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This is what I have been preparing for since the beginning of the year, physically and mentally preparing myself for the outcome of the first Quidditch match of the year, against Ravenclaw.

Breathe, Holly. You’re going to do fine, no pressure…

It always seemed like I used pressure as my excuse.

“Williams!” I heard Oliver scream my name, “Please, would you concentrate? You of all people should be listening, the added pressure isn’t doing you any good, you know?” I just nodded my head to show that I really was paying attention. He continued speaking, “Okay, Fred and George, I need you to make sure you hold your positions here…” I heard him say, but then I was off into another daydream.

I could hear the whistle to begin the game, the sound of the wind whirling around my ears, and I could just see that fate hint of gold glitter blinding my eyes as if it were begging me to come chase after it. I could do this, I kept telling myself over and over again. No pressure.

“WILLIAMS!” I heard my named screamed once more. I popped my head up sharply, stunned by the sudden calling of my name. I saw Oliver looking straight at me, with an expression that wasn’t exactly optimistic. “Everyone, dismiss and finish suiting up. Williams, come here.” I saw Angie and Katie’s expressions as I stood up from the blenchers, and started walking towards Oliver.

“You’re going to get shot or something…” I heard Angelina say. I just giggled.

“I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl now,” I said sarcastically. I continued walking until I finally reached where Oliver was standing. “Yes, Wood?” I didn’t want to sound mean about it, but I felt as if it came out with the wrong tone of voice.

“Williams, the first match of the season is in less than an hour, and all you can do is daydream?” He asked me. I took a deep breath in. I was about to speak, but he continued on, “You’re supposed to be concentrating fully on this match today. If you haven’t realized the amounts of pressure that is put upon you as Seeker…”

There’s that word again… pressure.

I stopped him right there, “Wood, trust me, I know the pressure. I’ve been dealing with it forever.”

“Well, than stop daydreaming, and put your best foot forward. Pay attention to the game, instead of your silly fantasies!”

“I do pay attention to the game, Wood.” I paused for a moment, “This ‘game’ is my damn life. It’s all I know, Wood.”

“That and being a total self-absorbed girl who can’t seem to keep her head in the bloody game!” Oliver screamed at me. I was completely dumbfounded.

“Where the hell is all this coming from?” I was so confused, and pissed at this, that I didn’t know exactly how to react.

“Just pay attention next time, Williams, so I don’t have to call your ass in here again.”

“Why are you acting like this?” I asked him, but he didn’t answer. He just stood there, facing the opposite direction. “Fine, I understand the feeling of not wanting to talk about something, but seriously, Wood. Get off your high horse.” I was waiting for a remark on his behalf, but nothing. Silence just filled the empty space between the two of us.

I stared at him for another couple of seconds, before turning on my heels and heading back to start getting dressed for the match. I heard noise coming from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Oliver sitting on the floor. I took another deep breath, and went back over to him. I sat down, leaving space between us.

“Oliver…” I started, not looking at him. Out of the corner of my eye, though, I noticed he turned his head in my direction, “Um, I mean, Wood…”


“I apologize for what random argument we just had between us, but seriously, why the bloody hell were you yelling at me like that?” I asked him simply.

“I’m just nervous.”

“So, you decide to scream at me?” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I nodded my head and began to stand up.

“Well, I better go and get ready,” I said while walking out. He didn’t stop me, and I didn’t turn back around that time, I just continued on my way.

I saw Katie and Angie the second I walked through the door, “So… did you guys start snogging or something, you were in there for quite some time, missy!” Angelina stated.

Thanks, Ang.

“For your information… no, we didn’t.” Ang just laughed. “It’s not funny.”

“I’m only kidding… you know I love you, mate,” we just smiled.

“Well… if you weren’t off snogging, what were you two doing then?” Katie asked, trying to be a part of this conversation.

“Just about the match, that’s pretty much it.” They just stared at me.

“Seriously?” Katie questioned. I nodded my head in agreement. “Well… that’s boring.” I laughed.

We finished suiting up, and were about to head out onto the pitch. I grabbed my broom, and started following Angelina and Fred outside, until I felt someone grab my arm.

“Williams, don’t do anything stupid out there.” I eyed Oliver, as he pulled me aside.

“And what do you mean by that?” I questioned him.

“Just be careful. Don’t do any crazy stunts out there. We need you this season,” he said.

“Um…” I didn’t know what to say, “Thanks, Wood.” We started walking outside again.

“Oh, and Holly…” I heard him say.

He called me Holly.

I turned my head in his direction again, “Break a leg out there.” I smiled.

