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I know. I'm a major fail at updating. I could blame anything, but really it's just writer's block.

New chapter on the way: should be up by Friday!

The gorgeous image is by Lady Malfoy!

Problem 25: ‘Talking’ is generally code for ‘you’re dumped’. 

“I... er... sure,” I concede, letting him take my hand and lead me away. As he does, I take one last look at Scorp. 


We’re walking and I notice his grip on my hand is a little too tight. Maybe if it was Scorpius, he—NO ROSE NO! 

Fine. I should be concentrating on the boy I can have, anyway. 

Matt keeps walking, leading me along. Looks like we’re heading towards the Quidditch pitch. 

“Matt?” I test, “Where are we going?” 

He doesn’t answer, but keeps walking. And walking. And walking. Three minutes later, I ask again. 


“Ssh, Rose. There’s no need for speech.” 

“Matt, you’re freaking me out now,” I say in a nervous voice, noticing his determined and slightly deranged look. 

He stops abruptly, looking wounded. “Why did you first invite me out?” 


“Because you could. Because you’re Rose Weasley, and you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself.” 

I gasp. “That’s not true!” 

“Oh give it up!” he lets go of my hand, making a wild gesture instead. “I raced down to the hospital wing to find you when you got hurt, and you were too busy staring after Malfoy to even notice me!” 

Oh. Oh dear. 

I bite my lip. “I—there’s something – I’m –“ 

“Rose, you need to grow up! I get it; I’m your stupid little plaything to you. I guess you think I’m not clever enough to see every time you stare after Malfoy, every time you tone out my voice, every time you pay me no attention!” 

His words hit me hard. “I don’t stare after Malfoy!” I defend weakly, feeling guilty. “I haven’t been stringing you along, Matt.” 

“I never said you had. But at least you admit it.” He fixes me with a hard stare, looking me deep in the eyes. “Grow up, Rose.” 

As he turns and walks away, I have a mental fit. 

Oh Merlin, what the hell just happened? 

Am I dumped? 

Oh God, I really am transparent. MATT could see me ignoring him? MATT, the boy who left his feet behind? Matt, the boy I’m using as innocent cover? 

“Matt?” I call to his retreating back, “I’m sorry!” 

He doesn’t turn around, but flicks me two very special fingers. 

Oh wow, thanks so much. 

I think I deserve it. 

“Wow,” Albus says, stepping out from under the cloak, “That was not exactly what I expected.” 

I stare at him blankly for a moment, and then draw my wand and start shooting hexes at him violently. 

“Stop—bang – listening – bang – to – fizz – my problems!” CRACK. “Oh, Merlin.” 

Al is rubbing his foot and howling, while Scorpius drops the cloak from over his head. I wince. 

“Hi, Rose,” he has his wand out in anticipation, “Nice day we’re having?” 

“I need breakfast,” I grumble, grabbing his arm and pulling him away to the castle, trying not to die of delight and embarrassment, “Come on.” 

“Not so fast!” I hear Al yell, “Come back!” 

Turning my head, I see him hopping madly towards us, looking rather like a windmill with his arms going madly. 

“Screw off, Severus!” I yell back, and he glares at the use of his middle name, still hopping. 

Turning back around, I am faced with Livi’s head about an inch from mine. 

“Your boyfriend stormed past us,” she says lightly, “Did he dump you yet?” 

“Livi!” I say, horror struck, “You’re wearing nothing but a Santa’s hat!” 

She looks down at her naked body. “Oh yeah. Still, nice day today, isn’t it?” 

“Oh, God,” I mumble, looking everywhere but at Livi. Scorpius seems to have had the same idea. We both turn and watch Al hopping toward us instead. He teeters, and falls over under our gaze. “Bummer.” 

“OI, ROSE!” I hear. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, here he comes, barrelling down the path towards us. 

“James!” Livi chirps, turning to face him, baring all in the process. James promptly covers his eyes and keep stumbling on, tripping over a rock. 

“Olivia, put some clothes on now!” he orders, “Or I’ll take you to the headmaster!” 

Livi shrugs. “If you say so...” With a flick of her wand, she’s fully clothed. Admittedly in a fairy costume, but it’s clothing none the less. 

“Nice wings,” Scarlett comments, popping up by my shoulder and taking my arm. In fact, it’s more like she’s yanking me away from Scorpius, to be honest. I look at her, and she pointedly looks between me and James. Oh yeah. 

Letting go of Scorpius rather quickly, I glance at James. He’s looking suspicious. He never really got house unity... Then again, Albus only got it as mum bullied him into it. 

“What are you doing?” he asks harshly. 

