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                                                    ***I do not own Harry Potter***

Lily turned back to her friends after she watched James sit down and start to laugh. 

‘Care to explain?’ Lily asked picking up her tea and bringing it to her lips, her bottom lip felt wet before she even sipped the amber liquid, she put the cup down and saw that she had taken a sip right from the place James had put his lips to drink from, upon this realisation she got the feeling of an ice-cube being dropped to her tummy, a feeling she noticed she rather liked.
She licked her bottom lip, another ice-cube, she smirked. 

‘We were arguing,’ Autumn said bringing Lily out of her reverie
‘For a change,’ Rose muttered
‘And then I don’t know, we were just... making out,’ Autumn said lifting her head
‘Yes that happens to me all the time, remember that time we argued Rose?’ Lily laughed
Rose chocked on her muffin and laughed
‘Yes that right, laugh at my anguish,’ Autumn said solemnly
‘Oh love,’ Lily said reaching across the table and putting her hand on Autumn’s arm, she felt some one watching them and she turned to see that James was in fact watching them, or rather her. He gave her a wink and a slight nod and she returned the nod.

Fast Forward To Dinner

Autumn was still moping about.
‘It’s not that bad,’ Lily said with her arms around Autumns shoulders
‘Not that bad?’ Autumn said looking at Lily like she was mad
‘Lily, he was the best kiss I’ve ever had,’ she said incredulously
Lily and Rose shared a look, maybe it was a little unpleasant, Autumn let out a groan when she saw the look her two friends were sharing.
‘Do you want some chicken?’ Lily asked
‘I’ve dedicated the majority of my school career to disliking that prat,’ Autumn said as Lily put the chicken on her plate
‘How about some spag? Lily asked
‘You don’t understand, this is equivalent to you turning around and screaming ‘I like James Potter,’ and then doing a little dance,’ Autumn said

Lily’s stomach did a little flip

‘She does, they’re friends remember?’ Rose said spooning mash potato’s on her plate

Lily said nothing but glared at Rose.

‘Do you want some salad?’ Lily asked Autumn
‘What do I do now, do I continue disliking him or do I have to be (she gulped) civil?’
‘Do whatever feels natural,’ Rose said
Autumn looked up from Rose to Lily
‘Lily,’ she said as though that were the answer
‘Me?’ Lily asked
‘Can you talk to James, find out what’s happening?’ Autumn asked
‘Er,’ was all Lily came out with
‘You are friends aren’t you?’ Rose questioned
‘Yes, but we don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,’ Lily said now piling food on to her own plate
‘Please you must, you’re my only source,’ Autumn begged
Lily looked to Rose, Rose frowned and nodded as though to say ‘Don’t torture the poor girl,’
‘Yes of course I will,’ Lily said
Autumn smiled as did Rose but Lily looked to her plate and wondered, how exactly was she meant to go about this?

Fast Forward To Patrolling That Night

James and Lily were wondering around the castle like it was them that had kissed instead of Autumn and Sirius, meaning they walked in silence and when they caught each other’s eye they would hastily look away and clear their throats.

After a while Lily found this unbearable, she wanted to talk with him, laugh at his stories have an innocent reason to watch his mouth move, watch as his eyes glitter behind their rectangular wire rimed encasing.

‘So,’ Lily began clearing her throat as his eyes shot to her
‘Sirius and Autumn huh?’ she continued innocently though she felt spectacularly uncomfortable
‘Merciful Merlin,’ James said with such relief that Lily had to smile
‘Did Autumn ask you to talk to me about Sirius?’ James asked

Lily nodded

‘Good because Sirius asked me to do the same thing with you about Autumn,’ James said rubbing his face.
‘So do you , uh, want to tell me what’s happening on Sirius’s side?’ Lily asked
‘Sirius’s side is simply, why did she do it?’ James said

Lily stopped in her tracks, James continued on without her for a few until he realised she wasn’t with him anymore, when he did realise this he turned to look at her

‘Autumn kissed him?’ Lily asked in disbelief
‘Yes, why didn’t she tell you that?’ James asked
‘No, she left that part out,’ Lily said walking to where James stood
‘Are you sure it was her?’ Lily asked again as they began to talk once more
James let out a laugh that caused Lily to look at him
‘Oh come on Lil, it was so obvious that she likes him,’ James explained
‘No she doesn’t,’ Lily said indignantly
James looked at her
‘Come on Lily as if she doesn’t, they way she always ignores him, and goes out of her way to argue with him, as if that wasn’t her flirting, she may as well have rented a billboard and pasted it up,’ James said still laughing
‘That’s what you boys think is flirting?’ Lily asked a little disgusted
‘No,’ James said hastily noting her tone ‘I mean I know now that when you flat out ignored me to the point where I may as well have been a suit of armour in a deserted corridor, you weren’t playing hard to get, you were repulsed by me,’ James said as though proud he had figured this out

Lily looked to the floor guiltily, she felt terribly, she only realised now how horrible she truly had been, but in her defence she didn’t know he was a nice normal guy, rather charming actually; but then again to her own prosecution she never did give him a chance.

