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Draco watched as Hermione walked past him briskly, and he waited until Potter had gone before rushing after her. He caught hold of her hand and spun her to face him on the staircase and pouted. Hermione kissed him lightly before rushing off down the stairs again, still hand in hand with Draco.

He allowed her to pull him along the floors of the castle, and then down another set of stairs. They soon reached the library, still hand in hand as they stood by the door. Hermione turned to face him.

“I’m can’t let them see us,” she quietly said.

“I understand, but you’re still my tutor.” Draco stated smartly.

Hermione bared a grin at him and pushed open the doors. She let go of his hand as they entered, and stopped as she reached the centre of the library. It was crowded by a lot of first years, of whom where probably studying for their classes. Hermione then wandered over to a small table by the large windows of the library and sat down. Draco stood by the table, only to realise that she has stolen the one seat available. He crumpled his face up in an attempt to look angry, and walked over to another table and grabbed another chair. Draco sat down beside Hermione and received disgusted looks from some younger students who where sitting beside him.

Draco glared at them and then said, “What the hell is their-”

“-Problem? Maybe the fact that you’re a Death Eater?” Hermione replied as she grabbed a book from inside her bag and began to read.

She followed the lines with her finger, reading quietly.

Draco slowly moved his hand under the book cover and lifted it, purposely annoying Hermione.

“Draco, stop it. Put it down.” said Hermione. Draco sighed and dropped the book cover back down onto the desk which made a rather loud bang. He then sat back in the chair and started swinging whilst he kicked the table every time he swung. He grinned as he noticed Hermione start to get annoyed, as he noticed her eyes narrow to his feet each time he kicked the table. Eventually, she snapped her head to face him and glared at him in anger.

“Draco!” she yelled. Some of the first years that where sitting close to her jumped, which made Draco laugh loudly as he continued to swing.

Grabbing his foot, Hermione forced Draco backwards; he threw his arms in the air and started trying to regain balance, but Hermione merely pushed him back. He landed on the floor in a heap, coughing and choking. He was clearly winded, but Hermione just smirked back at him before turning back to her book. Draco just seemed to lay there with the chair on top of him, his eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Turning to him, Hermione said, “Are you going to grow up now?”

“Uh-huh,” Draco replied wearily. Hermione closed her book and turned in her seat and held her hand out to him after she pushed the chair off his chest. Draco grabbed her hand and allowed her to pull him up, and he held his hand to the back of his head, which was beginning to throb.

Hermione looked him up and down as he stood beside her at the desk, and watched as he pulled almost the exact same worrying expressions that Harry would pull when his scar prickled in pain. He turned to face her and slowly brought his hand back down and leaned against the table lightly.

“How’s your head?” said Hermione gently.

“Fine.” said Draco in reply as he picked up the chair that Hermione had pushed off of him. He placed it down again, back in its normal place, and sat down.


Both of their heads turned to see who the body of whom the voice had appeared from, and noticed that it was Vincent Crabbe who was standing before them, his fat physique bobbling around as he turned on the spot and called for Goyle.

“Oi, Goyle! Wait till yah see this!”

Goyle appeared just a moment later and he too gaped at the sight of the odd pair being together. He smirked and crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked between the two.

“What d’you want Crabbe, Goyle?” asked Draco as he bit his lip.

“Disturbing your private lesson, are we?” Crabbe mocked as he licked his lips, which Hermione found simply repulsive. Goyle rocked back and forth on his heels, all the time glaring at Hermione.

“I’d shut up if I where you.” said Draco, mouthing something else afterwards that Hermione couldn’t make out as she watched him in confusion.

“Oooh! I’m so scared! Mummy help me, the stupid death eater is going to get me!” said Crabbe before he and Goyle then burst into a fit of laughter and jumped around like idiots in front of the desk. Draco clenched his fists and Hermione noticed his lip twitching slightly.

Crabbe and Goyle stared at him with their faces twisted into abnormal looks and Goyle seemed to tap Crabbe on the shoulder. Hermione tilted her head to the left slightly, and noticed Goyle kicking him also.

“Leave.” said Draco through gritted teeth. Both of them obeyed him and quickly hurried away.

“What happened?” said Hermione as she turned her attention back to Draco, who shook his head.

“They know what I’m capable of.” said Draco as he tuned to Hermione and looked sadly at her.

“Just ignore them, Draco. Their not as intelligent as you are, and your definitely better looking than either of them.” said Hermione soothingly. Draco lightly put his hand on her thigh and smiled at her.

