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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter and the plot is based on the novel Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.


Hermione continued to stay busy, with ringing up customers and doing paper work also while chatting up some of her regulars who have come in to look around and enjoy a butter beer before going home for the day. She glanced at her antique clock hanging on the wall, only an hour to go then she can close up and get some real work done.

She was talking to one of her favorite customers Lisa who pretty much came to the store everyday whether it was to study for school or just come into read and get away. She thought about asking if Lisa wanted to work for her, part-time of course since Lisa was a University student trying to get her degree in children’s education. But she wasn’t sure she would up to it and also she was a muggle so it would be hard to explain about people coming in asking for certain books or how to get to the ‘back room’. She decided she would think about it some more before she asked.

Hermione was explaining to Lisa abut why she closed the shop for the past couple of days. Of course she didn’t mention a thing about Malfoy, just that she needed a small holiday to sort some things out. The bell rang at the front door indicating she had another customer who walked in.

“Whoa, who is he?” Lisa asked all her focus on the person who just walked in.

            Hermione turned her head to see who she was talking about but then stopped cold. Of course it had to be Malfoy. Damn him for making jeans and a t-shirt look so good. Memories of last night flooded her brain and she could feel the blush creeping up her neck. She bent her head and tried to make it look like she was busy sorting out paperwork and that she didn’t have time to greet him. But of course he ignored her attempt at avoiding him and walked up to the desk and stood next to Lisa.

“What are you doing here?” she blurted out a little too forcibly.

He shrugged then smiled at her. “I got bored so I decided to come by and see what you were doing.” He said as he leaned his elbows on the desk making his head drop so he was eye level with her.

“I’m working.” She said focusing all her attention on restacking a pile of papers that she already properly stacked minutes ago.

“Ah but you get off soon right?” he asked.

“The shop closes soon but I still have lots of work to do here.” she said still trying to avoid him.

            Just then Lisa elbowed her in the rib reminding her that she was still there. And the way she was eyeing Malfoy indicated she was clearly interested in him. And for some reason that made her a little uneasy. But why should she care right?

“Um sorry…Lisa this is Draco, Draco this is Lisa.” She introduced them.

“Hi nice to meet you.” Lisa held out her hand for Draco to shake.

Draco turned her hand over and pressed a kiss on the top of her hand, “the pleasure is all mine Lisa.” He said.

            Hermione gaped at them, watching as Lisa blushed at his chivalrous greeting and she batted her eyelashes flirtatiously at him. And Malfoy pouring on the charm. Sickness pooled in the bottom of her stomach as she slowly realized she was jealous of the two. And that Draco should be the one flirting with her not Lisa.

“So do you come here often?” Draco asked not letting go of Lisa’s hand.

            Hermione tried not to roll her eyes, thinking pureblood or muggle; men were always the same with their cheesy pick up lines. But Lisa bought it regardless because she giggled even more causing Hermione to see more green as she tried to tame the green giant of jealously inside her at the moment.

“Yeah I practically live here, I come just about everyday. Although I can’t say that I’ve ever seen you here before.” She leaned over causing the top of her shirt to gap open revealing her cleavage.

            Hermione slammed the cash register at little to loudly trying to focus their attention off one another. Lisa jumped a little but Draco didn’t so much as glance at her.

“Oops sorry it got stuck.” She said when Lisa gave her a knowing look.

            She honestly didn’t care what the two of them did just as long as they didn’t do it in front of her. At least that’s what she was trying to tell herself.

            They continued talking for a bit longer and Hermione occasionally noticed when Lisa would reach out and casually touch his arm or toss her hair back to get more of his attention. She was one of those women that every girl dreamed of being; tall, body like a supermodel, curvy in all the right places, long perfect straight hair, flawless skin and to top it all off she was smart, not some brainless beauty. Hermione did her best to block them out. But if she touched him one more time she was seriously taking back her idea’s for asking her for a job here.

