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Snape's house

Five hours later:

Harry had gone for a ride outside the paddock on Jasmine for two hours once Moon Fire had departed with Draco and Hermione. He found that riding the Arabian relaxed him immensely and he knew Jasmine enjoyed the ride as well. Horses loved being ridden, kept in a barn all day, they became bored and skittish or lazy. After his ride, he groomed the mare and allowed her to stay outside, since it was such a nice day. He hoped that Moon Fire's treatments were progressing.

He hurried up and took a shower, by then it was almost one thirty and he was starving. He made himself a cheese and mustard sandwich and drank a glass of cold lemonade. He checked the wall clock in the kitchen. It had been almost five hours since the two friends had last seen each other. Harry frowned. Where were they? It wasn't like them to be this late.

A frission of fear and uneasiness skittered down his spine. There was a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach as well. What if something had happened to Moon Fire? What if he had hurt himself worse and Andromeda had told Draco and Hermione that he ought to be put down? The thought nearly made him vomit right there. Nothing must happen to Moon Fire. Or his other friends either. Not for the first time did he wish he was old enough to Apparate.

He couldn't use the Floo either, since Severus had told him it only worked if you knew the password to activate it, otherwise it was locked. It was a safety precaution, but right now it bound Harry to the farm as if he had been tied to a pole.

There's something wrong. Something wrong, his conscience whispered. He tried to ignore it and think about what he wanted to eat for dinner, but he couldn't stop feeling terribly worried. It was so out of character for Hermione to be late. Unable to settle down, he went into the den, dropped onto the soafa and stared at the portrait of the unicorn. Something bad's happened, I just know it. What he didn't know was what he could do about it.

He had to get in touch with Andromeda. But Severus had insisted he stay on the property. So far Harry had kept his promise to the professor. It hadn't been that hard to obey, since he had not needed or wanted to leave. Now, however . . .

He was practically chewing his nails in a frenzy of indecision. Selene, please help me decide what I should do. I know I should probably obey my guardian, but at the same time I can't just sit here and do nothing. There's something wrong, I just know it. They're in trouble, and I don't know what I should do. Lady, please help me.

He shut his eyes and prayed hard, desperately.

Suddenly, he felt a gentle warmth wrap about him. Child of mine, follow your heart. It shall never lead you astray. Do what your heart tells you.

He started up from the sofa as if he had been stung by a bee. He knew then that it was up to him to help his friends and Professor Snape out of whatever trouble they had gotten themselves into. Gotta talk to Andromeda first.

He headed upstairs to grab some essentials, like his wand, a jacket, his Invisibility Cloak, and his backpack, which he filled with a pair of extra clothes, some essential healing potions, snacks like granola bars and crisps and he also packed a few ham, cheese, and mayo sandwiches, setting a preserving spell on them first. He also packed a container of horse salve and bandages, plus a few water bottles. He was glad Severus had placed a Hold Full spell on the backpack, so it could hold whatever Harry desired. He also grabbed a small lighter and a warm blanket off the couch, which just happened to be Severus' favorite one. He also stuffed a packet of sugar lumps on the top.

There! Now all he had to do was saddle up Jasmine.

That took him all of seven minutes, then he mounted her and trotted past the house and down the drive towards the road. He prayed he was doing the right thing. Follow your heart, Selene had told him. Harry had no doubt that his heart was telling him to help his friends.

He clucked to Jasmine as she set her hooves upon the tarmac. "All right, girl. They say that every horse knows the way home. I hope that's true." He gathered the reins lightly and tapped her with his heels. "Jasmine, go home! Take me home!"

The mare swiveled her head around, her liquid eyes looking a bit confused. She hesitated.

"You heard me. Go home, girl!" Harry urged.

The Arabian snorted, then she pricked her ears and carried her young rider down the road, towards the Dueling and Equestrian Academy five miles away.

Harry slid off of Jasmine when he reached the large long building in the center of the academy. Several students looked at him suspiciously, and one tall boy with a shock of brown hair wearing a green and gold uniform with a horse embroidered on it walked up to him. "Who are you and why are you riding Lady Tonks' Jasmine?"

"My name is Harry Potter and I was lent Jasmine by Mrs. Tonks. I came here to ask about a few of my friends who were here earlier today. Can you please tell her I'd like to speak to her?"

The older student blinked and stared at him. "You're really Harry Potter? You look kind of small for fourteen."

