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Beautiful Chapter Image by Mistletoe @ tda. 
Polly Toon

It was not good. It wasn’t good at all.

For the Slytherins, things were great 30 – 190 to the raging snakes. The Slytherins were cheering so vividly for their house team; one child had actually tumbled from the stands. Hufflepuffs were enjoying themselves, but didn’t take it as far as the reptiles. Gryffindor looked miserable; after all, they came here to see us win, something we were not achieving.

The snitch had been flying around for over an hour, both Elle and the Slytherin seeker, Donovan, had been trying their hardest. Although considering they have similar abilities and tactics, it wasn’t going to well. Ellie and Donovan were cousins; they knew each other inside out. They knew each others weakness, they knew each others faults. They also knew each others strong points, hence the reason they have been attempting to thwart each other throughout the entire match. It’s not working.

Draco was in the stands, watching his son. He seemed excessively pleased with Scorpius’s performance. Who wouldn’t? He was one of the best chasers in the school, better than me by a long shot.

The corners of my lips turned in to the formation of a snarl as I pushed forward, biting back the wind as I flew. Above me I felt a beater fly past, skimming my shoulder. I would be damned if I was going to get hit. Again. I dived down and caught the Quaffle spinning in to a formation with James and Kyle. I got close to the hoop and was cut off by Blaize. He winked and leant forward to grab the Quaffle from my hands. I dropped it down, allowing Kyle to snatch it from me. He flew forward. James sped along side him.

I dived under Zabini and leant forward. I was determined to win this match. If we didn’t, we would have to score at least five hundred points against Hufflepuff to win. We’re good, but I doubt we’re that good. I brief wind blew, pushing my broom faster and knocking hair from my ponytail.

Kyle was headed for a Gillyturn formation of the Slytherin Chasers and Keeper. “Kyle!” I called. “Kyle! Pass!” He looked back once before pushing further. This was how the whole game had been.

Kyle wasn’t going to share.

James leant forward and glared at Kyle as the Slytherins gained possession of the Quaffle. I went forward alone as I listened to the bleak announcements surrounding me. I veered left and overshot the turn, coincidentally knocking Baizes broom and catching the Quaffle as it dropped from his grasp. Scorpius swore, diving back and tailing me down the pitch to regain possession.

“Lookie here.” Jordan mocked in to the mic. “Malfoy is chasing Price, according to rumor, chasing isn’t the only thing they’ve been doing. I heard there has been a little bit of hanky pank – OI! Watch it Bludgers. POTTER!” I looked ahead to see James with Drew’s beaters bat in his hands, having knocked one through in to the viewers stand where Lee sat. I didn’t blame him actually. He seemed more bothered by the rumors than Scorpius and I did.

I threw myself forward and watched as my throw shot the Quaffle past the Slytherin keeper and in through the hoop. A cheer erupted from the Gryffindor stands. Lee screamed for Gryffindor while regaining his stance after dodging James bludger. I intercepted the pass-back and threw it towards the left hoop; my last shot was to the right.

“Another ten points for Gryffindor! Price is on a roll!” Lee boomed through the stadium. His voice only intensified my adrenaline. “ANOTHER TEN!” He shouted as James caught the Quaffle from behind and threw it through the hoop. “Thirty points in twenty second everybody! How, do they do it?” James roared in achievement before laughing and speeding off to the other side. Kyle had the Quaffle, he wasn’t sharing. He flew up the pitch before being intercepted by Scorpius and another Slytherin goal was shot.

It took me longer than most to slow down and look to the stands. It appeared that Lee had begun a chant that sounded a little something like this;

‘Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,

He is a big, fat arse,

Is a big, fat arse,

Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,

And nobody really likes him.’

The rhyming skills were a little off, but the gesture was there I sent a thumbs up to Lee and he laughed. “You see that folks? The gorgeous Charisma Price likes our chant – What do you mean have some discretion, Professor? Sanford is a dick. No I will not watch my language!”

