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Beautiful chapter image by Camila @ tda.
Lois and Charisma

“I love Quidditch, I honestly do.” Freddy moaned loudly as we sat on the muddy pitch. “But I really hate Quidditch Practice!”

I snorted. “I have a T-shirt expressing my demise.”

“Can I get one?”

It was seven in the morning and I doubted the most were even awake. Being able to lie in on a Saturday morning was something that I specifically looked forward to. James had other ideas. Our Slytherin match was tomorrow, the first since we arrived back at Hogwarts and James wasn’t taking any chances. For the past week we have been up and on the pitch for 4am. I usually have nothing against the earth, the air and the wind. They’re each a natural beauty. However when the earth is actually mud in your mouth from face planting, the wind is the cause of your fall and you seem to lack the air to finish your fifth lap around the pitch – they suck.

“I hear you, Fred.” Drew moaned as he fell to the floor next to us, sticking his broom handle in to the ground – a nasty habit.

I quickly got acquainted with the aching in my sore muscles and leant my head on Freddy’s arm; he was muscleier than James, resembling more of a small bear. “Why are you complaining? Jimmy took it easy on you!”

“What are you chatting about, Weasley?” Drew snapped. “He made me work just as hard as you!”

I narrowed my eyes. “I hate to break it to you, baby. But James made you smack some Bludgers around by yourself. Freddy and I had to run the pitch…six times.”

“Charisma, ‘smacking’ Bludgers isn’t the right term. And it hurts more than you think!”

“I am your fellow Beater!” Freddy exclaimed, throwing a mud ball at Drew. “I know how much it hurts. I would have taken that any day over this!” He gestured to his legs.

“Call Dixie over,” Drew muttered. “I am sure that she’d rub them better for you.”

Freddy sent a harsh glare that was no match for mine; it never faltered. “Don’t be a dick.” He muttered darkly, shooting a sideways glance to his fellow beater.

“Lads, please.” I asked. “Language.”

“Sorry, love,” said Fred while Drew smiled in apology.

I looked up to the sky, Kyle was running pitch laps. Apart from Ellie, no one has been on speaking terms with him and to be honest, no one’s really spoken to Elle. I have tried, but she feels awkward. “So, who can we blame it on?” I asked thoughtfully.

“Kyle.” Drew said nonchalantly and wincing at the whistle that was annoyingly being repeatedly blown in the distance by our beloved Captain.

I raised a brow. “That was a Freaky Friday moment.” Freddy was always the one to jump at the chance of demeaning Kyle. He’s always thought that he was a bit of a prick. Drew, however, was as close to Kyle as I was to James, but without the whole, I love him thing. I hope. Drew simply shrugged. “James is being really harsh on him.”

“James is always being harsh on him.” Freddy rectified. “He takes ever opportunity he gets. But Kyle isn’t going to quit…we know that. So James is being a pric – errm…horrible person.”

I shrugged. Last year, I would have thought that James wasn’t the type, but I couldn’t say that now. I remembered back to third year when he absolutely decked Andrew for throwing my teddy bear from the Gryffindor Tower. He made him go and find it…and then walk around the school carrying the poor teddy. He was my, James. Always.

I patted Drew’s back sympathetically. I knew that he didn’t like all the hatred towards Kyle. Infact, neither did I. he was mean, yes. But he didn’t deserve this. I stood up and smeared the mud from my hands on to my robes. I took my broom from the ground and flew over to James. He was sat on his broom in the air, shouting drills at Kyle to complete. Ellie was over, teaching Polly some quick reactions.

“Oi!” I greeted happily, pulling his whistle from his mouth. “Cool it.”

He frowned and pulled the whistle from my grasp. “Never pull the property of James Potter.”

“Wanna try that again?”

“Never pull the property of James Potter.” He repeated. “It’s not changing.”

I rolled my eyes. “Just lay off of Kyle, yeah?” I didn’t wait for an excuse; I simply dived down and landed on the pitch. I didn’t want to hear his words. They would be mean. I was torn. I winked at Freddy and Drew as I walked towards the changing rooms. James wouldn’t stop me.