“Thanks,” Draco whispered, “I’m going to find some books.”

Draco stood up and walked away from the desk and Hermione lost sight of him as he walked away, only to appear just a few moments later with a book in his hand.

“Thought I’d get this one.” Draco said as he held up the book for Hermione to see. She gaped as she noticed that he has picked up Hogwarts: A History. She gaped at him in shock.

“I’ve read that over twelve times!” she beamed, half expecting him to say he had too.

“Wow, I haven’t read it once.” said Draco as he opened the book and began reading. Hermione continued to gape at him, as if she’d thought that everyone had read the book at least five times.

“I can’t believe this is your first time. I’d read it twice before we’d finished first year!” said Hermione excitably. Draco smirked as he continued to read the book and he could hear Hermione hunting around in her bag for a book no doubt.

Draco yawned as he turned yet another page of the book and rested his head in his arms.

“You don’t have to finish reading you know.” said Hermione quietly.

“Great!” said Draco as he flipped the book over and relaxed back into his seat, stretching. Hermione smiled at him and stood up, pushed her chair in and stood behind it.

“I’m going to go find Harry and Ron. I’ll meet you somewhere later?” said Hermione.

“Why?” asked Draco with a frown upon his face.

“Because he’s my boyfriend, and I’ve hardly seen them since the incident with Myrtle.” said Hermione.

Draco sighed before nodding quietly and watching as Hermione left the library.

Hermione walked the busy corridor’s quickly, pushing past people, excusing herself if she stood on any feet or bumped into anybody. She peered over heads and shoulders, trying to see if she could spot Harry or Ron, but they where nowhere to be seen. She shoved past two girls, one being Lavender Brown, who glared at Hermione as she tried to squeeze past the third year girl that Lavender was with. Squeezing by the wall, as she pushed past Lavender, she stood on Hermione’s foot. Letting out a gasp of pain and tears flowing in her eyes, she hopped a little and then leaned against the all, holding her foot in her hand.

She saw Lavender smirking as she looked between her friend and Hermione. Blinking back the tears she desperately wanted to let loose, Hermione stood up straight and began walking again.

“Hermione!” shouted Ron from somewhere in the crowd of people. She searched round for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. As Hermione pushed past more people, she noticed Harry, who noticed her at almost the exact same time. He rushed towards her, being pushed and shoved by first and second years who where wandering around aimlessly with maps.

“RON! SHE’S HERE!” Harry bellowed. He took hold of her hand and gently pulled her along side him as he tried to find Ron’s voice, who was calling out names at random from somewhere in the corridor.

They stood to the side of the corridor, pressed up against the wall again, straining their eyes searching madly for Ron’s tall complexion and red hair. Hermione noticed him just as her eyes flickered across the corridor, and she pointed at him. Harry pushed past the first years and grabbed Ron, quickly pulling him back towards Hermione a moment later. As they all huddled together, they silently moved amongst
the first years and second years together, making their way out of the busy corridor and onto the stairs.

“Merlin’s beard!” gasped Ron as they walked slowly down the stairs, “recon their gonna find their classes by lunch?”

Harry snorted and both fell into laughter, but Hermione’s thoughts where no longer on them. She was too busy thinking about Draco.

“Hermione?” said Harry. Hermione snapped round to face him and he stared back at her with wide eyes and his eyebrows raised up, also tapping his foot on the ground.

“What?” asked Hermione in annoyance after several moments of staring.

“I just asked you a question, but your too busy off in a different land to even care! But, I asked where you where earlier, before I found you.” replied Harry, who kept exchanging looks with Ron to which Hermione guessed was about her growing relationship with Draco.

“I was at the library as I told you when I last saw you.” said Hermione. Harry and Ron yet again exchanged a look of which Hermione no longer knew the meaning of.

“Um, so where are we going now?” Ron asked quickly to break the tension.

“We could go watch whoever’s playing Quidditch,” suggested Harry.

“As long as its not Slytherin!” Ron piped in. Harry grinned and turned back to Hermione, who was incredibly bored. She was beginning to wonder if she should have even left Draco, for at least she’d get decent conversation from him.

They where half way to the Quidditch pitch, the three of them, just walking along. Harry was leading the way, and Ron was walking beside Hermione behind him. She could see from the corner of her eye his hand which was desperately searching for hers. He took her hand in his a moment later, and she took in a deep breath. It felt different. They soon reached the gates to the grounds, with the stairs that ran up to the seating areas. Harry held open the gate wide for Hermione to go first followed by Ron.


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