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A/N: Hey guys! I know its been awhile, I'm very sorry! But even if you hate my review and tell me just how much! Rate 0/10! but please do these things!
My Loves, I have been writing my other story, Disambiguation, i would love it if you'd take a look! :) Anyways just because I've been a butt and a half I'll present you with an exceprt from the next chapter, Draco's chapter. Oh you know you love him! HAHAHA!
Well, Read on!

6. Hermione

It had been a few days and she still hadn’t heard back from Ginny. Her mother however had sent three letters and two care packages. The poor owl she had used looked bedraggled and half-dead after baring the weight of a basket of chocolates meant for seventy people through a blizzard.  For a dentist her mom sure played it loose with chocolate. Hermione picked up a chocolate nut bar and flipped it over in its package. She read: This product does not contain sugar. She knew it had been too good to be true.

For the past few days Hermione had done all her homework, written to Ron and Harry, and then proceeded to reread Hogwarts: A History for the thirty seventh time. This frustrated her quite a lot. She was stuck in a castle, a magical, marvelous, and even whimsical castle and the only thing she could do was go to the library?

She laid back on her bed and closed her eyes, maybe I could hibernate until Ginny comes back to save me from my boring self.

“I am so boring” She groaned loudly.

“I wouldn’t give yourself that much credit.”

Hermione sat bolt upright and screamed. A hand came down on her mouth and she looked up to the person’s face. Hermione relaxed slightly when she saw the brown hair and hazel eyes staring at her.

“If I take my hand away will you not scream again?” She said with a grin. Hermione rolled her eyes and the girl’s hand left her mouth.

Hermione bunched up on her bed so she could sit comfortably with her guest. “So, Helen, how’d you get up here?” Helen ignored this gesture and paced the room in a keyed up sort of way. Hermione watched the tall brunette with interest. Did it make Helen nervous just to be in Hermione’s dorm? Was she comparing the cleanliness and how efficiently her clothes were displayed in her wardrobe? Hermione smirked and waited for an explanation.

Helen shrugged “I’m in Ravenclaw, I’m naturally clever.” Hermione suppressed a scoff. Helen was not fooled and narrowed her eyes. “Fine, Dumbledore decided to change everyone’s passwords to the names of the seven fictional reindeer. It was basically trial and error from there. Of course it did take al of my impressive deductive skills and the better part of ten minutes to remember the names… Apparently Old Dumby can get quite…whimsical…when he’s inebriated.”

Hermione nodded. It was just like Helen to figure out a way to outsmart Hermione. She had basically been the soul provider of competition for the past three or so years, taking her time to ease into the position for second smartest and first conceited. She had never been what some people call friends with Helen, they just recognized the fact that they were the best.

“Did you miss me kicking your arse up and down the proverbial hall of education, Marks?” Hermione asked with a chuckle. Helen whipped around and stared at her. Then she laughed. A tinkling little laugh Hermione would have never expected from someone so tall and elegant. She was so sure Helen would have a throaty movie star laugh, this made Hermione wary.

“Yeah like that would ever happen, Granger, but I came here,” She plopped down on Hermione’s bed “to ask you if you wanted to do something. I’m bored, you’re bored, lets be bored together and see if we can think of something to do.”

After a few seconds when Hermione had not spoken Helen raised her eyebrow as if indicating that Hermione should speak.

“Well, you never asked properly.”

Helen threw her hands in the air “The question was implied!” She whined.

“I still would like to hear it Marks, or if you just want to be bored and rotting away all alone…?”

She let out a frustrated sigh and looked Hermione right in the eyes. “Hermione Granger, Will you please keep me from killing myself by joining me in activities of fun and destruction?”

Hermione mimed thinking, even stroked a fake beard, before answering “Sure why not?” then mumbled to herself “At least you  are reliable.”


“Nothing. I said nothing. Okay what do you want to do?” Hermione asked reclining onto her back board.

Helen cocked an eyebrow and plastered that smirk she get when she was about to outsmart Hermione on her face. “Oh I have and excellent idea.”


