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Beautiful Image by Contour @ tda.

Dixie sat back in her chair; slumping her hands in to her lap. Infront of me sat a crystal ball, identical to the other 13 around me. Identical, yet so different. Each ball was purchased by their owner; therefore each one had a different perspective on life. The balls’ matched the personalities of their purchaser. They showed you what you wanted to see – the parts that you require to know.

For example, if I asked to see the outcome of the nearing Quidditch Game. I will see the best parts of my play, possibly James’s and the final score. If Dixie asked she would get snippet images of Freddy – aka, absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. Just Fred … in his uniform.

I went to tangle my fingers in my curls, only to find them gone. Still after days of not having them, it still seemed odd. My hair was up today in a tight bun at the back of my head. The many layers of my hair were wrapped around with an invisible thick hairband and tied with a white flower, charmed to stay immaculate. Instead of a skirt I bore trousers, instead of uggs, I styled small lace up flats. My black sweater vest’s sleeves were rolled up to my arms. Dixie had simply pulled hers off and thrown it on the floor the minute we stepped in to the room.

Our Professor placed her crystal ball back on to the table infront of her and paced the front of the room, making what appeared to be obscene hand gestures towards the wall. A student coughed and she turned back towards the small class.

What were once booths for the students had turned to a small wooden table with two chairs situated at each one. Dix had grabbed my hand and pulled me to a chair near the window, two sections up from the front. This particular class was on three height layers. The teacher stood in the lowest one, while Dixie and I sat one from the back. I leant back in my chair, matching my roomie’s slouched position and fingered the purple curtain behind me. Purple was once the colour of Royalty. It was a shame it had been demeaned to hang in this classroom – one of profits and dreams.

I had heard that this lesson was once taught by Firenzee, the centaur in the forest, and not the fake old kook that took over Trelawney when she left for retirement. Firenzee is sweet. He seems intimidating to some, but he had always been lovely to me and James. Even when Fred stuck the sign on his back in third year that read ‘five sickles a ride’, he didn’t loose his temper with us.

I tuned back in to the Professor as she was finishing her lecture on creatures found in Europe. “-And if you hit a Gillywock, you get punched in the face-”

“If you don’t shut up soon,” Dixie muttered. “I’m going to punch you in the face.”

“-By its tenticles.”

Dix looked alarmed but brushed it off by closing her eyes in a sleeping position. “I’m not going to hit her with my tenticles.”

“You only save them for special occasions.” I sniggered; poking my crystal ball with my finger tip and watching the white pattern underneath follow my finger.

She smiled and blew her fringe from her eyes. “You’re an unnatural soul, Charisma.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I had always known that Dixie and James were close, but it wasn’t until James had told me last night that she was there for him while I was away, that I had realized just how close. I couldn’t help but feel utterly grateful. It was obvious the amount of guys that would go for Dixie if she allowed it, but she was so hung up on Fred that it would never happen.

Her smile faltered, her lips that bore a red lipstick fell in to a frown and she looked away suddenly. I didn’t need to look backwards to see what was her downfall.


The two of them were friends before I came in to the picture of their friendship; them and another girl, Harriet Winston, who moved to Beaubaxtons in third year, were BFFL’s as they liked to scream. Harriet stole Dixie’s first boyfriend. Friendship over. It was only when she moved from our dorm that the three of us grew close.

Elle felt that she had to make a decision, me or Kyle. Of course, in all honesty, there was no decision to make. I could be easily civil around Kyle if he could. However both of them are too stubborn to ever admit that he had been wrong. She chose him. It broke Dixie.

I on the other hand, wasn’t as hurt as I had expected. James thinks that I am putting up a shield, that I will break eventually. Yet, there is no shield to be found. Lately, I am not one for hiding my emotions. I have developed Lily’s incredibly unhealthy habit of saying the first comment that comes to my lips.

“So moving on from creatures,” The Professor announced, accidentally knocking off a pile of papers rom her desk with her overly-unnecessary headdress. Yes, I said headdress. “Can you please return to your dream diaries?”