“Er...” I answer, “We were having a dares festival.” 

James snorts. “Not you, Rose. Malfoy.” 

Everyone simultaneously turns to look at Scorpius. He doesn’t look like he’s doing anything out of the ordinary. Okay, he’s holding Albus’ foot up as Al tries to charm it back to normal, but still. 

“I’m helping your brother,” he explains simply as Al looks up and wobbles dangerously. 

“Why?” James questions, taking a step towards the precarious pair. I grab hold of my wand, just in case. I see Caspar and Livi do the same. Before Scorpius can answer, Livi seems to have a brainwave. 

“Ow,” she moans, “My head hurts so much. James, will you help me to the hospital wing?” 

James, being the love struck fool that he is, gets distracted and slings an arm around Livi, who clutches at her head dramatically, winking slyly at me and Caspar. They start to walk away, looking hugely odd. 

“Bye, fairy girl!” Lu cheers, “Hope you get well soon!” 

“James doesn’t like you much,” Lorcan says sadly, “It’s a shame, because he’s going to try and make your life hell now.” 

“Thanks,” Scorpius replies, dropping Al’s foot. There’s an uncomfortable pause where everyone stares at everyone else – although Louis is noticeably staring at his feet. 

“Am I ever going to get breakfast?” I cry suddenly, and everyone stops staring and starts heading towards the castle. 

A hand slips into mine, and I notice Caspar is trying to look reassuring. I mouth ‘fine’ to her, but she raises an eyebrow. 

Okay, so James threatening my future life partner and generally acting like an idiot does mildly unnerve me, especially as when me and Scorpius get together – okay, so it’s so not happening now, but I’m sure that it will – Aunt Ginny is bound to take his side on it. 

Family! I never considered family! Admittedly I have been spending most of my time just fantasising about snogging him senseless, but—wait. Stop this mindless rubbish. Scorpius has a girlfriend, even if it is ‘just what i have with Matt’. 

What the hell did that mean, anyway? It’s practically redundant now, seeing as he’s sussed me out – or that’s what it sounded like – but still. I’d like to know what goes on in Scarlett’s little mind as she figures out other people’s relationships and such the like. I mean, it must be pretty awesome. I wonder if she’s part seer. 

No, she can’t be part seer. She’s just too irritating for that. But I bet her mind is full of information I’d love to get my hands on. 

I wonder if she knows who Scorpius likes. Besides her, of course. 

We trudge into the hall, everyone suddenly very uncomfortable again. There’s a few mumbled conversations, most notably Louis and Lysander, whom I can hear hissing behind me. Of what I can catch of it, they’re discussing – or arguing – their kiss. 

“ way... I’m not gay!” 

“....denying fate.... don’t be so stupid!” 

Their voices get louder as they argue, stopping everyone else’s conversations as we all listen in. 

“Well if you hadn’t of—“Louis hisses, glaring at Lysander with what I can only describe as desperate amounts of sexual tension. 

“You wanted it!” Lysander interrupts, glaring back with about as much force. 

“Shut UP! I didn’t!” Louis shouts, the noise catching the attention of a few other people loitering in the hallways. 

“You’re such a liar, Louis!” Lysander roars. This is getting ugly. 

“This is all your fault!” Louis retorts equally loudly. 

“Do you want me to tell Petrova?” Lysander says in a deadly serious voice. Louis pales, all blood dropping from his face. 

“You wouldn’t,” he breathes. Lysander smiles, smug with the upper hand. Our entire group has stopped moving now, openly staring at the conflict in front of our eyes. 

“Oh I would,” Lysander confirms, “So you just keep that in mind, okay?” He walks away from us, disappearing in the direction of the Ravenclaw dormitories. Louis runs a hand through his hair, and finally seems to notice us. 

“Would you all just piss off?” he yells, and then runs after Lysander. 

“Alright then,” Albus says when Louis is safely out of earshot, “What was that?” 

“Don’t bother your little head about it,” Scarlett replies, “It’ll all work out fine.” 

Scarlett is generally right. If she says so, I believe it. 


The common room is packed full of people. Sweet Luke is pinning a Quidditch timetable to the board while Livi watches, offering unhelpful comments to young children who want to watch us train; Caspar and Harry are having a quiet conversation by the fire; I’m slumped in a chair opposite them. Matt is no-where to be seen. His friends say he hasn’t been seen all day. 

Ah, shit. 

It always ends up as my fault that anything vaguely annoying happens around here. Explosion in the toilets? Me and Livi trying to animate the toilet seats to bite nasty teachers. Firework whizzing through your room? I spilt the water on the packet, resulting in a multitude of fizzing, popping horrors. Boy missing after a row with his charming and not at all to blame girlfriend? Well, hi there. 

