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A/N: Dun dun dundun (wedding march theme) - haha dont ask me why
BUT chapter 17 is finally here!
i know that took a teency weency bit longer than expected but i had it written when i wrote 16 but i changed the ending to this chapter and then i lost the ending so i had to re-write it and you know how you're never happy with the second version? well here it is: the dodgy 2nd version

thanks to everyone who left me a review on 16 and to many people who pointed out that James' real middle name was "Harold" SO thats the one im using (sorry Angelina)

next chapter will be far away, at least another month because i have exams everywhere and etc etc but come november 4th - i finish my exams and i will typing away. I did a very rough plot outline for the rest of my chapters and I'm sad to say that you'll be stuck with this story for a very long time. I'm deciding to follow Sirius out of hogswarts (with/without Hayley - you'll just have to wait and see). So there will be thosands more chapters to come. And after exams finish I promise I will update every day (not really, but you get my point).

OKay, so i won't delay you any longer, read away: 

Chapter Seventeen

The One with the Thriller



For two weeks we drifted in ignorance.


For days I judged on assumptions.


For hours we sat in silence.


Just waiting for this moment. I guess, this moment was inevitable.


“She’s calm now,” Madam Pomfrey said from the doorway, “You can come in.”


We were waiting outside the hospital wing for four hours. Waiting for someone to tell us what had happened. James had already had a yelling match with Poppy, McGonagall and Dumbledore. Although he was the only one yelling, it resulted in Remus receiving several bruises as he tried to calm him.


When we brought Hayley back to the hospital wing, she was totally out of it. She thought she was still in the forbidden forest. She believed James was dead or at times -that I was dead. She would think I was Rosier and then think James was Rosier, then think McGonagall was a tree. She would then remember I was Sirius and still think she was in the forest.


I didn’t even know what happened. All Dumbledore could explain to me and James was that Rosier was blackmailing her. When she finally confessed to McGonagall, Rosier had gotten wind of it and kidnapped her. It was something to do with Voldemort and his recruitment plans. I just couldn’t figure out why Voldemort would want with someone that’s a muggle loving, Dumbledore fan.


But Rosier was nowhere to be found. Aurors had been sent from the minster to provide protection for Hogwarts and investigate, but they had yet to find Rosier. They were still sweeping the forest and castle but Dumbledore said their chances of catching the death eater was bleak.


We all stood up together. Although Peter and Remus weren’t here. Peter had been kind enough to volunteer to get food from the kitchens and Remus had gone to rest as it was full moon tomorrow. So it was just me and James.


We both exchanged looks. I know he feared what was going to be inside, how Hayley was. I knew this because it’s what I feared. Although I knew she was okay. But I wanted to see the extent of what it was.


“You go in first,” I said to James. We both stood at the door, nervous as hell.


“No you,” James said, “You’re taller.”


“You’re fatter,” I said.


“It’s muscle Padfoot!” James said pouting.


“Fine, I’ll go in but only because you’re fat.”


I knew behind our petty jokes we were both terrified. And the jokes only put off finding out the reality of our stupidity that had occurred only a few seconds longer.


I took a deep breath before entering. The hospital wing was dimly lit. Hayley lay motionless on the furthest bed from the door. Two aurors paced up and down along the back wall. They stopped as James and I walked towards Hayley, but soon started to quickly pace again.


“If she wakes up call me,” Poppy said, walking back into her office.


“Dragon Dung...” I heard James mutter from behind me. I looked over at Hayley. She was tucked into the bed like it was her own; her arms lay peacefully beside her now wrapped in white bandages. Her jet, black hair was now cleaned from the dirt and blood which had stained it. She looked like she was in a serene state. The wound on her head had disappeared but there were still several cuts and bruises.


“She looks okay,” I heard James whisper. It was more to himself than to me. But I still nodded to him. We both took seats on either sides of the bed.


We sat there in silence. I didn’t know for how long, but I knew we were both waiting for her to wake up. Fortunately, our wishes seemed to be granted.


“Get Poppy,” I said to James, as her eyes fluttered. She slowly opened them and let her eyes adjust to the light.


“Sirius?” she whispered, staring at me intently.


“Yeah babe,” I grinned; I could feel my eyes tearing up. I quickly looked up to see where James was, he had gone into her office.