Harry sighed. Then he brushed aside his hair and showed the other boy his scar. "See? I'm who I said. Now please take me to Andromeda—I mean Lady Tonks."

"Okay. Wait here. I'll see if the Lady is available," the boy said stiffly, and then he walked into the long building, leaving Harry standing there holding Jasmine's reins.

Some five minutes later, Andromeda came out of the double doors, looking grave. "Harry! What are you doing here? I thought that Professor Snape gave you strict instructions to remain on the property?"

"He did, but the Moon Lady told me to follow my heart and I came here looking for Hermione, Draco, and Moon Fire. Have you seen them? They left to come here early in the morning and never came back. Do you know what happened to them? Is Moon Fire sick?"

"I don't know. Come with me." She beckoned Harry inside.

Harry tied Jasmine to the hitching post to the left of the doors and followed.

Andromeda led the way down a long hall carpeted in thick blue shag and into her office, which was cluttered with trophies and certificates and awards. She brushed aside some papers on her desk and shut the door, casting a Silencing Charm as she did so. "I can't be too careful. I know that Hermione and Draco arrived here with Moon Fire, since Draco informed me of that fact soon after they got here. They were going to work the stallion in the hot spring and that was the last I saw of them. An hour ago, a student came to me and reported that they found the water in the hot spring colored pink and a student had left her shoes and socks at the edge of the pool."

"But why would Hermione do that?"

"If she were leading Moon Fire, she would have taken her shoes off. As for the pink tinged water . . .I can only assume it's blood."

Harry paled. "Blood? From who? Moon Fire?"

"The stallion would be a logical choice. Unless he kicked one of them," Andromeda said. "But I have a feeling it was much worse than that. Another of my students reported that Lucius showed up here earlier, looking for Draco. Usually Lucius never shows up here unannounced, and so we have time to prepare for his arrival, allowing my sister vet, Abigail Stevens, to assume the position of Headmistress for the duration of his visit. But this time . . .he gave no warning whatsoever and simply showed up here, with one of his flunkies in tow, most likely. I fear that he saw Draco helping Hermione tend Moon Fire and he . . .stole them away."

"Stole them away!" Harry exclaimed. "Then why aren't you looking for them?"

"I am. I've alerted the Order, but so far they haven't found a trace of either of them. My sister, Narcissa, tells me that Lucius hasn't come home to Malfoy Manor at all, with or without Draco. She's afraid he'll hurt their son—he has a notorious temper and has . . .beaten my nephew before, quite badly, may Selene have mercy. He calls it discipline, I call it abuse. As for Hermione and Moon Fire, since they are nowhere to be found either, I can only assume the worst. They too are with Lucius, wherever he is."

"If . . .if you had to guess, where do you think they are? Does Lucius have another house somewhere?"

"He has a townhouse in London. But he wouldn't bring them there, it's no place to keep a horse." Andromeda said. "If I had to guess . . .I would say he has gone to his master's house—Riddle Manor."

"Where's that?"

"A long way away from here, Harry. Past Sherwood Forest and beyond. In Little Hangleton. And the house is triply warded. It would take a spy like Severus to infiltrate it and bring them all out alive." Her expression darkened. "No one can find him either. I'm sorry, Harry. I wish I had better news for you. But the best you can do is go back to Snape's house and wait."

"I can't do that! My friends are in trouble, they need help!"

"Not from you. Severus would hang you out to dry and beat you if he knew you had come here alone." Andromeda said sternly. "Let the adults handle it, Harry. They have more experience and power than you do. You put yourself in danger by leaving the property. Go home, boy."

Harry's jaw set in a stubborn line. He wanted to argue that he had a direct . . .sort of . . .command by Selene to do just the opposite, but he sensed that Andromeda would not believe him. She thought he was a glory hound, that he wanted to play hero again. He didn't. He wished he could just go home and let the adults handle it. But he sensed upon some deep level that if he did that, something terrible would happen. This quest belonged to him. He drew in a deep breath. "Okay. I'll go."

"Good thinking, Potter." She handed him a small sack with Hermione's shoes and socks in it. "Here. You might as well keep these to give to her later, after she comes home as well."

"Thank you," Harry said politely, taking the sack. Inwardly he rejoiced, for he needed Hermione's shoes for a spell of his own—a Tracking spell.

