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My Fishy by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 3 : Andrew Franklin
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“Hey Potter,” calls a familiar voice

I turn to See Andrew Franklin walking toward me.

“Yes, Captain,” I say

“Please call me drew. I have a proposition for you,” he says

“What may that be?” I ask

“You help me make Jane Hallen jealous,” he says

“K, what is in it for me? Or is it something like the kissing you?” I ask

“No my dad owns quality Quidditch supplies and he can get brooms for cheap. How does a Nimbus 1500 sound?” he asks.

“Seriously, a Nimbus 1500. That’s not suppose to be out until next year. I will do it,” I say

“Great. Do you want start now?” he asks

I get on my tiptoes a little and kiss him on the lips.

“What does this Jane look like?” I ask with a smirk.

“you are a good kisser. How old are you?” he asks

“15. What does jane look like?” I ask

“She has red /brown hair, blue eyes and she is a raven claw,” he says

“Let’s go find her shall we?” I ask

He walk to the library and points her out.

“Why are we making her Jealous?” I ask

“She dumped me because she thought I was keeping secrets and the only secret is I was going to ask her to marry me,” he says

“Are you sure Jealousy is the way to go? And why would she be jealous of a fifth year?” I ask

“You are rich, you are hot and every guy in this school or at least so I have heard wants you,” he says

“Is it okay if we use pet names?” I ask

“I prefer not,” he says

“well come on drew,” I say as I tug him in to the library and just ‘happen’ to sit across the table from her.

“kiss me,” I whisper.

He leans in and kisses me. I deepen it and I can hear Jane gasp at the sight of us kissing. My tongue shoves it way into his mouth and to my surprise he sucks on it. I hear Jane’s chair clatter to the ground. He brakes the kiss.

“That didn’t go right,” he says about to go after her.

“No, don’t go after her. She will get jealous. we just haven’t hit the right cord yet,” I say pulling him back down.

“I feel kinda dirty though,” he says

“Do you want her back or not?” I ask

“More than any thing,” he says

“Then we go by my rule,” I say

At dinner, he gives me a quick kiss and goes and sits with his friends. I walk over to the girls and the marauders. I sit next to Sirius and Remus. I start to make a plate and when I look up I see the group staring at me.

“What?” I ask as I shove a mouth full in my mouth.

“Since when are you dating the Quidditch captain?” asks Lily and James at the same time.

“Since after breakfast,” I say

“I thought he was Hallen’s,” says Sirius

“If you must know we are going to make her Jealous,” I say

“like a seventh year would be jealous of you,” says Sirius

“you don’t think I am hot enough,” I say leaning close to him.

He leans in to kiss me and I smash mash potatoes in his face.

“Idiot,” I say as I get up and leave.



“I can’t believe we didn’t get to her yesterday ,” Andrew says.

“Where is yours and hers favorite makeout spot?” I say

“In her common room on the couch,” he says

“That is going to make it a bit tougher. Is there one we can make out at?” I ask

“Our first kiss was at the big oak tree,” he says

“Hmm… it is a hot autumn day. Lets change into swimsuits,” I say

“Why?” he asks

“I wanted to see you shirtless,” I say sarcastically

“Really?’ he says Confused

“We are just going to have a little fun,” I say as I kiss his lips and guide him back to the commons.

We change and go down by the lake. I splash him as I see Jane walk out and we start going back and forth. I lunge at him and lock my lips wit his. I feel his bare chest against my muscular belly. One second I am deepening the kiss the next moment I am flying through the air. I land close to the middle and it was unexpected. I panicked. I feel something dragging me down. I kick at it and break the surface again.

“Help,” I manage before going under again. I look down and see a snake like thing. I can almost see the bottom and then I my vision was going black. Then I lost my consciousness. I feel someone doing CPR and then I cough up a lot of water.

“Stef, are you okay?” says Lily

“I…what happened?” I ask

“you don’t remember,” ask a really pale Jane Hallen.

“last thing I remember is kissing Drew,” I croak

“SHe curse you into the lake,” Alice says sending daggers at Jane.

I sit up slowly and I start feeling light headed.

“Why is the room spinning and my foot hurts?” I say

“you should lay back down and we need to get you to the hospital wing,” says Jane

“As long as you don’t touch me or go near me,” I hiss.

Lily and Alice support me and head to the hospital wing. I pass out completely.

* Friday*

I open my eyes to see the hospital wing and I sit up a little. I see Andrew and Jane looking at me.

“what the fucking hell is she doing here?” I say glaring at Jane.

“She wanted to apologize,” says Drew. I watch Drew put my new broom down.

“Well she can take her frickin’ sorry and stick it up her Arse,” I growl

“Fine. See babe I told you she wouldn’t accept my apology, she is just a little slut” says Jane


Madam Pomfrey kicks them out and comes to check on me.

“Do you hurt anywhere?” she asks checking in the bit on my foot.

“No, I am fine,” I say

“You were very luck that Miss Evans and Miss McCullen brought you here right away. You were stung by a Death Drown Water Serpian. The DDWS’s bit is deadly and will kill in an hour. You may go when your brother comes and picks you up,” says Madam Pomfrey

She walks away and into her office. I quickly pull on my new clothes, grab my new broom, and tiptoe out of the Hospital wing. I walk down the hall and headed toward the kitchen. I get to the painting and tickle the pear and the door appeared.

“Hey! You were supposed to wait until Prongs came to get you,” says a voice.

“Moony, I am a marauder and when do I ever listen to the Rules,” I say as I enter the kitchen

“I suppose you are hungry,” says Remus

“yep. That is why I went here,” I say

“So are you single again?” he asks

“There's tons of fish in the world, Moony,” I say with a silly grin on my face.

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