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A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry to keep you hanging! Here's the chapter, it's un-beta'd (lol) so sorry about any mistakes, I just wanted to get it to you as fast as possible! Thanks so much for the reviews everyone, they make me happy!

Anyway to the important stuff!

Disclaimer: I do not own HP or anything related, J.K does! And Doctor Who belongs to it's respective owner. 

Claimer: Plot and OC's :D



Sirius just blinked. It was silent for a while and I just drummed my fingers against each other while I nervously waited for his reaction. Sirius just stared at me, and I really wanted to know what was swirling through his head right now.

Oh man. I just told Sirius I was from the future! Why the hell did you do that for? You haven't even told Matthew and he's you boyfriend! You haven't even told Regulus yet and he's like a brother! 

“Wow...” Sirius trailed and I watched in pure shock as he got to his feet.

“Sirius.” I choked out shifting around in my seat as I watched him walk towards the door.

He turned to face me, his face hard. “That's just too much for me to take, Sophie. I'm sorry.”

“What?” I cried in disbelief. “You were the one who asked me, how the hell did you even guess?!”

“I got suspicious and well little things got to me and one day I sort of over heard you and Dom talking about it. It was just too much, but now you've confirmed it, I'm just too shocked to comprehend!”

“Sirius!” I said, standing to my feet. “Please!”

Sirius let out a chuckle and turned back around and I just stood there and blinked. What the hell.

“Your face was just too funny Sophie!” Sirius laughed. “Too funny!”

My mouth dropped. “You were just playing!”

Sirius shrugged and came over and sat back down. “Yeah, well I had to lighten the mood somehow.”

I hit him lightly on the shoulder. “That wasn't funny!”

“Hey, calm down, I'm sorry!” Sirius said taking my hands and pulling me back down gently. “Anyway, back to business. So that's why you talk funny, dress funny and all that?”

“Well … yeah.” I replied with a sheepish grin.

“And you are definitely muggle right?” Sirius asked.

“Before I got here, yes.”

Sirius smiled. “Whoa!”

Weirdly it felt really good getting it all off my chest, and a spark of excitement rushed through me. For so long I'd been keeping this locked up as a secret, but now I felt like I had to yell it out to the rest of Hogwarts. It felt so good to have load off my shoulders. Half of the clutter disappeared from my mind and I felt refreshed and happy.

Sirius stared at me with a raised eyebrow. “Sophie?”

I blinked back happy tears. “Thanks so asking Sirius, I feel you are the right one to tell, I feel so relieved!”

Sirius beamed. “So, are you saying I'm the only one who knows about you and Dom?”

I nodded. “Yup!”

“But I thought you would have told Corner already or my brother.”

I shrugged. “To be honest, I don't think they'd digest it as well as you have, even though you had me fooled before.”

Sirius looked smug. “Well I'm a good actor, what can I say. However it's bloody brilliant that I'm the only one who knows, I feel honoured!”

We laughed and finally Lucy raced back with two other house elves on her heels. Placing down our snacks we said thank you and tucked in.

“Ask me anything,” I said, chopping down on a cookie.

“Okay, so the Muggle world you are from then is Australia?”


“But you knew of our world, how?”

Thinking about it, Dumbledore probably wouldn't like it if I told. Plus they didn't know they were only fictional characters in our world. I sighed.

“It's really hard to explain, so I can't let you know, but let's just say that's how I knew of the kitchens. OH, and don't worry, we are no spy Voldy sent back into the future.”

Sirius laughed. “Didn't think that for one second, and you aren't afraid to speak his name?”

I pulled a face. “Why should we be? That's exactly what he wants, for us to be afraid of him. I mean come on, he'd speak your name without second thought before killing you, why let him have the privilege to not have his name spoken. Speaking his name will show his little weak manipulative mind whose boss!”

“Wow...” Sirius trailed, sipping on his pumpkin juice. “Strong words.”

I smiled. “Well it's true.”

Sirius smiled also. “It is.”

Sirius began asking me what things the future had. I told him about the new gadgets and told him I'd show him my iPod and mobile phone when we went back to the common room. He thought it was cool that we had gadgets he'd only seen in future based Muggle movies. I told him some of the 'inventions' were a bit far-fetched and didn't actually exist, which Sirius was a little disappointed that some gadgets he'd seen in Doctor Who that he had watched at James' "nerdy" neighbour's house, weren't actually real.

