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Chapter 1 Mistakes. 

He was in every living, breathing, Slytherin’s opinion the perfect male and best mate any one could ask for. Leif Ingo Haroldson was, in the opinion of most, the best thing to ever happen to Hogwarts. And he, on a good day was inclined to agree with an amount of smugness that should not be allowed. He was in his seventh year and was making his mark. He was head boy and the best keeper that Slytherin had ever had. But Leif had a secret. One that he could not let out. It was that he was in fact, not perfect. 

Inside the Slytherin seventh year dormitory he toweled of his hair in front of the loo mirror and smiled at himself in the reflection. Dam he was handsome. He dropped the towel on the black tile floor for the house elves to take care of and stepped out into the seventh year main room. The walls were the same dark stone they had always been and the floor was still just as cold as it had been his first year here. He marched over to his trunk which was already open and had clothes exploding out of it. He dug in until he found a full kit that looked relatively clean. 

“Oi” he bellowed at the sleeping form of his best mate who lay sprawled up twisted in his black and silver sheets.”Oi, wanker.” 

The head of blond hair that was Mikko Nanson perked up then seeing the culprit of the noise making groaned and pulled the blankets up over his face. “Huuummgh” was the only sound to make it out of the bedding. 

Leif smiled and finished buttoning his white jumper. He then armed himself with his favorite dense pillow. With a whoop like a crazed owl he ambushed his best mate and hailed upon him the most brutal of blows. Mikko’s head was finally able to free its self from the mess of bedding only to get smashed by Leif’s beloved pillow. With a yowl he leapt at Leif, bedding and all, and tackled him to the floor. They fell a mostly laughing mass of black and silver and limbs. 

“Oi wanker yourself.” Mikko spat out as he untangled the rest of his body. His jab was greeted by Leif’s happy laugh.” What time is it” he said rubbing his head of blonde hair. 

“Time for eating so get some clothes on so we can go, yeah.” Leif said while knotting up his tie. Mikko nodded on his way to the loo to take the world’s quickest and most ineffective shower in the history of showers. He came out nude rubbing his hair with his towel. 

“Hey” Leif yelled” get some pants on will ya.” He yelled to his friend as he stalked to his own trunk.

It took what seemed like ages for Leif and Mikko to get to the great hall for breakfast. First day of classes and he was not excited. At least this would be the last year, then he would be faced with the even better choice of working for the rest of his life. When they entered the doors of the Hall the morning sun was shining through the ceiling filing the hall with the bright light of the new day sun. Leif sighed under his breath. This was a safe place, a place he knew. The rows of tables filled the large room as did the chatter of students and the clatter of cutlery. This at their arrival became suddenly hushed. “Ah the sound of fans.” Mikko laughed as the chatter began again when the awe that Leif had returned again to grace them with his presence wore off a bit. 

“Sadly the charm I exude does not affect the opposing Quidditch players.” He said to Mikko as the walk to the Slytherin table. 

“Or from them from shooting glares at you.” He laughed as scowls and curses were tossed their way. 

“Oi Leif,” a voice called. It belonged to the very pure blood, very amazing beater, Dario Deanangelo. Leif plopped down beside him and filled his plate with bacon and sausages. “You ready to give Gryffindor what they got coming this year?” 

Leif nodded his mouth full of the meat he had just piled on his plate.” If we don’t win the cup I think I will just toss myself at the whopping willow and be done with it.” He said with a gulp. 

“Here here.” About six boys yelled 

And with that the talk turned to girls as is to be expected from seventh year boys.”Did you see the honkers on Megean Gifford?” Ciro Fabian asked loudly.” Goes away for the summer and comes back looking like that. They are liable to topple her over.” 

“I saw them, ten gallons says I can have her in a broom closet in a week.” Allan Jones said sticking out his palm as if to collect right there. 

“I could get her in today if I wanted to, that is a ridicules bet”. Mikko retorted. 

“You wish you could, it takes more than quick mind to get a girl to snog, it takes the equipment.” Allan said standing and grabbing at his crotch. This was met with over all laughter and bits of food tossed in his direction. 

