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Charms on Tuesday was the day we were assigned our projects. Flitwick just made our seating partners our project partners. When he said this, I could have kissed his bald little head. I was with Remus for my project. A good four month excuse to talk to him.

My excitement quickly died away as he explained our tasks. Complicated practical work and a bucketload of theory. I sighed angrily. They should tell you that you have to do this when you choose the course. Not when you’re halfway through it. Remus, to my annoyance, was chuckling.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked, somewhat rudely but I wasn't in a good mood so I figured it was allowed, even if it was Remus.

“Your face.” I thought this was a bit harsh. In fact I thought it was really harsh. What a lovely thing to say to someone.

“Thanks for that,” I finished it in my head, asshole.

“No, I mean it’s just that you look really annoyed.” He was flustering a bit.

“It’s fine.” I said dully.

“Okay then.” He could tell I was lying.

I was overreacting to be honest, maybe he did just laugh because I looked annoyed or maybe I just have a really humorous face. Either way he probably thought I was crazy now, or that it way my ‘time of the month.’ I hated it when guys thought that. I bet he was thinking that right now, or maybe I’m the one who’s over thinking things. Either way I did not make a good impression for a partner.

“You probably expected a better partner huh?” Remus said, almost jokingly. Hm, maybe he could read my mind well the opposite of it, I figured he would have wanted a better partner.


“Well, I’m no Sirius Black.”

“And?” I wasn’t entirely sure where he was going with this.

“Well, I know a lot of girls like him and you know, you’re a girl. Plus you’re his transfiguration partner. You two seem to get on.”

“Just friends, besides I’m not really into the players. I prefer nice guys, guys like you mostly.” This was a lie too, I usually went for assholes, complete ones but Spencer had sort of changed my views and Remus just flipped me completely. No more assholes for me, at least for a while.

He dropped the subject but seemed happier at my response. This only made my thoughts that Remus might actually like me a whole lot worse.

I looked up at him and he looked back, we were both smiling, I was aware of that but not much else. To be honest that was probably the first time I had ever looked him in the eyes, I mean right in the eyes. It sort of turned my crush into full blown obsession, which was not healthy.

They were the colour of warm chocolate, right before it melts. They had flecks of honey-comb amber running through them which turned golden in the light. He had lots of eyelashes, but they weren’t girly. They were thin and framed his eyes perfectly, they, like his eyes were a deep brown colour. I couldn’t believe I had never noticed them before. They were beautiful.

He looked at me as curiosity flashed across his face. I then realised I probably looked like a freaking moron, just staring up at him. I quickly looked back to my books and coughed pretty unconvincingly. Great, he would now realise I liked him and would probably try to get as far away as possible. I would.

I tried to start up a new conversation to stop his brain from thinking. Boys thinking only leads to really bad things. All the time. It was a proven theory in my mind.

“So how’s your uncle?” I asked too innocently. I was curious about this anyway so now seemed like as good a time as any to interrogate him about it.

“What?” He seemed confused. I knew it. Sirius was totally lying.

“Sirius said you couldn’t come to Hogsmeade because you were looking after your uncle.”

“Oh, right, yes he’s doing better thanks.”

“Is it contagious?”

“No, why?”

“You look sort of ill, worn down.”

“No, I’m fine.” He seemed to stiffen at this, like I was asking too much, or maybe I’d insulted him. Being called tired wouldn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

He seemed less friendly for the rest of the lesson and suggested stonily that we make a start on our project whilst we were at the group transfiguration session. I agreed and told him that me and Sirius had planned to meet that night anyway. I was surprised he hadn’t told Remus or James yet but I guess he just hadn’t gotten round to it, or he’d forgotten. So far I was having absolutely no luck with either of my partners, fantastic.

We walked together towards transfiguration, through the passageway for third time together. Hopefully it would become a recurring Tuesday thing. Tuesday was fast becoming my favourite day of the week. He didn’t say much to me as we walked, it was more of an icy silence, not altogether uncomfortable but I guess that may just have been me. He probably regretted showing me the passageway.

When we got there, Sirius and James wolf whistled as we walked through the door. That had become recurring as well and I had no idea why. I tried to tell myself it was not because Remus was embarrassed to be seen with me and his friends were taking the piss. Maybe it was because he liked me, that was the optimistic solution. If he did, I was more than certain his friends would try to make him as uncomfortable as possible. For such good friends, the marauders certainly tested each other.

I sat down next to Sirius who was still chortling at Remus’ uncomfortable expression. I punched him playfully to get him to stop, it was making me uncomfortable too. His barks of laughter eventually died away when McGonagall entered the class.

It was a fairly standard lesson, nothing exciting happened and we barely even talked as we had to take down a whole heap of notes which were quickly being scrawled across the blackboard by a floating piece of chalk controlled by McGonagall who was patrolling the class to make sure we were copying. I usually spent transfiguration thinking about animagus techniques, I mean it was like studying because it was a transfiguration topic, just not the one she was teaching.

I spent the lesson thinking as I wrote. I could take Remus’ actions towards me in two ways, both plausible but one far more likely. The more likely one was that he didn’t like me very much and was annoyed about all the time I was spending with his friends, especially Sirius. The second that he liked me but didn’t actually say anything about it for the same reasons I didn’t tell him.

I satisfied myself with the thought that it was a mix of the two. I didn’t annoy him but he wasn’t going to profess his love for me any day now. I could deal with that, friends first might actually work out better than what I’d planned. Well not better, but a lot less inappropriate.