Lois looked at me with frustration in her enormous brown eyes. “You’re going to be late!” She cried, poking me in the side as we briskly walked down the corridor.

“It’ll be fine!” I mumbled attempting to slow down a little. “We have half an hour until I need to be in the Changing Rooms and the match doesn’t start for another hour and a half!”

She stopped and put her hands smartly on her hips. “Dan put me in charge of getting you to the Quidditch Match; he said that you would be late.”

“I was late by like, five seconds last time.” I moaned. “It didn’t matter.”

“I’m a Ravenclaw!” she exclaimed. “It’s in my nature to be freakishly early. Just allow it…please?”

I acknowledged her beg and allowed myself to be pulled along. She dodged a young child and narrowly missed a Professor. Smiling an apology I wiped my brow. My hair was scraped back in to a tight bun. It was getting windy outside, I wasn’t going to have it blow in my face. I have made that mistake before. I was in my uniform, not the clothing part, the under part. The robes were hung in my locker in the Changing Room. I wore a white skintight long top that was covered with something that resembled a stab-vest. Similar protection covered my legs. I wore Teddy’s old Gryffindor jumper that cam down to my mid-thigh. Teddy was a right old giant.

I chuckled as we came to a stop. “Is the exercise becoming too much for you Lois?” I teased, bending down to sort out the buckle on my black boot.

“Price, Hearsum.” The tone sounded indignant.

I snapped the buckle shut and rose to standing with my arms folded across my chest. “Lewis.”

“Tramp,” Lois greeted.

I hid a smile and tugged on the jumpers sleeve a little. “I would love to stay and chat but, we have to be going.” I stalled, taking Lois’s arm and walking past Lewis.

She grabbed hold of my jumper and pulled me back. “Hey!” Lois exclaimed. “That’s harassment!”

“No one saw, no one will care.” Evie hissed. “You listen here, you may have embarrassed me the other day infront of my friends and James, but – what’s so funny?” She ceased at my snort.

I sighed. “You still think that those people are your friends.”

“Yes, Price, actually I do.” I could tell by her tone that she wasn’t playing around. She spoke firmly and let go of the fist full of material she still held from my jumper. “I just wanted you to know that I am going to get you back.”

“For what?” I asked loosing patience. I surveyed her and grinned. “I was only trying to be nice…it’s not my fault that you’re a trollop with no prospects.”

Lois snorted and Evie shoved her to the ground. A chorus of protests came from the students stood around us, especially the group of young girls that ended up with Lois on the floor in the middle of their circle. My mouth hung open as I rushed to Lois’s side. Pulling her up I shot Evie a glare of death. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Me?” she echoed. “There is nothing wrong with me, you mongrel, you’re the dog! You’re the one that grows a tail every month and shags woodland creatures.”

Lois scoffed and wiped her hands on to her jeans, her white jumper was looking a little dusty. “Now listen here-“

“Evie,” I interrupted. “When James told you what I am did you stay for the whole explanation, or did you run away like a coward?”

“I’m not a cowar-“ she objected.

“I’m going to take that as a no.” I pulled a Kirby grip from the jumper and pulled my fringe back to pin it to my head. “When I was eleven, I was in the woods behind James’s house. I didn’t know werewolves; I thought it would be perfectly safe.”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

I was obviously irritated. “Well you’re going to.” I snapped. “You might as well know the truth behind what you’ve been spreading around.”


“No, Lois,” I said, putting my arm out behind me to stop her from walking forward. Her bouncy hair fell in to her face. “I need to do this.” I looked Evie square in the face and using my height as an obvious advantage. “I had received a message from my Grandfather in Russia; he believed that Fenrir Greyback’s followers were building an army once again. He wanted me to be careful – of course; I had no idea what he was talking about. It was simply ironic that it was later that night I heard growling in the forest.” Evie’s breath hitched. She didn’t want to listen to this. “He grabbed my feet in his mouth and pulled me back through the mud. I was thrown against trees, he rolled me in to the lake near by and I sank to the bottom. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the wolf was sanding on my stomach. Intentionally or not…I thought that I was going to drown.”