An agnostic chorus of moaning erupted from the class. I silently pulled the small diary from the pile of my books that sat on the floor beside my chair. I held a white hardback that was decorated with orange and yellow flowers. Specks of pink were dotted throughout the white background. The edges were tattered and the pages were bent; it was the same dream diary since third year. Professor had charmed our books to last us for four years, but we had the option to change at the beginning of each year if we wished. I never did.

I opened the whining hardback and flicked to the date. The book seemed bigger as you opened it. The past few days were empty for me, I had felt no need to fill them in; I had experienced dreamless sleep. I wrote down last night’s dream – an unexpected conversation with Dan, he told me that his brother was trampled by thestrals. But he seemed to be wearing my Grandmothers shoes. - I smiled. Looking over to Dixie, smiling seemed unstoppable. She pulled out a thin A4 paperback notebook, which was rolled in to a long tube, from her back pocket.

She unrolled it pathetically and flicked to the date, more pages adding themselves as she flicked. She was getting nowhere. She slammed it shut. “This is ridiculous!” She exclaimed, maybe a little too loudly.

“I’m sorry, child?” The Professor asked, stepping away from a table at the front and looked up at our table. Her stare was accompanied by the rest of the classes.

“I said that this is ridiculous,” my eyes widened. “I don’t see how recording my dreams are going to help me in life.”

“Dreams are infact very helpful.”

“No they’re not. They disrupt your sleep.” Dixie yanked at her tie and threw her arms on to the table in a sigh of defeat.

Our Professor, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced. “Dreams are premonitions, snippets of the future.” I sure as hell hope not! “They’re incredibly helpful, not just in life, but also in our careers.”

“I want to be an Astrologist or a journalist.” Dixie said coolly. Each of her words was pronounced perfectly. “Not a failure, holding on to the idea that I can see the future.”

“A failure, huh?” Professor echoed. “So what did you dream last night?”

“Why is that any of your business?”

I blocked out Dixie’s snappy tone and twiddled my thumbs underneath the desk. Ignoring the judgmental eyes that were fixated on our backs wasn’t as easy as I believed it to be. I wanted to run. But I was done with that. No more running.

A voice came from behind me, a sweet tone that I knew Dixie wanted to hear. “Just tell her! Don’t be difficult!” But just, not the words.

Dixie turned, her dark eyes filled with emotion, anger, hatred and one that I just couldn’t quite place my finger on. “Me? Difficult?”

“Yes y-!”

“LADIES!” The Professor had hit the nail on the head. She may not be able to predict much, but she could see an upcoming argument a mile away. McGonagall always gets her in on the bitchy stuff. “Argue all you want on your own time, not in my lesson!” Dixie folded her arms and slumped back in to her seat. I didn’t turn to see Elle. I couldn’t turn to see her. “How about your partner? Charisma, child, what did you dream?”

I opened my mouth unsurely, but was interrupted by a nearby Slytherin who muttered ‘mauling children?’ I pushed it aside and shrugged. Dixie struggling to fixate her glare between three separate people, decided to speak up. “No, Professor – you wanna hear about my dream?”

“Very much, Miss Pruitt.”

A coy smile grew on her baby-face. “I dreamt of fairytales.” A snigger arose from the class. “Oh no, don’t laugh at me. Especially not you Avery,” she pointed a thin finger towards the muttering Slytherin, his grin slipped. “Merlin knows that you dream about being able to keep it up for longer than three minutes.” She carried on, interrupting the Professor cries of outrage. “I dreamt I was Snow White. But instead of being out casted by a wicked step-mother, I was abandoned by my best friend. Then I took that bite of the juicy apple, the twist? It was poisoned.” It was simple to see that this story was more real than a dream. “The poison wasn’t natural though, instead of killing me, it allowed me to live. But I lived everyday with the pain in my heart, knowing that it was actually my betrayer who poisoned me. It killed me to know that the person that I had trusted for all those years actually went that far to make sure I was in pain.”

“And you’re that self-centered to think that the friend went to all that trouble just to spite you?” Ellie spat from behind. I heard a pile of books fall to the floor. “Maybe she did it because the friend wasn’t listening to her, maybe because when she needed support the friend was too busy worrying about others and herself to pay attention to her ‘best friend’.”