Just then Draco turned to her, “I’m going to go look in the back, do you need anything taken back there?” he asked eyeing the rapidly growing stack of boxes she had piled behind the desk.

“Um yeah if you could take a box back, that would be great.”

            And just like that if was as if the weight in her chest lifted for once again his attention was back on her and not Lisa. He walked behind the desk and lifted one of the boxes as if it weighs nothing, then turned to Lisa and winked. And just as quickly as it disappeared the weight was back. He winked at her, how cheesy was that? Who even does that anymore? And what they hell was wrong with her for even caring about whether or not he was interested in Lisa. She snapped out of it once she realized she was staring at Draco’s retreating form as he disappeared through the aisles of bookshelves.

“Oh my god, he is gorgeous.” Lisa said pretending to fan herself with her hand.

Hermione just shrugged not actually answering her.

“So how do you know him?” Lisa asked.

“Uh we went to school together.”

“So you two aren’t together?”

Hermione’s head snapped up, Draco just spent the past 10 minutes flirting with her and she thought they were together? “Uh no we’re…just friends,” that is if you call two people who grew up hating each other and then years later reunite and one gets turned into a cat by the other and then they randomly start snogging each other as if their lives depended on it then turn around and pretend it never happened, friends? Then yeah I guess you could call them friends.

“Oh good, so…is he seeing anyone?” Lisa asked.

“Uh not that I know of.”

“Oh good. Could you do me a favor and give this to him and tell him to give me a ring. I have to run I have a study group meeting in 20 minutes.”

“Um sure no problem.” She took the piece of paper from Lisa and watched as she walked out the shop.

            What the hell was she doing saying she would give Draco her phone number for her when not 2 minutes ago she was enraged that she was even looking at him in the first place. She stood there for a minute still holding the piece of paper in her hands trying to debate on whether or not to give it to him or throw it away when he walked up to the counter.

“What’s that?” he asked pointing to the paper.

“Uh it’s for you,” she said as she handed it to him.

“Ah you shouldn’t have.” He teased.

“It’s not from me, it’s from Lisa.” She forced the last part out through her teeth.

“Ooh is someone jealous?”

Jealous? Oh course she was jealous, “No,” she replied putting up her best poker face.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I gave her a call?”

“Why would I mind? Just remember you’ll turn into a cat in less then 8 hours.”

“9 actually I changed back around 7:00pm and I’m not going to call her tonight, I have other plans for tonight instead.”

That got her attention. “What plans?” she asked.

“As soon as you get done working here you’re taking me to that soup kitchen place you were talking about last night.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to take you there?”

“Because your nice and agreed to help me since it is your fault I’m got turned into a cat in the first place.” He gave her his best puppy dog pout. “You don’t want me to stay a cat forever do you?”

She snorted trying not to smile at how ridiculously cute he looked while doing that and rolled her eyes instead. “Okay fine, but I really do have to get some work done here first.”

“Okay, what do you need help with?”

She looked at him for a bit, he really wanted to help her? “Um you can take the rest of the boxes to the back while I finish closing up here.”

“Alright,” he said as he stepped back behind the desk brushing Hermione’s arm as he passed by on his way to the back.

            Hermione tried not to read into anything when an electric current shot up her arm the second he touched her leaving goose-bumps along her arm. She shook her head as if to shake off the feeling and went back to sorting out her paperwork when she spotted the Daily Prophet peaking out from the piles of papers. She forgot all about that when Draco walked in. She was going to ask him about it, but now that he was here she was having second thoughts about it. What if she asked and he didn’t know anything about it that would be embarrassing. But then again if he did have something to do with it then it would be rude not to thank him. She watched as he came back to grab another box. He must have seen the paper in her hands.

“Is that today’s Prophet?” he asked pointing to the paper.

“Yeah, um did you have anything to do with this?” she asked showing him the paper.

“Have anything to do with what?” he asked playing dumb.

“This,” she said pointing to the ad.