Matt’s friends are glaring at me. Obviously they’ve sussed out I’m to blame. Ideally, I have a halo the size of the room proving I’m innocent, but as I haven’t and I’m not, they’re having a good old bitch fest about me. 


Honestly, I have no idea why they keep doing weird little imitations of me. I know I look dumb with my guitar occasionally, but really. How immature. 

“Rose Weasley?” 


Can no-one tell I’m having a muse to myself? 

“Rose. A letter from Professor MacMillan.” 

I look up to see a rather fascinated first year gazing at me. 

“Thanks,” I say, taking the roll of parchment. The girl doesn’t leave. I notice she has a spot right on her nose. Haha. 

“Is it true you ran naked through the castle?” she asks eagerly. I feel a glare fall onto my face. 

“No, it most definitely is not. I’ll have you know it was all Malfoy’s fault, and that’s none of your business.” 

The kid walks away disappointed while I slouch further into my seat, opening the letter. 

Rose Weasley;
Your rehearsal with your band is scheduled for this Saturday, from ten in the morning.
Best wishes, Professor MacMillan.

I groan and sit up straight, feeling my back complain. 

Suddenly, the door bangs open and James strides in, walking right up to me and thrusting a piece of paper in my face. In extremely messy handwriting that could only be his is written two words: ‘Outside now’. 

I shrug and follow him back through the door. It’s only James: he can’t threaten me with much. 

As soon as the door shuts, he shouts: 

“Godfuckshitbollocks, your mum is going to KILL ME!” 

I shrug to this comment. What am I supposed to do, comfort him? No way. He’s a big boy now. 

After a moment where he looks as if he’s about to go bug-eyed and scream, he retains composure and decides to take some deep breaths. 

“What’s up, Jamsie?” I ask innocently, lacking a motive that would persuade me not to be annoying right now. 

“M- T- D- ...oh God Rose, how do I put this? I’m in trouble.” 

“What have you done now?” I ask suspiciously. Like his father, James has a record of reckless stupidity. Sometimes it pays off, but others.... 

“I made a bet. On you.” 

“Oh good.” 

“And I’m losing. Please, please, please, Rose, date Marius for me?” 

My mouth falls open. My own cousin? Really? 

I turn to leave, and come face to face with Matt. His jaw seems to be locked. 

“Hello, Rose,” he says stiffly. I’m definitely blocking his way. 

“Hello, Matt,” I reply, suddenly very uncomfortable. 

“Hi,” says James from behind me, “I’m James.” 

“I know,” Matt says shortly, and I step aside to let him past. He duly opens the door and sweeps through, followed by me. Oh, and James. 

“Please, Rose! I owe money!” 

“That’s your own fault,” I snap, resuming my chair grumpily. What a waste of my precious energy. 


“Shut the fuck up, James! I’m busy. Can’t you tell?” 

There is a pause, and then he shakes his head. Getting down on his knees, he clasps his hands together and makes a pitiful face. Instead of watching him beg, I ignore him and focus on Matt, who is talking with his friends in what looks like serious tones. I hate serious conversations. What I like is playful, joking tones, interspersed with a dollop of flirting. And preferably with food on the side. 

All three of them – Matt, and the other two I didn’t know, who I was quite sure weren’t even in our year, turn to look at me. I flush and look back at James, who’s trying to do puppy-dog eyes, and failing. Standing up and pushing him off balance in the process, I rush to my dorm, a place I know James can’t follow me into. For some strange reason, I just want to burst into tears. 

And then smash something into tiny little pieces. 

But crying gives me a headache. So I guess I’ll go straight to pounding something into shards. 

In the dorm, the room is a tip. But luckily enough, every bed has a glass and jug of water constantly by it. Taking mine, Lucinda’s and Caspar’s, I clamber out of the window onto the battlements and skirt along until I reach the outcrop where my bum fits nicely. 

Juggling the three jugs around, I balance them on my lap while I pull my wand out of my pocket. Wand firmly in hand, I chuck the first jug into the air. When it starts to fall I point my wand and make it explode into lots of tiny likkle fragments with a tremendous bang. 

“Woohoo,” I mumble, and someone sticks their head out of the window beneath the ledge. 

“Rose, is that you?” Lily asks, glancing up. 

“No,” I reply, chucking the next jug plain off and watching it fall. It hits the ground surprisingly fast, smashing into a stupid amount of pieces. 

“Good,” Lily says, “We need to talk.” 

Twice in one day? Really?

Review's are nice -- and it would be nice to see what you thought of my re-entry into publishing!


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