Hermione was scampering down the stairs behind Helen, keeping up a steady stream of worries and doubts. It was eleven at night and they had been up for three hours trying to figure out how to execute Helen’s plan. Well Helen was, Hermione was just voicing her opinions on the subject. The plan mostly consisted of four shots of Fire Whiskey and the false sense of courage that it creates then immediately followed by regret. Helen believed this was going to be a hoot.

“Helen! This is the stupidest plan ever concocted by a Ravenclaw! You should be ashamed!”

“Don’t get you knickers in a twist Alice!” Helen giggled and continued forward as she leapt over the last stair. Hermione reluctantly followed suit.

Hermione had done some pretty questionable stuff but Helen was off her rocker, she had assured Hermione it wasn‘t dangerous but it sure as hell sounded like it could be. And why was she calling her Alice? “What if they catch us? Its not like we can say ‘oh we’re out for a mid morning stroll’ in a freaking BLIZZARD!”

Helen turned around with lightning speed, which was an amazing feat considering her long legs Hermione was surprised she hadn’t tangled them together and fallen to the stone floor. “If someone would shut up about it we might have a chance!”

“Might?!” Hermione squeaked hiccoughing.


“Okay.” Hermione mumbled. Helen turned and began towards the giant doors again. “This is so stupid, why are you going along? You’re stupid. This, this is stupid. Almost as stupid as when Ron decided he wanted to learn to play the bagpipes stupid.” Hermione muttered to herself.

Helen signaled for her to stay put while she surveyed the area and disappeared into the Great Hall to investigate. Hermione stood there in the eerie silence waiting for her rival.

Suddenly she heard a faint taping noise, like shoe on stone. Hermione froze and her eyes widened and she began to tremble. Its just Helen, I has to be. But the Great Hall is giant. Plus she had to be silent to pull it off. Please please be Helen!

The footsteps grew louder by the second. Then Hermione could see a form emerging from the shadows, features illuminated by the moonlight that was filtering in from the grounds. She wanted to scream but couldn’t.

“Granger, wondering the castle all alone at night. Never thought you had it in you.” Sh would know that sneering voice anywhere, it was the unmistakeable voice of Draco Malfoy.

She let out the breath she had been holding and relaxed a bit. “Malfoy you’d be surprised if I told you-” He held up a hand effectively silencing her.

“Save it for someone who gives a rat’s arse.” he came slightly closer and smirked at her “Why are you alone, and are you pissed? You smell like a brewery.”

“I’m not.” She supplied as an answer to both questions simply, gaining courage.

“Then what’s this emptiness all around you called? Your best friend?”

“Malfoy. What are you doing here?” Helen had shown up and went directly to Malfoy, getting in his face, sizing him up.

His smirk faltered as he extricated himself from the situation. “I was just leaving Marks, no need to get snippy.” And he just left. Hermione didn’t know who she thought was a bigger git, Malfoy just because he was one by nature, or Helen for making her do this.

Helen waited until she couldn’t hear his footsteps to turn back to Hermione with a grin on her face and a maniacal gleam in her eyes. “All clear Alice. Ready to go down the rabbit hole?”

Hermione finally caught on to the joke of calling her Alice and replied, “That sounds just wrong Helen.”

“Whatever Alice.”

“If I have to be Alice you have to be The Mad Hatter, Hatter for short, or Hattie.” Hermione grinned.

Helen stared into space and grinned “Codename accepted!” and sped off to the doors.  “Okay next problem. How do we get out?”

“Move.” Hermione had learned this from the twins back I fourth year, Harry and Ron had begged her to tell them but it was the only leverage she had to make them take her along. She waved her wand in a weird way and rust colored sparks hit the door in four places. The sliding of the internal bolts told her it was now unlocked.


“As I’ll ever be.”

“So no?”

“Ha ha. Lets just go.”



Hermione was pretty sure she would regret this.

“Helen I can’t even fly a broom! How do you expect me to do it when I‘ve had more alcohol than I can ever remember having?!” she yelled over the wind.

“I thought we had agreed you’d call me Mad Hatter, or Hatter.”

“You must be mad, you Ravenclaws are never like this, you usually think things through! Hatter, this is a dumb idea and its cold as feck!”

