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Tempest opened the doors to her cousins house warily already knowing what she would see. Her uncle lay on the ground, dead, his green eyes open and lifeless. She walked in carefully not to make a sound and went to the living room. Jason and Oliver lay sprawled on broken pieces of furniture. She could smell the blood that glowed crimson in the light of the thunder. Tempest double backed and went down the hallway to the staircase. Isolde and Selene were sprawled on the broken railing and the stairs. Again the blood was heavy in the air. Tempest heard something and went to the kitchen where her aunt was on the broken table and chair, bleeding. Tempest slipped on some blood and fell. With all her strength she pulled herself. Up. The rain beat against the window so hard that she almost missed the whimpering . . . . 

Tempest woke with a start and sat up. Her reflection greeted her dishevelled.

"What did I do," she muttered to herself. Tempest wiped the sweat off her forehead and got out of bed carefully so as to not wake Draco. She opened the door and closed it silently.

Tempest headed to her kitchen and sat on a stool on the little island there. She tapped her long purple nails against the marble top and stared out the window. It was almost time to go back to school for her final year at the Nightmare Academy. Voldemort was dome for, only one pest remained and that was Merwick. She pulled hair put of her face and opened her fridge. She had expanded her home again, although if she lived to see it all finished, she was leaving. The house was filled with too much pain and seemed empty without her mother. She grabbed a cup of orange juice. Tempest closed the fridge and gasped at the sudden reflection of gold. She spun around and gripped the cup so tightly it shattered. Harry Potter was behind her and she regained her breath.

"Potter, try not to sneak up on people, it isn't kind." She waved her hand and fixed the broken cup and grabbed a towel to clean up the orange juice.

"I thought you would have heard me.  You are a vampire aren't you?" He smiled at her and she laughed while she rinsed the rag.

"Yes well my mind has been far too preoccupied so I tend to block out many things."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh the same old nightmare."

"You just need a good nights sleep."

Tempest laughed scornfully.  "I haven't had a good nights sleep in four years."

"Sounds depressing."

"Oh you have no idea."

Harry took a seat across form her and crossed his arms. "What woke you up? I hear Nila and Void talk about your vision. What do you see? What have you seen?"

Tempest met his gaze ad didn't smile. "I saw Cedric Digory's death. I saw the return of Riddle, I saw the death of my boyfriend and that of the Mystics. I see death, happy?"

Harry stared at her shocked and Tempest realised in his clear discomfort. Her shoulder slumped, his legs shifted and he averted his jade green eyes from her strong multicoloured eyes.

"Oh, I'm—"

"Forget about it Potter, I'm used to it by now to be quite honest. Its just the visions bother me."

"Have you told anyone besides Nila and Void these things?" Tempest knew he meant Draco. This time she averted her gaze.

"No, I don't tell Draco everything. There are something's he shouldn't know."

"Like what?"

"His death," she said simply her body fully awake and her senses alert. She had to stop Merwick at all cost.

"He dies."

"He won't. I won't let him."

"Why would Merwick kill him? He wants you dead."

"True but Merwick isn't like Riddle. He wants me to watch myself fail, destroy and kill me from the inside out. He's far more destructive than him."

"How many people has he killed?"

Tempest had never actually counted before and looked over at Potter as she began counting on her fingers. There was her father, Gorx, the four Mystics, and Lillith's little brother. "Seven, that I know of. Remember he has been killing for five hundred years."

"That's more than Voldemort."

Tempest nodded n gave him a stern look. "Why are you up?"

"Couldn't sleep. It's odd, the one place that had always been my home isn't."

"Hmm, well you should get some sleep, we all have a big day tomorrow, in fact we're meeting more friends in Camelot."

"It's a beautiful place," said Harry as he yawned.

"Go back to bed Potter, reconstruction even with magic is quite difficult." He nodded and let her alone wishing her sweet dreams. She smiled at Potter's politeness and wondered how Potter was going to last ta the Nightmare Academy. Tempest looked at her window one last time. No, Merwick wasn't watching her, her paranoia was playing tricks on her.


