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Fast Forward To The Next Morning

When Lily reached the breakfast table Autumn and Rose were already seated

‘Can I ask now?’ Autumn mumbled out the side of her mouth to Rose

Rose put down the newspaper and rolled her eyes

‘I told you not to ask her last night because you would look eager, she just heard what you said and now you look desperate,’ Rose said to Autumn as Lily pulled a cup of tea toward her and grabbed some porridge

Autumn sighed and crossed her arms and began jiggling her leg so hard that her whole body shook, Lily smiled to her bowl and Rose turned to look at her

‘Well go on then, you’re certainly not doing yourself any favours now,’ Rose said wisely

‘Did you talk to James?’ Autumn blurted out leaning against the table
‘Yes, we talk often,’ Lily said looking at Rose who rolled her eyes
‘About Sirius,’ Rose offered
‘Oh, right,’ Lily said a little uneasily
‘Well?’ Autumn asked

Lily put her spoon down and looked seriously at her friends
‘Yes, James and I spoke about you two because Sirius wanted to know about you too,’ Lily said
Autumn was on the edge of her seat and Rose looked interested
‘But before I tell you anymore I want to know why it is you didn’t inform us that it was you that kissed him,’ Lily said
‘What?’ Rose asked

Autumn look ashamed and sad

‘I always thought he looked cute when he was angry,’ Autumn said as though it left a bad taste in her mouth
‘So this whole time you’ve been picking fights because you secretly fancied him?’ Lily asked astonished that James was right
‘I know I’m going to burn in hell,’ Autumn said sadly
Rose was laughing
‘No you’re not love, Sirius is a good guy,’ Lily said
Rose looked at her
‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you just said that,’ Rose said
‘Look I spent some time with him last night, and he’s actually really nice and he’s funny and you’re right he is good looking,’ Lily said encouragingly
‘So, you think...’ Autumn began
‘Shh, here they come,’ Rose interrupted urgently
And the girls busied themselves with their breakfast
‘Hi girlies,’ said James
‘Morning,’ Lily said offering him her cup
‘May we join you?’ Remus asked
‘You are more than welcome,’ Lily said happily as James took her cup with a wink and sat next to her.
‘Hi Autumn,’ Sirius said sitting next to her
‘Hi Sirius,’ she said shyly
James and Lily smiled they shared a secret low five under the table.

They had planned this ten minutes before in the common room when James was waiting for the other boys, little did Lily know that Sirius and Autumn getting along fell perfectly into James’ plans as well.

As the seven of them sat enjoying their breakfast Lily and James would secretly sneak looks to see how Autumn and Sirius were getting along, the fore mentioned were talking quietly and on Autumn’s behalf, blushing quiet frequently, Rose on the other hand was watching Lily and James as they talked out the sides of their mouths secretly planning other situations in which they could get Autumn and Sirius together. James had placed the cup of tea between them and Lily would pick it up and drink from it, placing it between them only to have James pick it up and drink from it.

Rose felt some one watching her and looked out the corner of her eye to see that it was Remus and he wasn’t so much watching her as he was watching James and Lily.

‘I’m surprised they haven’t run out of tea,’ Rose mumbled
Remus smiled and looked at her.
‘Not pleased with their new found friendship?’ Remus asked
‘No I don’t mind their friendship, it’s their feelings that are annoying me,’ Rose said
‘Their feelings?’ Remus asked
‘Well it’s well known that James has a thing for Lily,’ Rose said with a small smile
‘He did do well to get the word out,’ Remus laughed
‘But look at Lily,’ Rose said

They both turned to look at James and Lily who were laughing and fighting over a piece of toast that Lily held in her hand, James had grabbed her wrist and was trying to guide it to his open mouth, as Lily tired to guide it to hers.

‘That’s annoying you?’ Remus asked
‘No, what annoying is what’s going to happen when she figures it out,’ Rose said
‘Figures what out?’ Remus asked
‘That she likes him,’ Rose said simply
‘What’s going to happen?’ Remus asked still watching Lily and James
‘Something annoying I’m betting,’ Rose said as James finally won and bit into Lily’s toast
Remus turned thoughtfully to Rose.

