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Three days later, Harry had finished The Path of Mysteries. Unfortunately, he had neglected his Charms and History of Magic assignments to do so, which meant an extra hour of study time and an hour of re-painting the paddock fence as well. But that last had been because of his sulky attitude after Severus had scolded him about ignoring his assignments. So here he was again, with a fresh can of whitewash and a brush, painting the opposite side of the paddock, while Jasmine grazed calmly inside.

He was angry both at himself, for provoking Snape yet again and making the professor punish him, and also at Severus because the man could never let things slide. It had only been two essays and he had all freaking summer! He sighed in irritation and wielded the brush against the fence with undue force.

Suddenly, Jasmine lifted her head and whinnied a welcome.

Harry turned to see the little girl with the silver hair and violet eyes coming across the pasture. She was wearing the same tunic dress as before and her bare feet danced across the ground. "Hello."

She smiled and nodded at him and went to pet Jasmine, standing upon the fence to stroke the mare, who moved immediately to put her head into the girl's chest. For long moments the only sound was the Arab's sigh as the girl scratched her ears and neck, her small fingers hitting just the right spots.

Harry watched for a few moments, then turned back to his hated chore. He knew there would be hell to pay if Severus came out and didn't see him working.

He had just coated the brush when a voice spoke into his head.

What are you doing, Harry?

He jerked up his head. "I'm painting this fence."

She hopped down and came to stand near his shoulder, her head cocked, a quizzical look upon her face. How come?

"Because Professor Snape ordered me to, the damn strict pain in the arse." Harry replied, slapping the paint down.

You sound angry. Are his orders not fair?

"Well, yeah, kind of . . .it's because I had an attitude with him, see, and for some reason he thinks working will teach me to control myself better, or something like that. But that doesn't mean I have to like it."

She nodded solemnly. Punishments aren't meant to be fun.

He rolled his eyes. "Tell me something I don't know, Titania."

Titania? You address me by the name of the Faerie Queen?

"I have to call you something, since you don't seem to want to tell me your real name," said the boy, still painting.

It isn't time for you to know that, she replied enigmatically. Until it is, I suppose you may call me Titania. What did you do to earn your teacher's displeasure?

Harry told her. "He's got a right to be ticked off, I guess, but really, History of Magic could put a dead guy to sleep, even without Binns' lecturing, and I like the practical side of Charms, but reading about all the effects and stuff just makes me yawn. I can't help it. And the professor . . .he doesn't even remember what it's like to be a kid anymore, and want to do something other than study all the time."

She was silent for a moment. Then she said, So you think the knowledge he wishes you to learn is useless? Unimportant? A waste of time?

Harry shook his head. "No . . .but . . .I would have rather been reading The Path of Mysteries."

Selene's holy book? Are you Her follower now?

"Uh . . .no. But after reading about Her and what she represents and how She believes that all magic is connected to the universe and there must be a Balance between Light and Dark, and Muggle and wizard, wizard and magical beings . . .I really like that philosophy. It makes sense. More sense than binding house elves into eternal service, more sense than looking down upon half-bloods and Muggleborns. I was told once that all pureblood families have some Muggle blood in them, or else they would have died out. But the purebloods sneer at Muggleborns and call them Mudbloods."

People fear the different. Or are jealous of them for having more Talent. It is an old story, one that will never have a happy ending until people stop fearing and start listening with their hearts.

"Right. You're real smart for a little kid."

She laughed, and the sound reminded him of bells chiming, high and sweet. Thanks. Do you listen with your heart, Harry?

"I . . .I try."

If you do, then you'd know that your guardian isn't being cruel when he assigns you these tasks, he is trying to teach you something important.

"Yeah. How to wear myself to a sliver and watch my mouth."

No, silly! How to control your emotions and your magic.

"Huh? How do you figure that?"

"When you paint the fence, what do you feel?"

"Annoyed as crap. Why?"

Besides that. Moving the brush up and down, looking at the white paint, what do you feel?

"Sort of relaxed and calm."

And that is how you ought to feel when you touch your magic. Not angry, not frightened. Calm and in control. She moved then, and grasped his wrist lightly. You're doing it wrong. You need to flex your wrist, like so. She guided his wrist up and then down, and the paint went on in a smooth motion. See? Much better!