“Your right turn is crap.” Scorpius drawled smugly as he flew past, upside down I might add. I leant up and grabbed hold of his robes, pulling him off of his broom. That’s what he gets for showing off. Another round of laughter was heard from the stands as I snatched the Quaffle and left Malfoy dangling in mid air. I passed it to James and made sure that Scorpius was alright. He shoved me playfully before speeding back off towards the hoops.

“I did have a few dog jokes tucked up my sleeve for this game,” Lee announced. “But I can’t whip them out now; Charisma Price is on a roll. It would be tactless, it would be terrible. She’s on fire baby!” I rolled my eyes but tried to keep them o the pitch infront of me. Being a chase meant constantly moving, it was a stamina filled position. Luckily, I was graced with the stuff. “I would mention one about an old man and a flea collar, but I have a feeling that another Bludger would just be sent my way by Potter.”

Without any warning whatsoever I dived forward and intercepted the approaching Quaffle. Drew slid infront of me and deflected a bludger towards the Slytherin stands. Unintentional or not, it was hilarious. They all squealed like little girls.

“I have tact, Professor,” Lee reasoned. “I am just winging it a little. Usually by now my dearest Minevera would have taken the microphone. Where is she today? MINNIE?!”

I smiled and bit back laughter as I graced forward determinedly. Another ten points for Gryffindor. As long as Kyle didn’t get the Quaffle, we would be fine; a harsh tactic, but reasonable.

“Oh no!” Lee cried. Never a good thing to hear at a match. “Two beautiful ladies have walked on to the pitch below. Maybe they’re competing as to who gets the victory shag. The winning team will take them and ravage them in th- No, don’t take the mic!”


The howls of the bickering came vividly through the microphone. Lee Jordan was terribly passionate about commentating. The game stood to a halt as two girls walked out on to the pitch below. They were followed by McGonagall.

“Oh look,” Lee shouted as a distant cry. “A late entry!”

Laughter had to be swallowed for the good of this situation. Madame Hooch blew on her whistle pausing the game. I sent a confused look to Drew, who was trailing behind me. We both flew down along with the rest of our team as student fidgeted impatiently in the stands. I dropped the Quaffle to the floor as I landed and held my broom by my side. James stall sat on his, his feet slightly off of the floor.

Our Headmistress took her wand and placed it to her neck. In an old fashioned style, her voice made a crackling sound before amplifying itself. I head it was what Dumbledore used to do before he passed. “Students and Teachers,” she said, her voice sounding harsh and withered. She sounded tired. “A student has been sent to the hospital wing due to an act of horrific bullying.” Crap. “The circumstances are disclosed. Until someone owns up for their travesty, this match will be temporarily cancelled.”

Cries of outrage and disappointment were heard throughout the stadium as the Professor walked away. I was half expecting her to turn around and shout ‘JOKE’, but she never did. The two girls were recognizable, half inch thick make up. They were Evie’s followers. I half expected James to be behind me, looking my way in disbelief that I had anything to do with it. But he wasn’t.

I turned to the right, and instead of seeing James, I saw the bludger, as it collided with my face. 

I internally rolled my eyes as inhaled the familiar small of the Hospital Wing. I fluttered open my eyes revealing the hazy blur that seemed to be plaguing me more than necessary. Things slowly came back in to focus as I noticed the people sitting around me. Sound came back to me before sight; I could hear their arguing before I could see where they stood.

I snapped my eyes shut before any had noticed my arrival back to consciousness. James’s voice was louder than others. This was the first time in over a week that he had spoken properly to the others; I wasn’t sure if they were glad to hear his voice or if they wished that he would loose it again. I could already visualize his posture by the tone of his voice; tall, superior, angry. But I knew that in his eyes stood mischief with a blend of nerves. It was all about the front with James Potter.

His was the first voice to register. “-with the team. You can’t play as a lone ranger in Quidditch, Sanford. You actually have to share the ball.”