Fast Forward To Charms

Lily, Rose and Autumn had just turned the corner into the charms corridor when Sirius came running around the corner.
‘Hi there,’ Sirius said skidding to a halt and falling in step with them
‘Hi,’ the girls replied
‘On your way to Charms?’ he asked
‘Uh, yes, where are you heading?’ Lily asked
‘Same place,’ He said happily

Lily and Rose looked at each other and smiled, Sirius had obviously been in a hurry to catch up to walk with Autumn so they fell back a step or two. Sirius kept looking back over his shoulder Lily thought in hope to see whether he had lost the other two, but was sorely disappointed.

As they entered the class Sirius headed for one of the larger desks at the back and stood aside
‘Ladies first,’ He said
‘Uh, I think we’ll sit at the front,’ Lily said grabbing hold of Rose’s elbow and steering her away

Fast Forward To The End Of The Class

Lily was packing her bag and Rose was waiting for her when James, Remus, Peter, Sirius and Autumn came to join Rose in waiting for her. Lily thought this kind of odd but let it slide, as the seven of them made their way to transfiguration Lily noticed that the boys seemed to be looking behind and around them a lot.

Fast Forward The Next Day

Lily, Rose and Autumn found that James, Sirius, Remus and Peter had been with them for almost every moment of the past two days. She found that one of James’ friends or James himself was always with her even to the point where James and Remus just ‘happened’ to be near the girls bathroom that Lily started to get really sus.

The final straw was when Autumn came stalking up to Rose and Lily and announced that Sirius had no interest in her and that he was actually interested in Lily.
‘What?’ Rose and Lily asked in unison
‘He likes you not me,’ she said sourly
‘Why? What makes you say that?’ Lily asked
She simply didn’t believe it
‘He doesn’t shut up about you, ‘When Lily goes to study group who’s with her?’ ‘Are there any clubs that Lily is a part of that we don’t know about?’ ‘Does Lily ever go out at night by herself?’ I mean get a freaking room,’ Autumn said spat
‘Autumn I don’t think...’ Lily began
‘I do think, I think it’s been happening for the past two days,’ Autumn snapped at Lily
‘I’m sorry, I just...’ Lily began
‘No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of snapped at you, it’s not your fault he doesn’t like me. It doesn’t matter, it was stupid to think...’ Autumn interrupted her only to be interrupted herself

‘Lily, there you are,’ someone called from behind them
The three girls turned to see, to Lily’s horror, Sirius Black running toward them
‘I need to use the bathroom,’ Autumn announced and departed before Sirius reached them
‘Hey where is Autumn heading?’ Sirius asked finally reaching them
‘She seems to think you have a thing for me,’ Lily said bluntly
‘Pff,’ was Sirius reply
Upon seeing the look on Lily’s face his smile faded
‘What you’re serious?’ he asked
‘She said you kept talking about me, whatever you’ve done I suggest you go fix it,’ Lily said pointedly and Sirius looked around nervously
‘Well go on what are you waiting for?’ Lily asked
Sirius bit his bottom lip and looked around as though searching for some one
‘Sirius?’ Lily urged
‘Yeah alright, but stay right here,’ Sirius said tearing off after Autumn
‘What is wrong with these boys?’ Rose asked as they watched him disappear
‘Something isn’t right is it?’ Lily asked thoughtfully
‘What’s wrong?’ came a voice behind them
Lily turned to see both Remus and James standing there
‘Where’s Sirius?’ James asked looking around
‘He’s taken off after Autumn,’ Rose said hitching the strap of her bag into a more comfortable position
‘What?, but he wasn’t...’ James began but Remus elbowed him in the gut
‘Shall we get going then?’ Remus asked looking around
‘What is going on with you boys?’ Lily asked
‘What do you mean?’ James asked placing a hand on her lower back and applying a slight pressure so she would start walking
‘The lot of you are acting oddly, constantly looking around, what is going on,’ Lily asked allowing him to guide her
‘Nothing, you’re imagining things,’ James said and then looked over his shoulder
‘You just did it again,’ Lily said annoyed stopping dead
‘We should really keep moving,’ Remus muttered to James
‘What? Why?’ Rose asked
‘Because, we’re... uh... holding up traffic,’ James said

Lily swatted his hand away
‘We’re in an empty corridor you idiot,’ Lily said thoroughly annoyed
‘Right, well, let’s get going then,’ Remus said
‘I’m not moving till you tell me what is going on,’ Lily said folding her arms
James and Remus looked around
‘We’re alone,’ Lily said thinking that the boys didn’t want to be over heard
‘We don’t know that for sure,’ James said
‘huh?’ Rose asked
‘Look at least just come into this empty class room and then we’ll know we are alone and we’ll explain,’ James said opening the door a few paces in front to him and holding the door open.