“I was looking for you everywhere,” she muttered, sitting up on the bed, “C’mon! What are you waiting for?”


“What?” I asked her. She got out from under the covers and slowly climbed off the bed, “Where are you going?” I asked, trying to stop her from walking away.


“Sirius, we have to go!” Hayley hissed at me, her eyes darted towards the Aurors who were now slowly walking towards us, “Sirius – they’re coming!” she cried out.


“James!” I yelled, I turned back to Hayley, “Babe, we’re in the hospital wing – those are Aurors...”


What I said to her seemed to fly over her head. She looked at me intently, trying to get past me, “Sirius! They’re going to kill you! We have to go!” Hayley squealed, as I tried to restrain her from running out of the room.


“What’s going on?” James said running into over to us, with Poppy at his feet. Both were carrying trays stacked with vials.


Hayley jumped over the bed blocking her and ran towards the door, “C’mon Sirius!” She stopped when she saw I wasn’t running with her.


“No, we’re safe here,” I said, following her slowly.


She stood at door oblivious to everything around her, “Sirius,” she cried, “Please – you have to believe me! I was just trying to save your life!”


“I know babe,” I said slowly, “But it’s all over, you’re safe now.” I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her.


“I didn’t mean to!” she cried, tears following from her eyes, “I didn’t mean to kill James!”


I exchanged glances with James who walked towards us, “Hayley, you’re safe now, everyone is...”


“Sirius,” Hayley hissed, ignoring James, “You go back to the castle; I’ll go back to them.”


“Hayley!” I snapped, “We’re in the hospital wing! It’s over!”


“I didn’t mean to-” Hayley started, but mid-sentence she collapsed. Just crumbled to the floor.


“She’s delirious,” Poppy sighed; she put her wand away and helped me carry her to the bed. I could have done it myself...


“I don’t understand, why does she think she’s still in danger and why does she think I’m dead?” James asked, as I pulled the blanket over an unconscious Hayley.


“It seems...” Poppy sighed, “That she had been hit by the cruciatus curse... several times.”


My heart sank deeper into my stomach, which did a flip-flop. It was my fault she was in here, it was my fault that she had to suffer the cruciatus curse and it was my fault if anything happened to her hereafter. If I had just stopped and listened to her. Just stopped thinking about myself and heard her out.


I knew she wasn’t cheating on me with Regulus. She would never do that. I was scared that I could feel this strongly for a girl. That a girl could do this to me. So to find an escape route, I had taken it out on her. And look where it landed me?...and her?


“She’ll be okay, won’t she?” James asked, “I mean the cruciatus curse, that’s some heavy stuff...”


“She needs good rest,” Poppy said, smiling at us, “She just lost a lot of blood, she was dehydrated, had a couple of broken bones and is running a high fever.”


“What’s a feber?” I asked. I was pretty sure it was a muggle disease.


“Nothing to be worried about,” Poppy smiled, “She’ll be fine. Why don’t you two check on her in the morning?”


We nodded and both headed out.


 When we came back the next morning, Hayley was still asleep so we weren’t allowed in. We returned after lunch, she was still sleeping and instead were told to come back after lessons. After lessons she was still sleeping so –


“Hey lady!” James growled at Poppy, “I’m here to see my sister and I’m not leaving until I can!”


“What he means,” Peter said, giving his, what girls called adorable, smile, “We’d like to see her for a few seconds if you don’t mind.”


James rolled his eyes at Peter, but then clapped him on the back when we were allowed to go in. Hayley was still in the same position we had left her in last night. Motionless and bruised.


“For full moon tonight,” Peter whispered, as we all took seats around Hayley’s bed, “I obviously need to go – but one of you need to come as well, and the other can stay with Hayley,” He looked at me and James.


“Oh don’t be silly,” Remus waved off, “I’ll be fine by myself, you three stay with Hayley.”


“No Remus,” I said shaking my head, “You do way too much damage to yourself when you’re alone, James’ll go with you.”


“Me?” James said, finally joining the conversation, “Why me?” He sat up properly in his chair like he was being challenged.


“Remember last night - we had solved this?” I grinned at him, “You’re fat.”