She came and laid a hand on his shoulder. "I know this is hard for you, Harry, but don't despair. The Moon Lady watches over Her own, and She is the light in the darkness."

"I know," he murmured. "Guess I better be going."


She followed him from the office and out to where Jasmine awaited him. Someone had given the mare some water and oats, for which Harry was grateful. He mounted her and started back the way he had come. He had not lied to Andromeda. He was going to go back to the farm, he simply wasn't going to stay there.

The sense of urgency was growing within him. He had a premonition that he needed to find all three of his friends as quickly as possible, and stop Lucius and Tall, Dark, and Ugly from harming them. But first he had to find them.

He rode Jasmine quickly back to the farm, and as soon as they were back on the property, Harry cast the Tracking spell. It was a spell that Severus had taught him recently, a more focused and accurate spell than a Locator Charm, and it did not wear off as quickly, remaining working until it was either blocked or banished. However, it did need something the quarry had used in order to work.

Harry tapped his wand against Hermione's shoes and socks and muttered the words. His wand lit up in a cascade of blue and violet lights. Then it subsided and Harry felt a strong urge to go east and north. He clucked to Jasmine and they headed across the lawn and the pasture, right into Sherwood Forest.

Harry gulped as they drew near the boundary. It looked dark and forbidding and he recalled Severus' warning that he should never enter the forest at night. But what choice did he have? Gathering up all his courage, he nudged Jasmine firmly towards the trees. Sherwood couldn't be any worse than the Forbidden Forest and he had to rescue them.

Follow your heart, it will never lead you astray.

He plunged into the forest, praying Jasmine had excellent night vision, and did not trip in a hole and break a leg.

Suddenly, the moon emerged from behind a dense bank of clouds and shone down upon them, illuminating the way forward. Harry urged Jasmine faster. Hold on, guys. I'm coming. Bright Lady, keep them safe. Or at least keep them alive.

Riddle Manor, Little Hangleton:

Moon Fire stirred and woke, all of his instincts on battle alert. He rolled over and tried to get to his feet, luckily his attempt at defending himself had not re-injured his game leg. But the wound he had taken from the Cutting Curse was still fresh and burned and throbbed as he tried to stand. At last he had his hooves under him and looked about.

This was not his comfortable stall at home, but a cramped version that left him barely space to move about. He lowered his head and sniffed, the straw bedding beneath his hooves was musty and he wrinkled his nose in disgust. He knew without knowing how that such poor straw could cause his hooves to founder and get infected if he stayed in it too long. Angrily, he whistled and kicked the stall door with a hoof, but no one came.

The stallion was in almost total darkness, a single lamp left on further down the row served as the only illumination. Moon Fire swung around, his haunches smacking into the back of the stall, and he kicked out angrily. This was not a proper stall and he wanted out of it.

The feed trough was filled with substandard hay, dry, tasteless, and scattered with thistles. Moon Fire took one mouthful, chewed and then spat it out. It was bitter and disgusting. Even the water bucket was filled with tepid stale water, though that he drank thirstily, his throat was very dry after the Stunning spell. Still, he missed the fresh water Harry brought him every morning and evening and his daily ration of oats and sweet timothy.

He stopped moving long enough to detect with his keen ears that he was the only horse in the stable, and he let out a loud angry peal at being taken away from his home and friend Jasmine and being locked in here.

His shoulder stung something awful and he managed to turn his head and gently lick the tapered slash in his shoulder several times, trying to clean it. The flesh was hot beneath it and the stallion worried about infection, though as yet the wound was clear. He felt very tired and confused after all that had happened, as well as angry at those who had done this. If they ever came within striking distance of his hooves, he would be sure to make his displeasure known upon their hides.

But first he would rest, making sure he had all of his strength back when those evil people who had stolen him returned. Then they would learn what it meant to mess with a Chosen of Selene!

Hermione opened her eyes to find herself in a small room, windowless, decorated with ugly striped gray and blue wallpaper that made the girl think of prison cells. The bed she was on was nothing more than a bare mattress with a single threadbare blanket upon it and a pillow that was little more than cloth. A single bulb burned in a small lamp on a rickety table. There was no other furniture in the room.

Slowly, Hermione stood up. She felt weak—sick and dizzy from the Stunning hex, but otherwise all right. She felt about the pockets of her lightweight purple jacket for her wand, but it was gone. Then again, she hadn't really expected them not to search her and take it. They were Death Eaters, and as much as she loathed them and all they stood for, they were not stupid, like all the comic book villains. More's the pity.

