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LAST TIME ON my heart belonged to you: I had my hand on the door knob and was just getting ready to leave him sitting there. But I turned to him a final time “James, My heart belonged to you. You had it and then you shattered it into a million pieces. I loved you once, but I can never forgive you for what you did.” He sat there stunned and I opened the door and went back inside. Then with a loud BANG the door slammed behind me. NOW ON WITH THE STORY! Chapter 8 -At War With Head and Heart *James POV* BANG. The door slammed and she was gone behind it. She seemed sure of herself, so I picked myself up and left. She was right, I blew the whole thing 3 years ago. I’d made the biggest mistake ever. She loved me once, but it was over. Done with. I pocketed the ring, I’d take it to Diagon Ally in the morning and pawn it off. Sadly I left her porch and went to my father’s manner in a Liondust Ridge. I walked the entire way home. When I opened the door I saw Sirius half asleep on the couch. But when I shut the door behind me it awoke him and he leapt up. “What did I tell ya Prongs? I knew she was still head over heels for you! Three nights man, wow!!! Even I’ve never made that long of an unscheduled trip.” He winked and I felt worse than I had when I left Lily’s. Sirius was a big lady’s man and heartbreaker. When you’re gone over night he assumes one thing. He tends to jump to conclusions when it comes to girls. A few rocks hit my stomach, I didn’t feel quite like explaining this one. “If she was head over heels, then why did she throw me out?” I asked him. “Prongs… how many times have I warned you about coming on to fast…” “I never even got inside the house.” “Then where were you?” “Outside, on the porch, waiting.” “You sat out there, for 3 days?” “Yea, biggest mistake I ever made, hey do me a favor.” I tossed the ring to him “Take this to Diagon Ally tomorrow, give it to the junk man and maybe he can melt it down.” “But Prongs, you held on to this for…” “It’s time for me to let go.” *~* Lily’s POV Well if there’s a prize for rotten judgment, I’ve won it. I’m done with James Potter, permanently. No man is worth that aggravation. It’s ancient history. I’ve been there and done that and I’m not going back. I avoided Potter at the order’s meetings, but this wasn’t difficult. He had his own committee a committee which I thankfully wasn’t part of. He wasn’t winking at me during meetings or trying to catch my eye. He was just there. One thing however that I didn’t like was that lately Sirius seemed to be fallowing me. It seemed as if everywhere I went he was in an eye shot. He was always close behind at the meetings and trailing me silently in Diagon Ally. It was creepy. I’d never liked Sirius much to begin with. He was always a bit of an arrogant git. He’s gotten James into tons of trouble throughout our years at Hogwarts. (Then again it wasn’t as if James was an innocent bystander.) He’d been a stud when it came to girls. He’d pulled countless pranks on me, and I didn’t trust him. At all. It was mid-march. It’d been at least 6 months since the death eaters had arrived in three broomsticks. Aaron and I were coming back to my apartment after getting an ice cream. We were sitting on a bench outside the courtyard, and I could sense that we weren’t alone. “Do you have any clue how beautiful you are?” he ask me and I blushed “I must be the…” …But I zoned out. My eyes weren’t looking at him. They were focus on two bright yellow spots in the bushes over his shoulder. “…was thinking what if…” but I cut him off. “Do you see that?” I asked “What Darling?” “Do you see that? In the bush over there…” “It’s probably just your imagination, you have the prettiest eyes, they sparkle and shine like emeralds…” and he leaned into kiss me but I pulled away “No Aaron, there’s something in there…” “We’ll look for it later…” he moved closer again. “Something’s watching us.” “Let it watch…” he moved in for a third time and put his lips on my neck. The next thing I know the yellow spots are no longer floating in the bush. They’ve taken their full form of eyes on a large black dog. It flung itself over to us and tackled Aaron. They fell to the ground and the massive beast growled and snarled at him. Eventually the dog began scratching and biting so Aaron shouted to me “…Lily run… I’m gonna apperate. I’ll see you…” but with a whoosh he was gone and I was left with the dog that was now calm and laying on his back. I looked the dog