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The first week of the term had flown by so quickly that it left all the first years dazed and confused. Piles of books piled up in dorm rooms and trash bins were overflowed with crumpled up pieces of parchment. The fifth and seventh years got an average of four to seven hours of sleep each night- including weekends. Tests were coming up the following week and many were already falling behind. In the fifth year girls’ dorm, quills and Potions textbooks were thrown carelessly on the floor. There were numerous times this week after dinner and during breaks where the girls found themselves falling asleep working on their assignments, finding themselves late to their classes, and hardly having anytime to eat (much to Kate’s disappointment) besides eating a quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the Quidditch players, it was worse. They had practice almost every evening from dawn until midnight, leaving them with four extra hours to complete their homework after a grueling practice in the hott sun or in the rain, depending on the circumstances. But did the teachers sympathize? No. In fact, when Professor McDaniel found out about the four essays they had been assigned over the past few days, he thought it would be “fun” to give a pop quiz on the four symptoms of werewolf bites. Even James and Sirius had forgotten about their late night meeting in the Astronomy Tower to plan a prank on the girls. They were too busy trying to hide their pink hair. Friday, they went up to Professor McGonagall one day after class to see if she could transfer their pink hair back to their original ‘gorgeous locks’, as they said. “What pink hair? I don’t see pink hair. ” the professor replied looking curiously at the boys over her spectacles. The boys smiled (without looking at each other) then went running out of the class room whooping and shouting that their hair was back to normal. Kate and Lily had been standing in the classroom, too, so that they could see what Professor McGonagall would say. McGonagall saw the girls smiling in the classroom and winked at them. The three of them knew that the boys’ hair was still bright pink and that it seemed to be getting pinker everyday. Lily was surprised that they didn’t try wearing a hat so that they could hide it, although she later found out that Kate had put a spell on their hair so that they couldn’t hide it. “Kate, I think you really need to change their hair back. It’s been long enough.” Lily said later at lunch. Kate looked over at the boys who were sullenly eating their lunch while Remus and Peter sat in silence. “Fine.” She said taking out her wand. She muttered the reverse spell and the pink and silvery strands flew over to James and Sirius’ heads and turned their hair back, the two boys not noticing. Remus and Peter sat back in their spots as the strands twirled around their clueless friends changing their hair back. Remus looked over at Lily and Kate to see that Kate was now the one eating her lunch sullenly. Lily looked up to see Remus and smiled. She never had a lot of time to see him during the week with homework. The only time she saw him was when they had prefect duties. Remus smiled back and turned back to his friends, smiling at their stupidity. “What? What’s wrong now, Moony? Is our hair that amusing?” Sirius sneered. “No, I like it.” “Shut-up.” James said. “It’s a nice shade of black.” Remus started again. “I said shut” James started but then stopped and turned to Sirius. They both jumped backwards in their seat and shook each others’ hands. They then continued filling their plates and stuffing their faces, happier than they had been all week. Five minutes after the joyous discovery of their normal hair color, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Althea came over to their end of the table. Lily saw them walking over and stiffened. She knew Rachel was trying to get Remus to go out with her. As Rachel sat down next to Remus, he pretended to not care. “Hi, Remi. Congrats on the date. I heard all about it.” Remus shot his head up at this. He knew he was going out with Lily but he didn’t know they were going to be blabbing about it all over the school. “You did?” “Yeah, she told her big-mouth friend and they were both squealing about it like little girls. Quite immature, really.” Remus calmed down a bit- he knew that Kate wouldn’t lie to Lily like that. As far as he knew, they both kept each others’ secrets. “Why is she such a big-mouth if you just overheard them?” Remus asked. “Anyways, I was wondering, in case that doesn’t work out, you can always come to me.” Rachel said stroking Remus’ hand. Remus pulled his hand away and set it in his lap. James and Sirius put their goblets down and watched Rachel hitting on their friend. Rachel smirked at Remus, who was looking straight ahead, leaned over, and kissed the edge of Remus’ ear. Remus scooted away quickly, got up, and left the Great Hall leaving Rachel as smug as a kitten on a rug. James and Sirius got up and followed Remus out of the Great Hall and up to the Gryffindor common room up the stairs to their dorm. Remus sat down on his bed as Sirius closed the door behind him when James asked, “What was she talking