She walked over to the small door and tugged on the knob. It was locked. Sighing, she returned to the bed, only then realizing she was barefoot, having left her sneakers and socks beside the pool when she had begun walking Moon Fire in the hot water. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of the gallant stallion. What had happened to him? Was he all right? Had the Death Eaters hurt him? She prayed it was not so. Selene, they say You look after all of Your Children. Please look out for Moon Fire and protect him. She was dreadfully afraid that Lucius and Bellatrix might have killed him, especially if they recognized the horse that had rescued Harry and Hermione. She wouldn't put it past them, considering how callously they had killed her own parents, who had never even been involved with the wizarding world except for a few trips to Diagon Alley.

Thoughts of her parents made her start to shiver and she clutched herself tightly about the middle, feeling as if she were going to fly apart. She bit her lip till it bled. Then she reached up and held the silver charm in her hand. Almost immediately, she felt a feeling of reassurance and peace flow through her. You are not alone. Once again, as in her dream, she felt warm arms wrap about her and the despair that had surrounded her fled.

Her innate courage flowed through her, bolstered by the goddess' love and concern, filling her with renewed hope. She must not give in to despair. Somehow, she would survive this. She had no idea what Lucius and the others wanted of her, or even where she was, but when she found out, she would start making plans to escape. She was nobody's pawn. She would fight to her last breath the wicked bastards who had killed her parents and cost her everything.

She winced as she recalled how foolish she had been, waving to Draco as if they were old friends, not even realizing that Lucius and Bella were with him. She should have been more careful, but she had thought they were safe at the academy. She had let her guard down and look what had come of it, she berated herself.

She recalled Draco's face as they had come up to her, white and scared. No, not merely scared—petrified. He had been scared out of his wits, and Hermione figured she knew why. Lucius had been Draco's personal demon for all of his life, and him showing up unexpectedly like that had totally thrown Draco into a panic. And then the unthinkable had happened—they had been exposed. And shown exactly how helpless they were against experienced dark wizards.

Oh, Draco. I hope . . .I hope you're okay. Your father looked . . .looked like he wanted to tear you to shreds. Please be all right. If anything ever happened to you, I would feel so guilty.

She twirled the unicorn charm between her fingers, just holding it soothed her. She did not yet know how they would all get out of this mess, but come what may, she would not lose hope. She had one thing to be grateful for. At least Harry was free and safe back at Snape's house.

Draco winced sharply as he sat up, trying his best to move as little as possible. He slid to his feet on his stomach, even that made the new welts he'd acquired from Lucius' latest discipline session start to throb and burn. He gritted his teeth and stood. He could not recall a worse caning, perhaps because this had been the first time he had ever openly defied his father. He silently thanked his goddess that Lucius did not know how often Draco had defied him in the past, by becoming an initiate of Selene.

He glanced down at the double bed, where he had laid after Lucius had done with him, unable to move, his legs and backside awash in pain, tears filling his eyes. He had wept only after he was certain Lucius had left the room.

"I trust there will not be a repeat of your disobedience, son," Lucius had said in clipped tones, his voice harsh.

"No, Father," he had managed to gasp raggedly. "Never again."

"See that you keep that promise. Or else I shall be forced to teach you yet another lesson, boy. And if there is a next time, I will not be so lenient." Lucius had declared coldly and then he had left.

Inwardly, he cursed the other wizard for his unbending attitude and his brutality, and he wished Lucius torn to pieces by manticores. But he also cursed himself, for not being able to stand up to his father, for allowing his terror and fear to overcome him. I am such a coward. How can I call myself an initiate if I can't even face a single dark wizard? Ashamed and miserable, he had curled up on the bed and wept quietly into the thick pillow.

It had been then that he had felt a soft touch, like a hand, gently carding his hair and patting his back. It had been the same hand he had felt holding his head against something soft when Lucius had been whipping him. He had been bent over a chair, trying not to scream, and then he felt himself enfolded in soft arms, and the pain had faded to a kind of annoyance until it was over.

Now, however, he felt every single lash, and coupled with his dreadful shame, he cried as he had never done since he was a small child and Lucius had walloped him for doing so.