“I can’t believe that you’re still blaming our loss on my playing.” Kyle retaliated. “I recon that you just can’t take the blame upon yourself for your terrible Captain-ing.” Before the words left his mouth the group knew it was a mistake. “If you hadn’t spent so much time punishing me for your mistake, and concentrated on the rest of the team then-“

“Then what?” Screeched a voice I recognized to be Dixie. “What the hell are either of you going to do?” I felt a hand grasp hold of mine. It held tighter than I hoped it would; it was crushing my hand. It wasn’t masculine. My guess, it was Lily. “Everybody in the school knows that this argument isn’t about Quidditch. Kyle, you were being a selfish bastard, and James, you’ve got to lay off the boy!”

I heard three sets of ragged breath and one snort. “You got something better to say there Ellie?”

“Don’t snap at me James.”

He laughed. “No. I will talk to you however I damn well please.”

“No you bloody won’t! Don’t you dare talk to my girlfriend like that.”

A chair threw itself back heavily against the stone flooring and the group silenced. “All of you, quiet.” Freddy. It seemed strange to hear big-bear become little bear. “If anyone has anything to say, keep it to yourself, or take it outside.” His voice resembled a hiss that I had only head once before, from James, towards Dan. “I am in here visiting my best friend, who was knocked in the face by a loose bludger.”

The hand in mine tightened and I tried to return the feeling. A small gasp.

“Lily,” James’s voice softened. “Are you alright?”

The moment of silence once again uttered itself around the room as James sat down on my bed, carefully maneuvering himself not to sit one me. I could feel Lily smile as I gripped once again. She knew I was awake. “Fine,” she murmured. “I just wish that you would all shut up.”

“I’m sorry, love.” He said, taking my other hand that was laid upon my stomach. His hand curled in mine and rested against my abdomen.

Ignoring the screeching pain in my head and back became unbearable as I tried to take a deep breath. I didn’t want them fighting. A strangled gasp cry left my throat before I could stop it. James leapt off of the bed and Lily let go of my hand. James’s stayed.



“Merlin! She’s alright.”

Many relief stricken words could be identified as I officially awoke. My eyes fluttered open accompanied by a roll as I identified the familiar ceiling. I seem to recall that I was in here for a similar reason last time … erm, the time before.

“What bastard hit me this time?” I coughed out. I was replied to by a chorus of laughs and smiles. I was surprised to see Elle near the front of my bed and Kyle not too far behind; like old times.

“Little Bludger bastard,” Freddy said, pulling my hair back from my face. I feared a nearby mirror. “Because McGonagall stopped the game early, no one got the Bludgers.”

“It was a stupid mistake,” Drew said, sitting on the end of my bed and pulling Polly on to his lap. The pair had stayed fairly silent until now. “I should have caught it. I am so sorry.”
I blinked and attempted to sit up. James leaned forward with a speed that I didn’t think was humanly possible. He caught my shoulders and held me still. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Sitting up?” I stated, it sounded more of a question. “I need to get some blood flowing around my body. I feel like an…ice block-“ I froze. Not for the reason of my temperature. But for the stern figure of Evie Lewis (iced) standing by the bed opposite. Madame Brandon was trying frantically to un-cast Lois’s hex.

“You like Evie, huh?” Drew asked, putting on a shameful attempt at an Italian accent. He pierced his lips together and said Voila.

I shook my head. “That’s French.” Dixie stated before I had the chance. “And It’s pure brilliance,” she smiled, knocking her head towards Evie. “If I ever meet the person that did it. I will actually kiss them – Oh Christ, you didn’t?”

I shook my head again. No. I didn’t do it. James glared at Dixie, annoyed that she would even suggest such a thing. He didn’t speak, but simply pulled off his Chaser’s jumper, two sizes bigger than mine – that happened to be missing - , sat me up and pulled it over my head. While pulling off his shoulder, he revealed his midriff. I smiled in thanks (for both the view and the warmth) and moved my shoulder slowly. They were stiff, but movable.

