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My Fishy by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 2 : Micheal Thomas
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“Padfoot when I get my hands on you prepare to die,” I call down the hall after Sirius dumps my bag on the ground and runs.

“Stupid idiot,” I growl as I bend to pick up the stuff.

I reach for my potions book and someone else picks it up. I look up to see Michael Thomas.

“Hey, mike,” I say as I stick stuff in my bag.

“Hey potter,” he says with a grin.

“you don’t have to help me,” I say

“I want to,” says Michael.

I stand up and mike puts the rest of my stuff in my bag . He leans in a kisses me. I kiss back.

“What was that?” I ask

“I like you,” he says

“I like you too,” I say.

“Can I walk you to class?” he asks

“Sure,” I say

We walk to class talking about Quidditch. We reach history of magic.

“See you after class, love,” says Mike

“See you,” I say

HE leans in and kisses me. I enter the class dazed and sit next to Lily.

“What made you so happy?” asks Alice from behind me.

“Michael Thomas,” I reply

“You moved on fast,” says Lily.

“Well, Black is the one who screwed up and why shouldn’t I move on?” I say

“She does have a point, Lily. Black kissed someone else and She deserves a hottie who won’t cheat,” says Alice.

“I guess. At least, it means less marauder time,” says lily as she started to concentrate on her notes more.

“He has an excellent body,” says Alice

“Yeah, you should see him shirtless at Quidditch practice,” I giggle

“Now that would be a sight,” says Alice

Three days pass. Mike and I are walking to Quidditch practice. Sirius pushes past us pushing me to the ground.

“Pad foot, you are dead,” I get up to chase after him .

Mike’s lips connects with mine and I forget to go after Sirius. We walk into practice a minute late. Drew Franklin, Quidditch Captain, face turned red as we enter.

“where have you to been? You were late for snogging again. That is the third time….” he yells for another minute and gives us five extra laps. I land at the end of practice after the extra laps.

“That was fun,” I say sarcastically.

“was the snogging not good,” says mike

“it was more than satisfactory,” I say as I kiss him.

“That is disgusting,” says a voice.

“You know black. Just cause you can’t get a girl doesn’t mean I can’t kiss my guy,” I say as I tugged Mike in the directions of the locker room. We walk up to the common room because we both have free period. He sits on the couch and I sit on his lap. I lean in and kiss him. His arms wrap around my waist and we start snogging. I have my hands run through his dirty blond hair.

“Well, I have class and you have class. We should probable get.. go…ing,” I say as I continue to kiss him.

“Stef, Lets go,” says Lily.

I pry myself from mike and follow Lily to class. I sit down next to remus.

“Wotchers, Moony,” I smile

“hey angel,” says Remus wearily.

“Full moon is close, right?” I ask

“Yeah. You are really doing a number on Padfoot,” says Remus

“Moony, he kissed someone else . He put this one on himself,” I say

“True. So I take it you like the guy,” says Remus

“He is okay,” I reply.

“Okay? That sounds like a keeper,” says Remus

“He is a keeper,” I say with a little laugh.

“Funny,” says Remus mused.

The day of the full moon. I sat down with the marauders next to Sirius. I was eating and get hit in the side of the head with porridge. I look at Sirius and he has a innocent look. I pick up my glass of pumpkin juice and dump it on his head.

“Padfoot, it is going to take me hours to get this out of my hair,” I complain
“So, it is tasty,” he says as he leans over and licks my cheek.

“Black what are you doing to my girlfriend,” says Mike

“Tasting. She is full of porridge,” says Sirus with an edge.

“Black me you out side now,” says Mike.

“Mike, it is okay. He meant nothing by it. We were just having fun,” I say not wanting a fight for me.

“ok. Come on then. I’ll walk you to class,” he says

Commons before dinner. I am sitting next to Mike with my head on his chest. The marauders walk in and James waves me to join them. I get up and walk over.

“What’s up prongs?” iask

“We were going to plan for tonight ,” says James

“Okay, when?” I ask

“After dinner in our dorm,” says James

“You are still coming?” says Sirius

“No shit Sirius. Just because we aren’t together doesn’t stop me from helping Remus and being a marauder,” I snarl

“Guys don’t fight,” says Peter

“Stay out of this, Wormtail,” we say together

“what about micky,” says Sirius

“Don’t you dare bring him into your stupidity or call him that,” I hiss.

“Micky,micky,micky. I thought you had a date with him,” he says

“Sod off, Sirius. My lovelife is off limits to you the moment your tongue entered Clearwater’s mouth,” I hiss

Sirius looks ready to hex me but, I turn and sat down by mike. I lock my lips on his and my tongue begs enterance. I heard the boys side dorm slam and I relaxed in mike's lap.

“What was that? And what did they want?” he asks

“The kiss was to make black go away and I have to cancel our date tonight,” I say

“why are you canceling the date?” he asks

“It is a marauder thing. It is a private matter,” I say

“Want to go down to dinner?” he asks moodily.

“Sure,” I say standing up.
In the middle of dinner, Michael decides to say what he has been thinking since yesterday.

“stop hanging with the marauders,” he says to me

“What are you talking about? They are my friends,” I say

“I don’t like them they are trouble makers,” says Mike

“News Flash, I am just as much of a troublemaker as they are. I happen to think they are quite funny,” I say venomously

“your with me now babe,” he says

“So, I can’t have guy friends,” I say

“Not them,” says Mike




“Why not ,” he says

“I CHOOSE THEM, T-H-E-M,” I yell

“WE ARE DONE THEN,” He says as he leaves the great hall

“ There's tons of fish in the world, Angel. Why not go fishing?” says Sirius

I smacked him so hard he fell off the bench.

“Ass,” I say as I continue to eat.

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