He grinned at her wryly. "Where'd you learn to paint a fence? I didn't think they had fences in Sherwood."

I am not always in Sherwood.

"I wish I had your parents. They don't seem to care what you do."

Why do you say that?

"Because you seem to just come and go as you please. You don't have anybody quoting rules at you."

Things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes, Harry, the hardest rules to follow are those you make yourself. When you lived with your aunt and uncle, they didn't really care what you did, right? Was that better than living with your teacher?

"No! Living here is twenty times better than living at Privet Drive. It's just . . .he's so stuck on rules sometimes it drives me mad."

Perhaps that's his way of showing you he cares.

"That's crazy!"

Rules exist for your safety. If he didn't care about you, would he bother making sure you followed them and were safe?

Harry thought about that. He supposed not. He knew the professor cared about him, otherwise he would have left Harry at Privet Drive. It was good to have someone who cared, but at the same time he missed not being answerable for homework to anyone but himself. "No, but . . .who's side are you on anyhow?"

She grinned impudently at him. My own side, of course.

"You are one strange kid." He turned back to painting the fence.

She shrugged, plainly not bothered by his statement. She watched him paint, sticking her nose in when he missed a spot or paint dripped onto the grass. Wipe it up. You'll kill the grass. That's poison to growing things.

"Hey, calm down. It's just grass."

Grass that your horse and other animals need to live. If somebody threw garbage into your drinking water, would you be so calm about it?

"No." He knelt and wiped up the paint. He had never thought about it like that before.

Respect the earth and it shall respect you.

"You're just full of advice this morning, aren't you?" Harry said, half-amused.

She shrugged again. Why is that funny?

"You're a little young to be giving me advice, don't you think?"

Not if you need it. You missed a spot there.

He scowled at her. "What are you, the paint police? You think you can do a better job?"

Yes. But you need the practice, she returned primly.

He turned and stuck his tongue out at her. It was very childish, but somehow he didn't care.

Then he returned to his fence painting, concentrating on making the paint nice and even and trying not to drip on the grass.

The child lay down a few feet away and put her hands behind her head, staring up at the clouds, which reshaped themselves into dragons and unicorns and other mythical creatures for her amusement. But Harry did not notice, and as soon as he had finished painting the fence, she sat up and the clouds blew into wisps.

"How's that look?" He stepped back from the fence.

Good. Your guardian should be pleased.

"He damn well ought to be. I busted my arse." Harry declared, wiping his hands on the back of his jeans.

You do like to complain, don't you?

He glared at her. "If you'd had to do that, I bet you'd complain too."

Why don't you go for a ride? Jasmine is bored being in the paddock all day.

Harry waved a hand and sent the whitewash and brush floating onto the back porch. "My thoughts exactly." He walked around to the gate and entered the paddock, Summoning the saddle pad and bridle as he did so.

Jasmine nickered and trotted over to him, staying still while he placed the tack on her.

Harry swung aboard her, and the mare danced happily in a circle before settling down when he pulled on the reins. "Whoa, girl. Easy." He looked back at the child and rode Jasmine over the gate where she was standing. "Want to come? You're light enough for Jasmine to carry us both."

If you want. But I like to go fast. She hopped up into the saddle before him, her bare feet banging against his boots.

He swung the gate open and Jasmine cantered out of it. The mare was feeling her oats today, because Harry had to rein her in when they circled the paddock and then he let her go, pointing her towards the forest.

Jasmine leaped forward like an arrow released from a bow, her hooves flying over the grass. Harry clung to her and glanced down at Titania, but he needn't have worried about the strange wise child. She might have been on a rocking horse, she sat easily in the saddle, unconcerned about the mare's sudden burst of speed, her small hands twined in the white mane.

Jasmine raced full out, Harry urging her faster and faster. They breezed about a mile before he tugged gently on the reins and slowed her, then turned and raced back towards the paddock. The little mare was as game as they come, and galloped eagerly towards the paddock.

Harry gloried in the rush of speed and the feel of the mare beneath him. Jasmine did not have the electrifying speed and sheer power of Moon Fire, but she was a graceful horse with a sweet temper and a willingness to please her rider.

He galloped Jasmine to the paddock and back again towards the woods. The little girl was laughing and delighted. Run, Jasmine, run!

Jasmine put her ears back and galloped even faster.