Tempest wiped the sweat off her forehead as she continued to repair the castle. It was in complete shambles and was taking up most of her summer, she didn't mind though. What had been the hardest was installing te plumbing. Thankfully Cecile and Abigail had dome most of that work. Potter worked with Hermione and Ron all around the city working on the houses, Nila and Void had cleaned up and she had done most of the major repairs. The ceiling though was one of the last things to be done.

"This place is beautiful," said Stella.

"Yeah, I know."

"And all thanks to you," said Serena a bit bitterly. Stella gave her sister a stern look but Serena simply turned away. Tempest rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Not all thanks to me. Everyone has basically helped."

"Don't be so modest Zeph," began Stella, "if you hadn't destroyed the flower none of this would be possible."

Tempest laughed remembered everything that had happened two years ago. "That all happened on a fluke."

"That may be, but still none of this could be possible without you."

"Eh," she said shrugged, "maybe." She jumped down to the ground and landed right at the end of the fallen pieces that had been gathered. "It's show time. Reparo!" she yelled as she spread her hands all a round and people gathered and gawked as all the pieces flew back up. She marvelled at her work. Almost the entire summer of hard work and it had paid off. The place looked spectacular. The place was livable again.

"How many rooms are there?" asked Nila as she studied the staircase she had personally fixed and painted herself. Thanks to Void, electricity flowed through th city.

"There are enough for two families Nila. Servants rooms, Morgans, Arthurs and Merlins. Ita s bit big for just one family."

"To think this place was once inhabited by King Arthur," said Hermione.

"Yeah, its great. Nila how are the farmlands?"

"They're great. Cecile says that vegetation should start soon. She's going to keep an eye on it."

"Abigail says that the rain will watch over the city, feed the fountain and rivers," said Exodus. Tempest smiled at him.

"This place is going to be simply fantastic," exclaimed Demenshia. She had made it a habit to make her hair float around her. She was always eccentric, so very unlike her very serious cousin who stood behind her father with her usual scowl. Her blue eyes were like her mothers whether she liked to admit it or not and now, like her cousin, she was thee new Mystic of water. That was a fact she had not been pleased to know.

"You've given this place life Young Tempest," said Verdina with her arms crossed. "I suggest we begin preparing dinner, I caught some game in the forest, it should be throughly cooked by now."

"That dinning room is bloody huge." said Nila.

"We're aware Nila," said Draco, stepping next to Tempest. She wrapped herself in his arms.

"Lets go eat dinner."


Tempest ran down the rainy street. She kept muttering to herslf against it, hoping it wasn't true. It was raining and no light of any kind were on. Her hair clung to her face. Tears streaked don and her sword was slippery in her hwand. She turned and ran. She couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it.

"It can't be true. It just can't be."

"What can't be true Young Tempest." Tempest knew that voice so well, had heard it all her life. She stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around slowly. She couldn't believe it. Thunder struck . . .

She was at the end of the golden corridor, sweat on her brow. She needed to find Draco, she couldn't let her vision come true. Not now, not ever. Tempest ran down the hell. Her skin glowed in the fiery torch light and reflected the gold off the walls. The runes glowed magically as she rushed by.

Tempest ran and ran and stopped at the fork, there she saw him. Tempest sighed in relief at the sight of him all right. She began running towards him. Suddenly, red hair blurred her vision and next she saw the end of Aurora protruding through Draco. Tempests screamed.

"I never liked you anyway," said Astrea as she jerked the blade out.

Tempest sat up in her old bed. She wasn't ready to move yet, she didn't think she ever would be. Draco stirred next to her and opened his eyes.

"Tempy? Are you al right?"

Tempest nodded and snuggled into his sleepy arms. "Yes, just a nightmare, go back to bed love." He nodded and quickly fell back asleep. Tempest wondered if she would ever get a good nights sleep again.

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