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After the fifth years and above had filed into the Great hall after the younger students, save the first years, everyone sat down and awaited McGonagall to walk in through the big, oak doors followed by the first years. After Lily and Kate sat down, they started talking about what they thought of the new DADA teacher who was sitting on left side of Dumbledore and looked like he was having a very interesting conversation with the Potions master, Professor Adolphus, an Irishman. “I wonder what he’s going to make us do.” Kate said. “I hope he prepares us well enough for the O.W.L.’s. They are coming up sooner than we thought.” Lily said. “Ugh, don’t remind me!” Kate said putting her elbow on the table and leaning her forehead on her palm. “Our teachers are going to be reminding us all year.” “I know, I know.” Just then, McGonagall walked in the Great Hall followed by the first years, who were all turning their heads around and staring at the Great Hall in awe. One of the first years tripped on his own robes and fell flat on his face. The whole hall erupted in fits of laughter while the boy stood up, his face beet red, and continued following his classmates to the front of the Great Hall. The sorting then began and Lily smiled to herself as the girls and boys who were sorted into Gryffindor sat down at the long table. As soon as everyone was quiet, Dumbledore stood up, looked at the students over his half-moon glasses, and began his beginning of the term speech. “Welcome, to a new year. I would also like to give a great, big welcome to our first years and I would like them to note that the Forbidden Forest is strictly, just that, forbidden. Also, our care taker, Mr. Abhosen, has asked me to remind everyone that the third corridor is off limits, as some of our older students may already know.” Dumbledore said turning his head so that his crystal blues eyes looked upon James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. James and Sirius high-fived, Remus brought his book in front of his face to hide from all the eyes that were now on him, and Peter sunk back in his spot and looked as though he would be sick. “With that, let the feast begin!” Dumbledore raised his arms, waved his hands in a gentle way, and all sorts of food appeared out of nowhere. The students helped themselves to whatever their hearts desired. Lily and Kate served themselves some chicken, fruit, pumpkin juice, biscuits, and all sorts of treats. When the meal was almost over, Lily went to lead the first years up to the common room, leaving Kate to finish her refreshing pumpkin juice and biscuits. After she had wiped the crumbs from her hands onto her thigh, she stood up, walked out of the Great Hall, and walked up to the common room. When she got there, a few third years were sitting on the big, red couch in front of the growing fire talking about how cute the Marauders were this year and how they were going to try to capture their attention as well as their hearts. Kate smiled at their plotting and thought to her silent self, ‘Poor girls. They are going to hate the boys by the end of the year. Those boys are going to go through those girls like they go through all the other girls. Date them for a week and then dump them and next week they’re going out with one of the girl’s friend.’ Kate walked upstairs to the fifth year girls’ dorm to see Lily at her desk writing (Kate assumed it was a letter to her parents) and Rachel sitting on her bed having her long, dirty blonde hair brushed by one of her cronies, whose name was Althea. Althea was a girl who had grown up with everything she wanted. Althea had short brown hair, boring brown eyes, and was not what you would call skinny but not obese either. Another one of Rachel’s cronies, Elizabeth, had long blonde hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, and was almost as snobbish as Rachel, almost being the key word. Kate went over to her bed and flung herself on it, her arms almost hanging off the sides of the bed. Lily finished writing her letter, went over to Kate’s bed, and sat down next to Kate. “I wrote to my parents. I’m sure they’ll let you stay with us over the holidays as well.” “Thanks, Lils.” “It’s not a problem.” Lily replied lying on her side by Kate ( A/N: Sorry for putting this authors note in here but-all you sick minded freaks who think that there’s something going on between these two……*shudder* I am NOT a fan of slash. Noooooo sphank you. She’s lying next to her as a friend. FRIEND. Friend.). Kate scooted over to make room for her friend and they started whispering about how they thought annoying Rachel was going to be this year. And out of no where, the unthinkable happened. “Lily! Oh I almost forgot!” a squeaky voice came from Rachel’s side of the room. Lily sat up shocked from hearing her name almost as if it was Death