“Moony,” James whined, “Tell Padfoot to stop calling me fat!”


“You’re not fat,” came a giggle. We all turned to look at Hayley, who was now awake. We waited for her to say something else, just to see if she was out of the delusion.


“How long have I been here?” Hayley said her soft voice cracking.


“A day,” I said, as James got up to get Poppy. This time he and Poppy came back a lot quicker, again bringing the tray full of vials


“Those mine?” Hayley said giving a half smile.


“Yes,” Poppy said as Hayley made a move to sit up, “No no, you can’t sit up... just lie down for me.”


She frowned and laid back down.


“Drink these for me,” Poppy said, passing Hayley vials filled with red liquid. Poppy laid out another several vials on the bedside table, “These too, I’ll be back with dinner.”


Hayley drank the first ones rather quickly but then stopped, “Did you miss me?” she asked us grinning.


We didn’t say anything.


I didn’t realise this until now, but I was actually angry at her. Maybe it was her nonchalant attitude, acting like nothing happened or just the fact she didn’t tell us anything. But I was angry.


“Oh c’mon,” She laughed, downing a few other vials, “I got hit with Crucio about a dozen times, you can’t be mad at me, don’t you wanna know what happened?”


We still stayed quiet. I locked eyes with James for a while. I could tell he was angry as well; I looked over to Pete and Remus. They seemed they were bursting to say something, however, had refrained.


“Miss Potter!” came a loud boom from the door. It was the Auror in charge of this incident. James was highly suspicious of him as he looked only twenty-five. He was a rather tall man, with a big build and reminded me of a pretty-boy version of Hagrid. Charles Newington, I think his name was. “I’m David Jackson,” he grinned.


 You can’t even remember names, so stupid Sirius.


We’re the same person, you idiot.


I tried to ignore the squeaking voice. What would people say? Sirius Black hears voices.


Jackson was followed by Dumbledore and McGonagall. Dumbledore gave us a warm smile as he walked over to us. He conjured up three bright purple armchairs around Hayley’s bed for himself, McGonagall and Jackson.

“I’m the Auror in charge, and I don’t want to waste anytime...tell us exactly what happened... well as best as you can remember it,” said the Hagrid-look alike.


“Where do you want me to start?” Hayley asked.


Jackson gave a short laugh, that sound like a cow vomiting, “From the beginning, when Evan Rosier first started the blackmailing,” he said with his quick quotes quill ready.


“It was before potions when Rosier first approached me, he said he needed help with something and I was already running late to class so I went to help. He cornered me, punched me, twisted my arm, stole my wand and told me to drop out of the Quidditch team-”


“What?” James said, jumping out of his seat, “You told me you fell off your broom!”


“Yes, James, I think we’ve established I told a lot of lies,” Hayley snapped at him, as James sat back down on his chair, “And if I-”


James gasped and jumped out of his seat again, “That’s why Rosier made the bet with us, he thought we would lose the game without Hayley, we showed him!”


“James!” Hayley snapped again, James pouted but sat back down, “If I didn’t he said he would sell James and Sirius out to Voldemort – apparently Voldemort is recruiting and they would be good death eaters and he also – no never mind-”


“Miss Potter,” Jackson interrupted, “You need to tell us everything, I’ll judge if it’s relevant to the case or not.”


Hayley sighed and gave me a sympathetic smile. I knew from the smile that it was about me, I gave her hand a light squeeze. It was my way of telling her, don’t worry James won’t kick my ass. He probably would try to. But c’mon, I’m Sirius Black.


That’s not relevant.




Hayley continued, “He also said that if I didn’t he would tell James that Sirius and I were going out behind his back.” We both ignored the death stare from James. My heart sank as she said this, I knew she did all this to protect me and James, but in the back of my mind I hoped she hadn’t. But it was true. It was because of me she was laying here.


“The next time we met up I think was a few days later at the dungeons, the day I burnt down the great hall. The time after-”


“Can you tell me specifically what happened?” Jackson said.


“Oh okay,” Hayley mumbled, “He asked me to steal Lily Evans’ wand, when I got there he asked me to hand it over – I remember taunting him before giving it to him, he then used the cruciatus curse on me and said something like if I burn down the hall he- he would do something...”


“Like what?” Jackson asked.