He shrugged, “maybe.”

“When did you submit it?”

“Last night, why is there something wrong with it? I thought it looked pretty good myself.”

“No there’s nothing wrong with it. I just…you didn’t have to do this. I pay you back for the cost.”

He bent down to grab another box. “Don’t worry about it, consider it one of my good deeds.” He said as he walked towards the back.

            She watched as he disappeared to the back then glanced back down at the paper and smiled. Wow who knew that Draco Malfoy would do something this kind and generous for her?

            Draco walked towards the back with another box full of books that Hermione must have ordered for the shop. He couldn’t help but smile, she didn’t seem mad at him for putting the ad in the paper just more shocked then anything. He was pleased that he could surprise her. She is to straight forward and thinks she knows everything there is to know about him. Well he was glad he could throw her off a little bit.

            He knew if he was supposed to make Hermione fall in love with him then he shouldn’t have flirted with that one girl, what was her name? Tina? Lesley? He couldn’t even remember now. He just wanted to see how she would react to it. He chuckled to himself, yeah she hated every second of it, and he could feel her eyes glaring into him every time he ignored her to focus his attention on Lydia? He pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket after he set the box down in the store room. Lisa that was it. Yeah it shouldn’t matter whether or not he remembered her name because he had no intention of contacting her. Sure it wasn’t a nice thing to do but he just wanted to see if it would irate Hermione.

            And even though she denied it, which meant whatever the hell she said last night, she does have feelings for him even if there little, there still there. Now he just needs to remember to take things slow with her tonight. He has to try to control himself to win her over.

            He went back to grab the last of the boxes from the front, to find Hermione hunched over in a pile of paperwork calculating the day’s purchases. She looked up at him as he approached her desk and gave him a small smile. He noticed she pinned up the Prophet behind her desk for everyone to see. She must be pleased with it then if she wants everyone to see it.

“I just need 10 more minutes then we can go.”

“Okay but what about the boxes? Don’t you need to unpack them and sort through them?”

“Yeah, but I’ll get to them tomorrow. I just wanted to get them to the back first so they weren’t in the front where everybody could see them. And they were too heavy to lift by myself without magic so they have been piling up here until now, thanks to you.”

“No problem glad I could be of help and it’s quite refreshing to know that I’m more talented at something then you are.”

“Oh haha, yeah I’m so devastated that I don’t have manly man muscles to lift heavy objects with.” She teased.

“Ah so you think my muscles are manly huh?”

“Ha yah you wish.” She said looking away.

            And if he wasn’t mistaken she was blushing. He chuckled as he lifted the last box and made his way back to the back.

            Draco waited while Hermione locked up her shop. Sometime during the day she must have put her hair up. She had it twisted up in a way that caused some pieces to fall lose and it looked to be only secured up by a pencil that she stuck back there. He clutched his hand in a fist; his fingers just itching to yank the pencil lose and watch her hair fall lose around her shoulders.

“Okay are you ready?” she turned to him and asked.

“Yeah, lead the way.”

“Well we’ll have to take a cab or the bus to get there since it’s on the other side of town. But first I need to stop by the apartment to feed Crookshanks.”

“Oh don’t worry I already took care of him.”

She stopped and looked at him, “You did?”

“Uh huh.”

“You fed him cat food right?”

“Of course I did.”

She eyed him suspiciously, “Fine but I still need to go so I can change.”

He looked at her starting at her sandaled covered feet and up slowly roaming over her bare legs then up her sundress to her exposed neck and shoulders. She crossed her arms over her chest and arched an eyebrow at him.

“You look fine to me.” He smiled at her.

            Merlin’s beard all he had to do was look at her and she would likely surrender to anything he wanted. She tightened her arms around herself trying to cover up the evidence of how he was affecting her with just one of those looks of his.

“I can’t wear this to the soup kitchen.”

“Why not, we’re not going to be doing any manual labor or anything are we?” he asked.