himself saying her name. “Yes?” Lily said slowly, turning her head hesitantly to face Rachel. “I told you I would set you up with some one. Ok, I have the perfect idea for you. He’s a real hunk. But we have to give you a make-over first of all.” “A what now?” Lily asked not believing what she was hearing. ‘A make-over?!!?’ she thought to her-self. “What? You need to look good for Remus.” A voice on her shoulder said. Lily brushed her off her shoulder and focused her attention on her surroundings. “A make-over!” Rachel repeated. “We need you to get him to notice you.” By this time, Kate was standing by Lily, thoroughly enjoying what Rachel was saying. “Aww, that’s sweet, Rachel. Isn’t that sweet, Lily?” Tilting her head in a “Rachel-like” manner and smiling at Lily. Lily glared at her and mouthed the words: “I hate you”. Kate smiled innocently and continued watching as Rachel and her friends go over what to do. “Ok, we’ve thought about what to do long and hard. “Rachel started. “Yeah, that was really long.” Kate muttered under breath. “We’re going to take you into the bathroom. We can’t have any one watching until we’re done.” Althea said glaring at Kate. “Yes, that would be a crime, wouldn’t it? Oh well, looks like you’re going to have to go by yourself, Lils. I’ll go over to my bed in my secluded corner and wait for you to come out of that bathroom completely transformed into ‘One of them’.” Kate said rolling her eyes and walking over to her bed as Lily was pulled into the fifth year girls’ bathroom. Lily was forced into a chair and immediately was bombarded by blush brushes, eye-shadow brushes, hair brushes, arrangements of lipsticks and lip gloss. She closed her eyes afraid to watch the “masters” at work. She was unsure about the situation since she heard a lot of giggling coming from the girls. She was then forced out of the chair and led out of the bathroom without being able to look at herself in the mirror. She walked over to Kate’s bed and tapped her shoulder. Kate turned around, jumped, and screamed at the sight of Lily. “What, what?” Lily said screaming back. “Who are you?” Kate screamed thinking it was someone else. “I’m Lily!” “You’re not Lily” Kate said slowly eyeing Lily with careful eyes. “Oh quit being thick, Kate! It’s me!” “huh? Oh! So it is!” Kate said looking more closely at Lily. “So, uh, Lils.” Kate said starting to laugh. “How long have you been working with-“ “Don’t you even finish that statement Kate Hannigan!” “Ok, ok! Oh gosh, Lils. Why did you let them do that?” Kate said asking getting up and examining Lily with sympathetic eyes. Lily had dark green eye shadow up to her brow bone and dark, red blush, and purple lipstick on. Her hair was curly and was frizzing out all over the place. “I haven’t. been able. to see.” Lily sneered through clenched teeth. “Oh, um, maybe you should follow me.” Kate said quickly leading her confused friend to the bathroom. Once Lily looked in the mirror, she let out a big, loud scream. “Omg! How could they do this to me?” Lily said. “Lily, Lils. Shh, it’s ok. I can fix it. Trust me. Sit down. We’ll get it all washed off and when I’m done, you’ll like what you see. I promise, on my honor as a Gryffindor. Trust me, I will get you back to normal.” “Ok, Kate.” Lily said sitting down. Kate took out her wand and washed off all the make up and washed her face to get out all the oils from the make-up. Kate then had Lily lean her head over one of the sinks and Kate washed her hair out with some Pantene PRO-V Volumizer Shampoo and conditioner. Kate wrapped her hair up in a towel, led her to her chair again, and sat Lily down. Kate dried Lily’s hair with her wand and got to work on her friends hair. After she had finished with Lily’s hair, Kate started talking. “So, any one you’re interested in?” she asked walking over to the counter by the sink to get out her make- up from her own cupboard above on of the five sinks. All the girls had their own and they had a special code to be open it- no one could go through other people’s things. Kate took out her big make-up bag and took out a few eye shadow colors, mascara, and eyeliner. Kate then walked over to Lily and started applying the make-up. Lily had no idea what Kate was putting on her but she had complete faith in her friend. “It’s the beginning of the year.” “So? Come on. You can tell me Lils.” Kate persisted. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe Remus…” “I knew it!” Kate said. “Then why did you ask me?” “Because I would have never gotten it out of you if I just said, ‘So you like Remus, hmmm?’” Kate said finishing up with they eye-shadow and started applying the eyeliner. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Lily asked skeptically. “Of course! My mother taught me all of this stuff when she found out Hogwarts was co-ed. It was all ‘ Oh my little girl is growing up so fast!’ ‘Pretty soon boys will be crawling at your feet begging you to marry them!’. I nearly gagged myself it was so horrible.” “It couldn’t have been that horrible.” Lily laughed. “It was. Ok, done with the eyes. Now, for ze blush.” Kate said in a fake accent. “No fear, my dear, hey that rhymed! By the time I’m done Remus is going to be head over heels for you.” She continued in her accent. “I highly doubt that.” Lily said. “And why is that?” “How could he like someone like me?” “How could he not, Lils? You’re smart, pretty, funny, great listener, and let me tell you, that’s a major key for a good relationship.” Kate said smiling at her friend. “Thank you Kate.” Lily said even though she didn’t believe what Kate had told her. But she knew that if she would keep saying that she didn’t think all that about herself Kate would keep insisting that it was true. Kate continued applying make-up to Lily. When she was done, She led Lily up to the mirror and Lily gasped. She looked….good. Her hair had been layered and straightened and the ends had an edgy look to them and were lying on her shoulders. Kate had applied light purple eye shadow to her eyelids, silver eyeliner, and clear mascara with glitter. She had also applied a light pink blush to Lily’s cheeks and a light pink lip gloss that tasted a bit like bubble gum. “Wow…Kate.” “If you like it I know a charm that could keep your hair like that and if you want to use the make-up I put on your face you can borrow it anytime.” “Thank you so much, Kate! Yes, I love my hair. What charm do you know?” Lily asked as Kate took out her wand. “Some thing I found in a charm book at one of the book stores in Hogsmade. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ve practiced this charm a thousand times on myself and not once have I failed.” “Ok.” Kate raised her wand and said, “Estilo Permanente” and small, white crystals came out of Kate’s wand and flew around Lily’s hair and made a small white headband with diamonds on it and placed it perfectly on Lily’s head so that two long strands were left framing Lily’s face. “Thought I’d add a little something special, since we’ve been friends for so long and you’ve helped me with all my guy and family problems.” Kate said. “Thank you Kate.” Lily said. “Also, on the inside of the headband there is an inscription. “Mejores Brotes para siempre” which means ‘Best Buds Forever’. Sure enough, when Lily took out the headband and looked on the inside of the headband, there was the exact same message in scripted into the headbands by small green emeralds. “Thank you, Kate!.” Lily said hugging her friend. “It’s not a problem. Now tomorrow, I want you to really start talking to Remus. I was very proud of you today in the carriage. Very proud indeed.” Kate said laughing a bit. Lily smiled at her friend and walked out of the bathroom and into the dormitory and smiled even more when she saw the looks on Rachel and her cronies’ faces. Lily sat down in her bed and started writing in her journal. Next to Lily’s bed, Kate was lying on her back and staring up at the ceiling. She hadn’t told Lily about her letters to Matthew over the summer and how he had become relatively closer to her. In fact, she was beginning to think of him more than just as a friend. Kate turned on her side and slowly got up and climbed on Lily’s bed. Lily quickly closed her journal and looked up at her friend. “What’s up?” Lily asked. “I just wanted to tell you something.” Kate said. “What would that be?” “Well, during the summer Matthew and I wrote back and forth from each other. You know how everybody in the school thought we were going out?” “Yeah, did you get that resolved?” “Yeah, we figured out it was just a misunderstanding and that it was really Rachel and Matthew that were going out.” “Good.” “You could say that.” “Why? What’s wrong?” “Well, as I said before, Matthew and I continued to write back and forth from each other. And ever since he broke up with Rachel, he’s been writing more often and now I want to think of him as more of a friend.” “What? Kate, you can’t go out with Matthew! Rachel will make your life a living hell!” “I know! That’s why I don’t know what to do!” Kate whispered fiercely. “Well- what does he think of you?” “I don’t know. He just seems….I don’t know.” “Well, if you want to go out with him, you can. I’m not stopping you. So, tomorrow I really want you to start talking to Matthew.” Lily said mimicking Kate. Kate laughed and replied, “Thanks, Lils.” “Not a problem.” The two climbed into their own beds and closed the curtains around their beds and went to sleep. They were really excited about what the next day was going to bring them and they would find out if the guy they liked, liked them in return. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~********************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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