“Miss Potter, do I need to rem-”


“Alright!” Hayley said, rolling her eyes, “He said; Sirius would get the same tomorrow.”


Her words stung. My breath hitched again, I ignored James’ glare. I didn’t need the glare. I knew what it was saying. This is your fault. And I knew this because it was the truth.


“We burnt down the hall, we heard McGonagall’s voice; she had found the wand that Rosier asked me to throw into the fire,” Hayley continued, “He got mad and lit my arm on fire – but then R- no sorry, somebody stepped in and stopped him ... and that was the end of that night...”


“This somebody?” Jackson asked, “Do not know his name?”


“He was wearing a mask,” Hayley explained, she gave me a quick glance; “I didn’t recognise him.”


From the glance I knew she was lying. I didn’t understand why she would want to protect a death eater. They were killers. Why would she want to –


“The next time I run into Rosier was in a classroom,” Hayley said, then she added turning towards me, “It was right after I finished talking with you; I was about to tell you about Rosier but then Remus walked in and as you guys left Rosier walked in. I told him I didn’t want to run around with him anymore; I was getting tired of his games-”


“How did he react?”Jackson asked.


Hayley ignored Jackson and continued, “- but he told me that either I could become a death eater or would James and Sirius. I said I’d do whatever-”




“-Later that night, I was supposed to meet up with Rosier but I just had a fight with James and Sirius so I was late. I decided I couldn’t handle Rosier so I went to tell Professor McGonagall. I confessed to her about burning down the hall-


“Did you show her proof?” Jackson said, interrupting again


“-and show her my burnt arm in proof and I told her I did because Rosier was blackmailing me and then showed my other arm. She let me finish before taking me down to the hospital wing and then went to get Professor Dumbledore. I got scared; it was dark-”


“You got scared of the dark?” Jackson quirked.


“No I said I was scared,” Hayley said, her voice gathering anger, “And then I described that the hospital wing was dark - and Madam Pomfrey was taking an awfully long time. I can’t remember exactly what happened next but I remember being carried in the forest with horrific pain in my head.”


“This forest,” Jackson enquired, “It is the Forbidden Forest, yes?”


Hayley nodded quickly, “Anyway, I was being carried by Rosier and he didn’t know I was awake – I hit him in the eye, he fell over and I made a run for it. I could hardly make out where anything was, it was so dark and everything was a shade of red from the blood I presume-”


“Blood?” Jackson said sitting up on his chair, “You didn’t mention receiving a wound.”


“I don’t remember receiving the wound,” Hayley sighed, “I kept tripping over on the roots and then my hand got stuck in a barbed wire entanglement-”


 “Barbed wir-”


“They were used previously to separate creature territory,” Dumbledore explained before Jackson had time to finish his question, “It was removed, but some may still be there.”


“Well, Rosier caught up to me and as you can imagine was angry, he ripped my hand out from the entanglement-” the whole room winced as she describe this, “-Oh it wasn’t that bad, he hit me with Crucio right afterwards!” Hayley said, excitedly. I rolled my eyes at her; she caught me and grinned. I could tell she was over the whole-being sensitive to our minds.


“Then?” Jackson said in his annoying, cow voice. He didn’t looking pleased at her attitude.


“And then I called him an asshole, and I swore I would never give up anyone, so then he zapped me again,” Hayley continued tonelessly.


“Zapped you?” Jackson asked.


“Crucio,” Hayley replied shortly. I could tell she was getting fairly annoyed at him by now.


“How many times?” Jackson asked.


“Until I blacked out,” Hayley said, and then quickly continued before Jackson could interrupt, “Next thing I know, I’m on the dirt ground, surrounded by death eaters-”


“Can you name them?”


“Yes,” Hayley answered, “Evan Rosier.”


“Anymore?” Jackson asked.


“Maybe if you crucio me I’ll might be able to see past their masks!” Hayley growled, also sitting up straighter.


“Maybe we should stop-” I started, but Hayley interrupted me.


“No Sirius, I’m sorry,” Hayley said forcing a smile, “No, I did not see what they looked like. They were having an argument-”


“Can you tell me what it was about?”


“No,” she replied sarcastically, “About how Rosier ruined everything-”


“Everything-” Jackson started.