Harry crouched over the little girl, hearing the wind sing in his ears, and he thought he was in heaven. Or at least very close to it. He clucked to the mare and they swung back towards the paddock.

He slowed suddenly when he caught sight of a familiar figure waiting at the gate.

The professor was standing with his arms folded, eyeing his wayward charge sternly.

"Damn, he looks really ticked off," Harry groaned. He looked down at the child, only to find that she had simply vanished. Again. Gone again! How does she do that? She might have stuck around for a bit and delayed the scolding I'm about to get. Though he didn't know why Severus was angry at him. He had completed the fence.

He pulled Jasmine to a neat halt in front of the other man. "Sir? Is something the matter?"

Severus raised an eyebrow. "You tell me, young man. What were you supposed to do after finishing that fence?"

Then Harry remembered. "Oh. I forgot. I'll finish my essay right away. Sorry." He slid down from Jasmine and started to lead her towards the barn. "Am I in trouble again?"

"You will be unless you finish that assignment."

"Yes, sir." He hurried towards the barn.


He turned and looked at his guardian.

"Who gave you permission to ride outside the paddock?"

"I . . .you never said I couldn't."

"I never said you could, either. Next time ask me first. And where's your hat?"

"In the tack room."

"How many times must I remind you to wear it?" Severus growled. "Is it so difficult to remember? Must I Stick it to your head?"

"No. I forgot. It won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't. Or else you won't be allowed to ride any horse for two days."

"Two days! But that's not—"

"Don't say it," Snape cut him off. "Part of riding is being responsible for your own safety as well as your horse's. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be riding."

"Okay! I said I'd remember." Harry snapped, then he turned and started walking towards the barn again.

"Mind the tone. I'm not going to tell you again," warned Severus, his patience shredding.

"Yes, sir," he responded automatically. Then he muttered under his breath, "Bloody damn hardarsed git!"

"Put the mare away and then see me in the kitchen." Severus said shortly, fuming.

Harry was already leading the mare into the barn and didn't bother acknowledging the command.

It would seem he was right back where he'd started.

Until he entered the kitchen and saw Severus waiting holding a spoon and a brown bottle. Only then did he remember that Snape had ears like a proverbial bat.

Cod-liver oil tasted worse than any potion he had ever had. Worse, it clung to the inside of his mouth and tongue, slick and nasty. He gagged and spit for three minutes, trying to rid himself of the horrid taste before Severus said, "Enough, boy. It'll linger for a bit as a reminder. Next time, watch your mouth, and don't test me."

"Yes, sir." He darted a glance at the professor, expecting to see satisfaction upon the other's face. Instead he saw only a sort of weariness. Apparently, Snape did not seem to enjoy punishing him. Unlike Uncle Vernon, who had derived a certain sick pleasure in walloping him.

"Go finish your essay." Severus waved him away.

Harry went upstairs to finish his belated homework, leaving Severus alone in the kitchen, rubbing his itching brand beneath his long-sleeved shirt. The tingling sensation boded no good. Voldemort was stirring and that meant trouble for everyone.

He rubbed his temples and scowled. This was all he needed.

Severus was terse to the point of being uncommunicative during dinner. Harry noticed and wondered if the other was still angry at him and giving him the silent treatment. He kept glancing over at the other while eating his shepherd's pie until Snape set down his fork and gave him a direct glower.

"What is it? Why do you keep looking at me that way? Have I grown horns and fangs? Turned purple?"

"No. It's just . . .are you still mad at me? Is that why you aren't talking to me?" Harry asked, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

But Severus heard the slight quiver in the boy's voice and said, less abrasively, "No. Once I punish you for an infraction, Harry, it's over and done with. Unless you repeat it. I've got a lot on my mind tonight." He picked up his fork and resumed eating, trying to ignore the hot flashes of pain in his arm from the Dark Mark. It was not a summons, not yet. But the Dark Lord was irritated and making his annoyance known.

"Oh. I thought . . ." he trailed off. He didn't need to burden Severus with his stupid insecurities. He took a bite of his salad.

"Thought what?" Severus asked softly, sensing the boy was upset. "That I wouldn't forgive you? That I would show you the door? Because I assure you that no matter your attitude, I will never tell you to leave. There will be times when we have differences and arguments, it happens to everyone, in every family. We are no different."