“I’ve seen your willy mate and let me tell you it is more like training gear.”Leif said with a laugh. Allan sat down quickly to the laughs of his mates before he drew too much attention to himself. 

“So what, Haroldson you think you got what it takes?” Allan said looking into his pumpkin juice. Leif could actually see the cogs in Allan’s mind turning as he watched him. 

“There is not a girl in this hall that would not jump at a chance to get a hold of his, Er, him.” Dario said for Leif. 

“Thanks mate”Lief said to Dario. 

“Yeah well in know one person who he could not get.” Allan said his head snapping up to look at Leif in his eyes mischief. 

“This sounds like a bet to me.” Mikko added leaning in close to the two boys. 

“Alright it’s a bet you want then, a bit of a wager, your skill against mine.” Leif said calmly looking at Allan. 

“Yeah that’s right. I say I can get Megean Gifford in a broom closet in a week, fair?” Allan said looking about him. The fact that Megean was a Gryffindor and the fact that Allan was a much hated Slytherin made the bet seem fair. She had at least some morals in Leif’s opinion. 

“Aright fair enough, now what must I do?” Leif cockily answered. 

“You, You, you have to make a girl fall in love with you.” Allan said beaming. 

“That’s it.” Leif chucked. 

“You have to make that girl fall in love with you.”Allan said evil smile lighting up his face as he pointed at the great hall doors. All turned at once to find Leif’s next victim. 

“Bollocks.” Was all he could say when he saw the girl who entered the hall much like a wraith. 

She was quiet and graceful and pale enough to be one. 

This was going to end badly. 

It was like time had stopped when they all spotted her and now time seemed to catch right back up to them. All turned to look back at Leif with looks of horror scrawled across their faces. 

“You got the balls mate” Allan said smugly as Leif came back to reality. 

Leif could turn it down, Merlin know he could, but then what of his honor. What of his reputation. Two things that were risking your life for in his mind.”I got the balls Allan and they are a quite a bit larger than yours.” He retorted. After the chucking of the other boys died down he then added.” But the real question is you god the quid.” His eye brows shooting up and doing a bit of a waggle. 

Her stomach was ice much like the rest of her. If there was one thing that Avalon Hascall hated more than having to attend Hogwarts was that she had to endure the crowds that came with it. It was not that she didn’t adore the school it was just that she in general hated people. She floated down the length of the Gryffindor table and sat at a deserted section of table. She placed her book bag down by her side on the bench. She kept her head down grabbed up some toast and peach slices and deposited them on her plate. She ate her toast first not bothering to butter or jam it. The quicker I eat the faster I can be out of the great hall she told herself flicking at some of her wavy brown hair. It had a bad habit of getting into her eyes which was rather bothersome. 

Avalon was at best an outcast which to any other 17 year old would be a horrible thing but it was just fine to her. She had plenty of things to fill her time when she was not in classes. And it was not that she exactly minded that other students didn’t notice her. She had her dear cousins Bryson and Cari who always waved happily to her in the halls and talked to her in the library but sadly they were both in Hufflepuff so she only got to see them on good days. She just found that instead of being social she loved to learn but it was the forbidden forest that she loved most. Filled with all mystery and with all the things a girl could wish to discover. It was there she spent most of her spare time. Though it was rather tricky getting out there but once she did she was lost in it. 

She gulped down the last of the peach slices and quickly stood grabbing her bag and making her way to the large double doors that were the exit. It was too loud in here for her.
Suddenly a body knocked her off balance and into some Ravenclaw’s who sat at their table opposite the Gryffindor’s. She bounced off them and onto the floor her bag spilling all her books onto the floor. ”Oi” a gruff male voice barked” Bloody hell watch where you’re walking you nutter.” 

She quickly pulled herself up off the floor where she had landed in a mess of limbs. The Ravenclaw’s didn’t bother to look and see what had just bummed off them. The rude Gryffindor boy left her stooped over scooping books back into her bag with a grimace on her face. Then when all was sorted she was nearly running in her escape but her ankle kept her from really putting on any kind of real speed. 