“How long has she been here?” I asked whoever would answer.

Lily made it first. She eagerly sat down in the chair next to the bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. “About two hours,” she said. “That brunette friend of hers, Felicity? -” She asked, James nodded in clarification. “– found her in a corridor on the third floor. Most were already at the match. It was a sneaky move. I guess someone finally just gave up putting up with her shit.”

I pulled the sleeved up over my hands and pushed my hair from my face. It wasn’t until I accidentally brushed my eye and felt a sharp sting of ache that I realized anything was particularly wrong with me. “Yeah, and they turned her in to a popsicle.”

“Charisma,” James whispered. “That’s awful.”

“But also pretty damn funny.” Freddy muttered. “Girls got a sense of humor. Are you sure that the bludger didn’t mess you up?”

I didn’t look back at James. I couldn’t look back at James. I could see that he was hurting. Who wouldn’t? He may not like Evie very much anymore, but the past still happened. Nothing could change that. I will have to accept it. I will have to accept it. I will accept it. Eventually.

I pressed a finger to my eye once again. “OW!”

“Don’t press it, you moron.” Drew snapped, pulling my hand away. Polly laughed. It was nice to be hugged by the teddy bear that was one of our beaters. “It’s black and blue.”

“What?!” I squealed, making a noise that I considered higher than most of the human language. “It’s can’t be, it didn’t even get hit. It’s my nose that hurts!”

“Well, there’s that too.”

“My nose?!” Another high-pitched noise fit only for dog calling erupted from my mouth. “Not my nose. I actually like my nose!”

Freddy laughed. “Calm down, love. Your precious little nose is fine, trust me. Madame Bitch fixed that up in a moment. She took down the swelling around your eye, but it will be a little sore for a week or two.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding. “Our Wood here just likes to exaggerate things.”

“What can I say?” Drew huffed. “I like drama.”

“Well you’ve come to the right school.” Lily moaned, pointing over to Evie.

She had unfrozen.

My eyes widened and I wished entirely that I was anywhere else, that Evie hadn’t been turned to ice or that I knew nothing of it. I wish that Lois or Teddy were here. I grabbed my wand from the table next to me. Madame Brandon was stood smugly next to a drenched Evie. Her hair was dripping with water and she shivered a little. Her expression was the complete opposite to the Professor, who happened to look incredibly proud of herself for undoing the hex. It made me laugh a little how many Professors were here, none, that’s how many. It’s obviously how important they considered Evie’s case to be.

“Charisma, what are you doing?” James asked, trying to pry my wand from my grip. It was only when a somewhat cold Evie took one evil look over in my direction, grabbed her own wand and pointed it to my bed, scowling and screaming like a banshee that James put any of the pieces together. “What is going on?”

She took a faltered step towards my bed and the girls whipped their wands out, shortly followed by the boys. It was only James who sat without. “You!” Evie screeched. “You did this to me!”

“No I didn’t!” I defended truthfully, my voice still a little rusty from the whole just-waking-up thing. “I just watched.”

Lily snorted while Dixie laughed in disbelief. I didn’t want to see the other reactions. I didn’t want to see his reaction. “And so that makes it all ok?”

“No, it doesn’t.” I admitted, once again, truthfully. “But it wasn’t ok for you to call me what you did. You deserved everything that you got. Infact you deserve a hell of a lot worse!”


“James, shut up.” I thanked Dixie with a nod as she pushed James down in to a chair. I stood up quickly from the bed and regretted it instantly as a rush of feeling raced through my numb body.

My boots hit the floor with a thud. “Evie. I am not a happy bunny right now. I recommend that you don’t speak to me again.”

“Or what?” she hissed. “Are you going to tell me another story? Are you going to get your Ravenclaw friend to turn me in to another inanimate object?”

