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At six o’ clock, the magnificent red train pulled into the Hogwarts Express Platform. First years were lead off first, lead by a half-giant all the second years and above new as Hagrid. After all the fourth years had gotten off the train, Lily and Kate got off the train and followed their fellow fifth years to the horseless carriages and climbed in one, only to regret doing so; James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all sitting in the carriage the girls had chosen. “Just go, Lils, we won’t have to sit next to them during dinner.” Kate whispered silently to Lily. Lily nodded and went in. She sat down next to Remus and Kate sat down next to her by the door. Since she was the last one in, she shut the door and the carriage started to bounce up the long, steep hill, to the magical castle the students knew as home. It was a silent ride up to the castle; the only sound they could hear was the sound of the wheels axils creaking as they turned. Lily looked over at Remus and smiled. Remus smiled back politely, pulled out his book, and began reading it. “What are you reading?” Lily asked quietly hoping to make conversation with the quiet and reserved boy. “Oh, well, it’s called Point Counterpoint: Are Werewolves Really As Dangerous as They Seem? It’s a collection of letters sent in to the daily prophets about what they think about werewolves.” “Oh,” Lily said with feigned interest. “I know you may not think it’s quite as exciting as Hogwarts: A History, but it satisfies me.” “I see.” Lily said. James sat quietly on the other side of the carriage listening to Remus and Lily talk about Remus’ book. James felt himself staring at Lily with great interest. James gave her his famous charming smile the Potters were famous for when she turned and looked at him. His grin was quickly wiped off his face when she glared at him, her emerald green eyes looking at him with a great amount of hate. James leaned his head next to Sirius’ ear and whispered something that had obviously been something about Lily, since it made Sirius laugh. Lily sat and watched the two boys with a great amount of interest of what they were saying. “Are you mad?” Sirius whispered back to James, making sure Lily couldn’t hear what they were talking about. “We’ll talk about it later,” James said, signaling his eyes towards Lily. “Right, how silly of me.” Sirius said leaning back. Kate sat in her spot, her head leaning against the wall of the carriage, watching the ground below her go by as the horseless carriage heaved them all up to the school. Kate took a sigh and closed her eyes. It felt good to be home. She remembered her first day at Hogwarts and had dreamt about her return every summer. Sirius sat back in his spot and watched Kate closely. She seemed paler and more tired than usual. He had always seen her happy and laughing walking down the hallways with Lily after classes and meal times. He would have never guessed what she went through at home. Sirius looked down at the floor of the carriage and thought of his own home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Why can’t you be more like your brother, Sirius?” A pale looking lady said before taking a sip of her tea. Her bony little finger stuck out in a proper manner as she looked at her son over her porcelain teacup. Sirius was slumped in a big, fluffy chair located on the other side of the room. His arms were hanging over the side of the chair and his legs were resting on a small coffee table in front of the chair. “Because he’s a git.” Sirius replied with a malicious grin on his face. ‘Just kill me now. I will voluntarily let someone use one of the Unforgivables on me.’ he thought. “Sirius Black! That is no way to talk about your brother. Ever since you told your father and myself that you had been sorted into Gryffindor and befriended Potter, the son of our most hated enemy, you have done nothing but brought shame upon your family!” “Thanks” Sirius said smiling and perking up a little bit. “As I was saying before, it is about time you joined the ranks of the Death eaters. Just like your brother.” Sirius’ mother said taking another sip of her tea. “Just like I was saying before, he’s a git. Why would anyone join that murderer?” “Get out of my sight! I do not wish to lay my eyes on such an idiot of a son. Go.” His mother said turning away. Sirius slowly rose out of his chair and strode out of the room, ran up to his room, pulled out his trunk, and started putting his belongings in it. Regulus Black appeared in Sirius’ bedroom door way leaning up against the frame and crossing his arms over his chest. “And where do you think you’re going?” Regulus asked. “Shove off, Regulus.” “It was a simple question, Sirius. Where are you going?” Regulus asked again. “Here’s your simple answer: SHOVE OFF!” Sirius bellowed pushing his brother out of his room and slamming the door. The force shook the walls and sent the bag throughout the Black Manor. Sirius returned to his packing and after he had finished, he put his trunk by his door and sat on his bed. When it was dark and everyone had retired to their warm, soft beds, Sirius quietly picked up his trunk and carried it down the stairs and out the front door of Number Twelve Grimauld Place. Sirius dragged his trunk to a motorbike locked up in front of the house, put his trunk on the back of the bike, latched the trunk securely to the back of the bike (since he was a underage wizard, he couldn’t use magic to shrink the trunk), got on the bike and headed for Surrey. It was dark and hardly any cars were out. Sirius thought of only one place he could go to. James’ house. He knew where James lived. James had given him a picture of his house and the house address was on the back, almost as if James had been expecting Sirius to show up at his doorstep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sirius’ thoughts were interrupted suddenly and so roughly that his head hit the wall of the carriage sending a burst of pain through his head. “Bloody hell!” he exclaimed clutching the back of his head. James looked at him through a furrowed brow, “Uh, we’re here, Padfoot.” Sirius hadn’t noticed that the carriage had stopped. He looked around the carriage to see Kate looking at him. He smiled forcefully at her, giving her the impression that he was angry and he didn’t want to be spoken to right now. Sirius followed James out of the carriage and walked into the castle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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