“Since you know of our world, do you know of us personally then?”

“Errr...” I decided that telling him that I knew of him personally would be a little creepy to say the least, so I lied. “No way!”

“Oh good. So do you what happens in the future in our world then?”

I nodded and took my mug of hot chocolate into my hands. “I do, but if I told you, you would be forever paranoid. I can't do that to you.”

“Does anything bad happen?” Sirius asked. “That affects my mates and I?”

I sighed. “Sirius, I'm sorry.”

Sirius smiled meekly. “That's okay; I wouldn't do it to you if I knew. I guess I just wanted to know if I had a family – if you knew us personally that is.”

I swallowed the lump growing in the back of my throat and took a deep breath. “I want you to live your days like they are your last, Sirius,” I said softly, “that's what I'm doing until the portal comes back.”

“You were sent here by a portal?” Sirius asked surprised.

I nodded. “We were, yeah.”

“I'm I being rude by saying I don't want the portal to come back?”

I chuckled. “Of course not Sirius.”

Sirius shook his head slowly, as he picked at his sandwich. “I'll live my days as they are my last, only if...” he looked at me and I stared back, waiting for him to finish. However I froze as he moved in closer. I sat there wide eyed as his head came in closer.

“Sirius,” I whispered, “w-what are you doing?”

I gasped slightly when he raised his hand to my face and wiped at the side of my mouth gently.

“Just a bit of chocolate,” Sirius whispered, his breath warming my lips, sending goosebumps across my skin. I couldn't control my head from moving in, but Sirius moved away before I closed the gap and shaking my head I laughed.


Sirius looked at his watch and stood to his feet. “We better head back.”

I got up and nodded, a little flustered. “Yeah. Oh and Sirius, please don't tell anyone.”

“Cross my heart, Cookie, your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks, Snuffles. Now let's go.”

On the way back, we bumped into Matthew. When he saw me he beamed, but when he saw Sirius, his smile went and his eyes flashed.

“Sophie,” Matthew said, opening his arms as if calling me to come. I smiled and went to him.

“You alright?” I asked, but he ignored me.


Sirius lips were pursed his eyes dark. “Corner.”

I looked between them. “Oh come on guys, the breakfast incident should be forgiven now.”

“I'll see you back in the common room, Cookie.” Sirius said.

“Kay, bye Snuffles!”

Sirius threw one last glance at Matthew and walked off.

“Cookie?” Matthew questioned once Sirius had gone.

“My nickname from Sirius, he's Snuffles.”

Matthew stared at me. “Isn't that a little to intimate for friends?”

“I call Dom, Yomee.”

“Mm, but that's different.”

“Not really...”

“Why have pet names with him instead of me?”

“Do you want a pet name?”

Matthew just stared at me, I'd never seen him this angry or frustrated looking and I was a little worried that there was something more to the fight shared between him and Sirius at breakfast than they let on.

“Not really actually, the whole idea is too cutesy for me.”

Ouch. Okay... 

“Matt, would you like to tell me what the heck is going on?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

Matthew shook his head. “Sorry Soph, come let's go.”

He kissed me and taking my hand he led me to the Great Hall. After sitting with Matthew and his mates and having to put up with Christy staring me down all the way through. I finally convinced Matt to have a small walk around the grounds together. We didn't talk much. So when we got back inside the castle and Matthew said he had to take care of some things, I felt a little guilty that I was glad to be off on my own. I rushed back to the common room. When I walked in, I heard the voices of four boys I knew all too well: the Marauders.

“Dominique Austin,” I heard Sirius say, and staying hidden behind the wall near the portrait I listened in.

“Her beauty is in tie with Lilys,” Peter said dreamily.

“What? Merlin no!” James cried. “Wormtail, how can you say that? It is an insult to Lily!” 

“S-Sorry Prongs,” Peter muttered. “You're right.”

“You are only saying that because she was sorted into Slytherin, let's just rate her as if she were in another house,” Remus said, picking up his book.

“You are right Moony, it is only fair and to get a true rating,” Sirius agreed.

“Fine, alright she is very beautiful,” James admitted, folding his arms. “But sometimes I wonder if it is the cleft chin or the moles on her neck that put me off.”

“The moles give her character and the cleft chin defines her face,” Sirius said. “She's got curves in all the right places, but it is her temper, personality and that lip piercing that put me off full stop.”