“I thought you told me not to do anything stupid.”

“You know what I mean,” he said while laughing.

“I do.” I smiled back again.


Well, this was it. The grass smelled fresh, the weather was absolute perfection, and the PRESSURE was definitely on and ready. The first match of my seventh year… it was sure to be a good one. I could see my teammates, and the Ravenclaws soaring through the air, and I could see everyone in the stands screaming their heads off, hoping for their team to come to victory. After shaking myself from my random moment of thought, I hopped onto my broom, and flew to my position. I watched and listened as the crowd’s cheers began to settle down as the officials came out to the middle of the pitch.

They released the bludgers and the Snitch, while telling us to have a fun and clean match. I suddenly heard flickering coming from behind me. I turned my head to see the Golden Snitch just buzzing next to my ears, as if it were teasing me to just catch it already. When it finally flew away from me, I was ready.

Bring it on, Ravenclaw.

Ten seconds before this match started, ten seconds before everything around me would suddenly become a mad house… ten seconds before it was time to show everyone just what I’ve got coming this Quidditch season. Nothing was going to slow me down, or stop me, from witnessing my dream. I know what it feels like to suddenly have something taken right from my grasp, and I wasn’t going to let go again… ever.

And in those ten precious seconds, I saw Katie and Angelina watching sharply for the release of that Quaffle. I saw Fred and George pounding each others’ fists, as they do before every match, and I even turned around to see Oliver, perched on his broom next to the goal posts, looking around at his team with a very proud expression worn upon his face. I smiled at this… and I realized that I wasn’t only doing this for myself, but for Oliver Wood, in that matter. He having a winning season would most likely help him fulfill his dreams too. I smirked, thinking about this.

Those ten seconds were over in a snap. Because the Quaffle was released, and the game began!

I noticed that Katie shot out there like a pistol, soaring towards the Quaffle, and flying towards the Ravenclaw goal posts, passing it back and forth from Angelina and Alicia Spinnet time to time. I also saw Fred make a bloody amazing hit to a bludger, totally knocking a Ravenclaw Chaser from his broom.

This is one dangerous game we enjoy…

I finally caught myself just sitting there, and turned my broom around in search of the Snitch. The Ravenclaw Seeker was on the opposite side of the pitch, but I could tell that she hadn’t located the Snitch yet, or she’d be zooming at full speed.

And ten points to Gryffindor!” I heard over the speaker system.

I saw Oliver block a few goal shots, and Fred and George whipping at those Bludgers like no other, but that’s when I saw it… just like in my daydreams at the beginning of the match. I saw the fate hint of golden-colored glitter sparkling right into my eyes. I moved closer, slowly, and sure enough, it was the Snitch.

This is it, I kept thinking, no pressure.

I gently straighten up on my broomstick, and started flying at top speed. I was zooming through the air towards the Snitch. It started flying as well, and the chase had begun. I was passing through other teammates like bloody crazy, and I even had to chase it down through the stands, probably scaring some little first years along the way…


It seemed like it was never-ending. Both Fred and George had to come and stop bludgers from completely smothering me, which I very much appreciated. I was so close to it now, I could just taste the sweet victory over Ravenclaw… until she showed up, the Ravenclaw Seeker. We were inches away from each other, both trying to grab hold of the same thing. It took all my might not to just push her off her broom. We were both flying, neck-in-neck, up above to pitch now, with all the other action happening just below us. Neither of us really noticed though, since the Golden Snitch was just in front of our noses.

But things suddenly changed course, when the Snitch started heading straight down towards the ground. But I didn’t miss a thing… I saw the Snitch and started flying straight downward to follow it at a speed that was just too risky, but I was going for it. I wasn’t going to let something else slip away from my grasp. The other Seeker reached me once again, and we were both dividing down, parallel to each other. I kept my eyes on the target ahead of me, and I reached out my arm to grab it. But, she kept on hitting me, trying to lessen my amount of concentration, and to reach out for the Golden Snitch herself. But, I wasn’t going to take that from anyone… if I didn’t put up with bullshit at practices, why should matches be any different?

I kept my arm out, long and strong, feeling confident about this match. We were getting closer and closer to the hard ground, and I was starting to get nervous, but I wasn’t going to let that Snitch get away, not now when I was just in centimeters of having it in my hands. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see the nervous look upon the face of my opponent. I knew that I probably had the same expression, because I definitely knew the feeling. The Snitch was right there though, I thought. There was just no point in getting nervous now. Again, out of the corner of eye, I saw her stop diving and heading upward. Now, it was really my time to shine, my time to capture that Snitch and happily win the match for the Gryffindor team…

That’s when I heard someone yelling my name.

