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I never thought I’d be here, after eluding capture for so long; after twenty years. Here I was, though, about to die. At the hands of Lord Voldemort, no less. Perhaps I should be honoured, for although he has killed many, they have only been of great importance of late. Am I honoured? I am not. I feel privileged to be dying a heroine’s death, but not to be killed by Lord Voldemort.

What a compromising position I am in, hanging upside down in midair. It is uncomfortable. Painful, even.

“Do you recognize our guest, Severus?”

Oh, but of course he recognizes me. While I know that this is true, I can only hope that he feels some sort of compassion for me. I haven’t spoken to him in the twenty years that I have evaded capture, regardless of the fact that we have worked together for seventeen of those years. I’ve thought of him at every chance I could. Has he judged me too harshly throughout these twenty years? I do not believe he has, though of course I can’t say for sure. He can’t judge what I have done any more than he can judge what he has done. We both made mistakes. We both repented from them. We both fell in love.

I realise that I am rotating around the table. There they all are, staring at me as though I am some crazed, wild animal. There are those who did not want to leave, and those who were too cowardly to. There is Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco, their boy. I can’t believe that he is here, with all of them. How I pity the poor child. Bellatrix, Rodulphus, Rabastan, and those who I know regret nothing. Disgusting creatures, they are. Still turning, I am now face to face with Severus. The pain is almost too much to bear, both physically and emotionally, and I know that I am crying, even if I can’t feel the tears run down my face and presumably fall onto the table.

I can’t help it. I break. “Severus! Help me!” I scream. He brushes my cry off with a simple reply to the Dark Lord, though I know that he can do nothing else. He does not mean to hurt me--or does he? Has he forgiven me? Does he know that I have forgiven him? Does he feel any regret at seeing me like this? I can do nothing but wonder now, and I know that I have only moments left to live. I had always wanted my life to end with dignity, from the time that I could process what it meant and up until mere seconds ago. That is not to be. I simply can’t--I’m trying my hardest to be silent and take whatever comes, but I can’t. The fear of everything that is coming--or everything that is not--is consuming me, I just can’t stay quiet. They’re all smirking at me, they’re all wondering how far they can push me until I fall over the edge of sanity. They are succeeding--I can’t even think anymore. There is this odd buzzing overwhelming me and my surroundings are starting to swim in front of my eyes…I will admit it to myself--I am scared. What if it isn’t over quickly? What…What if he tortures me, until I die from pure fear? What if I’m close to dying from fear, and nothing else, right at this moment? I am now facing Severus again.

“Severus…please…please…” So is this what it has come down to? To me, begging, pleading, for nothing at all? And now I can’t speak. Voldemort has gagged me somehow and the pain and fear only increases. I can barely hear. I can barely see. I am growing numb from fear. I can’t speak. Am I to lose everything that makes me a living, breathing human being, one by one? How far I have fallen. I was once on top of the world, with nothing to bring me down. Then I grew up. Now, I will die.

And Severus has witnessed it all.

The quotes "Do you recognize our guest, Severus?" and "Severus! Help me!" are from page 11, chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. The quote "Severus...please...please" is from page 12, chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. I don't own the series, I'm just having fun with it and decided to borrow these quotes. :)

By the way, what do you all think of this start? I know it's short, but it's just the prologue--there's a lot more to come, and I'm really excited for it. I hope you liked it!

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