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~~~~~~~~~~~~~i do not own Harry Potter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

‘Oh my God what happened to your face?’ she asked walking over to him


He was sporting a bruised eyebrow and jaw and a fat lip with a large gash in it, he instantly looked guiltily at her


‘Octavious Greystone and Kane McMillan,’ James replied

‘God, when did this...’ Lily began outstretching her hand

‘They cornered me after dinner,’ James said sheepishly ‘ they decided to bypass the hexes and jinxes and went straight for muggle violence,’ suddenly he looked a little taken aback and then grimaced in pain as Lily’s hand made gentle contact with James’ bruised jaw.

‘My God,’ she whispered ‘ Did you report them?’ Lily asked now moving to his fat lip and touching it so fleetingly James might have imagined that she had touched it

‘Who is this ‘God’ you refer to so frequently?’ James asked

Lily looked away from his mouth and looked into his eyes, suddenly her hand made its way to his purple eyebrow

‘God,’ she muttered again and as she muttered the name she realised he had asked who that was

‘Oh, God is...’ Lily began but James was smiling

‘I know who God is, Lil,’ He smiled lopsidedly for the gash in his lip was undoubtedly hurting

‘James we should go tell McGonagall,’ Lily urged faintly registering the little nanosecond flutter she got in her tummy when James called her ‘Lil’

‘Nah, not to worry, I’ll just get Madam Pomfrey to do that voodoo she do,’ James said grabbing Lily’s hand and taking it away from his face ‘Come on,’ he said giving her hand a squeeze before letting it go all together and leading the way to the portrait hole.


Fast Forward Fifteen Minutes


Leaving the hospital wing with James’s face newly healed, James insisted on doing their rounds, while Lily tried to convince him to go to someone and report the attack.


Lily had since dropped the subject and James and she were now making their way slowly around the corner, walking in silence as both contemplated the events of that night

‘James I really think we should report them,’ Lily said softly

‘Look Lil,’ he began patiently


It was funny, two months ago Lily would of scolded James for calling her ‘Lil,’ but now it didn’t bother her, in fact, she kind of liked it.

‘Normally I would, but this is a guy thing, we’re even now, we’re done,’ James said with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

‘I’m not so sure I’m as forgiving, I don’t even want to imagine what they’re going to do to me if that’s what they did to you,’ Lily said

‘Why would they do something to you?’ James asked

‘They said they were going to get me too remember?’ Lily asked


James frowned as they rounded another corner, apparently recalling the memory

‘Well you’re just not allowed to go anywhere by yourself for a while, just while I figure things out’ James said

Lily laughed

‘Am I under the Potter Protection Program?’ Lily asked

‘No you’re under the P.B.L.P protection program,’ James said

Lily turned to James giving him a quizzical look

‘Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew,’ James explained

‘Ah, the M.P.P,’ Lily said nodding

Now it was James’s turn to look quizzical

‘Marauder Protection Program,’ Lily said

James let out a loud laugh

‘I believe we have a winner, I like that, M.P.P.,’ James said still chuckling


From then on the conversation stayed light hearted and fun, she allowed him to let her forget what had happened, something she would of never have let happened two months ago.


‘... so that’s when Autumn and Rose ran out of the bathroom, clutching at their towels, squealing about a tap dancing mouse, you should have seen McGonagall’s face, I almost imploded from trying not to laugh,’ Lily laughed

‘A tap dancing mouse, are you sure it wasn’t a rat?’ James asked smiling broadly still from the story

Lily found this an odd question and she looked at James

‘Uh, I’m not sure, all we saw was a fury little thing,’ Lily giggled


‘You two,’ someone called down the corridor

They turned around to see who it was, but it was too dark. James pulled out his wand and tucked Lily behind him at the same time

‘Don’t you point your wand at me boy,’ said the grouchy old voice


James let out an annoyed sigh and put his wand away and stepped out from in front of Lily.


It was Filch


‘What are you two doing out so late?’ he asked as his cat wove figure eights around his legs

‘We’re patrolling, we are head boy and girl,’ James said as though he thought the man daft.

‘It’s Remus Lupin and Bjorn Underwood tonight, so tell me now, what are you too both really doing out so late?’ Filch demanded

‘We’re patrolling, covering for both Remus and Bjorn,’ James continued

‘Then you won’t mind if we go see Dumbledore,’ Filch said

‘Mr. Filch, if I may, we are filling in for Remus and Bjorn, and we promise that next time there is a change in schedule we will let you know immediately,’ Lily said

‘And no we don’t mind following you to go see Dumbledore,’ James finished


Fast Forward Fifteen Minutes


James, Lily and Filch walked out of Dumbledore’s office the first of the former looking very well pleased with himself.

‘Is that all?’ James asked ‘May we continue on with our rounds now?’ he asked smugly


Filch said nothing but turned on his heel and left

‘There really was no need to humiliate him like that,’ Lily said though she had a smile on her face

‘But he looks so pretty when he pulls that face,’ James said pulling an ugly face to Filch’s back

Lily let out a giggle


‘Stop that giggling, you’ll wake the whole damned castle,’ Filch said turning around and yelling at them

‘I, Sir, do not giggle,’ James said in a high indignant voice holding his index finger aloft

This caused Lily to let out a snort, James laughed quietly and grabbed Lily’s elbow

‘Let’s go,’ he said


Fast Forward To The Next Morning


Lily joined her friends the next morning with the smile from last night still plastered on her face.