I couldn’t tell who it was, but I didn’t let it distract me, I reached my arm out again… but that’s when it happened. While close to the ground, almost basically crashing, I had a bludger hit at me, nailing me right into the side of my left arm. I heard the people in the stands go awe, all at the same time. I could feel the pain as I fell from my broom, and landed on my side into the ground. My head was throbbing in pain, and I couldn’t feel my arm at all. My back felt like someone had just stabbed me, over and over again.

The pressure I was feeling was just unbearable.

I heard a whistle blow to stop the match, and I had people rushing towards me. My eyes were closed, but I could hear the feet of people stomping. The crowd had gone completely silent. I had trouble breathing, probably from the shock and way I hit the ground pretty fast. I was surprised by the fact that I hadn’t fainted. I could hear everything that was going on around me.

I felt someone softly put their hands on my back, and I moaned, slightly from the pain. I could hear the words of Madam Pomfrey, “Are you alright, my dear? What hurts?” I didn’t answer. “Dear, will you please tell me so I may help you?”

 I breathed in sharply, the pain becoming worse as I did. I tried to turn a little, so I could see everyone looking down at me. I opened my eyes for a quick moment to see the all of the Gryffindor team standing there, watching me suffer, all with worried expressions plastered on to their faces. I saw Oliver step in front of everyone.

Just the person I wanted to see… and this time around, I meant it.

“Oliver…” I whispered, faintly.

“What did you say, my dear?” Madam Pomfrey asked. It took me a minute or two to respond back to her. I started feeling dizzy, and my breathing was just horribly unbalanced.

“Oliver,” I said again, trying to be a bit louder this time.

“Mr. Wood…” I heard Madam Pomfrey address him. I opened my eyes slightly again, and when I did, I saw him come towards me, kneeing down to be closer to my level. My right hand was lying flat on the ground, closed into a fist. He slowly, but surely, placed his hand upon mine. The ground was cold compared to the warmth of his skin.

“I told you not to do anything stupid,” he said, jokingly, probably just trying to ease up the mood. I noticed the crowd was still completely silent, and even the people around us were too.

“I know, but remember… I never do what you say, captain,” I tried to smile, but it hurt to even try to work up a simple laugh.  “But I need you to let go of my hand…” I told him sternly.

When he did, even though it hurt, I still sent up a smile in his direction, “What are you smiling about, Williams?” he asked.

I motioned my eyes towards the hand that he just let go of. He grabbed it softly once more, loosened my fist that I was clutching, and slowly revealed the Golden Snitch resting in my dirty and bloody hand. I saw the greatest expression of happiness and shock come to his face. He looked down at me again.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” I just closed my eyes.

“Holly Williams has caught the Snitch!” I heard over the speaker system. “GRYFFINDOR WINS!” And with that, the crowd started cheering again, but this time, even louder and more exciting than before. I had done it. I caught that damn ball... just like I had envisioned.

I still was moaning from the pain, but I didn’t want something like this to ruin my moment, but it was too late for that. The last thing I remember was feeling someone pick me up carefully, trying not to touch my bloody arm, and carrying me into the Hospital Wing, where I eventually passed out from the hit.

Gryffindor had won the first match of the season, all thanks to me. I usually don’t care about bragging, but I was feeling pretty damn good about myself, that I just couldn’t help it. Even though I was passed out from the injury, and who knows when I’ll ever be fully healed, I still felt invincible, like nothing could stop me. I flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee, and it felt amazing.

Pressure didn’t get the best of me this time, no sir. If anything, it motivated me even more so than in the past couple of years. The pressure to play my very best, the pressure to impress everyone, including all the professional teams out there, the pressure to win, or the pressure to win this match for Oliver…

Oh, Oliver Wood…

Never again will I let pressure be my excuse.


Author's Note: Well, I have been waiting to get the first Quidditch match out, and I really like this chapter for a number of different reasons, but I'm not going to sit here and explain them all to you guys! But, did you like it or not..? Tell me what your favorite part was, or if you would have changed anything... Rate and reviews as always pleasssse! They are greatest appreicated (:
Okay, and question - -  what are you expecting in the next chapter?  Or what do you want to happen in chapters to come, BESIDES STUFF DEALING WITH OLIVER AND HOLLY KISSING, GOING OUT, ECT. Tell me where you see this story going...! And thanks for everything guys. This story already has almost 2000+ reads and many reviews. I love you guys so much..  so thank youuu!

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