Lily sighed and walked in first, followed by Rose and Remus, James looked down the corridor once more before closing the door.

‘Well?’ Lily asked
‘They got me,’ James said
Lily just looked at him, waiting
‘I looked them in the eye,’ He said
‘What?’ Rose asked confused and annoyed
‘Argh, his friends found out, he has this thing where if he looks them in the eye he can’t lie,’ Lily explained

Rose looked at Lily suspiciously
‘They found out about what exactly?’ she asked
‘ During one of our patrols we ran into Octavious Greystone and Cane McMillan, the older brothers of the boys that got put into detention because we busted them picking on a first year Hufflepuff,’ Lily began
‘They didn’t take to kindly to their brothers having to serve detention so they came looking for us and they made some threats, anyway I didn’t take them seriously but they got James, beat him up...’

‘They didn’t beat me up, they threw a few punches, and I let them,’ James interrupted
‘Yeah, now’s the time to be egotistical,’ Lily muttered sarcastically
‘So what’s this got to do with you?’ Rose asked
‘The threats were against Lily as well,’ Remus supplied
‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ Rose asked
‘Like I said I didn’t take it seriously,’ Lily said
‘So you and the others found out and that’s why you’ve been following Lily around?’ Rose asked Remus, who nodded
‘And that’s why Sirius was asking weird questions about me,’ Lily said coming to the realisation, and then another one hit her
‘Oh my God, you actually started up the M.P.P didn’t you?’ Lily asked James who looked sheepish

‘Yes but only because after all our joking I realised that maybe it was a good idea, think about it Lil, they made threats against you too yeah? What could be safer than actually being in the M.P.P,’ James asked
‘You’re insane,’ Lily said putting her hands on her hips
‘It will keep you safe,’ James said
‘Safe?’ Lily questioned ‘James I would be safe if you just had of listened to me in the first place and reported them,’ Lily finished
‘Well why doesn’t he do it now?’ Rose asked
‘There’s no evidence, the bruises are gone,’ James said looking at Lily as though disappointed

‘What about Madam Pomfrey, she can account for them,’ Lily said
‘We told her I got into it with the whomping willow remember?’ James almost snapped
‘Hey, don’t take that tone with her,’ Rose snapped
‘Oh I’m sorry,’ James said sarcastically ‘I suppose I just don’t take too kindly to being told I’m the reason she’s in danger,’
‘No one said that,’ Lily said patiently
‘You’re the one that said it,’ James said
Lily could tell that his frustration was growing
‘When?’ she asked
‘Oh I don’t know, maybe when you said ‘I’d be safe if you just had of listened to me and reported them’,’ James said irritated
‘That’s not how I meant it,’ Lily said dismissively
‘Then how did you mean it?’ James asked folding his arms

Lily stared at him, he stared right back

‘I just meant...’ Lily began and then she sighed
‘So you do blame me?’ he asked
‘No! No James I don’t, I just... look they’re the ones that are putting me in danger,’ then Lily shook her head like she was trying to get rid of an annoying fly
‘I’m not in danger,’ she said frustrated

They all looked at her

‘They’re just bullies looking to get us in a state and they have, there is no need for the M.P.P., there is no need for you boys to be following me around everywhere,’ Lily said in a tone of finality

James opened his mouth

‘Look, I don’t mind if you boys want to sit with us at meals, or if you want to join us in the common room, but I draw the line at you boys waiting for me outside the bathroom,’ Lily said
James looked her up and down
‘Fine,’ he agreed
‘Fine,’ Lily agreed nodding

She looked to Rose and Remus, they seemed to have agreed as well

‘Good now let’s go save Sirius and Autumn,’ Lily said walking to the door
‘Uh...’ James said making Lily turn to him
‘Maybe I should go out first,’ James said
‘Maybe you should stay right where you are,’ Lily threatened as she pulled open the door and walked out of it, before James tore after her
Fast Forward To Dinner

Lily had in total, lost the boys for fifteen minutes that day, she was convinced that they had her bugged, for she would lose them and before she knew it one of them would pop out from behind a tapestry or a suit of armour.