“We were bored and I came up with a solution. Its not hard and its super fun, don’t be a baby, Alice.” Helen had come to stand in front of her. They both had winter jackets and many layers on, they needed them.

“Fine but don’t expect me to like it.” and with that the two girls trudged their way to the quiddich pitch. The snow had stopped blowing when they reached the field, it now drifted lazily to the harddened ground.

“You get the brooms, I’ll make a pile.” Hermione turned to the shed and unlocked the door then took out two school brooms. When she turned back towards the pitch Helen was standing in the middle making a huge pile of snow almost a third of the size of the field.  Hermione made her way over and handed ‘Hatter’ a broom.

“You ready?”

“I still hate flying.” Hermione grumbled.

“I’ll help you.” Helen told Hermione to straddle the broom and hang on tight then got on the back of it herself. Hermione barely had time to process what was happening when Helen shot the broom upwards with a kick. “Steer!” Helen commanded. Hermione pulled the broom to the right but it looked as though she were going to crash into the stands and screamed. She heard Helen sigh and take control. “You really do suck at this.”

After a few more minutes Hermione learned all she needed to in order to fulfill the plan.

Helen went first, she drew the strings of her hood tight and the took off into the sky. When she was about fifty feet in the air the swung her legs off the broom so she was gripping it with her hands. Then she fell.

Hermione watched as Helen fell into the powdery snow then emerge laughing and grinning like a goon.

“Your turn!”

Hermione was hesitant but she didn’t want Helen to be the brave one. She was in Gryffindor, faced Death Eaters, and she and Ron were going to help Harry defeat Voldemort in a just few months. If she could face those things, she could do a bit of flying and falling without flinching.

She mounted her broom and kicked off like she was taught. Soon she was thirty, forty, fifty feet in the air.  At about fifty five feet she stopped and after a few breaths she swung her leg over the broom and dangled.

“Don’t look dow, just don’t look down…” she looked down, got surprised and her grip slipped so she was hanging on with one, very wet, very weak, hand.

“Bloody hell” and with that she dropped, screaming through the air. 


Well that wasn’t so bad, it was actually pretty fun! Hermione thought to herself as she climbed out of the powder-like snow.

“So?” she heard Helen ask.

“So…I want to do that again.” She smiled at her new friend and stumbled out of the snow.

For another hour the two of them soared high into the night sky then dropped into the snow.


Hermione and Helen made their way into the castle at about twelve thirty they were laughing quietly and singing old song like Cauldron Full Of Love. She was stumbling over the threshold (Helen had thought to bring a hip flask)Gryffindor common room, having dropped off the Mad Hatter at her own common room door, when she noticed an owl tapping on the window.

She opened it and it fluttered onto the back of one of the big red chairs. The owl hooted and held out its leg. Hermione took the letter recognizing the girly yet rushed looking scrawl of Ginny. The patted the owl and fished around her pockets until she produced a biscuit she had been saving and gave it to the owl who took it graciously and flew back out the window towards the Owlery.

Hermione ran up the stairs and threw herself on her bed. But by the time she slit open the letter her eyelids were drooping and she could not resist the nice feeling of drowsiness as she started slipped into a drunken slumber, the letter still clutched in her hand.

“Tomorrow.” was all she managed to slur as her eyes shut and she succumbed to sleep.


"He only showed up to  meals if he couldn’t avoid it or if he couldn’t make it to the kitchens. Whenever Draco ran into Granger he sneered and tried desperately not to remember the drug induced sucking of her face. He was still repulsed by it. Sometimes at meal times he would look over and see her sitting rigidly and wonder idly if it was  because of him or because a conversation about candle making with Dumbledore was as annoying to her as it was to him. Sometimes she would see him glance at her ad she would blush and frown then turn a great deal of focus onto her carrots.

The incident was nothing more to Draco than what it was. A mistake and a bit of bad potion.

At the moment he was testing the statue. With a palm full of pebbles from Zabini’s Zen Rock Garden, Blaze has to be gay. Has to be, he has a bloody rock garden for Salazar’s sake.  and was taking aim.

Draco lobbed the first rock at the book stack next to the statue. It sailed past the statue and made a left into the books. Could rocks be confounded? "

Thanks guys and look for the next update!!!

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