“Well no, but I rather wear something a little but more comfortable and easy to move around in.”

“Hum…” he looked her up and down again. “Okay come with me.” He grabbed he hand releasing her hold from around herself and dragged her into a nearby alley.

“Draco what are you doing…?” she said then stopped cold when he whipped out his wand and pointed it at her.

            She backed up with her hands raised, panic creeping up her chest. Oh no this was it, she thought, this was him seeking revenge on her for what she did to him. She backed up until her back hit the brick wall trapping her. Draco walked towards her, wand pointed at her chest.

She tried to find her voice. “Dr…Malfoy…what are…what are you doing?”

“Just hold still.” He said then flicked his wand at her.

            She tried to be strong, hold her ground, but she flinched despite herself and cringed away shutting her eyes tight and waiting for the pain to come or whatever he was going to do to her. She waited and nothing happened.

“Hermione?” he said as he reached out and touched her shoulder lightly.

            She jumped and gasped as his fingers lightly grazed her bare shoulder her eyes snapping open and she looked around and then down at herself. She let out a breath of relief.

“Are you alright?” He asked looking a little worried. “I didn’t hurt you or anything did I?”

She let out an embarrassed chuckle, “No, I thought you were going to…I didn’t know what you were going to do.”

He stepped closer to her. “I would never hurt you Hermione.” He said softly looking truly concerned.

She stayed glued to the brick wall. “I…I know…wait…you can do magic?’ she said changing the subject.

He shrugged, “Yep apparently you’re the only one who lost the ability.”

“Well that’s not fair.” She muttered relaxing a bit.

“Well on the contrary I got turned into a cat, so I say it’s only fair that I got to keep something that’s still me. And if it makes you feel better I don’t think I can perform magic when I’m in cat form.” He said.

“Okay fine, you win.” She said then looked down at herself again. “You know I was hoping to change into jeans and a t-shirt…not this.” She pointed to her clothing that was no longer a sundress but a ivory layered empire waist tank top and navy short shorts with the same sandals she was wearing before.

He looked at her once again, “I think you look great and you can move around in that more comfortably rather than a dress right?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Okay great then let’s go we’re wasting time.” He grabbed her hand and tugged her out into the busy sidewalk.

            It was unseasonably warm out for September and there were lots of people milling about at 8:30 at night. They walked to the bus stop to wait for the next bus to arrive. Draco never rode the bus before and he was curious about what it would be like. Hermione tried to tell him it wasn’t that exciting but he didn’t want to hear it. The bus arrived and to their dismay it was jammed packed full of people. Apparently there was some concert downtown that everyone was trying to get to. And so it was standing room only in the tight quarters of the bus.

They were shoved in the middle of the bus with no space to move without touching someone else. And a foul odor radiated throughout the bus, it was a mix between body odor and cigarettes. Hermione and Draco had to share a hand bar that hung from the ceiling keeping them in very close contact with one another. Through Hermione did her best to keep her hand away from his and stay very still and made sure that no part of her touched Draco’s body or anyone else’s for that matter.

She made a quick glance at Draco and his face looked so comical. If she wasn’t so uncomfortable herself she would have laughed. He looked like he wanted to jump out of his skin and he was standing just about as rigid as she was. He probably has never been surrounded in a place that was tightly packed with muggles before.

“It probably would have been easier to apparaite there.” She whispered to him.

“Yeah you’re probably right.”

            Just then the bus made a abrupt stop jerking Hermione forward. She lost her footing and her hold on the hand bar above her. Draco snagged an arm around her waist pulling her up against his chest. It happened so fast she didn’t quite know what happened until she could feel his breath ruffling her hair and his lips lighting brushing against her forehead. She could feel his rapid heart beat beneath her palm.

“Careful.” He whispered against her forehead.

“Yeah thanks,” she said trying to push away and not look at him, but he wouldn’t let go.