‘And why are you all smiley?’ Rose asked upon seeing Lily’s expression

‘Dunno, I just feel good I guess,’ Lily said with a shrug and grabbed a cup of tea


Lily then looked to Autumn who hadn’t even uttered a greeting or acknowledged her presence. She found out why straight away, upon following the line of Autumn’s gaze her eyes rested on Sirius Black, who sat with Remus and Peter, talking and laughing normally.


‘What did he do now?’ Lily asked bring the cup to her lips

Ever since day one, Sirius and Autumn just rubbed each other the wrong way, from the get go, without even saying hello to each other they just didn’t like each other. It was a mystery to Rose and Lily as to why Autumn disliked him so.


‘Nothing, other than that whole, he breathes, thing,’ Autumn said every syllable dripping with dislike

‘Yes he really should stop doing that shouldn’t he?’ Rose said in mock seriousness, rolling her eyes.

Lily laughed as she picked up some toast, buttered it and bit into it, picking up her cup of tea again so both her hands were occupied

‘Smug bastard,’ Autumn muttered finally looking away from him and turning instead to her porridge


‘Is James skipping?’ Rose asked suddenly and both the other girls turned to look to see that James was indeed skipping down the aisle; they continued to watch as he came to a stop in front of his friends and sung


‘I know something you all know,’ Before continuing to skip toward Lily

‘Morning girlies,’ he said smiling broadly

They all just looked at him

‘Lovely morning, isn’t it Autumn?’ James asked

‘Yeah it’s okay I guess,’ Autumn replied slowly

‘What have you girlies got planned for today?’ He asked looking around at each of them ‘Autumn?’ He nominated

‘Nothing special,’ Autumn replied looking to Rose and Lily for an explanation

‘That’s a shame, so you’re not studying or anything?’ he asked and smirked as the colour drained from her face

‘Why are you picking on Autumn?’ Lily asked not unkindly

‘No reason,’ James said

‘Why are you smiling like that?’ Lily asked, his smile causing her to smile

‘Like what?’ he asked and then not waiting for her answer asked ‘can I have some of that?’

‘Like you have a secret,’ Lily said not batting an eyelid as James took her toast and tea from her, he looked at her and smiled like the Cheshire cat before he bit into her toast

‘Probably because (and he sang) I know something you don’t know,’ he said giving her toast back.

‘Oh really, and what’s that?’ Lily asked taking the toast from him and putting it on plate behind her.


James smiled again before he took a big gulp of her tea and then pulled a face like he’s just downed a swig of fire whiskey

‘I love it when it burns as it goes down, don’t you,’ he said in a strained voice that sounded chipper all the same as he handed her back her tea again and winked at her

‘Thanks,’ he said as she took the cup from him, he turned on his heel.


‘What was that about?’ Rose asked to James retreating back

At this he turned back around and came back

‘I’m glad you asked,’ he said to Rose

‘May I have some more?’ James asked Lily pointing to her cup

Lily laughed and passed it to him

‘Being Head Boy and you being Head Girl, it’s only right that we share information concerning the student body, would you agree?’ he asked Lily taking a tight sip from her tea, his pinkie standing to attention

‘Yes,’ Lily smiled

‘And of course being the one and only member of M.P.P. it’s important that I should keep you in the loop, am I right?’ he asked taking another tight sip and then giving the cup back to her

‘Sure,’ Lily said obligingly, taking the cup once again

‘M.P.P. what’s that?’ Rose asked

‘In joke,’ Lily said waving away her question, she was too interested in what James was taking so long in trying to get out.

‘They have in jokes now?’ Rose asked Autumn

‘Just one more sip,’ James said taking the cup out of her hands and taking a large gulp but this time he placed the cup on the table causing him to bend over and he turned his head and whispered so close to her ear that his lips brushed against her tragus he breathed

‘Sirius and Autumn were in the library last night researching foreign tongues, mostly each others,’


 The shivers that ran up her spine as he partly kissed and breathed in her ear were cut short as the full impact of what James had just said hit her.

Her mouth fell open and leant away from him so she could turn to look at him, James smirked and nodded, his face was awfully close.


Lily’s limp jaw became a smiling gaping jaw as she laughed, she covered her mouth with her fingers

‘No,’ she said still smiling

‘Yes,’ James said smiling himself

‘I-I just.. I can’t...’ Lily stammered dropping her hand and looking at him

‘I know, me neither,’ James said nodding

Lily turned to look at Autumn disbelievingly though still smiling and pointed at her


The little colour that was remaining disappeared completely, Rose who had been watching James and Lily now turned to look at Autumn as though why Lily was pointing at her would become apparent, it didn't.

‘What?’ Rose asked as Autumn’s breathing became shallow

‘SIRIUS!’ she yelled making every one turn to look at him


He choked on his tea and looked to Autumn and then to Lily and James and then to Remus.

‘REMUS!’ Sirius shouted through clenched teeth

Remus looked from Sirius and then to Peter

‘Peter!’ Remus exclaimed

Peter then turned to James

‘James!’ he said snapped

‘Lily,’ James said in mock outrage putting a hand to his chest

Lily laughed

‘What is going on?’ Rose asked as Autumn dropped her head into her arms

‘Autumn and Sirius,’ Lily mouthed and then puckered her lips and tapped them with her index finger

‘WHAT!’ Rose laughed

Autumn let out a groan of despair

‘leave you to it then shall I girlies,’ James said with a wink and walked over to his friends who were whispering amongst themselves


Hey guys,
sorry it's doing that annoying double space thing and i can't put it any closer together!!
but let me know what you think anyway!!
Lots of love

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