But Hayley cut over him, she was starting to go a bit red like James, “-that they were planning-”


“The plan-”


“Would you quit talking over me?” Hayley said, jumping up onto her knees, I had forgotten how feisty she could be, “I remember them-”


“Can I get a name?” Jackson said, looking at her intently.


“I remember them,” Hayley continued, “Talking about James and Sirius and I cannot remember anything else, next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital wing with James saying he’s fat.”


“No,” James said shaking his head in disagreement.


Jackson looked over at James, “Are you saying she’s lying? That she does remem-”


“Noooo,” James repeated, he drew out the ‘o’ sound much like how girls do when they ‘Noooo wayyyy’.


“Sirius said I was fat,” James said a matter-o-factly; reminding me of Evans, “It’s all muscle,” he told Jackson like it was a crucial fact to note.


“Prongs,” Remus muttered under his breath, “Nobody cares.”


“I’m not fa-”


“I think we’re done here!” Jackson said, springing up from the armchair. I guess he had had enough of James’ banter. “I just need to talk to Miss Potter alone.”


“Why?” James asked, jumping up from his chair as well.


“James,” Dumbledore said, slowly standing up, “It’s okay –Oh, and your parents will be here later tomorrow.” James frowned. I knew he was scared at what Mr. Potter would say.


We all stood up and left Jackson will Hayley. Dumbledore and McGonagall left for work, whilst James and I waited by the door.


“What do you think they’re talking about?” James asked contemptuously.


I shrugged. I watched them carefully. Jackson had moved over to stand beside her. His back was facing us and it shifted his composure so Hayley’s face was blocked as well. Now, I couldn’t read their lips or body language. I watched as Hayley gently placed her hand on his upper arm. She peeped her head out and beckoned us over with one finger.


“What’s going on?” I asked, walking over to them. Hayley climbed of the bed and walked over to me. She linked one of her arms around mine and pulled me over so I was about a hand away from Jackson.


“This is Sirius,” Hayley snarled, something that was very unlike her, “He’s my boyfriend.”


Jackson gave her a grin, before walking away.


“What was that about?” I asked, as I helped her get back up on the bed.


“Nothing...” Hayley grimaced, “Where’d Remus and Pete go?”


“Full moon,” James said distastefully.


We sat in silence for a while. It wasn’t a particularly gentle, serene silence – it was more of an awkward one.


“I was worried sick,” James muttered finally.


“You don’t look sick,” Hayley said, grinning, “You look great to me.”


“You didn’t even tell us what was going on?!” James continued, “And now you just sit here and talk about it like it’s some big adventure!”


Hayley snapped her head towards me, “You feel the same way?”


I was shocked at her sudden flare-up. I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I was angry at her. But I didn’t want to be.


“I- I-No,” I said stuttering over my own words, “I’m just angry because you didn’t tell us-”


“Get out,” Hayley snarled at both of us, pointing towards the door, “Get out!”


“Hayley,” James said calmly, “We’re angry because you didn’t tell us anything and after everything that has happened, you act like it’s nothing – it is something, it-”


“I laugh about it because it hurts to do anything else!” Hayley snapped, “If I’m not laughing about it, I’m reliving the fucking pain!”


James shrank at her reaction, looking away from her in guilt of what she had just said.


“I didn’t tell you because I was trying to save your life you idiot!” Hayley growled, “Anyway, you all can go out to full-”


“Dinner!” came a cheery voice. It was Poppy.


“I’m not hungry,” Hayley snapped, pulling her covers to her chin like a five year old.


“Well, I don’t really care,” she said, shrugging.


Oh that was more like her.


“Finish this up,” Poppy said sternly, “Or I'll have to force feed you, you young kids wanting to be thin – well if you get any skinner you might disappear into thin air!”


“I’m not hungry,” Hayley repeated.


“Miss Potter!” Poppy said rounding up on her, “You don’t eat, I can’t give you any potions... you haven’t eaten properly for what my wand can tell a week – so finish that steak!” Poppy walked off.


“Why haven’t you eaten?” James asked, sitting back down on his seat.


“Because I was held captive,” Hayley replied darkly.


“No before that.”