"Are too. You haven't backhanded me across the mouth yet." Harry blurted.

"Nor will I. Clearly, force does not work with you. Anymore than it did with me. Therefore, I will try alternative methods to get my point across. And pray to the Lady that you learn your lesson."

"I have. Selene's Grace, I have," Harry said fervently. He never wanted to taste cod-liver oil again for as long as he lived.

"Good. Despite what you might think, I did not enjoy that, however you needed it. You need to learn to guard that wayward tongue. A wizard's magic expresses itself in words, and words are power, child. Use them wisely and only lie if you absolutely have to." He grimaced and swallowed a sip of his lemon water, which was laced with some Pain Reliever. It would dull the throbbing.

"Is that why you made me paint the fence too?"

"Yes. Discipline is the cornerstone of a wizard's power. If you can't control your impulses, you'll have a difficult time controlling your magic as well. And an uncontrolled wizard is dangerous to everyone. You have a great deal of inherent power in you. You could burn out your magical core if you allow your magic to run unchecked. That's why I'm stressing control over your emotions now. Someday it may save your life."

"I understand. I'm sorry I'm so aggravating."

"Humph! All teenagers are aggravating, Harry. I expect it. Just try not to let it happen so often."

"Okay." So the silver-haired waif had been right after all. She really was too smart for her own good. He wished he could tell Severus about her, but he still couldn't speak about her to the other wizard. It was very frustrating. Though it was one way to keep a secret.

Harry looked out the window and saw that dusk had fallen. The moon was halfway up, a silver crescent in the darkening sky. He felt an odd tingle in his bones and turned to his guardian and asked, "Are you going to go for a run tonight, sir? If you are, could I . . .ride with you? Please?"

Severus sighed. "Not tonight. I'm rather tired. Maybe tomorrow." He rose to his feet. "Dishes, Harry."

Harry rose also, eager to show off his growing mastery of wandless magic. He sent the dishes into the sink with a gesture and a soft, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Then he cast a "Scourgify!" a few moments later.

Severus nodded his approval. "You've been practicing. Well done. Perhaps it's time to teach you a new spell."

"Like what?"

"An Unlocking Charm." Severus answered. "But not tonight. Fetch me your essay."

Harry called it off his desk and it floated over to Severus as if it had wings. He was proud of it until he tried to make it halt and it ended up hitting the professor in the face. "Oops, sorry!"

That got him a half a glare and then Snape took his History of Magic essay into the den to proofread it.

Harry waited patiently until Severus had declared the essay adequate before sititng down next to the other man. "Professor, I was reading up on the initiation ceremony in Selene's book, and several times it mentioned an ordeal that a person had to undergo. But it wasn't very specific, only saying that the goddess chose the task for the initiate. Can you tell me more?"

"No, for the task for each initiate is different. And also a very personal affair, between you and the Lady. It is not something to be spoken of lightly. It is something you need to experience to understand."

"What is She testing for?"

"She wishes to make sure that your choice comes from your heart, that you were not forced into it, or persuaded by magic. Her followers must come to Her willingly or not at all, knowing that She asks them to be protectors and keepers of the Old Ways—to cherish the earth and the animals who walk it, to help those in need, whether Muggle or wizard, to fight the dark magic by whatever means necessary, including giving your own life should it be required. And also to preserve the Balance of power between Light and Dark—for the dark cannot be eradicated, only pushed back and balanced by light. Both are necessary, but when the Balance tips, then She may call you to act to right it, as She did me. You have seen her nurturing Aspect, the face of the Mother, but She also has a warrior Aspect, and in that She can be ruthless and deadly. You only summon that Aspect in dire need, for once She comes, She shall slay any who threaten you, or have threatened you, without mercy."

"Have you ever summoned that Aspect of her?"

"Once. The night your mother and father died. I called upon Her for vengeance and She answered. Many Death Eaters perished that night, and those who did not were imprisoned in Azkaban. It is not something I would do again, unless I had no other choice. The Bright One's Rage is not to be taken lightly."

"How come some of the Death Eaters survived then?"

"The Aurors had already taken them into custody when I invoked Her vengeance. Everything in balance, remember?"

"I've been dreaming about Her," Harry told him. "In my dreams, She protects me and comforts me after . . .after Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia punish me for nothing or Dudley pounds on me. But it almost doesn't feel like a dream . . .it sort of feels like it really happened . . .like a memory. Am I making any sense? I know it sounds insane . . ."

