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Maddox spooked her from behind as she cooked breakfast. Tempest laughed and elbowed his stomach. He simply laughed at her.

"That wasn't funny Maddox," she said returning to her cooking. She was making french toast and scrambled eggs. It was smelling delicious.

"Ooh, I thought it was quite delicious. Don't burn the bread please."

"Don't distract me and I won't burn a thing." She turned and smiled at him and he rolled his purple eyes at her.

"I'll set the table."

"No, don't. I'm cooking here but we're eating in Camelot. My kitchen is far to small to feed at those people."

"True. So, who's setting the table over there?"

"Nila and Ron. Hermione and Void were too busy bickering over who was smarter and wittier."

"Again? They've been doing that all summer." Maddox grabbed the pan of eggs and set them on the counter enchanting them to stay warm.

"Yes, well, one is a pure blood and the other a mudblood, they bicker like nothing else."

"So I'm a mudblood am I." Tempest spun around. What the bloody hell was wrong with her, she thought, she wasn't hearing anything. Tempest exchanged a worried look at Maddox who put up his hands and took two steps back.

"You weren't meant to hear that."

"And so what if I wasn't? All you damn pureblood are the same."

"Oh, don't be so emotional, its just a damn saying, you know it means nothing. Don't get your nickers in a bunch."

"You are as—"

"Hermione watch what you say about my cousin. Her heart is pure and she risked her life for Potter. Don't be childish and stupid. Pureblood slip up, I've even said it." Void snickered and Tempest withheld her smile. Hermione stood there shocked and watched Maddox move and flip over the bread and set it on a plate after inspection.


"Lets go serve breakfast already shall we, I'm sure people are waiting. I'll grab the eggs and Zeph you grab all that French toast."

"Void, I think you should travel with Maddox. Hermione if you don't mind casting apparatus, we should be on our way." She offered a sweet reassuring smile and gripped her hand and winked. Hermione pulled out her wand and nodded.

Tempest could never quickly get the feel of the spell as she was pulled all the way towards Camelot. She fought the urge to vomit, it constant;y made her dizzy. Everyone sat waiting, looking at her as she arrived. She smiled and waved her wand of the french toast.

"Breakfast is served," she said with a smile as she took her seat next to Draco.


"How are the enchantments coming," asked Tempest as she walking along the wals. Void gripped the gate firmly.

"Over the city they are don. Whether the gate is open or closed, nothing shall enter if kit bears ill will and the mystics, yourself included," he said bowing, "have assured that no Muggle shall enter."

"What about the farmlands and green houses? Those are closer to the woods and Cecile said there are werewolf pacs in there."

"Well because there is no rock formation there, its been a little harder. I can't figure it out." He gave her a pleading look and she stood on her hands to think Already people were moving in. Mistress Starlet, Master Vlad and even Headmistress Majika and her brother and sister and the full moon was in two nights time. She couldn't have any of them at risk.

"Nila, give me Cecile and meet me by the farmlands, I think I've figured something out." Nila nodded and tossed up the Emerald engraved ring. Tempest became a blue and stared at the farmlands. The animals were safe as long as hey remained I the gate, but the farmlands. She knew they would suffer.



"I may have an idea."

"Of course, what?"

"Around these lands could you possibly raise a hedge wall and enchant it. Make it strong so the werewolves can never get through."

"It is possible, you will have to raise th e protective barrier though."

"I'm aware."

"Perfect, even the shadows won't interfere."

"I do out do myself."

"Conceited much Cecile."

Cecile laughed, the sound of leaves blowing through the wind. "You should put that barrier up now."
"I know." Tempest ran to the edge of the maze and spread her hands over the leaves, touching them slightly. With both her hands she drew runes on the leaves then again on the ground. They glowed and traced onto the leaves. The hedge shimmered a multitude of colours before vanishing. The gate opened and Nila and Void stepped up.

"Zephyr, this is bloody brilliant," said Nila as she picked an apple off an apple tree.

"I'm aware. Here catch." Tempest took off the ring and Nila caught it effortlessly and put it back on her finger. The finger was pale beneath the ring, always was nowadays.

"So all the enchantments are in place," asked Void.

"Yeah, but Merwick could still get it. Stupid Magical Mystic."

"Oh don't' be so petty," said Nila. "Besides you should get ready, more people are moving in the houses. They want to meet the girl who gave birth to the new Camelot.

Tempest rolled her eyes. "I'm not a diplomat, I'm a young woman who wants piece and quit. So if you don't mind, I'm going to start moving my stuff from home to here."

"So you're really moving?"

"I can't live there anymore you guys. My father was murdered there, my mom killed herself there and it not the same without her. I just . . . I can't anymore. I'll see you later." Tempest snapped her fingers and appeared in her room. Tempest walked over to her closet and swung the door open and stared at her cloths.