            And unfortunately this was the stop for all the concert goers so everyone was trying to get off at the same time which meant a lot of pushing and shoving going on. Draco tighten his hold around her pulling her even closer to him just to get them both out of the way from the madness going on around them. Luckily Hermione was pressed up against him so close that she had to turn her head to the side to fit comfortably under his chin instead of being face to face with him. As soon as all the passengers were off, the bus jerked to a start causing Hermione to jerk back and this time she wasn’t holding on to anything so she grabbed the closest thing which was Malfoy. One arm flung around the back of his neck and the other around his waist.

“Sorry” she muttered as she quickly pulled away once she got her footing again.

            He just smirked at her and pointed to some empty seats behind them. She quickly stepped out of his embrace and scooted into the empty seats. Of course he took the seat next to her so there was no way to avoid him. But if she was being honest with herself she really didn’t mind being plastered up against him. He currently smelled better then the other people on the bus did. And she always loved the sound and feel of someone else’s heartbeat, there was always something so comforting about that sound. Of course this comfort was making her very uncomfortable but in a good way. She crossed her legs when his knee came into contact with hers and tried to angle herself so she was facing away from him and towards the window.

            She glanced down at her legs. Of course of all the things he could have put on her he choose shorts that exposed almost her entire leg leaving very little to the imagination. Thank Merlin she shaved her legs this morning. It was so frustrating having to do everything the normal way without magic. She snuck a quick glance at Draco; she followed his gaze which was also centered on her bare legs. She shifted in her seat turning further away from him mainly to hide her reddening face. He never paid the slightest bit of attention to her before and now he couldn’t seem to stop looking at her and he seemed to actually enjoy touching her. He just wants to get laid she kept telling herself. He doesn’t want a relationship, not with her anyway.

            They remained in silence for the rest of the bus ride until their stop come up. They got off and walked down the street to where the soup kitchen was. It wasn’t really in the best part of the town but the building looked nice and well constructed. Before they got to the doors Hermione stopped Draco.

“Okay now I’m sure you know this but you have to be nice to these people in there. You have to be on your best behavior. You can’t criticize or judge them. Most of the people in here don’t have the luxury of owning homes. Some are jobless, and some just can’t afford to feed their families. For the most part their all nice and very grateful for what the soup kitchen provides them.”

“I get it Hermione you don’t have to scold me like a school boy.”

“I’m sorry I’m just trying to prepare you. This probably won’t be like anything like you’re used to doing.”

“I know I promise to be on my best behavior.” He said and held out his arm silently asking her to lead the way.

            Once they got to the door he held it open for her to enter while laying a hand on her lower back ushering her inside. They entered into a very sterile lobby. It reminded Hermione of the Hospital, white floors, white walls, and the smell of bleach in the air. A little old lady who sat behind a bullet proof glass window greeted them.

“Good evenin’ can I help ye two?” she asked with a slight Scottish accent.

Hermione walked up to the window. “Yes hello my name is Hermione and this is Draco. We’ve come here to do some volunteer work tonight.”

“Oh bless ye two, tis a mighty kind thing ye’re doin’, not everyone can be as kind and generous. Well ye’re just in luck tonight happens to be one of the busiest nights of the week…bingo night.” She said with a wink. “The cooks and some of the other volunteers are just now startin’ to prepare the food for the second eatin’ session of the night. Ye’re welcome to help them out. Tell me are ye good at cookin’?” she asked.

“As long as there’s a recipe to follow we can pretty much hold our own.” Hermione provided.

“Great well fill out these forms and you’ll be on ye’re way.”

“Great,” Hermione said as she accepted the beat up clipboard from the old woman.

“What is this form for?” Draco asked.

“It’s standard procedure. It just asks who we are, why we’ve come here, how long we want to work, that sort of thing.” She said as she continued to fill out the paperwork. “How long do you want to work here?” she asked him.

“Um how long is this place open?”

“It’s open all night, 24 hours.”

