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7. Draco

It had been an unsuccessful few days of research I the library. He had put off reading the end of Hogwarts: A History  in order to figure out what the statue was, well he still had about seven chapters to go but , that was beside the point...

It had even come down to the point where Draco had even looked for evidence of it in the book, but all he found was this: Some of the states and paintings are there for concealment. They have spells and charms, such as Confundus, on them to divert passers by or to convince them they need to go brush their teeth etc.

Draco had resorted to looking for diversion spells that would make someone want to search for a specific thing, like how he had needed to look for Mermaids Of The Mediterranean for more than two hours.

He spent all his free time in the library and when he wasn’t in the library he was in his dorm trying to resist the temptation of taking the potion until he could no longer bare it. Though he had to endure the physical pain that much longer he had to remain self-disciplined. He had about two weeks before everyone showed up again and he wasn’t about to waste all the potion in a just a few days.

He only showed up to  meals if he couldn’t avoid it or if he couldn’t make it to the kitchens. Whenever Draco ran into Granger he sneered and tried desperately not to remember the drug induced sucking of her face. He was still repulsed by it. Sometimes at meal times he would look over and see her sitting rigidly and wonder idly if it was  because of him or because a conversation about candle making with Dumbledore was as annoying to her as it was to him. Sometimes she would see him glance at her ad she would blush and frown then turn a great deal of focus onto h er carrots.

The incident was nothing more to Draco than what it was. A mistake and a bit of bad potion.

At the moment he was testing the statue. With a palm full of pebbles from Zabini’s Zen Rock Garden, Blaze has to be gay. Has to be, he has a bloody rock garden for Salazar’s sake.  and was taking aim.

Draco lobbed the first rock at the book stack next to the statue. It sailed past the statue and made a left into the books. Could rocks be confounded?

He aimed the second one directly over the statue. It took a nose dive when it was about the bust like it was attracted to it and met the state with the sound of stone hitting stone.

The third one was on its course to the statue of the bearded duck, at least that’s what it looked like to Draco, and it made contact with its…bill?…maybe?

When the last rock was thrown it slipped off of his finger and was sent crookedly back towards the statue. Thankfully it diverted into the wall. But when it connected with the wall it had made a hollow sound. The back wall of the library was stone so he had no idea as to why the wall would suddenly think it was wooden. It appeared to be stone as well. Draco sank against one of the book shelves confused.

It was nearing eleven at night and he had to get back to his common room. It had been a long day and he was tired. If he stayed there much longer he would fall asleep against a shelve of self help spell books and be eaten by Filch most likely.  He headed towards the front of the library quickly and quietly so as not to alert the lurking vermin or his cat. Near the doors he head hushed voices.

“- you’re knickers in a twist Alice.”

“What if they catch us? Its not like we can say ‘oh we’re out for a mid morning stroll’ in a freaking BLIZZARD!”  A familiar voice said. Her name was not Alice. Draco didn’t understand. The girls were getting closer to the doors so Draco hid within the shadow of a bust of William Shakespeare and listened. The foot steps stopped right before the doors and Draco peered out at the girls. The taller one, who was not Granger, turned around gracefully to glare at her associate. 

“If someone would shut up about it we might have a chance!”

“Might?” Granger hiccoughed. So she’s pissed! I never would have thought good ol’ Granger would be drunk. The girls kept walking and their conversation was indecipherable until it halted altogether as they made their way towards the Great Hall. Draco, without much thought started out of the library and followed them.

Why was that girl…Marks...yeah…why was she calling Gaudy Granger, Alice? Makes no sense. When the girls turned a corner Draco stopped, he needed an alibi.  He though on it for a few minutes coming up short. He realized something: He was Draco Malfoy, he owed no explanation to anyone! He smiled slightly then continued down the hall and took the corner.

He could see Granger, standing alone by a wall waiting for the other girl to come back. He could also see her worried expression and he fragile frame shaking with obvious fear of being alone. Not that he cared.

When Draco stepped into a shaft of moonlight he could see her face relax a bit. What was this? He should be instilling more fear than causing relief! How could such an insignificant creature not be afraid of his regal superiority? Absurd!

“Granger, wondering the castle all alone at night. Never thought you had it in you.“ He sneered still trying to make this drunken girl fear him. He watched her exhale soothing herself and focusing her brown eyes on him.

“Malfoy you’d be surprised if I told you-” Draco, dominating the situation, held up his hand effectively silencing her.

“Save it for someone who gives a rat’s arse.” He stepped closer to her, she smelled like she swam in Fire Whiskey. He saw her eyes flash with anger she didn‘t want to give away. Draco wondered if she even knew she was angry. “Why are you alone, and are you pissed? You smell like a brewery.”

“I’m not.” She replied indignantly. What a pain. Its like trying to get information from a turtle. Considering turtles don’t speak. Much.

“Then what’s this emptiness all around you called? Your best friend?” He smirked at his wit. Draco knew he was agitating her, he liked to do it. Draco loved the control. But he did have a strange sort of…fear. Was Granger alone in this dark hallway? Did her friend leave this poor fragile looking drunk but otherwise rational Gryffindor to fend for herself?

Then Draco remembered he shouldn’t, didn’t, care. He would have proceeded with more smart remarks if it hadn’t been for Marks’ sudden arrival.