‘I was never repulsed by you James,’ Lily said softly
James started and looked at her
‘You weren’t?’ he asked
‘No you weren’t repulsive, you were just... persistent’ she said faltering in search for a nicer word for “annoying”
‘You’re just being nice aren’t you?’ he asked knowingly
Lily smiled
‘Tell me the truth then,’ he urged gently
Lily’s heart began pound against her rib cage and her face grew hot
‘Well I really never was repulsed by you, you were just so up yourself, walking around like you owned the joint, just because you’re so smart, hexing who ever because you could. And then the whole quidditch thing,’ Lily said chancing a glance at him and he grimaced
‘I mean don’t get me wrong you are very talented in that field (James stood up a little straighter) but I don’t think,’ she paused and reworded ‘ I’m not sure that the compliments helped you in the sense of modesty and the fact that there is a James Potter fan club, well personally I don’t think that that is such a good thing either,’ Lily said
‘Don’t hold back,’ James muttered
‘I’m sorry,’ Lily said hastily realising how horrid she must sound
‘No don’t apologise, I did ask, and I suppose I always knew it, but hearing it, especially from you it, it kind of hits the spot,’ James said rather deflated

The look on his face touched a chord in Lily, she knew now that he never meant any harm and the fact that he wasn’t such a bad guy, well it pained her to know she was causing him grief, so she did the only thing that she thought might fix it.

She reached out a hand and grasped his arm
‘I’ve told Autumn and Rose we’re friends,’ she said hoping this would cheer him up
‘You told Emilia too,’ James said with a small smile
‘I think she fancies you,’ Lily said
James let out a laugh and picked his head up
‘What makes you say that?’ he asked
‘The fact that she joined the James Potter fan club,’ Lily said at this he laughed louder and she squeezing his arm
‘Is there really a club?’ James asked amused
Lily let her hand drop and started walking
‘Well no, but the amount of girls you and your friends have pining after you there might as well be one, but I’m not sure even Dumbledore would approve,’ Lily said with a cheeky grin
‘Well speaking of girls pining after my friends,’ James began
‘Ah yes, what to do about Autumn and Sirius,’ Lily said
James shrugged
‘Well we seem to be able to talk fine, I mean we’ve even progressed to being on a first name basis,’ James said
‘Yes I agree, I think we should let them figure it out,’ Lily said
‘Figure? You mean fight,’ James laughed as did Lily
‘I just can’t believe firstly that they kissed and secondly that Autumn instigated it,’ Lily said
‘Why, don’t you think a girl can make the first move?’ James asked with a wink
‘Of course they can, it’s just that she’s been against him for so long, and then she snogs him, it just doesn’t add up,’ Lily said
‘You were against me and now look at us,’ James said
‘Yes but we’re not snogging yet are we’ Lily pointed out
James turned to look at her the single most enticing simper on his face
‘Yet?’ he asked stopping dead

Lily could of sunk into the floor, she stood there looking at him not knowing how to fix the slip of the tongue, she stood rigid her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water and a flush that started at her feet rose all the way to her scalp.


He was walking toward her! He was getting closer with that handsome, what? No! stupid. That stupid smile still displayed on his face, he was very close now.
Oh yes please, Lily thought
I mean no, lord no, a whole world of no.

‘There they are,’ came a booming male voice from down the corridor
James’ head turned to the interruption

Not now! Lily thought angrily and then shook that thought from her head
Yes now! Ecstatic that we’ve been interrupted now, she forced herself to think.

She turned her head to the male as well and was shocked to see Octavious and Kane making their way toward them with their wands in hand.
James and Lily reached for theirs simultaneously

‘You got even what do you want now?’ James asked in a low and dangerous voice
‘To get even with ginger there,’ Kane said eyeing Lily almost hungrily
‘What for, she had nothing to do with it, I ran your brothers into McGonagall Lily wasn’t even there,’ James said lazily
‘That’s not what we heard,’ Octavious said
‘Listen here, I gave you me for free, I told no one about it but you try to hurt her and fair play is done, you’ll have me and my family to deal with,’ James said threateningly
Kane and Octavious sneered at him
‘Don’t both your fathers work for the ministry?’ James questioned
‘Your father doesn’t work at the Ministry,’ Kane said smiling as though James were daft
‘No,’ James agreed then he took a slow step forward ‘But my Aunt does, I think you might know her, she’s the Minister,’ he said in a whisper
‘Are you threatening our fathers?’ Octavious glared
‘No, I’m threatening your dogs,’ James replied sarcastically rolling his eyes

Lily stood next to James her hand tight around her wand. Bullies usually never bothered her all that much, but these two boys families were rumoured to be affiliated with Death Eaters and now not only had their brothers gotten into trouble but James threatening their fathers probably wasn’t the best course of action, Lily thought.