“I don’t know, we’ll work until we get tired?”

 “Okay I just mark down 3 plus hours, that way it will get you some extra points but also give some room incase you want to stay longer.”

“Sounds good.”

            Just then an elderly man dressed in many layers of clothing walked in. It seemed silly that he should be dressed in so many layers when it was so warm outside, but they could be the only clothes he owned and he had to be prepared for when winter came around. He walked up to the window and signed his name on the sign in sheet. He turned to them and tipped his hat.

“Evenin’” he said.

“Good evening.” “Evening.” Hermione and Draco replied.

            Then he turned and went through the doors leading to the canteen. Hermione turned back to Draco and smiled slightly then finished filling out the paperwork. The old woman, Ruthie was her name, returned and told them to go on back and a guy named Peter would be there to tell them what needs to be done. Hermione led the way to the back towards the kitchen with Draco following.

“Have you done this before?” he asked her.

“Yeah my family comes down here every Boxing Day to help out. Of course I’ve never had to cook anything before; they always would put me out front to serve the food.”

“Hum, well I guess I should tell you that I don’t have much experience in cooking. They only thing I can make are pancakes, bacon and maybe scrambled eggs.”

“Maybe?” she asked smiling at him.

“Yeah well it usually takes me a couple tries before I can make them at least edible.”

She laughed and he smiled enjoying the sound of her laughter.

“Well I doubt they’ll make us cook anything that too difficult, just act like its potions class; follow the recipe, add the correct ingredients…easy.”

“If you say so.”

            They met up with Peter the head cook. He put Hermione in charge of making a huge vat of bread pudding. And put Draco to work on cutting up vegetables that were going to go into a chicken noodle soup. Hermione never liked bread pudding, she could never get pasted the texture of mushy bread. But it was fairly easy to make and it was easy to make loads of it to feed lots of people. She started measuring out all her dry ingredients first then looked over at Draco to see how he was doing. Even though they were assigned different tasks they were still stationed next to each other. He was hutched over paying as close attention as he could in cutting up carrots so they all looked the same.

“They don’t have to be perfect you know. You don’t have to worry about getting bad marks from Professor Snape because your carrots aren’t cut to the exact measurements.” She said teasing him.

He stuck out his tongue at her and went back to cutting. She laughed and turned back to her pudding concoction.

Just hearing her talk about Snape brought back a lot of memories. Oh how he missed that man. He was more of a father figure then Lucius ever was to him. It was him and his mother who convinced him not to go through with becoming a full fledged deatheater like his father. Snape would always take him in when his father would beat him when he would do something that wasn’t to his liking. And it was because of Snape that he didn’t have any deaths on his hands. He found out later that night that Snape was a double agent of sorts; he appeared to be a follower of Voldmort but was really an ally to Dumbledore. Dumbledore of course knew of his mission and knew Snape vowed to protect him and take his place if he couldn’t complete the mission. Dumbledore knew exactly what was going to happen and yet didn’t do a thing to stop it. He knew that Snape was going to end him, one of his most trusted friends and yet he allowed it just to save Draco from the burden. He shook off the feeling and put that memory in the back of his mind. And focused back on cutting up the carrots. Hermione was right he needed to loosen up; nobody was going to care how well the carrots were cut, just as long as they tasted good.

After about one hour of cutting up various types of vegetables he looked over at Hermione who was getting ready to dish out her bread pudding into paper dishes. He watched as she dipped a finger into the mix and brought it to her lips to taste. He watched her mesmerized.

“How does it taste?” he asked licking his own lips.

She looked at him, “I don’t know it’s missing something I think.” She dipped a clean finger back into the batter, “it tastes rather plain. I thi…”

She stopped when Draco snagged her finger between his lips tasting it for himself. She stood there dumbfounded her eyes locked on his lips that were still around her finger, her own lips parted and her breathing picked up. Then before she knew it he released her finger but she was still too stunned to pull it away herself. He had to reach up with his hand to pull her hand down.