“Like I said,” Hayley said, grinning again, “Crucio just takes the life right out of you... Sirius will you fetch me some chicken from the kitchens?”


“No,” James said before I could, he stood up drawing himself up to full height. He grabbed Hayley and propped her up against the pillows, and placed the tray in front of her, “Finish it or I’ll hold you down and feed you.”


“Fine – but I’m not eating the steak-”


“You’ll eat everything,” James said tonelessly, “And whilst you’re eating you’ll tell me whose ass I need to kick.”


“My lips are sealed,” Hayley said, ‘I heard no names but Rosier’s.” James waited for her to say something more, but she didn’t.


“What do you mean your lips are sealed?” James snapped finally, as he took his seat.


“I dunno,” she shrugged, “It just sounded cool – anyway shouldn’t you get going? It’s almost dark...”


James frowned as he got up, “Fine, you stay,” he told me, “I’ll be back tomorrow.” And with that he left.


I stayed quiet, not making eye contact with her.


“I know you’re mad at me,” she said, picking at her steak, “But I was trying to save your life – and look it worked-you’re alive!” She laughed, finally putting a piece of steak in her mouth, “Oh I think I’m going to puke.” 


We sat in silence for a few more seconds. I didn’t know what to say. Do I start with I’m sorry, then I love you and then move onto being angry?  


“I feel bad-” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear.


“You feel bad?” Hayley scoffed, “Don’t – it was foolish of me to risk your life and tell McGonagall-”


“Why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me something was wrong?” I asked bitterly.


She shook her head, “You would have tried to help me,” she said the last words as if it were poison, “I didn’t want you caught up in all this – I wanted to save you, doesn’t matter anyway,” Hayley muttered, “Rosier planned on killing me either way.”


“Rather me than you,” I muttered, intertwining my finger with her frail ones.


She shook her head again, “No.”


I could feel my eyes tearing up, “The pain and worry you put me through is much worse than anything Rosier could have done to me.”


“He threatened to put the cruciatus curse you on – you’re numb but you still feel the pain of the knives digging into you,” she muttered darkly, “I couldn’t let him do that to you-”


 “Don’t,” I interrupted. I didn’t need her to remind me that she had suffered all of this pain just to save my life when it was my fault that she was in here the first place.


“I was saving your life,” she repeated, finishing of the last of her steak.


“At the expense of yours.”


“It was a worthy price.”


I frowned, “It was a foolish price.”


“It was your life!” Hayley said a bit louder.


I smiled at her, “I love you.”


“I love you too.”


“And if you ever try to risk your life to save mine-”


“I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”


“I hope not,” I smiled, “If you think I’m letting you out of my sight even for a second now– you’re deeply mistaken.”


“I know you think it’s your fault,” Hayley said after awhile, “It’s not, I didn’t want anyone to know – I could risk anyone’s life, even if you knew I don’t think it would have made a difference. Rosier would have killed me sooner... Regulus is not a bad person Sirius; he saved my life out there.”


“Regulus!” I growled, “You didn’t say anything about Regulus being there- to Jackson!” So Regulus was the death eater she was protecting.


“I don’t want to keep anymore secrets from you Sirius,” Hayley sighed, “He wasn’t who I thought he was, he was trying to help me out with Rosier but I learned it was Rosier he was really helping...”


“That son-”


“Let me finish,” Hayley said calmly, “I think he regrets helping Rosier...”


“Regulus,” I snarled, “Is not a friend Hayley-”


“He’s the reason I escaped,” she said simply, “You can’t tell anyone, I don’t want him to go to Azkaban... he’s a good guy, he’s just lost.”


 I didn’t ask her anything else. Once she was better I would ask for the entire story, but for now, I could make her relive the terror again.


“I’m tired,” she said finally, pushing away the unfinished food.


 “I love you,” I whispered, placing a light kiss on her forehead.


Hayley smiled, sleepily, “Will you ever leave me?” It was like those picturesque moments, at the end of muggle films. When everything turns out okay.


“Yes, if you don’t get any rest!” I said jokingly.                                                                                                           


 “The stars are so beautiful,” Hayley muttered, looking out the window.


“Not as beautiful as you,” I grinned, leaning on the chair.




I gasped, “I have never ever told I lie in my life.”