‘Well now we’re going to have to get you again,’ Octavious said angrily
‘Or we could just get his little girlfriend twice as bad,’ Kane said menacingly
James’s mouth opened to respond
‘Problem gents?’ came the calm voice of Sirius Black from behind them
‘Yes is there any way we can help?’ came the voice of Remus Lupin

Lily turned to look over her shoulder and saw Sirius, Remus and Peter making their way toward them with their wands hanging loosely as their sides.

Octavious and Kane eyed all the boys and their wands as they surrounded Lily, clearly outnumbered the Slytherin's smartly decided to back off and they started to walk away, but Octavious turned
‘We will get her, you can’t always be with her,’ he said slowly before turning and continuing on his way.

As the boys turned the corner, James let out a thoughtful sigh.
‘And what was that about?’ Sirius enquired
‘Bullies nothing more,’ James said dismissively
‘James,’ Remus probed
‘Remus,’ James replied

Lily watched as the dance progressed as Sirius tried and then Peter and then Remus again but when Sirius went to try again it was here that James got annoyed and cut them off
‘Enough,’ he laughed exasperatedly
‘Lily,’ Remus and Sirius said in unison turning to her
James hand shot out in front of her stomach grabbed her waist and pushed her behind him
‘No,’ James warned as Lily looked at his back
‘Lily,’ Remus said again

At the sound of his voice Lily poked her head from around James’ shoulder

‘Yes?’ she asked timidly
‘Don’t look them in the eye,’ James whispered to her
Lily looked at him
‘That’s how they always get me,’ James continued
Lily’s eyes shot to the interwoven fibres of James’ jacket
‘Lily Evans,’ Remus said in a teacher like tone
‘Fight it,’ James whispered loud enough for all to hear and Lily laughed
‘James I thought we could tell each other the important things,’ Peter said
‘Women,’ Lily muttered and James snorted
‘We do mate, so this obviously isn’t important,’ James replied reassuringly
‘Some one threatening Lily doesn’t fall under the “important” category in your books?' Sirius said paradoxically
James gave Sirius a disapproving look
‘I know,’ Lily said now stepping away from James

All eyes turned to her

‘Yes they know that (James said pointing at his friends) and we (James indicated at both of them) are trying to kept them out of detention by not telling them,’ James said as though he were explaining the situation to a three year old
He turned to his friends
‘It’s a good thing she’s pretty,’ he said rolling his eyes
Lily punched him in the arm
‘Ow, it was Sirius,’ he said his arms flying to shield his head, he lowered them immediately and cleared his throat
‘Sorry, force of habit,’ he said sheepishly
‘I meant I know what’s going on and as we’re friends we don’t need to tell anyone else,’ Lily said smugly
‘You two are friends?’ Sirius questioned

Lily nodded

‘Tell them James,’ she encouraged
‘Best of friends seeing as you’re already demanding things of him,’ Peter said sarcastically
‘You lot were demanding things of him just before,’ Lily replied piqued putting her hands behind her back
‘Plus Autumn...’ Lily began
‘Autumn?’ Sirius demanded
‘Yes Autumn always says...’ Lily began again
‘What did Autumn say? Was it about me?’ Sirius asked rather desperately

They all looked at him

‘I mean, that's cool,’ he said trying to sound blasé
‘Lily,’ Remus began in his I’ll-appeal-to-your-better-nature tone
‘No that’s enough you lot get to bed before I give you all detention,’ James said sternly

‘Is that how you repay the friends that just saved you another trip to the hospital wing?’ Sirius asked
‘You have till the count of five,’ James said
‘Oh no he’s going to count,’ Peter said as though he were scared
‘One,’ James said holding up his index finger
‘James,’ Sirius said in a tone that showed he clearly thought this was stupid
‘Two,’ James said his middle finger joining his index in the stand
‘Prongs,’ Remus said
‘Three,’ James said warningly as his ring finger joined his index and middle finger
‘So not fair,’ Peter grumbled
‘Four!,’ James said loudly
‘We’re not going you prat,’ Sirius said defiantly
James sighed heavily
‘Don’t you remember the countdown rules’ James asked
‘Uh, yeah,’ Peter said
‘And?’ James asked
‘The rules don’t apply here,’ Sirius said lazily
‘How do they not apply? I’m counting down aren’t I?’ James asked
‘The rule in null and void when it’s repercussions are that an innocent might be harmed in so leaving,’ Sirius argued
‘No one is in harm’s way, in fact harm passed us not to long ago, avoided us like a bad one night stand,’ James said and Lily couldn’t help but smile
‘Lily is the innocent you prat, the threat was against her,’ Remus said
‘Fine, we’ll walk you back to the common room,’ James said
Sirius smirked in a self satisfied way
‘After that we have to continue with our rounds,’ James said and that wiped the smirk off Sirius’s face

By the time they got there James and Lily’s rounds were over, she had never laughed so hard in her life, the boys told her stories that had her doubled over and holding her stomach for the pain of laughing so much.

They even stayed up in the common room for another hour talking and laughing before they called it a night and went to their respective dorms. 


Let me know what you think!
Lots of Love

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