in the eye and said annoyed “Alright Black, I’m sick of these games…” the pup tilted his head at me ”What do you want?” I asked with my temper slightly rising. The beast began running around in circles chasing its tail and barking playfully. “Sirius, I’m not stupid. I know its you.” But the dog continued to run in circles. “Sirius, NOW!!!” I shouted and slowly the playful animal changed into a tall man with long black hair. “You were always a spoil sport, ya know that Evans?” he said angrily “Hmm.” I replied “Well let see, you just tackled my boyfriend. Why wouldn’t I be somewhat angry?” “You have no sense of humor.” “You have no sense whatsoever!” “Thanks Evans, I think you’re wonderful too.” He said sarcastically “Cut the crap…” “whoa somebody’s learned a new word since last time we spoke. Never thought I’d see the day when Lily Evans would say a cuss…” “oh shut it!” why was it that Sirius and I could never carry a decent conversation “Just tell me why the hell…” “…Another new word! Bravo in expanding your vocab…” “…Tell me why you’re here.” I said annoyed, a conversation with Sirius could be more exhausting than running a mile. “You’ve become slightly more demanding. Maybe I don’t want to tell you…” “SIRIUS BLACK! YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING ME FOR THREE WEEKS!! WHY ARE YOU STALKING ME!!!!!!” “Stalking is a bit of a strong word. I wouldn’t take it THAT far.” “Just tell me.” I asked him slightly calmer. “Cause I think you and Prongs…” he began “Anything to do with Potter is none of my concern.” I told him “Evans, he still loves you…” “He sure has a MARVELOUS way of showing it!” I said extremely annoyed “Evans, he sat out on your porch for THREE nights. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM HIM?!” “Nothing. I want nothing to DO WITH HIM!” “You were both crazy about each other!” “Ya we were weren’t we? But you know what? He messed that up. I’m fine now. He needs to get over it.” “You still love him to.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Why else would you have wasted away all that time sulking around without a boyfriend?” I stared at him for a second. I honestly had no clue how to reply to that. Finally I got sick of this overly exhausting conversation. It was time for me to leave. “I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to find Aaron.” I told him and I turned to go away, but he wouldn’t let me have the last word. “might as well not.” I wanted to walk away, but I had to know what that meant. “And why is that?” I asked him “Cause you’ll never be happy with him!” he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world “What makes you say that? You have no idea what’s going on in my life. You’ve, thankfully been removed from it for just as long as Potter has.” “You won’t be happy…” and for the first time I saw a glitter of seriousness in his eyes “…because he’s not James.” I sat back down on the bench puzzled. “Just something to think about Evans.” He said “Looks like my work here is done.” He glanced over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching, then he transformed back into his dog form, ran into the bushes and was gone. I stayed there for along time with my head hurting and my heart pounding. Usually I ignored anything and everything Sirius said but for once I had listened and as much as I didn’t want to admit it he was right. James still loved me. And as angry as I was at him… …and as much as he had hurt me… …and as much as I didn’t trust him… …and even though my head told me it was a bad idea… …deep down in the very pit of my heart I still loved James Potter. That was the reason I’d never tried to get another boyfriend. That was the reason I sulked around for three years, because I still loved him. You can get over love in 2 months. You can get over big love in 2 years. But James and I had great love, and great love changes you’re life forever. Now, my heart and my head were at war, and I didn’t know what to do and which to listen to. END OF CHAPTER EIGHT!!! Hello to all my faithful reviewers!!! Hope you enjoyed this chappie I don't think it's one of my betters but I had a bit of a problem writing it... anywho next chapter will be next weekend. WE HIT 20 REVIEW PER CHAP!!! WAHOO! oh yea, and just so I don't get in trouble... the love, big love, great love was partly borrowed from "win a date with tad hamilton" I luv that movie and that perticular line from it. Luv ya! -LJ KEEP REVIEWING!

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