about, Moony? Who are you going to the dance with?” “Is she hott?” Sirius asked. “And why didn’t you tell us about her before?” James finished. “Be quiet!” Remus shouted standing up. “I’m going to the ball with Lily. She asked me and I said yes.” Both James and Sirius stood silently before their friend taking in what he had just said. “I’m sorry, what?” James asked. “I said, Lily and myself are a couple.” James stood confused as Sirius started laughing and said, “That’s great, Moony. It’s about time you got yourself a girl. Even if it is Evans. Hahahahaha, I never thought I’d be saying that.” Sirius shook hands with Remus as Remus replied, “er…Thanks, Padfoot.” “Uh, yeah, Moony, that is great. You got yourself a great girl.” James said shaking Remus’ hand. “Uh-oh, is ickle Jamsiekins jealous?” Sirius said. “What? Who you calling jealous?” “You.” “I am not jealous! Can’t a guy be happy for his friend? That’s what I am….happy! Well, I am!” James shouted as his friends looked doubtfully at him. “Can we just go to class?” “Whoa, never have those words been uttered by that mouth. Someone is jealous.” Sirius whispered to Remus. “Shut-up, prat.” James said as Remus laughed. “Don’t call me a prat, doof.” “Ooh, nice come back prat.” “You too, dickhead.” “Will you too just shut-up?” Remus intervened. “Listen, James, if me dating Lily is a problem for you, just say so.” “It’s not a problem! Why does everybody think I have a problem with it?” “Because you have a problem with it.” Sirius said simply. “No I don’t! Leave me alone!” James said storming out of the common room. Sirius started going after his friend but Remus held him back. “Give him time to cool off.” “Ok, let’s go find Lily, I’d like to congratulate her on a job well done.” “Um, that won’t be necessary, Padfoot.” Remus said nervously. Lily wasn’t exactly what you would say fond of Sirius. “Nonsense. Let’s go find her.” Sirius walked out of the common room followed by Remus as they made their way down to the Great Hall again. On their way down, they ran into Lily and Kate. Lily looked upset, as did Kate, and they were both silent. Lily looked up to see Remus. Remus frowned when he wasn’t greeted by the same warm smile that usually greeted him. Remus frowned as he walked closer to Lily. “Lily? What’s wrong?” Remus asked. “I saw Rachel talking to you.” Lily responded softly. Remus’ stomach did a double flip. Uh-oh, she saw Rachel hitting on him. How was he going to explain? “Luckily”, Sirius stepped in. “My friend, Moony here, is only guilty of one thing.” Both Remus and Lily looked at Sirius. “And that is loving you too much. I saw what Rachel was doing to Remus. It’s Rachel you should be mad at. Remus pulled away from her.” Remus smiled gratefully at his friend and turned back to Lily. Lily smiled and said, “I should have known better. I’m sorry I ever thought about being mad at you.” “There’s nothing to be sorry for*****” Remus said taking Lily’s hands in his own and hugging her to his strong chest. Lily wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled. She knew Remus wasn’t like James or Sirius. He was gentle and kind and made her feel protected. Sirius stood next to Kate and smiled at his friend. He looked over at Kate and smiled. “Hi.” He said, raising one of his eyebrows, one of his trademark moves that “always” got the ladies swooning over him. “Don’t think so, Black.” Kate said still looking at Lily and Remus. “I was just hoping we could become friends. I mean, our best friends are dating now. We should be on good terms, too.” “Alright. Friends” Kate said holding out her hand as Sirius shook it. “I’m sure James feels the same way, he’s busy at the moment.” “Right. I was wondering why he wasn’t with you.” The four all headed up to the Gryffindor common room, Lily and Kate going back to their room and Sirius and Remus going back to theirs. Later that night, as the girls were sitting in the common room, Matthew walked up to Kate and Lily, sitting down in a chair next to Kate. “Hey, I haven’t seen you for a while. Just passing by in the halls.” “I know, I’m sorry, Matthew. How have you been?” Kate said apologetically. “It’s ok, I know you’ve been busy. Oh and Lily, congrats on you and Remus.” “Thanks.” Lily said blushing and disappearing behind her book. “I’ve been good. Listen, I was wondering if maybe you’d want to go to the Halloween Ball with me. We could go to Hogsmade tomorrow for our costume.” “That sounds great!” Kate said smiling furiously. “Really? Y-you’ll go with me?” “Yeah!” “Also, I was, kind of hoping that we could continue going out after the dance. Like…as a couple.” “I would love that, Matthew, I really would.” Kate said. “Great, well, it’s late, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Bye.” Kate said. Matthew waved bye to the girls as he walked up to his room. Kate smiled. This was going to be the best year ever. She had a feeling. She smiled at Lily and went back to work on her Potions essay. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I hope you liked it. I have a bunch of asterisks by something Remus said because I got it from Lord of the Rings, Aragorn said it to Legolas. Yup. Well, see you later and please review!

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