The uninvited listeners around us made no noise and Evie groaned. “Shut up!” She screeched. “No one wants to hear your sob story.”

“I don’t care if you don’t want to hear it!” I said simply, even I could hear the crack in my voice. I hadn’t told this to anyone. “You’re going to! I was eleven and I thought that I was going to die! I was saved by Harry Potter, who happened to be out looking for me that night. He carried me back to the house with minimal scars and damage. He healed my broken bones and my cuts…but there was nothing that he could do for my blood.” I paused. It may have come across for affect, but I couldn’t seem to speak. I simply opened and closed my mouth numerous times, trying to search for the words. “…it was tainted.”

“You’re still a monster.” She whispered.

I shook my head. “No I’m not. I am not evil at all. I don’t even turn in to a wolf.”


I shuddered. “I talked to James, he didn’t say out loud that I was a wolf, you simply jumped to the conclusion on your own. He never said the words out loud.” I needed to echo it, I needed to believe it. “I don’t kill people; I don’t murder, or scare. I just feel the effects…and loose my mind.”

She just shook her head and swallowed back a tear that everyone knew was there. She did have a heart. “So you’re just a mental case instead.”

“Pretty much,” I agreed with a small smile. I vulnerably folded my arms over my stomach. “But I would behave if I were you; the moon in a couple of weeks, and I tend to go after the people that piss me off.”

She just rolled her eyes. “I’m not afraid of you.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to be,” I teased. “I’m not a particularly scary person.” A small child in the small scattering of nearby students laughed.

“Yeah,” Lois agreed, “She’s a puppy.”

I chuckled and opened my mouth with a reply that sounded along the lines of ‘Buhbye now’! But I was cut off by Evie’s snide remarks. Yes, another one of them. Do they ever end?

“I thought that you were on the floor.” She sneered to Lois.

Lois looked baffled, “Lewis…” she said slowly. “You are the most astonishing person that I have ever met.”

“Mongrel,” she growled to me.

I pulled my wand from my boot and raised it immediately to Evie’s face. She was shocked. I was trained to duel by James Potter himself, if she even thought that she could trick me. She reached for her wand. “Go on, I dare you.” I challenged.

She looked in my eyes. By blues meeting with her stormy ones; for the first time in my life, I noticed that her eyes were the colour of sewage. I laughed. “What’s so funny, have you lost it Price?”

I shook my head. “It’s just strange to think that for the first time in my life, I don’t give a flying hippogriff about someone else’s feelings.”

“I like the way that you still can’t say shit.”

I saw Nate and Dan push their way past a couple of second years, the crowd was depleting quickly. Most didn’t want to stick around; two Gryffindor’s against each other is dangerous. A lot of surrounding objects get destroyed. “I have no need to.”

She snorted. “Really?”

I took a step forward and she jumped back. “I’m a werewolf, Evie it’s not contagious.”

She glared at me, flinching at the word. “I’m not scared.”

“Yes, we’ve been through this.” I said coolly as if I were talking to a child. “You have no reason to be.” Dan smirked; his scoff could be heard from two meters away. It was a pretty loud scoff. Evie seemed lost for words, a rare occurrence. “Does it make you feel better?” I asked hysterically. “To know that I feel like crap?” She actually looked a little frightened. I didn’t want to be a bully. But I felt the urge. “I could take the insults, they didn’t bother me. I could deal with all of your mean comments and your snide remarks. But what I couldn’t take was you acting superior to me just because I am a wolf.”

“Monster.” She spat on the floor infront of her. I was shocked she didn’t aim for my face. But it only took a second before Dan had his wand out, aimed in the same direction as mine.

Nate stepped forward and grabbed hold of my arm. “As a prefect, I can’t allow this.”

“As a friend?”

“Kill her,” he said with a shrug. “Unfortunately, this isn’t you, Charisma. I would expect it from Danny, Potter, or Lois, but not from you. The sad thing is that I know that you were actually going to do it.”