Leif had been watching the slip of a girl since she settled in to eat. She reminded him a chipmunk worried that something was going to run up and steal her food right out of her hands. It made him smile but also worry. This bird has some serious issues and it was going to take all his skills to swing her in his direction. She really was not that ghastly to look at if she was not such a weirdo he would have said she was downright pretty. She had brown wavy hair that looked soft and clean it was a bit shorter than he normally liked it was just shy of her shoulders. But overall she was not that misfortunate. With a bit of work she would be downright shaggable. And he could work with that. 

“How is your girlfriend” Mikko asked him quietly. Looking at Leif with interest. 

“She is a bit strange but there is something there that I could work with.” Leif told his friend as he watched her rise quickly and start making her escape to the doors. She looked rather pained as she rushed away and then out of no were a large Gryffindor knocked her into some Ravenclaw’s then out of sight. “Shit what a hit.” He mumbled under his breath. When she did not appear right way he thought he was about to lose by default because she had just died, killed by one in her own house but before he got to worried the little brown head popped up looking rather rumpled and worse for the wear. Then like a shot she was out of the great hall with a bit of a limp on the left side. 

“Mmmm.” He thought to himself. 

“Battle plan then” Mikko asked. 

“Indeed.” Leif nodded the quickly stood.” Well chaps im off to win a bet.” He announced and strolled out of the great hall the image of almost every girls sexual desire. His sandy blond hair was reaching past his ears. It curled in the most appealing of ways and was always in the best shape. His face was handsome to say the least with two dimples and his eyes would squint in the cutest way when he smiled really hard. But his body well his body was nothing to snigger about either. He was filled out from the countless hours blocking quaffle shots aboard his broom stick and from his summers home with his Father back in Iceland. He overall was a dashing young man with the world at his finger tips and girls at every turn. 

He tried to catch up to the girl but she was really moving even with that ankle so he just wondered around the halls until he thought of the once place she would go. Well she seemed to hate public places so he wound his way to the library to have a look see. And sure enough right when he was about to give up and return to the dormitory he saw her in her own little corner reading a book alone at a table. He watched her for a second and here in the library she seemed so much more relaxed. Her brows were furrowed slightly in concentration. She looked more like a girl and less like a wild animal now. He smiled at that thought and then looked around plotting what to do. He quickly grabbed a book at random off a shelf and shifted his bag which hung over his right shoulder carelessly. 

“Excuse me.” He asked quietly. She did not respond.”Oi you there” he badgered again. She still did not look up so he swiftly took the seat beside her at the table and plopped his bag in front of him.”Oi.” he said again and this time she looked over under her eyelashes. “Can you help me with something.” 

She looked fully at him now. Her face totally relaxed but there was a look in her eyes much like a dear ready to bolt from a hunter. When she didn’t respond he just started talking “I was wondering if you knew if this book would be helpful.” He said thrusting it at her. She took it in her hands gingerly and looked at the title and then looked at him her eyes questioning.”It’s for a bit of personal study I was just wondering if you knew anything about it.” 

She just shook her head and handed it back to him. He then got a good look at what the book was and almost swallowed his fist as he thrust it into his mouth trying to stop the laughter. It read The Sexual Practices of Trolls and Gnomes. She looked over at him looking rather peeved for him interrupting her study.”Look” he tried smoothly” I just saw you and wanted to talk to you I didn’t even look at the book, I guess I should of huh. Makes me look rather the wanker doesn’t it.” She just looked back at him not speaking.” You just look like a girl who enjoys studding and such and so do I, so I thought we would have a lot to talk about. I mean it seems you should be in Ravenclaw the amount of books you tout about. How many classes are you taking anyw…..” her hand suddenly was over his mouth stopping his words. 

Then she turned and gathered up her stuff and put her bag over her shoulder and started to leave.”Oi don’t I even get your name” he called after her. 

She turned and looked at him and simply said in a clear normal female voice.”You make too much noise”

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