The words ‘best friend’ were said with such demise that I held Dixie’s hand under the table for two reasons; support, and to stop her from going over there and hexing our roommate in to oblivion. “Maybe Snow White didn’t want to know her best friend when she chose her dick-head of a boyfriend over the people who need her! No wonder she hung around with the dwarves. They were better than anyone else in the world. I guess it just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone; that you can be betrayed by anyone at anytime.”

As she slowed down her speech at the end, the class went silent. Even our Professor had no words. This was highly unusual; we were a highly opinionated class, someone always had something to say.

Dixie’s pretty hair was tied up in a similar bun to mine but her dainty features took over to portray her beauty. This was all ruined, however, by the sour expression that plagued her face. Her eyebrows knitted together and her skin wrinkled between her eyebrows. Her mouth was slightly apart as her hand clenched mine with such a force, one move and my hand would fall from my wrist. I had lost all circulation.

“You want to know what I dreamt, Prof?” A Hufflepuff asked from the other side of the classroom. His yellow tie hung loosely around his neck, letting his buttons become untied unreasonably low. His feet were kicked up on to the table infront of him and his hands carelessly stretched behind his head. Without waiting for an answer he carried on. “I dreamt that I was being viciously attacked by a wolf.” I froze. “It was actually surprisingly erotic; this wolf was a hot blond-“

His words were cut off by the smashing of a crystal ball. Upon looking around the classroom, our table was the only one seemingly missing a ball. The only one missing the ball that happened to be sliding down the wall behind the Hufflepuff, having narrowly missed his head in an awfully aimed throw. I was a chaser, I never missed.

Dixie was deep breathing, her eyes narrowed. “You sick, sick bastard!” She screeched, knocking the stand off of the table and taking the cloth with it, I caught my ball just in time. The white gloss inside took to the shape of my hands and brought in a light scene of a waving James; as usual.

“Pruitt!” Our Professor said, finally taking a limited amount of control. “What has gotten in to you?”

“Too much of Weasley is my guess,” I heard the Slytherin mutter. Ellie leant forward and stabbed him with her quill, so the feathers stuff out of his back. He yelled out in pain. “What the hell?”

“Class!” The Professor screeched, running around in a pathetic circle and attempting to gain control that wasn’t going to come to her.

“Miss! She just stabbed me!”

“You deserved it, you twat!”

I picked up my books from the floor and held them in my arms.

“Miss Pruitt, you will clean up that mess this instant!”

Dixie stood up from the table. “It’s your classroom!”

“It’s your ball!”

“Shut up Kyle! Do not even get me started on you!”

He stood up from his desk, walking over to Dixie. “You have something to say, Snow White?”

“Yes, Evil Stepmother, yes I do!”

I took this opportunity of chaos to grab my belongings and walked out of the room. I slipped between two arguing Hufflepuffs, I knocked their books off of the table as I went; he had no right to make the earlier comment. Cries and screeches could be heard from the disruptive class as I left and ran down the stair case. Two flights down and the ruckus was evident; a shout along the lines of ‘I only took this class for a doss’ along with a colorful array of swearwords was what I left behind.

My lips lifted into a small smile as I spotted Scorpius at the end of the corridor. He was sat in the arch way on the ground floor. His legs were crossed out infront of him, one foot on the wall infront, his gaze lead out to over the grounds. It was no secret that Scorpius was in need to a haircut, but it was after all, the Malfoy fashion. His blonde locks flipped carelessly in to his eyes, bloodshot eyes … that wasn’t right.

Quickening my pace I strolled towards him quietly and tucked a loose hair behind my ear. My books that were hugged to my chest were suddenly out infront of me and pushing his feet off of the ledge so I could sit down next to him. The question of his skipping class was pushed to the back of my mind as concern took over. I was aware that it was somewhere around noon; classes were not over for another twenty minutes.

“Scorpius,” I greeted with a sweet ease.

“Charisma,” he replied, eyes not leaving the quad infront of him. I could see nothing interesting about watching the grass grow.

I raised him a dark brow. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine … and you?”

I tilted my head to the side, possibly over-doing the act of worry a little unnecessarily. “The bestest ever. How’s Rosie?”