I looked to the floor and stared at my wand. What had I become? I was so focused on making Evie feel guilty for her deeds, I was so desperate to make her feel upset, I had let myself become the one thing that I despised. I was bully.

I handed my wand over to Nate. He smiled and put it back in my boot.

Dan on the other hand didn’t acknowledge immediately what was going on. “Hang on!” He shouted. “I can’t hex a girl.”

“I can!” Lois chimed cheerfully, pulling her wand from hr jean pocket and smiling at Evie. “Impedimenta! That was for pushing me!”

My eyes widened in horror as I watched Evie gasp. A slight crackling could be heard from her feet, simultaneously we all looked down. Her foot froze, and as quickly as it came, her body became ridged and slowly turned to ice. Ice.

“This has gone too far.” I whispered. Nate swallowed and looked at Lois.

She looked a little startled but simply shrugged it off. She pushed a lock of brown hair from her face and put it behind her ear. “It was either that one or the spell that makes your intestines fall out of your bum.” She caught up on her breath. “But I didn’t know the counter curse for the other one, so I thought that this spell would be a little safer.”

“A counter curse?” I echoed. “Do we really have to change her back?”

“We could just put her in sun…” Dan suggested trailing off towards the end with a shrug.

“If those actions weren’t classed as murder, I would have no problem with it.” Lois swallowed and smiled apologetically at me.

“I love it when you talk like that.” Dan whispered suggest towards his girlfriend who was too occupied feeling confused to blush.

A moment stood where no one spoke, I looked around. Three different groups stood around us. A small gathering of second year Hufflepuffs stood, wide eyed, staring at Evie. Not one of them pulled their eyes away. I would have helped them checked if they were alright, but they weren’t worthy; they all supported Slytherin scarves for the upcoming match. The opposite to the fourth year Ravenclaw’s, two of them, two girls, they looked a little scared. Dan looked to the Slytherins infront of him and glanced back to the other two groups.

“Any of you speak of this, and you will join her.”

“Dan!” I snarled.

“What the hell else was I supposed to say?” He muttered back, I leant my head towards him. “Run along?”

I looked towards Evie. She wasn’t melting, it was a good sign, I guess. Lois and I shared no classes, where she learnt that particular spell baffled me. “I would probably have been better than what you said, yes.”

I had just witnessed one of the strangest sights of my life. A group of petty girls arguing before one gets turned to ice. Never again will I witness that. I took a moment to take it all in. Fun.

“Nate do you have to report this?” Lois said, her voice hitched a little. She liked the thought of hexing Evie, but she was still a Ravenclaw, she didn’t want it on her record.

“No,” said Nate, calmer now he had the upper hand.

I looked straight to him, a little shocked. “No?”

He shook his head. “I saw nothing, I was running late to the match and arrived in the stands later than usual. I know nothing of a student turning to ice.” I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding, as did Lois. Dan simply smiled. “Considering that I know nothing…”

“…you can’t report anything!” Lois cried, flinging her arms around Nathans neck and hugging him tightly. She muttered many ‘thank you’s’ and apologies for putting him in that position before Dan pulled her off and smiled.

“You’re my girlfriend, remember?”

She glared and took a deep breath. “There’s only one thing to do now.”

“Go to the Quidditch Match?” I asked solemnly.

Dan nodded. “Head on.” He smiled and put his wand back in to his jeans pocket. “I knew that you wouldn’t be able to get her to the match on time.” He said to Lois. Her glare was unmentionable. I have no words.

I pulled my clothes fro my open locker roughly, Polly holding the door open. Elle sat in the corner quietly. “Ellie?” I asked. “Do you fancy helping?”

She looked up for a moment. “You were late,” she snapped. “It was your own fault. You sort it out.”

Polly blinked and looked to the floor. She didn’t like arguments; knowing that Elle and I weren’t on the best of terms at the moment made her feel as if she was on edge. I put my hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Can you grab my broom for me?” I asked gesturing to the wooden beauty propped up in the corner. She nodded and walked over.