“Malfoy. What are you doing here?” Her tone lead him to believe she was an angry drunk, if she hadn‘t have shown up he could have and more fun but as three was a crowd Draco decided to leave

“I was just leaving Marks, no need to get snippy.” Then he left before Marks’ could manage a response or, more likely, a crack across his face. He walked towards the dungeons but before he was out of ear shot he heard Marks’ say something odd.

“All clear Alice. Ready to go down the rabbit hole?”

Draco didn’t understand the reference but assumed it wasn’t anything creepily sexual. Or at least he hoped it was not. Not that he wouldn’t have paid to see that, or join in for that matter…

Draco had always been curious as to why his common room filtered green light through its windows. Or at least he was until he saw the eye of the giant squid peering through his dormitory window in second year.

It had been two days since his run-in/ stalking episode with Granger and Marks. He would be the first to admit he was curious as to what they were doing out in a snow storm, well he wouldn‘t admit it so much as ask in a scathing and sarcastic tone.

Draco was lying down on his bed trying to ignore the pain in his chest. The pain that etched into his ribs and caused him constant discomfort and sometimes vomit inducing pain. He absently messaged his chest while he stared at the vial closest to him. He wanted to take it, to alleviate the pain he felt. His fingers itched to grasp the tube and drain its contents. The thing he knew would make him feel better, but the thing that made things difficult for him.

Against his better judgment Draco leaned over a bit and grasped the cold vial that contained the blue liquid. He carefully uncorked it and brought it to his lips. The deceptively cool potion spread heat through his body. Draco felt his heart rate slow and his chest pains ebb away.

“I will not leave this bed until the potion wears off.”  Draco promised aloud for better effect. He thought this to be a very good idea, logical and whatnot.  But as the minutes dragged on and the soporific effect started to wear off he found it increasingly difficult to stay in his bed.

Draco felt itchy. Not actually itchy, but as if he didn’t move he would scratch himself until his skin turned raw and bled. He decided to get up, already breaking his promise to himself, to pace. His fist were tight to his sides as he felt his pulse start to escalate.

Think of something to distract yourself, Draco. He pounded his head to try to knock some thought into his skull. Then it came in a rush.

Yesterday at dinner. He had graced the table with his presence for the first time in three days. He sat in an isolated seat one away from everyone else at the end, his back ached and he hadn‘t wanted to take the time to get to the kitchens. He piled food onto his plate and ignored McGonagall and Dumby’s conversation on something called physics…

Draco heard soft, unrushed, footfalls from behind him. Suddenly the situation mirrored one from about five days ago. Hermione sat down next to him a smile plastered on her face.

This time Draco watched her from the corners of his eyes. She chatted amiably with the headmaster and the other students, her pink lips formed each word with precision. She would eat, cutting her chicken, skewering  potatoes, and sipping her juice. Her big brown eyes would flicker around the table, glinting in the candle light. And when she laughed, Draco noticed everyone was always also smiling, she had such an endearing laugh…For a muggle born that is….

 She would play with her hands, pinching her finger, twisting and untwisting them, twiddling her thumbs. He seemed to not be able to look away from her joy radiating figure… but why? His emotions were in check, though his lust was a bit off the charts, but Pansy would be back in another week and a half…he’d take care of it then. Hopefully.

“What do you think Draco?” He was brought out of his slightly stalker-like trance by the sound of What’s-Her-Face Marks asking his opinion on something.

“About what?” he said lamely.

“About the Quiddich tournament?” She prompted. His eyes flickered around and met Hermione’s, she blushed slightly and coughed.

“Well, which one Marks? Hogwarts Cup? Or the National Cup?” Draco sneered his best sneer.

“No need to get pissy, the Hogwarts cup.”

“Obviously Slytherin has a very large chance of winning, first slot over-all.  Gryffindor don’t deserve it, and the others don’t know a Wronski Feint from a Dredridge Dive.” He smirked as Marks made an offended noise and turned away from him.

Draco was inspecting his hands when he heard a gasp. The girl next to Hermione had bumped into her and Hermione was teetering in her seat. Draco stood and grabbed her arm before she fell then righted her. He let go immediately, not stopping to think about how soft her skin was or how her hair had tickled him a bit as it swept over his cheek.

“Thank you.” She said quietly. Draco had nodded and left the table…

Draco groaned at this memory. Hermione was annoying but he had to admit she had…uh…grown up a bit since he’d met her, since last year even.

Draco its perfectly natural to think of her that way! He thought to himself.

“Yes but she’s Granger, Buck Tooth Gaudy Granger.”

Well she is female and you are male, his brain argued, you may be sexually attracted to her body and not her mind. Its very possible. Plus her teeth seemed to have been fixed…
“I guess that’s logical.” Draco let out a sigh and heaved himself back on his bed where he began to immediately fantasize about Granger’s exceptional body.

 Several hours later he made his way down to the library.  He picked out Hogwarts: A History and started where he had last left off.  He was still keyed up from his potion tryst and had read through three chapters when he heard the library doors being opened. This was the first time anyone else had occupied the library at the same time as him since he had started becoming a regular.

He dropped his book and folded his hands behind his head, closing his eyes. Super, he thought, I’d bet anything that its-

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