“True, I guess because of that and because she is a slimy Slytherin, she only rates seven and a half, she should be lucky for that,” James said with a final nod.

I disagreed; Dom's personality is just her. Growing up with brothers probably added to her tough exterior, but she is beautiful, personality and look wise … I had seen Dom's soft side a fair few times and it is enough to melt hearts and look at her in a whole new light. The Marauders just hadn't seen it, and probably never would.

“Now we have to rate Sophie,” Peter said. “I give her a straight ten!”

Oh, great now me! I also guessed that Peter wouldn't have rated me so high if he didn't previously like me, I would have been a straight zero.

“A ten, are you kidding?” James scoffed. “Na, she's about a six to be honest...”

“Why is that?” Remus asked over his book. “She's not that bad looking.”

Oh, thanks Remus, I guess.

“She's, Cookie!” Sirius announced proudly.

Cookie!” Remus, James and Peter all said in amused unison.

“Are you saying she's fat?!” Peter exclaimed with a frown.

“No, we have pet names, I'm Snuffles,” Sirius replied. “I picked Cookie because she's looks good enough to eat and has freckles that remind me of chocolate chips!”

James blinked. “What the hell were you thinking Padfoot?!”

“You can't talk Prongs, what do you call Kim? Your Sweet Pumpkin Pastie or Treacle Tart.”

James pouted. “Okay, so we're even.”

Remus shook his head and put his book aside. “Okay, guys let's get back to business and continue with Cookie please!”

Sirius rolled his eyes at Remus, before smiling. “She's got really nice eyes...”

“Yeah, but her hips are so wide they make her body look out of proportion,” James muttered. “The nose stud isn't very attractive either.”

“Why do you always go serious during this game, Prongs?” Remus muttered to himself.

“I think her freckles are cute,” Sirius said.

“Padfoot, they are all over her face, remember we agreed scattered over the nose is acceptable, it's more cute. Anyway her lips are so big; they take half of her face!”

“But they are kissable, Prongs,” Peter added. “Don't you deny it.”

“She has small boobs.”

Everything they were saying (well mostly James) I already knew and disliked about myself, but listening to them nit-pick kind of made me a little sad. I wasn't as attractive as Dom and Lily, but I wasn't downright ugly right? And there was nothing wrong with my nose stud! I just wanted to walk away and forget what I was hearing. But I just couldn't move.

“But her bone structure is perfect, it's like you can take a picture on any angle of her face and it'll be perfect,” Sirius added. “She also has this cute little laugh, and I just want to pinch her little nose...”

I blushed, wow Sirius was being really nice, and I hadn't heard him say one mean thing about me … weird.

“Merlin, Padfoot, it sounds like you want to pinch more than just her nose,” James said chuckling.

“So what?” Sirius replied.

“Okay, so aside from the imperfections, in which we all have Prongs, what would be the final rating?” Remus asked.

James sighed. “I dunno, definitely not as high as Lily and not as low as Austin...I'd have to settle on a seven and a half-”

“Eight and a half,” Sirius said in a correcting tone. “Personality also adds to attractiveness, but personally I give her a straight ten.”

Fine,” James pouted. “The final rating for Sophie Adams is an eight and a half.”

I smiled, that was a score I was willing to live with. Walking back a little, I made large thumping sounds with my feet to let them know someone was coming.

“Quick, put it away, Wormtail!” James hissed.

There was a scuffle and when I walked around the corner, everyone was sitting normally. When Sirius saw me he smiled.

“Cookie! Man for a moment there I thought a troll had entered the building.” Sirius laughed referring to my loud footsteps.

“Yeah, you know, tripped a little.” I lied, as I walked over to them.

“Show me the gadgets!” Sirius said happily.

“Yeah, Sophie,” Peter piped up. “Sirius told us.”

I looked to Sirius with shock, he didn't! 

“Only about the gadgets, Cookie,” Sirius assured when he noticed the look on my face.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, I'll go grab them!”

“Good, as I am rather interested in these gadgets!” Remus said with interest written all over his face.

I nodded. “Right, be right back!”

I raced up the girls dorms and throwing open the door, I quickly rushed to my trunk and digging through clothes I found them and then closing my trunk with my foot I raced back out. When I placed my phone and iPod in front of the Marauders they all gathered around on the floor and gasped in awe.