‘James,’ Lily said exasperatedly
‘yes?’ he asked innocently
‘What are you doing?’ Lily asked
‘Joining you for dinner, you said I could,’ he said
‘Yes I know that, but when I said you could join us, I meant you could join us under the pretence that you wanted our company, not to sit not eating and having your beady little eyes dart to the Slytherin table every few seconds,’ Lily said
‘My eyes are not beady,’ James protested
‘They are when they do that little jerk,’ Lily said
‘I beg your pardon,’ James said indignantly
‘Here have some pie,’ Lily said slapping a piece on his plate
‘No thank you I’m not hungry,’ James said pushing his plate away
‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Lily said pushing his plate back in front of him
‘I don’t want it,’ he said pushing the plate away
‘Fine well since you’re not eating, there’s no reason for you to be here,’ Lily said
James looked at her
‘Pass the chops,’ he said pulling his plate back toward himself and picking up his cutlery
‘You’re far too easy, practically laid down for that one ’ Lily muttered as she passed him the plate full of chops
James cocked a brow suggestively
‘Aren’t we in that era, make love not war, free love and all that jazz?’ he said in a deep smooth voice
‘how free are we talking?’ Lily retorted seductively in spite of herself lifting her fork to her mouth.
Upon realising what she had said her face went blank and she felt her cheeks grow hot, her mouth hung open ready to receive the food that hung, paused in action James saw this and let out a laugh
‘Relax,’ he said placing a hand on her leg

The simple friendly gesture sent a shock wave through Lily, her entire body burst with Goosebumps and she sucked in a tiny breath. She closed her eyes for a fleeting second so she could regain her composure.

When she opened them, she stared straight at her plate but she could see from the corner of her eye that James had been watching her, she began to panic so she put the food in her mouth and pretended like nothing had happened.

Fast Forward To The Common Room That Night

The three girls and the four boys sat around the fire that night, talking and laughing.
James and Lily sat in armchairs opposite each other across a coffee table, Sirius and Autumn sat at one end of the long couch facing the fire, Remus and Peter sat at the other and Rose sat on the floor in front of Lily’s armchair.

A few student walked in, James looked up at them and then looked back to his group, Sirius and Remus were recounting a funny story but Lily wasn’t paying attention, she was thinking of dinner tonight and when James had put his hand on her leg, much like Sirius was doing to Autumn now.
Someone else entered through the portrait hole and Lily watched as James’ eyes flicked up and then back down to Sirius, a nanosecond later his eyes went up again and this time they lingered on someone and he let a coy smile grace his face. Lily’s eyes immediately followed his gaze to see that three girls had walked in, and while two of them were conversing the third was ‘making eyes’ at James, and he was playing along with it.

What was he playing at?

Lily looked back to him

‘I saw that,’ Sirius said

Lily’s body stiffened, oh no, had he seen the jealously that flashed through her?
Lily’s eyes shot up to look at him, But Sirius was looking at James
‘Saw what?’ James asked innocently
‘You playing ‘flirty eyes’ with young Faith Pollard there,’ Sirius said
‘I was not playing ‘flirty eyes’,’ James said dismissing him
‘Oh please you practically undressed her with your eyes,’ Sirius insisted

Lily shifted in her seat and Autumn’s eyes locked on hers, Lily looked down and her knees and tried to suppress the urge to yell at them both
‘I was doing no such thing, and if I was could you blame me, she’s grown up very nicely,’ James smirked

Lily’s breathing began to quicken, she could feel Autumn’s gaze burning into her but she tried to remain casual,
‘Don’t you encourage him, or we’ll have another Gloria Goldman on our hands,’ Remus commented not looking up from his book
‘Excuse me but I did not encourage Gloria Goldman,’ James said his brow narrowing
‘What did she do?’ Rose asked
‘Nothing,’ James said not looking at anyone, least of all Lily
‘Don’t lie,’ Peter said
Lily’s heart was growing steadily faster
James shot Peter a glare and the timid boy sank into his chair
‘They made mouth music,’ Sirius said
Lily’s heart stopped and then began to beat slowly
‘They did what?’ Rose asked amused at Sirius’s term.
‘Snogged,’ Sirius smiled
Her stomach dropped
‘Great Scott man is there nothing you can keep secret?’ Remus asked
‘Why should I?’ Sirius asked
‘He’s just jealous Rem,’ James said smiling thought it didn’t reach his eyes.
He was trying to make an awkward situation comfortable
‘Don’t worry Sirius my lips belong only to you,’ He finished with a wink

Lily was upset and she knew why and now that she knew why it meant that somewhere in the depths of her soul she finally registered it.