"Baby steps Zeph, baby steps—"


Hydra and her brother had left the day before the full moon. They would be transforming at the first light of the full moon. Many people were in their houses, with wolfsbane hanging from their doors. Tempest wok from the first howl of the night. Many came after it. Tempest really hoped that all the enchantments would hld.

"Is everyone accounted for, besides Hydra, that is?"

"Uh no," muttered Nila. Tempest spun to face her.

"What do you mean no?"

"Maddox went home, to his parents and little sister. He said he got an urgent owl from the," said Void.

"Why didn't he tell me," asked Tempest confused.

Nila shrugged. "I don't know—"

"White wolves!" someone screamed. Tempest head spun again, she winced as she cracked her neck. There were no such things as white werewolves, unless Merwick was involved.

"I knew it, that bastard." Tempest went up to the towers were both Stella and Selene were taking watch. She saw then and indeed they had gold eyes and looked more like wolves than they did were wolves.

"That damn—" A scream cut her off and Tempest widened. She heightened her hearing as the scream echoed again but cut off. Sweet familiar blood flowed through the air.

"Oh god—" Tempest ran and wasted no time. She jumped from roof to roof easily until she reached the forest. She followed the scent of blood that became mingled with another. She heard the faint heartbeat that continued to grow weaker still. She hurried on quickly until she reached the bodies. One was a white wolf with a sword protruding through him, the other was Maddox.


"Shh, don't speak, you've lost a lot of blood." She waved her hand over his wounds and used a healing spell as she then went to free his blade he had named after his sister. Tempest sheathed it and wiped her cousins face. Most of his blood returned to him, sadly tainted and mixed with that of wolves.

"Maddox, we have—"

"Trap Tempy, a trap—" He passes out and Tempest stood up at the surrounding wolves. Entia walked up between them and gave her that wicked smile she always carried on her angelic face.

"And a beautiful trap at that. It is simply brilliant that Merwick is a Mystic of Magic. So many endless possibilities."

"Damn you all you hell," snarled Tempest. Entia laughed, throwing her head back.

"No before you darling. Attack!"

Tempest dodged two as she ducked, puling out her sword. She killed a few more and grabbed her cousins hand, vanishing into the air. She blew into the palace and They all stared at her.

"He fell into a trap, the wolves got him."


Tempest stood by her cousins side as her aunt yelled and screamed at her. She ignored her and gave Silvia a reassuring smile as the girl hugged her brothers neck. Her aunt screamed louder.

"How could you let this happen!"

"Had I known I would not have."

"He's a werewolf now!"

"That doesn't change who is is aunt. He is still Maddox Perth, he is still your son!"

"Oh I'm very mush aware but you shouldn't have let this happen."

"I can't always see into the future and besides you should have kept your owl under better locks!"

"You wretched little girl! So like your mother! I don't see how my brother could have ever loved her! And bred you nonetheless! You've been nothing but a burden to this family!" She grabbed Tempest by the wrist and pulled her away from Maddox. Tempest pulled away effortlessly then slapped and shoved her aunt into the wall.

"I deserve respect you pureblooded arrogant witch and I will get it. Now get out of my house."

"This isn't your house, this is King Arthurs," said her aunt smugly.

"Yes and I am his descendant thereby making it mine, now get out!" Her aunts breathing was erratic, her chest rose high into the air.

"Fine, Silvia, Ronan, lets go."

"No," said Silvia. "I'm not leaving him. Zephyr is right mom, I'm not going to leave until I know he's okay." She wrapped her arms tighter around him.

"I'm going to stay to," said Ronan taking a seat. "Go to Jasons, you should leave." He turned his back to her and Tempest went back to Maddox's side. She heard the door slam.

"You must forgive her Zeph," said her uncle. "She loves you but all this death . . . she's not strong like the rest of us, she can't handle it."

"Yeah, I know." Tempest closed her eyes and curled next to Maddox, opposite Silvia. She woke to banging on the door and swarms of wizards.

"What the bloody hell!" she said standing up. A young blonde girl approached her and Tempest stared at her, she knew her.

"Hello Tempest Artemisa Nyx, you and your friends are hereby under arrest for being in league with the Dark Lord, the murder of muggles as well as the murder of my father." Two wizards pointed their wands at her while another took her swore and wand. The girl was the daughter of the former Minister and Tempest noticed the slight tip of her canines as well as the gold glint in her eyes. Tempest allowed herself to be arrested.

The ring glowed bright green as the earth beneath trembled a bit. Branches sprouted forward and wove around each other as thick leaves sprouted and grew, thickening the wall. They grew so tall and thick that nothing could get through. Tempest marvelled at the distance.

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