I had honestly had enough of selfish girls acting snotty towards me today. I plucked up the courage to ask Elle of her problem as Freddy ran in through the doorway. His hand was set over his eyes. “Can I come in? Are you naked?”

I hobbled over while strapping on the leather insides to my leggins. “Freddy, we’re fine, love.” I said, pulling hand away from his face as I secured the strap.

“Charisma!” he yelled, pulling me awkwardly in to his arms and lifting me from the ground. “James has been going absolute nutters!” My eyes widened. “He couldn’t find you this morning, after you disappeared after breakfast; he went to catch up with you but couldn’t find you. And then when you weren’t here when we were getting changed-“

“I’m here now.” I soothed. “Is he alright?”

Freddy nodded, smacking me with his bat on my upper arm. “Get your kit on, love, and then pop your head ‘round the corner.”

“Alright,” I said casually. “But can you do me one thing?”

He shrugged.

“Tighten my straps?” With that I pointed to the pads between my thighs. “I know that you don’t usually do it, but I seriously doubt that Ellie is going to help me.”

“Well, if I have to.” He teased with a mock pout. I jumped up on to the bench and he undid the inner buckle. Within a second I felt the strap tighten around my inner thigh and the buckle dug in to my leg.

“Freddy!” I yelped. He looked up in concern. “I still want my leg to work, yeah?”

“Sorry, Charisma.” Said Fred as he loosened it a little. “It’s what you get when you request the help of a beater.” He pulled a pathetic pose that resembled Superman and took the broom that Polly had just brought over. “Alright there Chaser?” He asked, before giving me a high five and catching me as I jumped down from the bench. “We have a game to win.”

Polly laughed and we walked towards the door. “Coming slag?” Freddy asked Elle as he jogged after me with Polly at his side.

I rolled my eyes and entered the door of the boys changing room. Drew glared as I walked in. “Cutting it a little close aren’t we?” He was leant by the door; I assumed that the others were around the corner.

“I’m here aren’t I?”

“Cheek,” he pinched my check and threw his arm around my shoulder. I rolled my eyes as I stopped around the corner. James was sat on the bench, his Quidditch uniform securely on, but he was looking at the floor. I knew that expression, James Potter was feeling insecure.

I walked up and sat down next to him. He looked at me through nervous green eyes. “Where have you been?”

“Out and about,” I muttered, placing my hand on to his forearm.

“Well that’s not good enough!” he exclaimed.

I looked to the floor and pulled my hand back. “I know, I should have been here earlier.”

He nodded once, stern. “You’re a pain in the arse, you are.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and I threw my arms around his neck. “We’re going to win this, Charisma. We’ve got to.”

“We’re going to, James.” I said fervently. “Of course we are. They’re only snakes, right?” I said, throwing my arms in to the air and falling backwards to lie on the bench. The team laughed. “Yeah, yeah!” I muttered.

Freddy snorted. “Come on guys, we call all laugh at Charisma at the victory party. Until then, we’ve got a game to win!” 

AN;. That was chapter 28.

So, Evie has returned. Is she going to let this one go?
I was a little shocked at the amount of you gorgeous readers that thought Evie would just leave it at that :P. She is very stubborn, she is never going to let it go…or is she? Ok, I’m done with the cryptic crap now. 

Sorta :D

I hope that you liked this one; I’m on the fence as if to whether you will or now. So, the next chapter is the Quidditch match. Who will win, Gryffindor or Slytherin? What will be the injury rate? I have had many suggestions as to how Evie should be ‘dealt with’, but short of throwing her off of the astronomy tower or pushing her down a flight of stairs, many were not legal. Wait, those two aren’t either. What a bad influence you are on me :P Kidding!

The next chapter will be called ‘It was Only a Game’. What do you all think will happen? What will James’s reaction be to Evie’s little episode?

‘Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,
He is a big, fat arse,
Is a big, fat arse,
Kyle Sanford is a big, fat arse,
And nobody really likes him.’

I give you all one guess as to who began the chant. They are actually one of your favorite characters. I love them so much (and so do you guys, apparently) that they are in the sequel. They aren’t in every chapter. And are cool. :P Until next time

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