“That itself, is a lie,” Hayley giggled. I missed her laugh. It was sweet...melodic.


I looked dreamily out the window, “Come here, I’ll show you something.” Hayley sat up and climbed out of the bed. I quickly pulled her into me lap, and held her as close as I could.


“That is my star,” I said, point out to the sky through the window.


“You own a star?” Hayley asked in a tone which told me she didn’t quite believe what I was saying.


“No, I’m named after it,” I laughed.


“Which one?”


“The biggest one.”


“You’re pointing to the moon.”


I sighed and retorted, “Maybe it is the moon.”


“So you’re saying; your name is the moon?” Hayley laughed.


“Yes, first name, the last name moon.”


Hayley laughed, “Okay then, show me what else you know about the skies.”


I had made her laugh. Everything seemed fine.


“Nothing what so ever,” I smiled. Hayley slipped off my lap, “Wait.” I pulled her back down, wrapping arms around her waist, “Let me reassure myself, I’ll never lose you.”


“You won’t.”     



I woke up the next morning, with a large fat sausage poking my face. My eyes fluttered open and I realised where I was sleeping. In the hospital wing. I looked down to see Hayley’s arms wrapped around me and her head resting on my chest.


I looked up to see James frowning at me. It wasn’t a sausage, it was his finger poking me.


“This,” James snapped at me, fluttering his hands over me and Hayley, “Can’t happen!”


“Shush!” I whispered, “You’ll wake her.” I slowly unwrapped her hands, placing them by her side and got out of the bed.


“Well I brought breakfast,” James growled, “So she’s going to have to get up.”


“No,” I shook my head, dragging him outside. I noticed Peter and Remus weren’t with him. They were probably still at the shack.

“She didn’t sleep well, even though Poppy gave her the dreamless stuff,” I told James. We took a seat on the floor outside the hospital wing. He passed me a bag of food as he continued to eat his sandwich.


“Why? What happened?” James asked, his mouth full with food.


“I think she was crying,” I said, picking out a muffin, “Is this blueberry?”


James nodded, “She okay now?”


“I can’t believe what’s happened,” I said shaking my head, “I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I let this happen...”


“It’s not your fault,” James said, “It’s mine. Dad’s going to kill me.”


“He won’t be that bad,” I shrugged. I was lying. Mr. Potter would – he would – actually I wasn’t sure what he would do. But I knew it was going to be bad.


“He’ll bury me alive when he hears her recount for the Aurors,” James muttered.

“I don’t think-”


“JAMES HARRY POTTER!” came a loud, booming voice from the stairs. Mr. Potter.


“Harry,” I heard, Mrs Potter say from behind him, “It isn’t his fault!” They were both walking down the stairs together.


“GET UP-” Mr. Potter said, causing both me and James to jump up.


“Daddy?” came a soft voice from the doorway.


“I believe that’s the second time she’s saved your ass,” I muttered under my breath to James.


“Oh my baby!” Mrs. Potter said, running down the rest of the stairs. She grabbed Hayley and her held her so tightly, it looked like she was trying to squeeze juice out of her.


“Bea,” Mr. Potter said sternly, “Let her go, it’s my turn.” I grinned, his tone reminded me of = James when he told Remus to stop me from calling him fat.

Mrs. Potter slowly let go of Hayley, tears pouring from her eyes. Mr. Potter hugged Hayley, lasting a  bit longer.


“C’mon you should be lying down,” James said, grabbing Hayley out of Mr. Potter’s arms. I could tell he was jealous, “Thanks - just saved my life again,” I heard him mutter to Hayley, as he helped her onto the bed.


“We got here as fast as we could,” Mr. Potter explained, “We were in Australia you know?”


“No, we didn’t know that Dad,” James grimaced, “But it’s always nice when you tell us you’re leaving the country after you’ve come back.”


“James,” Mr. Potter said, peering at him over his glasses, “Cheeky little bugger aren’t you?”


James grinned, “Thank you,” he said batting his eyelashes. I rolled my eyes at James and his girlish behaviour.


A few seconds later Poppy came out with breakfast, much to Hayley displeasure.


“I’m not eating steak again,” Hayley whined, as soon as Poppy was out of earshot.


