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disclaimer: I own nothing but ALICE! (: She's mineee.

Root beer.

I stare at the brown label.



I need to get to the roots of all my problems. And this root beer is going to help me out.

I stare at that root beer so fiercely that my eyes cross.

I pop the can open and take the Very Important First Sip.

What day is it today?’s been a full week since Albus Potter has posted his “Wanted” sign.

What does Albus Potter want with you?
I have no idea!

How come you have avoided him for so long?
I don’t want him to find out who I truly am. I’m very positive that his reaction to me will be like everyone else’s. I don’t need him to be another name on my list of mockers and scoffers. I’ve had several close calls, though, like that time near the kitchens. Has he staked out that place or something? I want my soda, and he’s blocking my way!

Has Albus’s search turned out any prospects?

Prospects! Practically a hundred girls have owled him or jumped him in the hallway, telling him that they’re secretly “Sprite,” that they love him! It’s sickening! I have half a mind to bash them all on the head and tell them to leave him alone.

Do you think Albus will give up searching for “Sprite” anytime soon, since you have not come forward?

I stop sipping root beer.

I’m scared to think of what could happen if Albus gives up. What if he moves on? What if he never thinks of the girl from the kitchens ever again who recycled the soda can?

But that’s impossible. Albus is a Potter. Potters. Never. Give. Up. It’s like part of their code.

I mean, look at Albus’s brother. Has he let up on bullying me? Has he left me in peace? No, of course not.

I check the time. It’s 8:30 PM, so I decide to slip in a quick walk around the castle before curfew. I gather my limp hair into a ponytail and pick up my precious soda before exiting the Hufflepuff common room.


Time passes ever so slowly. I give up on my not-so-enlightening walk and turn towards the shortcut through the tapestry to the descending staircase leading to the Hufflepuff portrait entrance. That is, until I hear hushed voices inside.

A sympathetic voice says, “Mate, another letter from your dad?”

“Yeah...” An exasperated sigh. “He’s mad about me and Nicholson again.”

My breath catches in my throat. I can hardly believe my ears. It’s Potter. Not Albus, of course. It’s James Potter.

“Why do you even bother with her?”

I hear a little scratching, and I assume it’s Potter scratching his head thoughtfully. Ha, looking for his brain? It’s not in there!

“I’m not sure, mate. I mean, it’s kind of automatic. She doesn’t fit in and she’s a bit of a freak.”

My grip around my soda can tightens. I’m a freak? He should take a look in a mirror! What kind of person bullies people for no reason?

“Don’t be insulted, James, but you turn really nasty when you talk to her. It’s like you’re James Potter normally, and then ‘James the Monster’ whenever she’s around.”

Potter shifts uncomfortably in the passageway. “Look...I don’t want to talk about it, okay?”

“You’re going to have to eventually,” the other voice tells Potter reproachfully. “Don’t you even feel bad about messing with her all the time?”

Footsteps start walking towards me, but I need to hear Potter answer this question. It all comes down to this: Is Potter a monster or is he truly a nice guy?

I hear Potter begin to speak, and I press my ear against the tapestry eagerly. “The thing is--”

But the tapestry flings open and I fly backward against the wall! My soda can makes a frightening crunch as I channel all of my fear into being discovered, crushing it between my fingers. As I feel the small trickle of leftover root beer in the soda can run down my finger, I peek a glance at Potter’s shocked face as I slide down the wall opposite him.

His outrage washes over me like a sonic boom. “NICHOLSON?!”

Maybe wandering around Hogwarts wasn’t the best idea tonight.

A/N: Hey guys! I know it's been a long time since I've updated..but here I am! How'd you like this chapter? I know it was short! It's actually the shortest chapter I've written in this story....ever! Was it TOO short? Ack, now I'm stressing over it!

Leave a review with your opinion! Solve my problems 'cause I don't have root beer on hand right now!! Haha, You know you want to >:D

EDIT 5/11/10: I added a couple things to this chapter to make it a bit more satisfying, but not much. Don't worry, there's WAY more coming in the next chapter!


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