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My Fishy by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : My Cheating Sirius Black
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“Sirius?” I say looking in the small broom closet. I have been looking for him for hours.

I gasp at the sight of a brunette girl sitting on Sirius’s lap and their Lips are still lock. Sirius looks up at me and pales.

“Stef,” says Sirius

“How could you,” I say as I slam the door and sprint back to the commons.

I go sit in the corner that is known as the marauder corner. I feel the tears fall as I face the window. Only a few second later I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn and see Sirius.

“Stef, You have to-”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he barely gets out.

Anger over took me and I lunge at him. I start to punch every square inch before a pair of arms yank me off him. I am panting heavily and trying to get out of the arms.

“You are dead to me, Black,” I say . I spit out his last name.

I pull out of Remus’s shocked arms and I walk out the portrait hole. I walk toward the pitch and feel the rage and sadness battle for dominance. I enter the Girl’s locker room and change to a pair of shorts and tank top. I pull my bleach blonde hair into a ponytail. I open the broom shed and grab my shooting star 5. I pull out James’s stolen snitch out of my cloak pocket before going into the pitch. I release the snitch and leave it go. I then hop on my broom and start the chase.

“Angel, Could you come down please,” says James

I grab the Snitch and land in front of him.

“What exactly do you want, Prongs?” I ask huffing

“what happened between you and Sirius?” says James

“He decide to make out with Alisha Clearwater from Hufflepuff in a broom closet. Then he dares to apologies,” I say venomously

“He What!” James says

“HE CHEATED ON ME!” I say as yet again the tears slide down my face again.

“HE is dead,” says James as he raced toward the castle. I race after him. He is faster than I remember and I get to the hall where Sirius and James are fighting already. There is also a crowd. I push to the front and it looks like no one was stopping them . There are a pair of guys taking bets. I pull at Sirius and he takes a swing at me. It hits me square in the side of the face and fall to the ground. Remus comes up and blasts Sirius and James apart. I can taste the blood in my mouth and tears brim in my eyes.

“Detention for the both of you and 5 points each.” says Remus as he bends down next to me, “Are you okay Stef?”

I go to talk and I wince. I clutch my jaw.

“I’ll get you to the hospital wing,” says Lily as she helps me up. She send a glare at James as She walks with me to the hospital wing.

The new healer mends my jaw and confines me to the wing until tomorrow. Lily takes a seat next to the bed.

“So you and Black over,” she asks

“No shit,” I say sourly

“he cheated ?” she say with no surprise on her face.

“I really wish not to talk about it. It hurts,” I say putting the double meaning on hurt.

“Oh, do you want me to go?” she asks.

“can you go get my school stuff?” I ask

“Sure, I’ll be right back,” as she gets up and walks back to the tower.

Sirius comes in a few moments later and came to stand in front of me.

“What do you want, Black? I will have to congratulate prongs when I see him next. That black eye is gorgeous on you,” I say.

“I’m sorry,” he says

“For what? The broken jaw? Alisha Clearwater? Cheating on me? hmm… I am sure there are many things you can be sorry for,” I say letting rage in my voice

“I..I..” Sirius says

“Exactly, now leave or I will make the other eye match, Black,” I say

“But..” says Sirius

“I’d do as she says,” says Remus as he enters scowling at Sirius.

“I love you, Stef,” says Sirius

“Sod off, Black,” I hiss


“I loved you and you cheated,” I say as tears form.

“Fine,” says Sirius storming out of the hall.

I start sobbing and remus pulls me into a brotherly hug. I sob into his shoulder. I finally sit back and my eyes lock on to his for some reason. I have no clue why I am leaning in for kiss. Remus leans back And then backs away

“Sorry, I must have got hit harder than I thought,” I say blushing

“It’s okay. You been through a lot. Just no repeats,” he says

“You got it, moony,” I say sheepishly

“Stef, I got your book bag. Oh, hey Remus,” says Lily as she enters.

“THaaaaanks, Lily,” I yawn

“Will go. Coming Remus?” says Lily

“Yeah, bye Angel,” says Remus

“Bye bye moony,” I yawn and fall asleep.

The next morning I woke and My vivid green eyes connect to Smokey grey eyes.

“Black what do you want?” I hiss sitting up.

“You,” he replies

“You lost me and I won’t return you ass,” I say

Sirius leans in and kisses me. I knee him hard  between the legs and he falls to the ground.

“Black you have no right to do that ,” I hiss as I get out of the bed and pick up my bag.

“Tootles, Black,” I walk out of the hospital wing.

I walk through the halls and people occasionally giving me a look. I enter the commons and see the other marauders in the corner. I sit next to Remus.

“Hey boys,” I say

“Angel,” they say.

Sirius enters the commons walking funny and comes over to the corner.

“what’s wrong, Padfoot?” asks James

“Nothing, right? Padfoot.” I say

“Stef you are the one. Please don’t leave me,” says Sirus

“ There's tons of fish in the world, Padfoot. Go fishing?” I say as I saunter up to my dorm.

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