‘When did this happen?’ Rose asked
Why was she asking these questions? Why did she want to know?
Lily was hating every minute of it, she didn’t want to hear anymore, but she could hardly get up and leave.

‘On patrol last week sometime,’ James said with a shrug

Hadn’t they almost, not even nearly, kissed last week?
And Oh Merciful Merlin, they’d been sharing tea!

‘You were on patrol with me last week,’ Lily said in a calm and steady voice
Everyone turned to look at her.
‘Yes, I uh... had to cover for one of the other prefects,’ James said his eyes bore into hers
‘Oh,’ Lily said in a monotone, nodding
‘How did the kiss come about?’ Rose asked
‘Rose,’ Lily said her brow knitting
‘What?’ Rose asked
‘It’s his private life,’ Lily said
‘No it’s okay,’ James said
Lily’s nostrils flared
‘She pinned me to a wall and planted one on me,’ James said
‘You make it sound as if you had no part in it,’ Autumn said
Lily shot her a look
‘I didn’t, she kissed me,’ James shrugged
‘That’s it? She kissed you and that’s all?’ Autumn asked
‘Yes, that’s all,’ James replied
‘You didn’t kiss her back? You weren’t flirting before hand? You didn’t do anything at all to lead her to think that maybe you wanted her to kiss you?’ Autumn probed
Lily rubbed her forehead and sighed
‘No,’ James replied simply
‘Are you sure?’ Autumn continued
‘As far as I know we were having a very platonic conversation about charms next thing I know she’s pushing me against the wall and kissing me,’ James explained shifting in his chair
‘And what did you do?’ Rose asked
Lily looked to James, this she wanted to know. To her surprise he was looking at her as well, Lily’s eyes shot to the fire.
‘I broke it and let her know it wasn’t appropriate,’ James said diplomatically
‘She just kissed you out of nowhere?’ Autumn asked disbelievingly with a little bite
‘Yes Autumn, you would know about kissing someone out of the blue, I’m sure you understand the concept of Gloria’s train of thought it that particular situation,’

Every one turned to look at Lily, unable to believe it had just come out of her mouth.
She was hardly able to believe it was her that had said that. She swallowed and cleared her throat.
‘Are we all done discussing James’ romantic life?’ She asked
No one said anything but they continued to stare at her
‘Good, shall we move on then?’ she asked

Fast Forward To The Girls Dorm Later On That Night
Lily was pulling her pajama’s on when Autumn spoke
‘I’m sorry about earlier on tonight Lily, I didn’t realise it was a sore spot for you,’ she said
Lily turned to look at her
‘What’s a sore spot?’ Lily asked
‘James and Gloria,’ Autumn replied
‘There is no “James and Gloria” and it’s not a sore spot, though I must admit I never realised how interested you were in James’ love life, who’s the fan now?’ Lily said jokingly

On the inside she was seething, she wanted to yell at Autumn.
She wanted to yell at her because it was true and she had the audacity to point it out in front of everyone.

‘I’m not, you’re the one that’s sticking up for him,’ Autumn said neutrally though her brow was knitting slightly

‘You were the one asking about his love life,’ Lily pointed out
‘I was doing it for you, I thought you might like to know,’ Autumn replied
‘You thought wrong,’ Lily said pulling back her covers and hopping into her bed
‘Why won’t you admit...’ Autumn began
‘Why won’t you drop it?’ Lily snapped
Autumn looked taken aback
‘Why can’t you accept that I’m not a fan, James and I are friends, nothing more,’ Lily said
Autumn went to open her mouth but Rose cut in
‘Drop it Autumn,’ she said her brow furrowed
‘And don’t think I don’t blame you either,’ Lily said to Rose before she closed the hangings around her bed and settled for another sleepless night.

Fast Forward To The Next Day

Lily woke and got dressed and down to breakfast before anyone else had awoken.
She sat at the table, playing with her porridge but not having the heart to eat it.
She was angry at Sirius and Autumn and Rose and now she was angry at James.

How could he let Gloria Goldman kiss him?
Was it because she was pretty?
Was it because she was willing?
Was it because she was easy?