That question was meant for more than once reason. Since my arrival back to Hogwarts, the fiery older Weasley had made it a fact to avoid me. At every corner I passed she would run away. For any other student I would assume it normal behavior, since my secret was let out, I have had many a child turn and walk in the opposite direction. However this was Rose, she has known about my secret since she was ten. I seriously doubt that fear has hit her now, at fifteen.

Scorpius still looked to the floor. “When you see her let me know, will you?”

“You haven’t seen her?” I asked curiously. She and Scorpius have always been inseparable, this was highly odd.

“Have you?”

I scrunched my nose up. “Why are you doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Answering my question with a question of your own. That’s not usually how it works.” I felt a little bad inside, ending the question run, but it needed to be done.

“A form of insecurity, is that alright with you?” I had taken it as a humorous advice, raising my hands up in the air for surrender. But I knew it wasn’t intended to be a joke. He was upset – Malfoy style.

“You did it again.”

“No I didn’t!”

“Not that time.”

He pushed my books off of the archway. “Charisma I am not playing around! I am not in the mood.”

“Okay,” I admitted in defeat, getting up from the arch. “But was there really any reason to take it out on my books?”

His eyebrows furrowed and he sighed. “I’m sorry, love.” I sat back down. “I don’t mean to be a royal arse to you. You’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I slowed my breathing somewhat and leant my head against the wall. “You’re wearing trousers.”

“I’m wearing trousers.” I echoed his observation and rubbed my palms up and down my thighs in recognition. Smart, black trousers were allowed by the school uniform code. I was sticking to it.

“You never wear trousers.”

I gave no immediate reaction. “But I never go commando either.”

A smirk appeared on his face. “I am somewhat grateful that you never have – I don’t want to fight the boys off of you.”

“You wouldn’t have to.”

“But I’m you brother.” He protested. “It’s my duty!”

“Scorp – “ I interrupted, not really knowing where I was headed with this. “What’s up with the Rose brush off?”

“What brush off?” he inquired a little rhetorically. “There was no brush off.” I raised my eyebrows and kick my feet up on to the stone next to him. “She believes the rumors,” he admitted sourly, “The ones of me and you.”

I tried to say an intended ‘Oh’ but the sound never made it past my lips. Since the night of my disappearance last Friday, it was no secret that I stayed in Scorpius’s dorm. There were many rumors of what went on … many including sexual encounters. “Scorp, I’m sorry.”

“For what? You didn’t do anything – that what I tried to tell her.”

I shrugged helplessly. “Maybe if I hadn’t gone to you – I am entirely grateful that I did, by the way and I can never thank you enough – but, maybe if I hadn’t.”

“Then what?” He snapped. “You would have gone back to the Gryffindor Tower and had it out with James. Where would that have gotten you?” I looked to the floor. “Face it, love. We’re just a pair of screw-ups who can’t seem to help themselves from getting in to sticky situations.” He laughed. “On the other hand, those rumors have done wonders for my reputation.”

I leant forward and smacked him with my dream diary. He rubbed his shoulder playfully. “I’m sorry that I just walked out too…that was horrible of me.”

“I was worried when I woke up the next morning and you weren’t there, but I know that you’re not stupid.” I took his shrug as my apology. “Rose didn’t take it too well when Blaize explained the bed situation.”

“That I bunked with you?” I asked. “I didn’t think that she would mind.”

“Neither did I!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands in to the air in a way that mirrored my earlier action. “That’s what started this whole thing.”

“So basically, she thinks that we are having a raging affair?”


My expression flattened to confusion. “For being a Gryffindor, she is the dumbest smart person that I have ever met.”

“Oh yeah.” He muttered with a nod. “Couldn’t agree with you more, Price.”

I looked past his casual expression and saw the look of slight pain in his eyes, the grey rolling to the back of his head as a low groan admitted from his mouth. “Scorp,” I asked. “What happened in the great Hall between you and James?”

“While you were away?” I nodded. “After he pulled the prank on everyone, he came over to me and told me what he thought of the rumors.” I lightly kicked his arm in a playful manner and he smiled. “He said that he didn’t believe them, we were doing fine with out discussion until he said that I didn’t deserve Rose.”

“He said what?!”