“Um…” was all she managed to say.”

“Did you add cinnamon?” he asked causally as if nothing happened.

“No.” she said turning away from him so he wouldn’t see her heated face.

“Maybe you should try that.” He said as he picked up his tray of cut vegetables to give to the head cook to add to the soup.

            He came back to the station with a crate of potatoes that needed to be peeled. Hermione was still dishing out the pudding.

She glanced over, “What are you suppose to do with those?” she asked him eyeing the box of potatoes.

“Peel them then cut them up and when your done with that your suppose to help me.”

“Oh goodie,” she said sarcastically. She finished one tray and started filling up another, “After this I don’t think I want to see, smell or make bread pudding ever again.” She said as she continued to scoop out globs of pudding into paper dishes.

“Yeah I feel the same way about carrots.” He smiled at her.

            About 2 hours and about 358 peeled potatoes later Draco and Hermione finally got moved from kitchen duty to food serving duty. Their jobs were to make sure all the food that was laid out was properly stocked, and made sure there were fresh fruit and fresh coffee and juice laid out for the people. For 11:30 at night it was still fairly packed, people were constantly coming in and out.

Hermione tried to appear cheery but she couldn’t stop yawning. If she had known she was going to be spending all night doing this plus a full day of work she would have tried to get more then 2 hours of sleep the night before.

The second dining shift ended around 2:00am then they decided to stick around and help clean up a bit and swipe down tables. Draco watched Hermione amusingly. He wondered if she noticed that she’s been cleaning the same spot on the table for the past 5 minutes. She looked exhausted, which was probably his fault since he made her come here to work here for not 3 but almost 6 hours after she’s been working at her shop all day. When she looked like she was about to keel over he finally went over to her and told it was time to go. They left after signing out and saying goodbye to everyone.

They managed to get a cab that was near by instead of waiting for the bus. Hermione scooted in first then sleepily told the driver the address. Draco watched as Hermione laid her head back against the seat and closed her eyes.

No this wasn’t his ideal way to spend an evening but he had to admit he felt pretty good about himself for what they did tonight. But he was really sick of smelling chicken noodle soup all night. Unfortunately he and Hermione had to eat some too because they both skipped dinner.

As the taxi pulled up to Hermione’s apartment building he pulled out his wallet to pay the driver trying not to stir Hermione who was now leaning against his shoulder fast asleep. He pulled out his wand and made sure the driver wasn’t looking and said a quite incantation so he could easily move Hermione out of the cab gracefully without waking her. He carried her to the front door and quietly opened the door without stirring her much. She managed to curl herself closer to him one of her hands somehow made its way under the collar of his shirt and her face burrowed closer in the crook between his neck and shoulder. A small sigh escaped her lips and he couldn’t help but smile. He climbed the stairs until he reached her apartment. He would have to dig out her keys from the depths of her purse but he already has his wand out.

Alohomora.” He whispered as the lock clicked open.

            He pushed his way through the door then shut it quietly behind him. He ignored Crookshanks who greeted him at the door and walked straight back to her bedroom. He laid her down on her bed. She was out like a light. He finally got to remove the pencil that has been keeping her hair up all night to let her hair fall loose against her pillow. He moved lower to remove her sandals from her feet. And although it took some effort he managed to get her under the covers and tucked into bed.

Crookshanks hopped up onto her bed and curled himself at her feet. “Hey buddy you’ll watch over her tonight right?” he whispered to the cat as he scratched him behind his ears.

            Hermione stirred a little but just to snuggle deeper into the covers. He reached up to move a lock of hair off her forehead and tucked it behind her ear. Then trailed the back of his finger down her cheek. Her skin was so smooth and soft it was addicting, he just wanted to touch her everywhere. Instead he leaned forward and pressed a small kiss against her temple and regretfully left her bedroom to retreat to the sofa where he would be sleeping for the night and waited for the change to take over.

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