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Chapter 15


The next day, right before breakfast, Ginny and George were waiting for Hermione impatiently and curiously in the Gryffindor common room.


’What happened?’ Ginny asked first, without saying hi, as soon as she saw a sleepy and cross Hermione descending the stairs.


’Nothing,’ she shook her head. ’He didn’t show up.’


The two redhaired Weasleys were speechless for a moment.


’Do you still insist he’s a gentleman?’ George broke the silence.


’There should be a reason,’ Hermione was determined.


’So you don’t think it was just an April Fool’s joke?’


’George!’ Ginny had an accusing glance at her bro. ’Life is not just a sack of tricks and jokes. I agree with Hermione, there must be a reason why he wasn’t there.’


George shrugged his shoulders.


’He might have been given detention…’ George wondered.


’Or, he had an accident and he was taken to the hospital wing,’ Ginny added.


’What if he was there… He saw me but he didn’t like me… He found me ugly…’ Hermione said meekly.


George observed her closely and shook his head.


’Impossible. Yesterday I saw you leaving for Hogsmeade. You looked like a topmodel.’


Hermione blushed.


’Thanks, George.’ Then her face brightened up. ’Guess whom I saw in Madam Puddifoot’s. Luna with Cedric. Holding hands.’


’So they are officially dating!’ Ginny smiled.


’And I saw McLaggen, too. He was with that Ravenclaw girl, Liza, Seamus’s ex-girlfriend.’


’Was Seamus there?’ George asked.


’No. But Malfoy was,’ Hermione added frowning.


’Malfoy?!’ Ginny rolled her eyes.


’Yes, he must have been looking for Pansy.’


’They broke up at Christmas,’ Ginny informed her.


’Whatever. We had a very ’nice’ chat,’ Hermione made quotation marks with her fingers.


George stood up from the sofa with a knowing look.


’Mystery solved, I know what happened.’


The girls looked at him full of expectation.


’HE was there. He looked in the tea shop… and saw you, Herms. He saw you, the book, the rose and… Draco Malfoy.’ He emphasized the name dramatically. ’I guess he didn’t want a girlfriend who was on friendly terms with a Malfoy.’


Hermione scowled.


’Okay, Mr Poirot, let’s go get some breakfast,’ Ginny suggested.


’No, mes amis. No breakfast, please. For me petite dejeuner,’ George corrected the girl.




Dear Friend,

Yesterday I expected to meet you… To see you, to talk to you. I was there in the tea shop as we’d fixed but you didn’t come… I wonder why.

I’m sure you can explain it. I know you would never let me down.

I want you to know that your friendship, our seemingly unimportant messages mean a lot to me…

While waiting for you I met someone who hates me and my friends. Someone who has made my life a misery lately. Someone who proved to be better than me in a contest that was very important for me. At Halloween I complained to you I couldn’t talk back to a guy who was rude to me. It was him. But yesterday, surprisingly, when he provocated me, I could find the words and told him what I wanted. I was offensive, mean, nasty and cruel. But instead of feeling happy, I felt terrible. I hate to be cruel. Even if he is, why should I? I wish I hadn’t told him those things…

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend.


Draco Malfoy finished reading the new entry in his diary and closed the book slowly. He stood up overclouded and dropped the diary in the waste-paper basket. Some distance away, in the Gryffindor tower, Hermione Granger was sitting on her bed waiting for the answer impatiently.


End of Chapter 15

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