“Girls,” Madame B acknowledged. “This is quite enough.”

“Caught on, have you?” James snapped from his pinned position to the chair.

Without any other warning whatsoever, Evie had wrenched her feet from the position they were in, taken a step towards me and blurted the first hex that she could think of. I easily blocked it with a shield charm. “Don’t think that you can fight a sixth year, Evie.” I snapped.

“Ladies!” Madame B interrupted again. She stood between the wands, a brave move for a nurse. “How dare you! How dare you fight like animals!”

“She has an excuse.” Evie spat.

“Yeah, haven’t you heard?” I asked. “I’m a mongrel.” Evie looked astonished that I had said such a thing. “Why are you so surprised?” I asked her. “It’s what you’ve been calling me for almost two weeks!”

“You weren’t supposed to join in!”

I rolled my eyes and leant back on to the metal of the bed. I could guarantee that I looked pretty threatening, especially with my black eye. “I’m sorry, do you want me to go and curl up in a ball in that corner over there?”

Dixie laughed from behind me and high-fived Ellie, mainly before either realized what they were doing. They pulled their hands away sheepishly. “Can you punch her now, please?” Dixie asked from behind. “I’ve never seen that before? I mean you’ve hit two people from our House, and I happen to miss both of them!”

“You’ve hit two people?” James asked from the chair. Even though he asked, I got the impression that he didn’t want to know. The chorus of ‘Kyle’ and the single ‘Me’ that was replied in a monotone didn’t seem to aid the situation.

“See!” Evie exclaimed. “She’s a monster, she should be locked away!”

James ripped himself up from his chair and shoved Dix and Fred aside. He walked over to me with a forced and took my arm. With a single head movement he glared at Evie. His expression alone would have had me in tears in an instant. “Bite your tongue.” He spat, acid tone. “You hypocrite, how dare you. I have absolutely nothing to say to you, Lewis. I honestly have no idea what you are at this moment, not the girl that I wanted to date, not at all. That girl was kind and sweet.” Evie actually looked abashed.

“James,” she whined.

“No! I don’t want to hear it!” He ordered, his hand let go of my wrist and met with the other to fold his arms over his chest. “You don’t get to whine at me anymore.” She actually looked hurt, like crying hurt. She tore her gaze away from mine and looked at the floor. “Evie, I want you to leave.”


“Leave.” His tone wasn’t angry, loud or smug. It was quiet. But she heard it. Pulling a wet strand of hair away from her eyes she walked proudly from the Hospital Wing, carting along what ever amount of dignity that she had left. James looked at me and I smiled. “I don’t know what you’re looking so smug about.” He said stepping away from me as if I were on fire. “I am so disappointed in you.”

I watched him walk from the Hospital Wing. Things were silent for a moment as our Captain walked from the room and headed down the stone staircase, by passing a teacher on the way out. Lois bashed his shoulder and uttered an apology as she passed. She grinned at me but it faltered when she noticed the pool of water, melted from where Lewis once was.

“I missed it?” She questioned. “Buggar!”

I looked to the floor and turned back to my friends. Dixie was smiling wider than anything I had seen before, the opposite to the expressions on the others faces. “If it means anything,” she said happily. “I thought that was utterly brilliant – Popsicle, Merlin you crack me up.” 

There it was, chapter 29. Don’t forget to review. :P

A little of chapter 30 I hear you call - well here it is…

“Daniel,” I whispered. James took a step back. He looked a little hurt. “What did you do to the Wolfsbane?”

“Think about what you’re accusing me of here.” James simply raised a brown. “I didn’t do anything-“ he stated, arms folded in authority “-to yours.”

James squared him up. “What do you mean by that – what did you do to my cousins? What did you do to Teddy?”

Buh, duh, duh, uh, buh…And to make you all hate me, I will end it there. I will update soon. But drop my my MTA page, it can be found through my authors page – ask me anything. I hope that you liked this one.

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