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This isn't real. It cannot be. How could he, He, be this person? How? If only it were anyone else. Anyone but him. But... It's him. There's no mistaking that man. Even now. Even after all this time, I still... I still feel what I did so long ago.. So very long ago it was...... My name is Renee Di Anima, and this, my young friends, is the untold story of my love.

"Hey, hey!" Natalie smiled happily, running up to and past Renee easily. Her loping stride never changed, even when walking backwards as she did now. "Hey, Di, what do you think the Marauders are planning this year?" Renee groaned in anticipation, pouting almost childishly.

"Nal, if we knew every year what the Marauders were going to do, we wouldn't hate them so much because we could stop them if we did know. I've long since given up on predicting." Renee threw her duffel bag over her shoulder and walked almost sweepingly up the jutting cliff rising in and over the Forbidden Forest. It was Renee, Lily and Natalie's tradition to ask permission to leave school to camp in the Forest. The reasons were widely unknown, but it was generally assumed, and likely correct, that it was to escape the beginning-of-year prank that the Marauders always pulled. Smart aren't they? Maybe...

"Lils, are you actually slower than Renee??? What's wrong?" Natalie ran down to Lily Evans, and crouched down to her level. When I say level I mean squat level... Unsurprising, considering that lily was burdened with a parka, fuzzy pom-pom hat, huge bag, and, -oddly enough- a sled.

"It's because you burden me.... With all YOUR STUFF!!!!!" Lily screeched, giving Natalie a most evil glare. Natalie elegantly lifted the strap of the huge backpack, and using one finger, hefted the whole thing like it was weightless.

"What? It's not so heavy." Natalie's bobbed sandy-blonde hair blew into her eyes. Lily just gaped.

"Nal. Quit using non-verbal lightening charms." Renee said this while leaning down to begin the unpacking. "Gonna be a looong night......." She muttered to the back-track of Lily's shouting at James Potter for teaching Natalie illegal spells.


Back in the Great Hall......

"Simber, Gertha."
"BBBBBOOOOOO! Hissssss!!! Scaredy-snakes!!!" It was -so far- the usual routine for Hogwarts resident houses. The Gryffindors yelling enthusiastically, The Ravenclaws clapping in their own dignified manner, The Hufflepuffs clapping and cheering for everyone, and the Slytherins, at the green and the silver, hissing for every other house.... Until....

"Ready Prongsey?" Sirius Black leaned forward on his elbows across the Gryffindor table, talking in a hushed and mocking whisper to a rather happy James.

"Any minute now, come on Hat! We need a Hufflepuff!" Muttered James impatiently.

"Sjourn, Darek."
"HELL YEAH!!!!!!" Screamed James and Sirius, jumping up and high-fiving each other as food and confetti suddenly began to drop to the ground, disappear, then reappear in people's shirts, robes, and on one particularly Slytherin girl's skirt. Phase One initiated, they moved on to.... Phase TWO.....

"EUARGHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!" A small first-year girl screamed pathetically at this event, unsurprisingly, 'cuz now House Elves were falling from the sky, and even the staff were beginning to laugh as the entire kitchens was emptied onto the majestic floor of the Great Hall.

"Successful wasn' it Moony?" Sirius crowed from their position under a shield charm. Then, receiving no answer, ".....Moony?" Remus lupin hadn't moved an inch during the whole episode. He was simply sitting there, reading a book and munching serenely on a red apple. James sighed.

"What are we going to do with you Moony?"

"Hey, Lils, it looks like they've started. I can hear first-year screaming." Natalie looked over the edge of the cliff.

"How d'you know it's first-years?" Sighed Lily, sitting comfortably next to Natalie. Natalie shrugged.

"Because," Yawned Renee, sitting as well. "they've got to be using the rain spell we learned last year in a modified fashion." Lily and natalie both looked at her oddly.

"How'd you know that?"

"Because, I once heard James whining about how it was being wasted in classes when they could be drowning Peter Sjourn with it. Then he began hyperventilating when he thought that you had smiled at him." Lily smiled evilly at the memory. "And when he saw that you were smiling at Peter, he began rambling on about kitchens and house elves.... I stopped paying attention at that point." Renee stated as if it were normal to hear madmen mumbling about kitchens and your lab partner.

"But, this means that you actually knew what they're doing before they did! It's impossible! MAJORLY IMPOSSIBLE!" Natalie gasped, dumbstruck.

"Whatever. I'm going to the dormitories." Renee said sulkily, walking toward her tent.

"Why's she so mad?" Natalie asked innocently. lily sighed and stood up as well.

"I dunno. It's a funny world sometimes." She too went to the three magical tents by the rocky cave-hole, leaving natalie alone with her thoughts on the brink of a cliff in the Forbidden Forest, not knowing of the maritime depths watching them from a handsome face.

"Renee..... So here we are."

PLEASE, anybody! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!! I promise i'll update soon! WooOWoooWowowooooo!!! Was he creepy? Well? well?

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