“Wow, you're right Padfoot, they are like Doctor Who!” Peter said amazed.

“Can you show us what they are like when they are activated?” Remus asked, picking up my phone and examining it.

“I would,” I said airily. “But if I do, it might kill you.”

James gasped. “Holy, Merlin!” 

“You didn't tell me that, Cookie. We must keep it off then,” Sirius said, touching the iPod. “Hey, maybe we can kill Voldy with these!”

“Good idea Padfoot!” Peter squeaked.

I laughed. “Joking guys, they won't kill you!”

Hey that's not nice!” James pouted.

“Then what do they do?” Peter asked.

“The iPod you listen to music on, and with the mobile it's like a portable Muggle phone, you've heard of them in Muggle Studies right?”

The guys nodded.

“Then why can't you use them?” James enquired.

“They don't work in the wizarding world, Prongs,” Remus replied. “But if I may, I'm very curious so can I try to make them work?”

I shrugged and smiled. “Sure, why not.”

Remus smiled. “Great, I can't wait to get started!”

“Sit back and chill with us, Sophie!” James said, pulling me onto the couch between Sirius and himself. “We were just talking about Hogsmeade which is in a couple of days, we think it's gonna be very interesting!”

“So do I!” I replied. “It would be my first date with Matthew and not to mention everyone else has a date!”

“Mary is very kind wanting to go with me,” Peter said with a smug expression. “Maybe it might turn out to be something more.”

“I'm going single,” Sirius replied. “There is no one I want to go with.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What about your special girl?”

Sirius fiddled with the earphones. “She's already taken.”

James, Peter and Remus exchanged looks and I patted Sirius gently on the shoulder.
“Well Sirius, I think you should not give up and win her over!” I encouraged.

Sirius turned to me, with a mischievous smile coming to his lips. “Yeah, you are right, I should.”

“Do I know this girl?”

Sirius nodded. “Very well.”

“Oh.” I murmured. Something itched within me, I didn't know whether it was annoyance or curiosity. I knew this girl. That sorta changed everything. “Is she in our house?”

Sirius nodded. “Yup.”

I slumped down onto the couch, and fiddled with my fingers, pretending I wasn't very interested. “Well then, I might have to become a matchmaker then.”

The guys laughed. And I laughed also, but the itch was still there. I sat while the guys talked about their usual business and I joined in sometimes but I couldn't stop thinking about this girl. Who was she? Finally the boys went to talking about girls and more was said without them even realising.

“It's getting harder and harder, Prongs!” Sirius was saying. “It's so hard not to just grab her and have my way with her!”

James laughed. “Mate, you have to contain yourself, just appreciate what progress you've made right now. Otherwise she's gonna end up like every other girl.”

Sirius frowned. “I might have typical guy habits, but she's not just every other girl. I love her.”

I felt it then, the spark. My lips turned into a small frown. I wasn't happy for this girl, in fact I hated to admit it, but I was downright jealous. I didn't like this at all. Luckily I wasn't Dom, otherwise Sirius would have been confronted and the girl would probably have to be reported missing.

“Yeah, you're right and I can't keep pretending with Kim,” James sighed. “She's a great girl and I do like her, but...”

“I need to tell her Prongs, because if anything deepens between her and that git, then I wouldn't be able to control myself and I'll probably go crazy and kill him.”

James laughed slightly. “I think I need to let Kim go.”

Remus closed his book and sighed. “Well you two, I hope all goes well, because Hogsmeade is coming up and you don't want anything going down around then.”

“Moony's right,” Peter agreed. “We've all got dates, except for Padfoot and it's not the right time to start realising you don't like them anymore!”

All guys looked at me as I stood to my feet, Sirius went to stand also but I shook my head and Sirius sat back down.

I smiled slightly. “Don't worry I won't say a word to the girls. I'll see you all at dinner.”

I walked away and up to the dorms with the spark still there. Why was I jealous? What was happening?

“I like Matt,” I assured myself as I sprawled out onto my bed. “I like Matt.”

But when I closed my eyes, it was Sirius that I saw.

A/N: And there you have it :D Hogsmeade is next and oh, it's goood! But you are gonna have to wait tehehe love you guys! OOOH! Also I've now got a Meet The Author page so if you guys would like to ask me any questions about the story or anything just pop in and I'll be happy to answer :D
XOXO WildFlower!

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