"Not really. One of the ways in which Selene comes to you is in dreams, they are Her province as Lady of the Mysteries. You may be remembering incidents from your childhood that you had either blocked out or She had made you forget until now."

"Why would She do that?"

"Perhaps because you were too young to comprehend things then and now you're not. I do not pretend to know Her mind. How often have you had these dreams?"

"Every night for a week. And there's more. When I wake up I feel . . .refreshed and at peace. Even if the dream starts out bad, by the end of it I'm not afraid because She's there with me."

"She will never leave you, Harry. When I stand before the Dark One, I know that She stands behind me, and gives me strength to endure his depravity without flinching."

"Would She do the same for me, if I asked? If I became Her initiate?"

Severus nodded. "She would. Are you considering following the Path of Mysteries? I warn you, it is not always easy. We Selenians often act in secret, without hope of recognition or reward, as our conscience and our goddess bids. We are not as respected as we once were, and we have fewer acolytes each year. But once you have passed your Ordeal and have been accepted to Her service, you shall be a part of the brethren until you die, or She Herself casts you out."

"Like She did He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

"Yes. She loves those strong in magic, but She hates hubris, and that was the great sin the Dark Lord committed, that and the willful destruction of children. That She could not forget or forgive. And so She turned away from him, and he from Her. He detests Her now and any who follow Her. He feels Her rejection keenly and yet he will never admit it was his fault. So when he comes upon a Selenian . . .he shows them no mercy."

"When does he ever?" Harry snorted. "Look at Cedric."

Severus sighed heavily. "He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. You should not blame yourself. Blame instead the one who committed the deed."


"He has much to answer for." Severus said gravely.

"No kidding. I'd like to kill him." Harry said furiously.

"I cannot blame you. But set aside your thoughts of revenge for now. Answer this question for me. Why would you choose Selene as your goddess?" When Harry would have answered, he held up a hand. "Think before you answer."

Harry did so, considering the question carefully. It was more complex than he thought at first. Finally, after almost fifteen minutes, he replied.

"Part of me chooses Her because She protected me that night on Halloween. I didn't know it, but for years I always felt safe when I looked up at the moon and stars. I guess I could feel Her then. She's been there for me throughout some of the worst things in my life, even though I didn't know it. She gave me courage to endure my relatives and to keep going even when my life sucked. She sent you to me and then She protected me when Quirrell tried to kill me. And with the basilisk and the werewolf too. There's never been anyone . . .except maybe you . . .who ever cared that much about me. She called me Her son. In my dreams."

"So you are. All of us are Her children."

"She makes me feel . . .like I belong. Like I'm worth something besides just being the Boy Who Lived. I like the philosophy She gave to us, how everyone matters—not just purebloods, or wizards, but regular people too. I can relate to that. I want to know more about Her, I want to learn what She has to teach, and to become someone other than a hero. I think She can help me do that."

"Yes. You are one of Her Chosen, Harry. She has a special purpose for you, one that is yet to be revealed. I do not know what it is, so do not ask. But I can tell you this. It is more than destroying her wayward son. To her Chosen, She gives great gifts, but also demands much of them. And there is always a price. I knew when I accepted Her into my heart long ago that sometimes the path I would walk would be lonely and hard, dark and twisted, but in the end I would know Her grace. For me, it was enough. Think about it some more, Harry. If you still feel the same tomorrow night, then I can begin your initiation. If you change your mind . . .I will not be angry. The choice is yours always."

"I don't need anymore time. I can give you my answer tonight."

"Do not. Sleep on it. It's not a decision to make lightly. Re-read The Path of Mysteries. I want you to be utterly certain before I perform the ceremony."

Harry agreed, though he was certain he wouldn't change his mind. He needed Selene, needed the comfort and stability She provided, and the love that was what he imagined his own mother would have given him. He needed that most of all.

Just then, Severus felt the brand on his arm flare into agony. He gritted his teeth to keep from screaming. Somewhere, Voldemort was hurting someone, perhaps several someones, and he was enjoying it. Snape could feel the Dark Lord's cruel delight through the link that bound them and he fought to keep from vomiting. Sometimes the brand gave him insight into the dark wizard's mind, which was why he had allowed himself to be Marked in the first place. Sometimes it worked to his advantage. Other times, like now, he could have done without the bloody thing.

