September 6,2032.


It's nice to know you have support. Last night I got a marriage proposal. I just laughed. -Carrie Underwood.

It was that time of the year, you know, sun was smiling, wind was whistling, laughter was in the air.

And the Weasley Family & co. were gathered at the Burrow; this time for an engagement party.


Yeah, that time.




Enter Albus Potter: Lanky six feet five inches, green eyes, black hair. The entire Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley shebang all rolled into one body.


He was drunk. The only way he would ever call her 'Rosie-Posie' in front of the family and not expect her to curse him to Tartarus and back was if he was drunk.


Rose certainly hoped so. She didn't like to think that a sober Albus would dare call her that atrocious excuse of a nickname.


Not if he wanted children. Which he most certainly would want seeing how he was getting married soon. To Rose's best friend from Hogwarts.


Their love life could not get any more cheesy. Very much like his grandfather Potter, Albus had made life nothing but miserable for Cicely Thomas for their first four years at school and then had woken up one morning and had started declaring his undying 'love' for her.


Needless to say, Cely had not been impressed, but she had given in seventh year and here they were almost ten years later, getting married. Cely and Albus. Typical sickeningly sweet couple with same initials and a horrible habit of making ridiculous kissy faces at each other in public effectively making poor single people, aka Rose, feel hideously miserable. Except you couldn't blame them because they were too nice to yell at.


Rose tried to hide it as best as she could but being best friend and cousin of the soon to be happily wed couple meant she was exposed to their tooth achingly sweet behavior frequently.


“Hello Ally,” Rose said downing the rest of her champagne in one gulp.


Albus pouted slurring his words,“Don't call me Ally, makes me sound like a girl.”


“Don't call me Rosie-Posie.”


“Touche. Listen Cely and I wanted to talk to you about something important. If you've got time?”


“Sure,” she put down her flute. “Yeah, I have time.”


“Good, well we were wondering...hoping actually, and I know you usually don't-but maybe if you could make an exception, I would really...”


“Spit it out Al.”


“What he's trying to say Rose,” -Cely had walked over and wrapped an arm around her boyfr- fiance's waist- “is that we would love it if you could plan our wedding. We would be forever grateful and who would be better anyway?”


Rose blinked. Once. Twice. Three times.




“But Rose, we-”




“But we-”


“You two know I don't do weddings. Bridal shower? Sure. Bachelorette? Yes. Reception? Maybe. But a wedding? No. It would ruin my reputation, and I can't just make an exception. That's favoritism, and I don't do favoritism.” Rose crossed her arms over her chest with a hard look in her eyes.


Rose,” Cely pleaded, “We know. We know you don't but this is us. Al and Cely. We're your best friends.” She was bringing out the puppy dog eyes; both of them were. And Rose hated it.


“Besides, the wedding is set for June seven which is nine months from now and Cely and I have to go out of the country for that Auror thing we told you about for three months. So we can't do this all by our self.”


“And you're the best wizard planner in the country. You do everything: parties, dances, balls, Ministry events. Everything. And who knows Al and me better than you? If you took charge, I would know that my special day would be perfect.”


Rose could swear there were fake tears in those soft brown eyes of her friends. Who ever said flattery will get you nowhere was clearly delusional.


“C'mon Rose, for us? Ally and Cely? Your besties. Your life long friends. Your-”


“Okay fine!” She couldn't take any more of their pleading looks and pouty faces.


Famous last words.


Now she understood the meaning.


She was going against the very core of her principles by agreeing to this, but she couldn't help it. They were just too damn persistent.


“Fine?” Cely breathed.


“Yes, I'll do it. But mark my words, this does not mean I will suddenly fall in love with weddings, or even the idea of them. They revolt me.”


Al and Cely ignored the last part.


“Oh Rose, you're the best! And I know it's going to be beautiful, you're brilliant at the planning stuff and I can completely trust you and you know me better than anyone else so you wont have keep asking me about the colors and what not that goes into planning a wedding and you are the Maid of Honor so-”


Rose laughed, “Breathe Cely, I promise I will do your wedding, and reception and everything that goes along with it. Now go enjoy this engagement party I spent my entire week planning.”


“Love you Rose.” Al mumbled before tottering away to the dance floor with the love of his life.


Rose turned back to the bar and immediately ordered another champagne and banged her head on the table repeatedly.


“What”-bang- “have I” -bang- “gotten”-bang- “myself” -bang- “into?”


No sooner had they left, another figure joined her at the bar.


“If you are done hurting yourself, I would like to compliment you. Quite the party you've thrown here Rose, and in less than a week no less.”


Rose smiled at the very amused Harry Potter taking in the party, “It's my job Uncle Harry.”


“That it is... You know, I never really thought that when you gave up your career as an Auror and started your own party planning business, you'd be such a hit. But you're like Hermione, you are. Always doing things your way.” Harry ruffled her hair.


Rose winced, partially because of her now messed up hair, and partially because someone had once again compared her to her mother. “Yeah, I do have a tendency to get what I want.”


“Yeah, listen Rose, I have a favor to ask-”




“What?” Harry looked at her confused.


