you getting hurt. I know the majority are Slytherin's, all who have dark backgrounds,” Sirius said taking my hand. 

“Regulus is there and so is Dom and so is Lily. Nothing will happen,” I replied assuredly. 

Sirius seemed to be okay with that, but I could see he was still a little worried. Finally, the lesson began and after the practical (which was rather hilarious, Dom's swelling potion was picked and I had a massive hand and her big toe was the size of a melon and Avery had got some splashed into his eye, and well, it wasn't pretty.) we still had time left, so Slughorn had us read some of the history on potions. At first I thought nothing about it when Sirius rested his hand upon my knee, but my concentration flew right out the door when Sirius' hand scooted up more and goosebumps flooded my skin. 

Ancient remedy potions were used... 

I stopped reading as Sirius' hand moved yet again, now resting half way up my thigh. 

Ancient remedy potions were used... 

I just couldn't get past that first line. I looked over at Sirius, who was pretending to act normal, even though I could see the smile twitching on his lips. Swallowing, I placed my hand upon his and caressed it slightly. I pursed my lips to refrain from smiling and continued to 'read'. 

Ancient remedy potions were used... 

Before I knew it, Sirius' hand went up to my inner thigh and my body swept into a frenzy, I could barely breathe. One twitch was all it took and I let out a cry, causing Slughorn and the whole class to jump out of their skin. 

“Miss Adams! What is it now?” Slughorn cried. “Did another animal die in a terrible way for a particular potion?!” 

I sat there frozen for a second; I couldn't find any words to say. Talk about deja vu. 

“She's fine, Professor,” Sirius said with a cheeky smile as he stretched his hands above his head. “She's fine.” 

Slughorn nodded and waved a hand for the class to continue. Sirius winked at me and as much as I wanted to hit him, I wanted us to be excused so I could snog his bloody lights out. 

I couldn't read another line and so I smiled at Sirius and just enjoyed the sensation of our hands entwined under the table. 

Despite the sadness; despite the tears; despite everything that had affected everyone in some way or another. I couldn't have asked for it to be any other way. Life was like 
Honeydukes shelf, it had the sweet, sour and the acquired taste all in a jar, just waiting for someone to take it out and give it a try. 

And if you don't like it, you move on and things look up when you finally find the one you like most. Just like my life at the moment. 

Now a new chapter was turning, I couldn't wait to see what was in store. 

*** *** *** 

After all our classes were completed, Sirius went off to see Remus as he was going to be transferred to the Shrieking Shack in a few days (but I didn't know that, as Remus and the others didn't know that I knew of their secrets) and I went to put all my books away. Dom and Regulus went to go and enjoy free time in their common room, so I was on my own. Walking into the common room I saw James and Lily having a conversation and I smiled and continued to walk past, not wanting to interrupt James' progress.

“Sophie!” James said happily when he saw me. “Still up for Exploding Snap?”

I nodded. “Heck yeah! Set up the game and I'll be right down.” I turned to Lily. “Wanna join?”

James beamed hopefully. “Yeah! Wanna?”

Lily shook her head. “I have more important things to do like be a Prefect, so I'll catch you guys later okay!”

“Okay Lily, see you later!”

“Yeah, bye,” James said with disappointment as he watched Lily leave the common room. I quickly rushed up to the common room and putting my books away, went to go and play with James. We played Exploding Snap until our hands had little burns covering them; James had been right about the stress relief though. After I lost all five games, I gave up and James and I stretched out lazily on the couch.

“So...what do you see in Sirius?” James asked conversationally.

“Everything,” I replied softly, smiling. “He's brilliant James. What more can I say.”

James smiled. “You're a good girl Sophie, and I'm glad that you are the one Sirius wants to spend his moments with, I think I wouldn't be happy if it were any other girl.”

I chuckled. “Thanks James, I'm happy.”

James smiled. “Wanna go see Remus? Sirius and Peter are already there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, and we hurried out of the room.

A/N: And there you have it ^^ I hope you liked it! I can't wait for the feedbacks! I'll see you all with the next chappie which is currently being written and there is also a few extra surprises XD so until then!
XOXO WildFlower!

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