Hush, child. You are no coward for fearing that monster who sired you. Rather, he is a coward for hurting his only child, who cannot fight back. Fear not, Draco, my son. One day, soon, there shall be a reckoning and he shall be called to account. But until then, My son, be ever vigilant, and watchful, and learn as much as you can. The girl and the stallion depend upon you.

Draco sniffled. They shouldn't. I've already failed them once.

You may fail them once or twice, but that does not mean you are unworthy of trust. Many people fail, it is how they handle the failures that matter. Will you wallow in guilt and shame, or will you get up and do something about it?

Stung, Draco pushed himself to his feet. I won't fail again, Bright Lady.

He looked about the room he had been assigned. It was large and one of the better guest rooms at Riddle Manor, having a large bay window with a look over the grounds that had once been filled with meticulously trimmed and shaped gardens and hedges, which were now overgrown and weedy. The room was a bit dusty but it was furnished with antique Louis XIV furniture, bed, tables and two chairs, plus a rolltop desk and armoire. The carpet was royal blue and the wallpaper the same, accented with thin stripes of gold.

The door was heavy paneled wood, a dark color, with a gold handle. Draco knew that Lucius would expect him to stay in this room until he was summoned for dinner, but Draco was through with doing as he was expected to do. He tried the knob, and found it was unlocked. He had to find out what his father and aunt were planning to do with Hermione and Moon Fire. He had to redeem himself, make the sickening sense of shame go away.

He peered out of the door, and saw that the hall was empty. He turned and walked back into the room, finding his wand resting on the desk, only then remembering that he had placed it there before Lucius had punished him. He took it and cast a simple Notice Me Not charm upon himself. He had no doubt that this place had magic detection wards all over it, and spells designed to hide someone, like an Inivisibility Charm, would trigger them, but a low level spell, such as the one he had just cast, probably wouldn't set them off.

First things first, he had to find out what his father and Bellatrix were planning for his friends. He slipped from the room, walking slowly and carefully down the corridor, he hurt, but he could ignore the pain.

He made his way down the hall, to a set of stairs, and started to descend them. It took a bit longer than he wished, because he was so sore, but he managed to get down onto the ground floor. The place was in disrepair, dusty and moldy smelling, the large chandelier in the entryway was dirty and so were the windows over the front doors. He cocked his head, and then he heard the sound of voice coming from a corridor to the left of the staircase.

He crept over to the door and placed his ear against it.

Inside the room, he could hear his father, Bellatrix, and Wormtail.

"Where is the girl now, Lucius?" purred his aunt, using the tone she reserved for seducing men.

It made Draco want to vomit, because he couldn't see how anyone could ever desire Bellatrix—crazed insane thing that she was.

"Upstairs, in the attic, where they used to keep the servants," responded Lucius. "She should be coming out of the spell by now."

"Good. I want to have a little fun with her before our Lord returns."

Draco stifled a gasp. So the Dark Lord was not here.

"He shall return in two weeks, and I want that moon stallion and the girl ready to entertain him," Lucius said.

"What sort of entertainment do you have in mind, Lucius?" crooned Bella.

"A Beast Fight, like they used to do in ancient times, in the arena in ancient Rome."

"Like the Coliseum?" asked Wormtail. "They used to have gladiators fight to the death against wild beasts."

"More than that. They threw Christians and other foreigners captured in battle to hungry lions," Bellatrix elaborated. "Such fun! I'll bet there was lots of blood and excitement. I wish I had been born then. I would have loved to see it!"

Draco felt ill. Bellatrix sounded almost . . .aroused by the conversation. Sick bitch!

"Yes, well, you shall see one. I plan to have that meddlesome stallion put in an arena with a winged tiger and let them fight to the death. The girl too. We'll throw her in with a manticore or maybe a wyvern and see how long she lasts." Lucius chuckled.

"With her wand or without it?" asked Bellatrix.

"With it, give her a sporting chance. The Dark Lord likes to see fights, not a slaughter." Lucius answered. "Of course, we'll need to soften them up some."

"I'll do the girl. I like breaking Mudbloods," Bellatrix said eagerly.

"Mind you don't break her to pieces, you hear?" Lucius told her sternly. "I need her whole for the games."

Draco felt his heart turn over. They had to get out of here.

"And I'll deal with the vicious brute," growled Wormtail. "I owe him for breaking my ribs."