“Nothing, just that the last time someone asked me to do a favor, I ended up agreeing to planning a wedding. For that son of yours.” She nodded in Al and Cely's direction.


“But I thought you didn't do weddings?”


“That's what I thought too, until Albus Potter unleashed his trademark pout.”


Harry grinned, “What can I say? We Potters have our way of getting things done. But I wasn't going to ask you to plan a wedding. I was- I presume you heard the news? Of me-”

“Being elected Minister of Magic. Yes, of course, how could I not? Congratulations by the way, not that I'm surprised.”


“Thank you,” he blushed. “Well, I was talking to my staff today and they told me that every Minister has to have an Inaugural Ball. It's tradition, see and-”


“Yes!” Rose beamed.


The Inaugural Ball! It was something she had always dreamed of attending, and here she was getting the opportunity to plan it. If Rose pulled off the Ball without a hitch, then she will have permanently set herself in the world of Events Management and no one would ever consider her to be an amateur.


Not even-


“But I haven't even asked you anything yet.”


“You didn't have to. I know what you want and I would love to. You have no idea how much of an honor it will be and I will do my very best.” Rose was hysterically nodding her head now.


“Right, well that makes things easier. I wasn't sure if you could because you must have a very busy schedule.”


“I wouldn't dare miss it for the world, even if I had to clear out my entire listing I would do it.”

“Knew I could count on you kid. And I told them you were the best on for the job. I'll have Scorpius talk to you about the details and what not.”


“Scorpius?” Rose said blankly.


“Yes, Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy.”


“Scorpius Malfoy?”


“Yes... the new financial adviser for my cabinet.” Harry arched an eyebrow at her.


“Oh. Alright then.


“Right well, I'll send him over.”


“What, now?”


“No, on Monday. What time would be best for you?”


“Hold on. I have to check.”


Rose rifled through her purse looking for her small Filofax.


“Let's see...” she fingered through her appointments for Monday.


Monday morning she had to meet with the caterers for the French Embassy Gala and then there was the afternoon tea with the Smithsons to discuss their house warming party details.


And then-


Rose sighed, “The only time I have free is for lunchtime. At one?”


“I'm sure we can arrange that,” Harry smiled and walked away to join his son and soon to be daughter-in-law on the dance floor.


“Great,” Rose muttered under her breath.


Now her entire day was filled with work. Caterers, florists, snobbish society ladies and now Malfoy.




Rose loved her job. Really, she did. She loved the independence it gave her and the satisfaction that at the end of the day she had been the one to make someone's special moment happen, but there were those times when she wished people would stop wanting their flowers to be the exact same shade as the tablecloths and napkins and the baker would actually bring the cake on time.


Then there were times like these; cousins and uncles making a fool of themselves on the dance floors, and family friends trying to keep away from the insanely drunk aunts and couples slinking away into the kitchens and bathrooms.


Rose saw Lily pointing out the many magical wonders to her Muggle boyfriend, Chris. And a little ways down the bar was Lorcan trying to hit up one of the shy bartenders who didn't know what to make of Lorcan's forwardness. And Lucy and Lysander, snogging it out like they were the only ones in the world and the happy couple itself, Albus and Cely, out on the dance floor, foreheads touching and bodies slightly swaying to the rhythm of the song, wrapped in their own little bubble.


For a moment Rose felt a pang of jealously watching the lovebirds dance, but it quickly vanished. So soon had the feeling come and gone that she hadn't even realize that it had been there.


Out of the corner of her eye she saw a figure sidle up to her, once again her momentary peace disturbed.


“Not dancing?”


“And what imaginary planet have you landed from? I can't dance remember?” Rose said still looking out at her various family members.


“Anyone can dance, Rose.”


“No, Louis, only people who have even the remotest control over their center of gravity can dance. Others, like me, only stumble awkwardly and try not to step on other people's feet,” Rose told her cousin, observing him out of the corner of her eye. Tall with light brown hair, and bright blue Veela eyes, Louis was the object of any woman's desire. Not to mention his work as an Unspeakable made him more mysterious.


Louis smirked, “True. I almost forgot about the Disaster of '29 at Fred's wedding.”


“Don't remind me,” Rose winced.


Louis grinned.


“Why aren't you on the dance floor then?” Rose asked.


Ever so slightly Louis' eyes slid to the right, glancing covertly at Lorcan who had turned away from the flustered bartender and like Rose, was looking out at the gathering.


“Ah... I see.” Now it was Rose's turn to smirk.


“Hey Lorcan!” Rose beckoned.


“No! Don't.” Louis hissed..


Lorcan looked around to see who had called him. When his gaze landed on Rose and Louis, he grinned and sauntered over.


Louis made to escape but Rose held him back firmly by his arm.


“Hey Rose...Louis,” Lorcan's gaze lingered slightly longer on Louis. “Nice party, Rose.”


Rose nodded her head graciously, “I try my best.”


“You're too modest Rose,” Lorcan said looking at Louis for confirmation.


“That she is,” Louis agreed, forcibly making eye contact with Lorcan.