“Hayley,” Mr. Potter said softly, “Eat your breakfast or you can spend the rest of your hospital stay at Mungos.”


His threat was worse than James’. Now I knew where James learned it all.


“We have to get going,” Mr. Potter said standing up.


“But you just got here,” James said. Always stating the obvious.


“I know, but we’ve got to have a talk with Dumbledore and then get back to work,” Mrs. Potter smiled. She gave us all a kiss and they both headed off.


“I better get Remus from the shack,” James said. He too got up and left.


“I should go too,” I said standing up.


“Do you have to?” Hayley frowned.


“No,” I lied, and sat back down next to her. I had a detention with McGonagall but she could wait.


“Thank you,” Hayley smiled, kissing me on the cheek, “I love you.”


“Yeah,” I smiled, “I love you too.”


“Do you think Pomfrey would let you take me to Hogsmeade?” Hayley asked.


“I’m not taking you anywhere,” I grinned.


“And why not?” Hayley pouted.


I laughed, “You’re adorable, but one; you’re not well enough, two; James would kill me.” 


She rolled her eyes at me, “Oh that reminds me, where’s the wand I had?”


I tried to remember where I had put it after, “I think it’s in the dorm – wait a minute, how do you remember you had a wand – you said you blanked out...and where did you even get the wand from...” I had so many questions whizzing around in my head suddenly. I didn’t even know where to begin!


“No no, I just remembered having a wand,” Hayley said quickly.


“You didn’t mention anything about it to Davidson-”


“-Jackson-” Hayley corrected.


“– You know, don’t you?” I asked, hoping she really didn’t.




“OH MY MERLIN!” I yelled, “You know who the other death eaters were! You remember everything – you promised you wouldn’t lie to me anymore...” 


“I didn’t promise-”


“I love you,” I told her again, “And it’s time you told me everything, I can’t keep going through all these secrets and then one day find you dead!”


“Oh Sirius, don’t-”


“I’m being serio- I’m being realistic,” I said, trying to avoid the obvious pun, “I want to know what’s going on!”

Hayley sighed, “I don’t want you to get involved in this-”


“I swear to Merlin, Hayley,” I growled, my face inches away from hers, “You don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m going to walk out that door and pound every single Slytherin until I know everything.”


“I’m just trying to keep you alive.” Hayley said, still calm.


“I’m trying to keep YOU alive!” I said, throwing my arms up in the air, “Give me a hand, won’t you?!”      


“I don’t-”


“I don’t want you to protect me!” I said finally, she looked a bit shocked if not taken back by my words, “I want to protect you, I know that you can do it yourself – nicely proven by all this – but I want to! It’s my job.”


“It’s not your job-”


I sighed, “Well I want it to be...” and then added with a grin, “Will you hire me to be your knight in shining armour?” I added, puffing out my chest. Hayley laughed.


“More like idiot in tin foil,” Hayley smiled.


I frowned, “I’ll take that as a yes, now tell me everything.”


Hayley sighed, “All you need to know is that Regulus saved my life out there,” she paused giving me a small smile, when I didn’t respond she continued, “It wouldn’t hurt you to be nice to him.”


“But that’s not what I asked you,” I said shaking my head, “I asked you to tell me everything that happened-”


“Mr. Black!” I snapped my head around to see who called me, “You were supposed to go to detention half an hour ago,” Madam Pomfrey continued, “If you don’t go right now, I’ll cancel your visitation rights.”  


“You better go,” Hayley said trying to hide her smile.


“I know your happy about this,” I scowled, “But you’re going to have to tell me soon.” I gave her a light kiss on lips before exiting the room.


“You leaving?” Jackson asked, just as I closed the door behind me, “You mind if I ask her a few more questions?”


“Er- make it quick,” I said, he gave me a dodgy smile before entering the room. I watched him close the door before I began climbing up the stairs.


“-be quiet! You have to be prepared!” came a hushed whisper.


 “There are about a dozen aurors here, we’ll be killed!” came another whisper. I swirled around trying to find where the voices where coming from.


“Rosier’s about to come out with her at any moment now – it’s too late to worry about getting killed.”


“There are guards in there; they’ll know straight away that that’s not the real auror!”


“We’ll just have to hope that Rosier’s impostering skills are as good has his blackmailing skills.”

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