He felt his head swim as the evil sorcerer used his power to harm, to suck the life from an innocent human being, simply for the pleasure of killing.

"Professor Snape? Are you okay?" Harry cried in alarm.

His teacher's face was gray and he shook as with a fever, his eyes were glassy and filled with pain.

Severus's mouth worked and he said hoarsely, "Harry . . .fetch me a Headache Remedy—Class Five. And an Anti-Nausea Draft as well. Do it now!"

Harry sprang to his feet and ran to the potions cabinet. He feared Snape was suffering a migraine or maybe something worse from the looks of things. He had just found what he needed when he realized he could have summoned them wandlessly. He mentally called himself an idiot and carried them over to the professor.

"Here, sir. Do you need help?"

Severus took the Headache Remedy first and then the Anti-Nausea Draft. Both potions worked almost immediately, dulling the terrible pain, though nothing could dull the awful truth that Voldemort was torturing and murdering people. Selene, help me. I ask you, Lady, to help me bring this mad thing to justice.

He closed his eyes, forcing himself to breathe slowly, as he did for meditation.

He felt a fluttering touch, delicate as a moth's wing, inside his mind.

Severus, My child, hear Me.

I hear you, Great Mother. What would You have of me?

A young witch is in grave peril. She must not be allowed to perish. Save her, Severus. Follow the path and save her!

He felt the goddess' need flow through his veins like liquid fire, a burning urgency in his blood that he could not help but obey. As You will, Lady.

He opened his eyes, his headache was gone, the burning of the brand subsumed by Selene's call. "Harry, stay here," he ordered abruptly. "Under no circumstances are you to leave the house, or the grounds, until I return."

Harry stared at him as if he had gone mad. "Professor, I don't understand. Where are you going? Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine. She has given me a mission. I need to save a girl."

"A girl? Who?"

"I don't know . . ." Severus began, but then an image flashed into his head of a slender girl with brown eyes and wild frizzy hair, a girl who forever had her nose stuck in a book, and who at turns both irritated and shocked him with her intellect.

The most brilliant witch of her generation—Hermione Granger.

Save her, Severus.

"But if you don't know who you're supposed to save, how will you find her?"

"Selene will guide me." He turned and gripped Harry by the shoulders, his hands were like iron claws, they dug into the boy's slender shoulders. "Stay here, Harry James Potter. You are safe here. Do not leave the property. Understand?"

"But . . ."

"Stay here. Don't worry about me. If I don't return in two days, contact Andromeda Tonks. She is another Selenian. She will help you."

"Can't you just tell me where you're going? Please!" Harry cried, the professor's gaze was fixed and his eyes were burning pits of black fire, they frightened him. Snape's fingers were digging into his shoulders, hurting him, but he made no attempt to pull away. "Please, professor!"

"I am going to the Granger residence," Severus answered curtly. "May Selene watch over you, child. I shall return as soon as I may." He released Harry with a snap and the boy toppled over on the couch, stunned.

"Hermione? Hermione's in danger?" he sputtered, getting to his feet.

Professor Snape did not answer. He strode to the front door of the house and opened it, sprang down the porch steps and blurred into Moon Fire.

The stallion reared, pawing the air, and the Mark upon his brow blazed incandescent fire. The moonlight shimmered down upon him, and Harry saw the black coat start to shimmer with eldritch fire.

"Be careful!" he called softly as the stallion leaped forward, his hooves trailing icy sparks.

Within moments he had vanished into the night, following a trail only his eyes could see, running with the speed of the wind itself.

"Come back to me," Harry whispered, feeling his heart constrict within his chest. "I need you too. Selene, please let him come home to me."

Frightened for both his guardian and his beloved friend, Harry went back inside, anxiety making his heart race and his stomach cramp. He located a Calming Draft in the cabinet and drank it down. Then he huddled upon the sofa, wrapped in Severus's favorite soft blue blanket and stared into the fire, praying that all would be well.

I know, an awful cliffy! But you ought to know that there will be at least one in any of my stories!

Hope you all liked this one! I will try and get the next chapter up soon so you can find out what happens with Severus and Hermione.

Thanks for reading and reviewing as always!

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