“Its fine,” he reassured, “before you go all ‘Batgirl’ on the poor boy. He was just upset about you and he wanted someone to take it out on.”

I snorted at his nonchalant expression. “I don’t believe you.”

“Then don’t.”

I shook my head dismissively. “So why are you out of lesson, Malfoy?”


“I asked first.”

“I asked second!”

I smiled and sat up straight in the arch, swinging my legs over the side. “Couldn’t take the crowd in Divination. The fumes were getting too much.”

He nodded understandingly. “I had potions, Rose was on the table in front and I didn’t want to take anymore of her remarks.” I closed my eyes. “So I picked up my stuff, and left.”

I wanted to apologize for being such a bad friend, for mucking up everything that they had. But then I remembered that, that isn’t what he would want to hear. Scorpius is alike me in many ways, he would only feel guilty. I pulled my stuff in to my chest, hugging my crystal ball tightly. An image of a Quidditch Game appeared, we were playing Slytherin; our next match. Scorpius stuck out his tongue as a bludger narrowly missed his head. He rejoiced. Only to be hit by the Quaffle. I laugh out loud, earning a confused glance from my Slytherin companion. I shrugged and went back to tracing patterns on to the glass.

I walked through the corridor to the Great Hall for dinner but was interrupted by the swish of long brunette hair in my face as I was tackled in a tight hug. “Charisma Price!” Lois said releasing me from the hug only to pull me back in for one more. “You dog, you, pissing around with so many students.”

I laughed well naturedly and walked with her through the large oak doors. I had already become used to the lessen in noise as I entered a room. I knew that I had to. “What can I say?” I shrugged.

“How about, ‘Lois, I am going to get you a kitten’.” She smirked. I smiled and shoved my thumbs in to my back pockets. “But of course, you couldn’t do that, you’re a dog, you’d eat it … and I couldn’t have that.”

“Because by this time you would have become attached to this animal.” I suggested.

She pulled me over to the Ravenclaw table and swore at a staring second year. “Obviously my affections would be strong; if you killed my kitty, I would have to have to put down.”

“How long are you going to keep this up?”

“As long as possible baby,” she mimicked in a low voice. It was obvious she was teasing. Apparently she had known about Simon (Dan’s brother) since early forth year, she had no problem with wolves. “I have many, many more. Some including collars and kennels.”

I looked about as reluctant to that conclusion as she did nonchalant. “I would really rather that you kept them to yourself.”

“But I haven’t had time to tell you my tail joke yet!” I rolled my eyes. “Seriously Chic, if your friends don’t tell you this stuff then you will only hear it in a horrible manner from someone else.”

I pulled my sleeves down to my wrists, suddenly feeling the cold a little. “Fine, one more.”

“Why do dogs wag their tales?” She asked with an unusual amount of glee.

“I don’t know why do dogs wag their tales?”

She snorted. “Because no one else will do it for them!” she burst out in to an enormous amount of laughter and I couldn’t help but smile. “What happens when it rains cats and dogs – you can step in a poodle!” I poured myself a cup of tea and mopped up the droplet I spilt while blowing a raspberry. “What did the hungry Dalmatian say when he had a meal-“

“I believe that I said one more, Lois!”

“-That hit the spots!”

She snorted with miraculous laughter as the two lads approached the table. I looked up to Dan as he took the seat next to Lois. “Make her stop,” I pleaded.

“What do you do if a dog eats your pen?” She asked.

Dan sighed and looked at Nate, who had taken the empty seat next to me. Actually, apart from him, there were many empty seats around me. “I don’t know, love.”

“You use a pencil instead.”

I smiled while Nate leant forward and took a sip from my tea. I pulled it from his hands playfully as it was still in his mouth. “Get your own!” I protested as we tugged over the white china.

“Careful Harper,” a passing Slytherin called. “You could get cooties.”

The group silences and Lois looked shocked. Dan simply gave me an apologetic smile while Nate handed me back my tea. “I wouldn’t want cooties.” He said with a shrug.

My mouth hung open as Dan snorted. “It’s rabies that you get from pups, if you’re going to be a Git, get it right!”

“I didn’t know that people actually said stuff like that to you.” Lois said wryly.