Lily’s thoughts were turning nasty so she decided to busy herself with her cup of tea.
As though this called to him, James was suddenly by her side, sitting himself and getting busy eating his food.

‘Morning,’ he said grabbing some toast and biting into it
Lily said nothing but spooned some porridge into her mouth instead.
He looked at her in her silence and made to grab her tea, her hand shot out and grabbed it first, she lifted it to her mouth and took a sip, making a show of holding on to it so he couldn’t have it.

James looked at her and picked up his own cup and took a sip watching her the whole time.
They finished their breakfast in silence and by the time they were done the others had come to join them.
Lily excused herself and got up and left the rest of them

‘What’s that about?’ Remus asked the group in general
‘Remember that annoying thing I said was going to happen?’ Rose whispered to him
Remus turned to look at her
‘Oh,’ was all he said

Fast Forward To That Afternoon

Lily was walking down the charms corridor, her arm folded across her chest. She had been wondering around the castle for the past fifteen minutes for no particular reason. She was frustrated that Gloria kissing James annoyed and hurt her so.

Why did James have to change?
Why was he a good guy now?
Why was he funny and easy to talk to and why did she like his stories and his smile and the way his tongue poked out from his lips when he concentrated really, really hard?
How he ran his hand through his hair and drank her tea and rubbed his jaw, and cleaned his glasses?

She rubbed her face in frustration and sighed
‘Hey,’ someone said from right behind her causing her to jump in fright

She spun and came face to face with the cause of all her problems
‘You scared me,’ she said her brow furrowing
‘Sorry,’ he said
She crossed her arms again and looked at him expectantly, he in turn just stood looking at her
‘Well?’ she asked with a shrug
‘Well what?’ James asked
‘Did you want something?’ Lily asked
Now it was James’ turn to furrow his brow
‘Am I back to needing an excuse to be around you?’ he asked
‘James what do you want?’ Lily asked impatiently
‘I thought you’d might like some company, no one’s seen you today,’ he said putting his hands in his pockets
‘Well I’m fine,’ Lily said shortly
‘What’s wrong?’ James asked
‘I just told you I was fine,’ Lily said looking at him like he was dumb
‘Yes I heard that, and now I’m asking for a second time, what’s wrong?’ he asked ignoring her tone

Lily stood looking at him for a long time, he did nothing but look right back

‘Nothing’s wrong,’ she said finally
‘I don’t believe you, but fine,’ James said matter of factly, then turned on his heel and walked away

‘What do you mean you don’t believe me?’ Lily said flaring up

James stopped and turned around again

‘You can’t tell me you don’t believe me,’ she said annoyed

‘Why can’t I?’ James said patronizingly

‘Because saying you don’t believe me the way you did implies that you do know what’s wrong with me,’ Lily said putting her hands on her hips

James folded his arms over his chest and sighed

‘And you don’t, because there’s nothing wrong,’ Lily finished reading his look

‘Then why are you getting upset?’ he asked

Lily saw red, what a bastard, how dear he point out such things and be right in doing so

‘I’m not getting upset, I was already upset,’ Was the best Lily could come up with

‘So there is something wrong?’ James asked letting his arms drop

‘No,’ Lily shot back feeling stupid

‘You’re not making sense,’ James said shifting his body weight from one foot to another

‘I am making perfect sense,’ Lily snapped

‘Lily,’ James said calmly, like an adult talking to an over emotional child

‘Don’t ‘Lily’ me,’ she said

James let his head drop, looking at her the whole time

‘Don’t look at me like that either,’ Lily said turning away from him

‘Why are you upset?’ his voice reached her ears like melted chocolate
Smooth and warm, like he had used to speak to Milli

She realised now how calming it was

‘Because I didn’t think you were that kind of a boy,’ Lily sighed frustrated

‘What kind of boy?’ he asked confused

‘The kind to kiss random girls in hallways,’ Lily said

James stayed quiet for a long while, Lily almost thought that he had left, she turned suddenly to see if she had indeed been deserted, but there he stood, smiling.

Lily looked at him, her heart beating furiously

‘You’re jealous,’ He said looking nothing short of smug and putting his hands back in his pockets


There you have it.... an hour and a bit of work right there for you, i sat down and couldn't stop typing, i really hope you enjoyed it and please let me know what you think
Lots of Love 

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