On the outside, Louis was the perfect image of calm and collected, but inside, Rose knew, he was freaking out.


“Any luck?” Rose tilted her head to indicate the bartender.


Lorcan glanced back disinterestedly, “Nope. He's not my type anyway. Too young. You know how these 'fresh out of Hogwarts' are.” He winked at Louis knowingly.


“All too well,” Louis smiled.


“Right, well, I'm off to make sure the caterers haven't lit anything on fire,” Rose grinned at both of them. She knew when she was not needed.


She circled around the dance floor and stood by the enormous cake that had taken the baker five days to make. And Rose had personally made sure that all the enchantments were in place to avoid the cake from meeting the ground, and large cakes were often wont to do around her family.




A hand had stretched out from the crowd and latched onto her and pulled her into the ever increasing throng of people on the dance floor.


“Hu! What are you doing?” Rose laughed as Hugo twirled her around rapidly making her dizzy.


“Dancing with my lovely sister, of course. Ow!” He stated.


“Right, well, since you obviously have a death with for your feet...”


“Don't worry Rose. I know it won't happen again.” Hugo told her confidently.


“Whatever you say Hugo,” Rose said, inadvertently stepping on his feet once more while trying to steady herself. “Are you convinced enough to let go of me now?”


“Nope,” he said and passed her to James.


“Flower One! How are you?”


Rose shook her head at the ridiculous nicknames he had given her and Lily when they were kids; Flower One and Flower Two.


“Fine, once you stop moving around.”


“Now don't be like that Rose, I just want to dance with my favorite cousin,” he dipped her low.


At least ten people in the vicinity shouted a shout of offense at James.


“But I love you all too!” he added hastily.


Before Rose could say anything she was being passed onto Teddy.


“What, is it pass around Rose like she's a ball day?”


She didn't particularly mind dancing, but being tossed around like a rag doll peeved her to some degree.


“No idea. I'm just following others' example,” Teddy grinned down at her.


“Shouldn't you be babysitting your kids?” Rose looked around for Remus and Andora.


“Vic's looking after them,” he said and groaned in pain as Rose stepped on his foot. “Right well, off you go.”


Mercifully, no one caught her this time and she was able to escape to her most beloved spot at the bar.


“Vodka apple martini, please,” Rose slapped her hand on the bar to get the bartender's attention.


“Coming right up.”


Rose rested her head on the bar to stop the dizzying.


“You know, at the rate you're going, you'll end up smashed in about two more drinks,” Ron Weasley's amused voice whispered in her ear. “I'd try not to let your mother find out if I were you.”


“Daddy!” Rose raised her head tiredly. “I'm fine. It's just been a long week.”


“So I've noticed. You're mum and I have been trying to get a hold of you all week,” he sat down on the stool next to her.


“Yeah...I just lost track of time, between the birthday party and this party I haven't had time to rest at all. Sorry.”


Ron waved away her apology, “No worries. I only Flooed to tell you that-”


“You were promoted to Head of Auror department?” Rose asked.


“Yes, how did you know?” Ron said, taken aback.


“Well, with Harry being Minister, you're the next logical choice, aren't you?”


Ron flushed scarlet, “Yes, well, it would have been nice to have my daughter working along with me.”


Rose rolled her eyes, “Dad, we've been through this. I love running my own business.”


Even after four years, Ron Weasley still couldn't understand how his brilliant daughter had decided to stop being a promising junior Auror to start an events management business.


“All I'm saying is that you have all the training. And you scored highest in your batch. You could still come back.”


“Ron, stop harassing her,” Hermione had come over.


“Thanks mum,” Rose mumbled.


Hermione smiled warmly, “You look like death, dear, maybe you should go home.”


Rose looked around. The party was going fine, and she was tired.


Maybe for one night, she could leave the party early, and she had made sure nothing would go wrong.


“You're right,” she finally said. “I think I will turn in early. But if anything goes wrong-”


“I will let you know immediately,” Hermione said in a soothing voice.


Rose smiled, knowing she could count on her mother, of all her insane family members, to keep order even after she was gone.


Rose left the building and Apparated in front of her apartment with a small pop.


She stripped down to her underwear, performed her usual safety charms and fell down on her bed.


Laying in bed, she remembered the wedding and career defining Ball.


“What-have-I-gotten-myself-into?” She whispered to the dark room before falling into a dreamless sleep.

A/N:This little plot bunny flew in my head and refused to leave. Like at all.
So I gave in and wrote it. After writing down extensive notes on all the characters and debating on whether or not I should start a new story, especially when my other chaptered fic (Marauder Era, you should check it out) is only in it's beginning stages, I decided...why not?

Alrighty, so I know the first chapter is a bit slow and random. But bear with me, it will get better.(Like I said, I have extensive notes on this XD)

I just wanted to set the tone for Rose's crazy family. I honest to God wish my family was anything like the Weasleys. But it's not. I still love them though.

Please read and review. It means loads to yours truly. ^_^.

And...I feel like I'm forgetting something.


Oh yes! I was not, am not,nor will ever be the awesomeness that is Jo.



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