“Yep,” I said simply. “It doesn’t bother me anymore – I actually had a guy ask if I performed erotic wolf fantasies in Div today.”

Nate spat out his tea back in to the cup. Dan threw him a napkin. “Do you?” This earned him a slap from his girlfriend. “Kidding…Merlin!” He leant forward over the table and whispered, “We’ll talk later.”

Lois rolled her eyes and handed me a chip. It was fish and chip Friday; the best day of the week. “What do you get if you cross a Rottweiler and a hyena?”

I sighed. “Not a clue.”

“Me either,” she shrugged. “But I’ll join in if it laughs!”

“That was terrible,” Nate said with a forced ease. He casually picked a chip from the plate infront.

I stole it from his grip. “What about this,” Dan raised a confused brow. “When does a dog go ‘moo’?” The group shrugged. “When it’s learning a new language.” I playfully stuffed a chip in to Nathans mouth before he could make a comment. He pushed his hair from his brow and chewed energetically.

“What do you call an alcoholic dog?” Dan asked. “A whinoooooooo!”

Heads turned at his howl. I threw my head on to my empty plate with a force and listened to the laughter. I could hear the head shaking around me that didn’t come from my friends. “People think that you’re a horrible friend,” I heard Lois punish only to be replied to with a laugh.

“I’ve got to give you your props, Price.” Dan offered casually. “You’ve accepted that people know about you pretty quickly, it took Simon absolutely ages; he was so depressed.”

I shrugged absently, eyeing my tea. “Depressed doesn’t suit me.”

“Shame, it would have been nice to be a hero in somebody’s life,” Dan said, earning a kiss from his girlfriend.

“You already are, babe.”

Nate cleared his throat, “Would you two be offended if I puked in my tea?”

“Shut it, Harper!” Dan shot back.

We ate in silence for a moment, only exchanging playful glares and glances. Lois stuck out her tongue at Nate who retaliated with a chip to her head, Dan pulled it form her hair, making more of a mess than to begin with. I turned my head and tried to stifle my laughter as he pulled the meshed potato through her perfect locks.

“That’s disgusting.” I heard Nate challenge as I looked over to the Gryffindor table.

Lily sat with Rose, away from the others. Kyle and Elle in the middle with Dixie, James and Freddy eating with Hugo and Albus. The factor that I had overlooked was Josh Harding sitting lazily next to Rosie, eyeing up her big red curls. It seemed odd that Scorpius and she weren’t sitting together. He instead was at the Slytherin table, one across from me with Blaize by his side. Next to James was an empty seat: mine. I would switch after a little while; staying in one place for too long hadn’t been working well for me lately. Since my arrival back at school, I would always switch between the two.

I looked back up at Dan and voiced a question that had been circling my mind for days. “Daniel, while back at the Weasley’s house, I stayed with Teddy and Vic.” He nodded knowingly. “Dom was over most of the time, and she mentioned something briefly.”

“And what would that be?”

“The Simon-era.” I said with a smile; his faltered. “You told me that Simon loved a girl, who broke up with him and is still with her best friend.” He nodded once. “Victoire spoke of Dom’s time at school. I put the pieces together.”

“They’re not hard to fit, Pup.” I scrunched up my nose in demise. “You’re spot on. Simon and Dom were together for a long time. But then she fell in love with Xander – known in our household as ‘outrageous prick’.”

“I will have to remember that.”

“Yes you will. But in a way, it’s good that she didn’t string him along.” He laughed a little. “She was always blunt, Dom Weasley. It was good for Simon; she didn’t kid around.”

“Dom’s part werewolf herself.” I added.

Lois’s eyes widened, she never was the brightest crayon in the coloring box for a Ravenclaw. Dan put his hand on top of her on the table top lovingly. “So she didn’t judge him for a second.”

“Of course, she cracked jokes.” I teased, conveying my point with a similar amount of tact as a three hundred ton bulldozer.

“Who wouldn’t?” Nate said, pulling out piece of rolled up parchment from his robes and beginning to write a letter to his father.

“Good friends?”

Lois snorted. “You’re never going to find them – the ones that you’ve got are the best ones around.” She nodded towards Dixie, Freddy and James. “Dixie Pruitt makes me want to set myself on fire, but she’s loyal, and really kind.”