I tried to wait behind inconspicuously so that no one would notice I was having a secret lesson with McGonagall today. I had a feeling she was just going go over the theory I had read in the book but with a little more detail. I think she might have said something about that. I listened intently as she talked about her first partial transformation. This was not going to be as easy as I thought.

We all agreed to meet at seven o’clock to start working on our projects. I asked them where we would work, assuming they would say the library. Nope. Some classroom on the seventh floor which wasn’t being used, opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach ballet to some unimpressed goblins. I’m pretty sure he was killed that day with a particularly well done pirouetting kick from the chief goblin.

I couldn’t remember there being a classroom there but then again I was never going to discover even a fraction of Hogwarts during my seven years. I shouldn’t have been curious about one little room. I realised that I’d spent my time in Hogwarts floating, not really observing.

Before I went to the seventh floor, I stopped off at the library to pick up some transfiguration books as well as returning some of the more useless books I had taken out previously which I thought would help me with my problem but I was just putting it off if I was honest. What if I wasn’t good enough to be an animagus?. When I got there however, all of the books which would have been any use were already checked out, except they weren’t checked out, they were just gone.

I stormed up to the seventh floor, angry that someone would steal a book from the library even though they’re free to use. Maybe they had just been misplaced or someone was using them in the library. Either way I didn’t tell Madam Pince, I was not going to be there when she found out either. The woman would probably beat me to death with a book if she knew.

The door to this classroom was huge, not like any of the other classes. They were oak and had large metal hinges which reminded me of the entrance to the castle. If I were a teacher I would happily use this class room. The doors were as heavy as they looked, I practically had to shove them open so that when I did, I staggered slightly through the door frame, to the sound of chuckles.

Of course they were laughing at me, too weak to even open a door. They didn’t know I was a beater yet and I would happily give them a quick demonstration right now. I felt like giving someone a good beating to be honest.

“What?” I asked grumpily.

“Nothing, nothing,” said James, wiping away tears, “we jinxed the doors so you couldn’t open them but I guess you managed.”

“How very funny.” They were clearly a lot less mature than I had given them credit for.

“You must be packing some serious bloody muscles, Nyx.” Sirius said, in an almost complimentary tone, through the chortles of course.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“I told you she managed to cut me in charms. You all said I was weak.” Remus said, showing off the tiny cut on his cheek.

“Guess we were wrong Moony, but you still got whacked by a girl.”

“That was an accident!” I didn’t want to think I was overly violent or something, even if I was a lot of the time. Aggressive tendencies were not the ones I wanted to publicly display. I could keep them to my new beater position.

They spent a few minutes arguing about how weak Remus was whilst I unpacked the few decent books I had with me. They had decided that although Remus was wounded by a girl, I was a very mannish girl so it was allowed. That didn’t really help my self confidence or the hope of Remus asking me out. Mannish.

“Great,” I said, “I’m mannish.”

They all looked up at me and had apparently forgotten I was present. They were all holding in laughter, I could tell by their constrained smirks. Then they all started laughing. Why the heck were they always laughing?

“It’s so easy to wind you up Nyx.” The three of them were all in agreement about how much fun it was to annoy me. Great.

“How was the quidditch tryout then?” James asked, "Find any chasers that are as good as me? Didn't think so."

“Well, I made the team, Maia made a chaser spot too so you better watch out James.” I thought he would have figured this out seeing as Spencer and I were the only ones who stayed to watch the rest of the trials, why else would I sit and watch try-outs with my ex?

“Ooh, what position?” Sirius asked curiously.

“Beater.” I said, grudgingly. I had a feeling they were going to call me mannish again.

They did, lots. I think that was the most times I had been called mannish in one evening. It was probably the first time I had actually enjoyed being called mannish. The marauders were fun to be around. They radiated fun-ness.

We didn’t get as much work done as I had hoped, but I did manage to find the missing transfiguration books. I had no idea how they managed to get them past Pince without being noticed but they were clearly very good at doing it.

“How on earth are you so good at practical?” I moaned in annoyance at Sirius.

“What do you mean?”

“You and James are amazing at Transfiguration with no effort. It’s not fair.”

“We’re just born awesome Nyx, you can’t teach it; but if you would like a hand with your transfiguration I would be more than happy to help.”

He then gave me a very charming smile and a boyish wink. I didn’t know if he was being serious but I needed the help. My practical was always slightly worse than my theory.

“Thanks.” I mumbled in an attempt to be grateful.

“No problem.”

As I was packing up all my stuff, the boys continued to chat and laugh amongst themselves. It was nice of them to wait but I have that sort of personality where whenever I hear a laugh, I assume it’s directed at me. I don’t know what it’s called. Oh wait, crazy was the word.

We didn’t even get on to doing charms, apparently both my partners had a habit of procrastination when they were around their friends, I couldn’t blame them. I had barely got any work done and I’d only been talking to them properly for two weeks. They were like a destructive force in regards to my schoolwork.

When I got back to the common room considerably later that night, my friends were all waiting up for me. I didn’t have much to tell them. Isabelle seemed somehow surprised that Remus had not shoved me up against a wall and kissed me. I didn’t know what to tell her. Apparently the fact he hadn’t ravaged me on a desk in front of his friends either was also weird.

A/N: Hopefully I'll be uploading these much quicker now. I had a couple of one-shots I wanted to get out of the way and they're up now so yay! :D Plus this is like the only thing right now which doesn't make me grumble and complain about calculus or further trigonometry. If you're wondering about my exams, the ones I've had so far were terrible. Hope you like this chapter, I quite like it but I suppose I probably would. As usual nothing belongs to me, JK is the genius behind Hogwarts. :)

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