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Inside the compartment, James and Sirius sat back from the door. They had been listening to what Lily and Kate were saying out in the hall. They stood up and sat down in their seats and started talking again. “Curiosity killed the cat, you know.” Remus said from behind his book. “Thank you, Moony. Well, that was something I didn’t expect hearing.” James said. “Yeah, and I thought my life at home was bad.” Sirius said. “Yeah, you sit on your arse all day and have house elves serving you all day, life must be terrible.” Remus said sarcastically. “Yeah-hey!” Sirius shouted. “He’s right, Padfoot, compared to Kate’s life at home, your life is normal.” James said. “Normal? Are parents who agree with You-Know-Who’s ideas but are too scared to join his Death Eaters sound normal to you?” Sirius said through clenched teeth. Nobody said anything, they all knew not to get Sirius mad, he could get very violent. After a while, the door to their compartment opened and Lily and Kate walked in. They silently walked over to their seats, opened a bag full of candy, and started talking quietly. “So, do you think Matthew is still dating Rachel?” Lily whispered. “I hope not. He’s muy caliente, hehe” Kate said smirking and taking a bite of cake. “Yeah, but very off limits too, Kate.” Lily said. “Darn.” Kate said sitting back and frowning. “Oh, don’t tell me you like that bloke.” Sirius said loudly. “That’s none of your business, Sirius Black.” Lily replied curtly. “I’m just saying.” Sirius said putting his hands up in an offensive way. “At least it’s not Snivellus, Padfoot.” James said. “Yes, for a Mudblood to like him would be revolting, wouldn’t it?” a cold, icy voice came from the doorway. Everyone inside the compartment turned to see a tall, skinny boy with a big, crooked nose and greasy, black hair standing proud and tall in the doorway. James and Sirius stood up and walked over to the boy, glaring at him, hands inside their pockets holding their wands, ready to fire any spells at the boy. “Have a nice holiday, Snivellus?” James said smirking. “Leave him alone.” Lily shouted. It was her duty as a prefect to make sure the students of Hogwarts didn’t get into fights. “I think he should be the one to leave, Evans.” James said, with the same mischievous grin plastered on his face. “We’ll be glad to give a little push out, if he needs one.” Sirius said with a grin similar to James’. “That won’t be necessary, Potter, Black. I can walk myself out.” The boy said backing out of the compartment and leaving. “I don’t see why you can’t get along. A little bit more interclass unity and we can all get along better.” Lily said. Sirius and James looked at her like she was crazy. “You’re kidding right? You did hear what he called you, didn’t you?” James said raising his eyebrows in shock. His hair had grown so much over the summer that when he raised his eyebrows, they disappeared behind his untidy, jet-black hair. “Yes, and I think I’ll live. I’ve gotten quite used to it.” Lily replied. “Gotten used to be called a- well, you heard him!” James protested. “If I can get over it, then I’m sure you can too. Or is that too hard for your puny brain to comprehend?” Lily said smirking. “Oh you-“ James started. Behind him, Sirius had begun laughing hysterically. “Please, sit down before you hurt your self by saying bigger words than your vocabulary.” Lily said smirking at James. Behind her, Kate sat with her mouth covered by her hand- behind her hand, she was smiling furiously and was blinking back tears of laughter. Before James could say anything, Remus shot him a disapproved glance, as if saying that if he taunted Lily, he would get points take away from Gryffindor. James sat down without saying a word and glared at the floor angrily. For the rest of they way to Hogwarts, Lily and Kate talked about boys, clothes, and anything they could possibly think of. After a while, Kate went to go change into her school robes, leaving Lily alone with the four pranksters. Lily sat quietly by the window, looking out into the distance watching as the sun slowly set and started disappearing over the horizon. Lily sat and listened as James and Sirius plotted against Severus Snape (Snivellus) and Lucious Malfoy. Lily rolled her eyes as they planned. ‘Boys, they’re so immature. Although Remus is very mature for his age and very unavailable. What?! I can’t believe your thinking about Remus in that…that…way. He’s your fellow prefect. A very sexy prefect. Ah! What am I thinking? Remus is a friend, that’s right, a friend. A friend with benefits. No, no Lily. No benefits, just friends. Friends are allowed to sneak around aren’t they? No!’ Lily cleared out those thoughts from her head and continued focusing on the world outside the red train. ‘What’s taking Kate so long?’ Lily thought to herself. ‘What? You want more time to admire your love Remus?’ she heard a voice say. She looked down at her left shoulder and saw spitting image of herself only dressed entirely in red, her vivid red locks falling at her shoulders, and her green eyes staring up at the real Lily in a mischievous way. “Oh, no, not you.” Lily said. “What was that, Evans?” James asked from the other end of the compartment. “Uh-n-nothing, just thinking out loud. Don’t mind me, hehe.” Lily lied. ‘Great, embarrassed in front of the famous James Potter.’ ‘Don’t worry about James, it’s Remus you want.’ Her devilish side said lying on her side on Lily’s shoulder. ‘Remus is nothing more than a friend and that’s how it’s going to stay.’ Lily heard another voice on her right shoulder say. Lily looked down to see a more modest version of herself. She was dressed in a white gown and had a small harp in her right hand. The angelic Lily smiled sweetly up at Lily. Lily smiled back politely and she saw out of the corner of her eye that Remus was smiling back at her. Lily’s smiled widened and she turned back to the window. ‘Nothing more than a friend, eh?’ the bad side of Lily said grinning. ‘It would be better for them to be friends.’ ‘And why, pray tell, would that be?’ ‘Well, James-“ ‘James, Shmames. What have you got to lose, Lils? Ask him out.’ “Remus?” Lily said out loud. Lily clapped her hand over her mouth making the bad side of her fall off her shoulder and land with a soft plop onto the spot next to Lily. “Yes?” Remus said looking over the top of his book and at Lily. James and Sirius had stopped talking and listening attentively to Lily and Remus. “Nothing, sorry.” “That’s ok. Are you sure you’re ok?” Remus said. “Yeah-yeah, I’m fine.” Lily said ‘Now even I have to admit, that’s cute.’ The angelic Lily said watching Remus disappear behind his book. ‘I wish you wouldn’t do that, Lils.’ Her bad side said climbing up onto her shoulder again. ‘So, I was right, they should go out.’ The devilish Lily said leaning one arm against the side of Lily’s neck and looking smug. ‘No, they shouldn’t. They aren’t meant to be.’ ‘Yeah right, what could possibly keep them apart?’ All of a sudden, three girls walked into the compartment. The first one was very skinny, had blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a very pretty face. Although her physical appearance would have told people that she was a little angel, when she spoke, she spoke with sarcasm and rudeness. “Aww, isn’t that cute?” she said tilting her head. “What is?” Sirius said raising his eyebrow. “Lily.” “What about her, Rachel?” Sirius said as if annoyed at Rachel’s arrival. “Tsk, Tsk, Sirius, are you still bitter about our break up?” Rachel said. “If I’m not mistaken, I was the one who broke up with you, so no, I’m not bitter.” “Aww, I get it. Trying to look cool in front of her little friends. It’s ok, Siri, we all know I broke up with you.” Rachel said tilting her head to the side in a sympathetic way. “No, I broke up with you because you were always hanging on me. Give a guy some room to breathe! Sheesh!” “Whatever.” Rachel said refusing to believe him. “Lily, dear, how was your summer vacation?” Rachel said pushing past Sirius and sitting next to Lily as if they had been friends for a long time. “Good, how about you Rachel? Still going out with Matthew?” Lily said sweetly. Even though she hated Rachel, she still felt sorry for her and was nice to her. “Oh, no. I dumped that loser a long time ago.” “She means the bloke dumped her.” Sirius whispered to Remus and James. “No, silly,” Rachel said turning to Sirius and then turning around, she said, “He was just weird for my tastes, that’s all. Now, Lily, are there any special guys in your life?” Lily glanced over at Remus and said, “No, Rachel, no special guys in my life.” “Well, I’m going to have to set you up!” Rachel said in a perky voice. “Oh no-“ “Don’t be silly! It will be fun!” Rachel protested. Right then, Kate walked into the compartment wearing her school skirt, her button down white shirt, her tie hanging loosely around her neck, her vest and robe draped over her arm and her knee high socks pulled up. She frowned at the sight of Rachel “Kate!” Rachel squealed running over to hug her. “Rachel…hi.” Kate said through the most pathetic attempt of a smile as Rachel hugged her. “Oh, I’m good. I have a boyfriend.” “Wait- I thought you said.” Sirius started. “A new boyfriend. He lives back home. He’s rich and very handsome. No need to get jealous Siri.” “No worries there.” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “Well, I should really be going” Rachel said. “Please, do.” Sirius said. “I can feel my brain cells slowly rotting away.” “Hahaha, Oh Siri, you’re so funny!” Rachel said before leaving, followed by the other two girls who had followed her in. “Hahahahaha, oh, Siri, I love you so much!” James said making swooning noises and pretending to faint. “Shut-up, Prongs.” Sirius said. Kate walked over to Lily and sat down next to her. “How was it? Was it bad?” “Was what bad?” Lily asked curiously. “Being here alone with these guys.” Kate said. “Oh, uh, not that bad, really.” “Weird. So Rachel has a new boyfriend. I always enjoy having her remind me.” “Just don’t listen to her. I’m going to go change. I’ll be right back.” “Ok.” Lily grabbed her robes and walked out of the compartment. On her way out, she glanced at Remus reading his book and smiled. Remus had been sitting there reading his book for quite some time. He hid behind it once Rachel came in. She had gone out with both Sirius and James and wanted to date him but never really got the chance to ask him out seeing he had been hiding from her since Sirius broke up with her. The only thing he had really paid attention to while reading was how Lily somehow managed to get a few glances at him. He was curious at what she found so interesting about him. She couldn’t possibly have found him attractive. Could she? ‘No, of course not, Remus, you’re being silly.’ Remus cleared his thoughts and continued his book, waiting for the Hogwarts Express to pull into the Hogwarts platform. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***********************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Bites fingernails nervously * So what did you think? Review please! I always want to hear from you guys! Even if it’s not that nice, just let me know what you think!

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