"And I'll tell you the same thing I told Bella," Lucius snapped. "Don't kill him, Pettigrew. He needs to be broken a little, but not totally. Show him who's boss, but don't destroy his spirit. I need that so he'll put up a good fight when the time comes. After that, the Dark Lord shall decide his fate. Or the tiger will."

"I understand, Lucius," whined Wormtail. "But I want him to pay!"

"Ruin him, Wormtail, and I'll make you pay, I'll put you in the pit with the tiger and see how long you last," Lucius warned, his voice colder than winter.

Draco shuddered. He had no doubts that Lucius would do just as he said.

He heard the scrape of chairs and quickly turned and slipped back upstairs. He wasn't sure where the attic was, but he had to speak with Hermione before returning to his room and letting Lucius think he was cowed into obedience. He reached the second floor and continued down the opposite end of the corridor. There he found another small set of stairs. Draco climbed up them and found a narrow door, locked securely with an old fashioned bolt. He quickly chanted an Unlocking Charm, one of the few he could do without a wand.

The lock clicked and he cautiously opened the door. "Hermione?" he whispered. The room was barely lit, cramped and tiny.

"Draco?" she quivered.

He stepped inside. "Look, I can't talk long, they might be on their way here any minute. I just wanted to . . .to say how sorry I am that I got you and Moon Fire into this. If I hadn't been so . . .if I had just stood up to my father . . .maybe I could have . . .helped you get away." He stared down at his boots miserably.

She came over to him and took his hands in her own. "Don't. Don't say that, Draco."

"Why? It's true."

"No. It was partially my fault too for waving at you. In any case, it doesn't matter now. Now we have to focus on doing what we can to escape here. Are you . . .did your father hurt you?" She stared up at him worriedly.

"I'll live." He said gallantly.

"Draco what did he do to you?" she pressed.

"Nothing he hasn't before. I'll live, I just won't like it for awhile." He sighed.

"He . . .he beat you, didn't he?" she gasped. "Don't lie, I know it's true!" she cried, angry tears sparkling in her eyes. She did not know how she knew that, but she did.

"Yes. That's what he usually does when I step out of line." Draco grimaced, then said quickly, "Forget about me, Hermione. Listen. The Dark Lord isn't going to be back here for a week, so we have some time to . . prepare. I don't know how closely I'm going to be watched, but I'll try and figure out something. Bellatrix is coming up here to have a 'talk' with you. Try and hold out as long as you can." He squeezed her hand. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I'm sorry he did that to you."

"I deserved it for my stupidity."

"No! Don't ever say that!" she cried hotly. "No one deserves that! No one!"

"Shhh! Remember, when you walk in darkness, know that Selene walks with you." He gave her a return squeeze. "Maybe I can find out more tonight. Until then . . ." Suddenly footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. "Got to run."

"See if you can find where Moon Fire is!" she called softly as he shut the door. "And . . .be careful. Selene go with you!"

She heard the click of the lock.

Draco drew away and quickly went back down the attic stairs and into the hallway just as Bellatrix came down the corridor. He pressed against the wall, eyes half closed, hoping that his spell would hold.

The black clad witch swept past him, not even glancing over at him, all her attention focused upon the attic stairs.

Draco heaved an immense sigh of relief when she had gone. That had been too close for his liking. He managed to make his way back to his room. A second later he heard a knock on his door.

He opened it to admit Lucius.

"Father? Is there something else you wish of me?"

"Yes. You may come down and have supper with me."

"Yes, sir," was all Draco said. He did not want to have anything to do with his father, but he couldn't say so. Refusing Lucius' invitation would look suspicious, and if he were careful, he might just be able to learn something about where Moon Fire was.

"Good. Afterwards, you will come back up here and think about your awful behavior," Lucius lectured.

"But Father! You already punished me!" Draco objected.

"That was only the beginning. You have proven to me by your actions that I cannot trust you and so you shall remain in this suite until I give you permission to leave it."

"What do you mean, Father?" Draco cried in dismay.

"I mean that you are under house arrest, boy." He tapped Draco under the chin with his cane. "Behave and don't give me any more cause to use this, hmmm?"

"No, sir." Draco muttered, looking down at the ground to hide the helpless rage welling in his eyes. Now what was he going to do? He supposed he could always try climbing out the window. Damn you, Father! Damn you and your Dark Lord to hell and beyond!

Hope you all liked this next part!

Next, we'll have Harry's journey through Sherwood.

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