“With a really nice arse – OW, Lo, was there really any need for that?”

“What do I do?” I blurted before I could think.

Dan stopped laughing. “I’m sorry?”

“You said, when we were outside, you know what I do on the full moons,” his eyes widened. “What is it?”

He subtly looked around him and leant forward across the table. “I don’t think that this is the right place to discuss this.”

I nodded once and looked back at my plate. I should be grateful he was telling me at all. Nate smiled. “I’m sure that he will tell you, when he remembers what he and Lois do on specific nights.”

I silently laughed at the pair of them, who happened to be swapping saliva, and rose from the table. “That’s my cue to leave.” They chorused ‘Awws’. “Thanks for having me.”

I hopped over the table bench and strolled over to the Gryffindor table, past the Slytherins. Few made comments, silenced instantly by Scorpius’s glare. He was popular in Hogwarts; all you needed was his glare. More people feared than liked him. I couldn’t see why; he’s adorable.

James’s ears perked up as my footsteps got closer towards the Gryffindors’. Due to the volume of the students in the hall, it was shocking that he even heard me coming. He stood up from the table and walked towards me. It wasn’t unusual for students to walk around through dinner; it wasn’t unusual for many to actually turn up on time…or at all. We didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Until Avery smiled from behind us. “That’s it Potter, come and put the leash on your bitch.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had become somewhat accustomed over the past few days to ignoring this banter, James on the other hand, had not. White sparks shot from the end of his quickly drawn wand and hit Avery square in the face. He made a girlish yelp as boils burnt on his skin. He held his head in his hands as he ran from the hall.

We ignored the protesting shouts from his fellow Slytherins and the teachers. McGonagall began shouting about how much detention James was going to receive; there was only so much that he could fit in to his life at Hogwarts. I was sure that he was going to quickly fill it all.

“Can you answer me something?” I asked quietly.

“Depends what it is.”

My entire posture changed as I tried to hold back a pleading grin. “What did Lysander teach you; why did he give in?”

“No, I’m not going to tell you that.”

My grin gave way and revealed itself at the simple sound of his demanding voice. James had become recently mysterious; his reputation had shot up, if that was even thoughts anymore humanly possible. People thought he was cooler than Merlin himself. Girls were always around, whether they were glaring, or drooling. James Potter was a girl magnet. Officially. Again.

He leaned forward confidentially, eyes devious with secrets. “I am not going to tell you yet, so don’t try to break me with that cheeky little grin of yours.”

“Well when will you tell me?”

I bit my lip with hope of the word either being ‘Now’, or ‘Soon’. But instead he said. “When you least expect it.”

“That’s very mafia of you.” I said, eyeing him suspiciously. I stubbornly smiled. “Please?”


“Why not!”

“Ask Dom.” He finished, pulling me towards the Gryffindor table.

I folded my arms stubbornly and smiled at Fred and Dixie. “That I might just do.”

I watched my friends argue amongst themselves about Astronomy. James was sure that ‘Sirius’ was infact the best star, while Fred liked Orion. Dixie was speaking about Horoscopes, her obsession and proving that they are both infact wrong. I simply nursed my tea with a small sterling spoon.

The Simon-era. Could I pull through too? 

AN: So many of you are in love with Dixie, that or hate her. She is one of those characters though isn’t she? I hope that putting her in this one hasn’t bothered many of you.
I have to clarify that the relationship between her and James is purely sibling-ly. They think of each other only as brother and sister.

What do you all think of this chapter? Love or hate? You can simply put the word capo if you like it and pick if you don’t. Sorry about the guitar references, I have I next to me and those objects are the first that I saw. :D
Do you approve of Lois's jokes? What do you all think of the Ravenclaws? How about Scorpius and Rose?

Chapter 28 will be called Ice, Ice Baby.

I shot Evie a glare of death. “What is wrong with you?” 

“Me?” she echoed. “There is nothing wrong with me, you mongrel, you’re the dog! You’re the one that grows a tail every month and shags woodland creatures.”

And a lot of you thought that Evie was out of the picture.  I’m not sure if you will all like the next chapter, but I do. So I am posting it anyway.

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