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Disclaimer-  I don't own Harry Potter. 
A/N:  I decided to do part of this chapter from Harry's point of view.  It begins in his point of view and then switches back to Albus's.  Asterisks indicate where the point of view switches.

   “Spectacular save by Georgia Weasley!”  the commentator shouted.

    Harry grinned as his niece threw the Quaffle back into play.  It was immediately taken into possession by Hogwarts, and all three Chasers threw it back and forth as they flew to the Australian end of the pitch.

    “Score!  Hogwarts has scored against Australia, bringing the total to 50-20 Hogwarts!”

    Harry stood up and shouted as loud as the students.  One thing he loved about the Quidditch tournament was that he didn't have to try and conceal his excitement when Hogwarts scored.  During house matches, he had to try and pretend he was neutral, even though he obviously supported Gryffindor.

    As happy as Harry was about the Hogwarts Chasers being very skilled, he did not have hope that Hogwarts would actually win.  Australia's Seeker, Linda Morales, was the best Seeker Harry had ever seen outside of professional Quidditch.  He knew that his son, James, was good, but he wasn't delusional.  Linda was brilliant.

    There was something odd about her, though, and Harry couldn't put his finger on it.  Her speed on a broom just didn't seem natural.  Professional Quidditch players would kill for her speed.

    “I'm surprised she hasn't found the Snitch yet,”  Neville muttered to Harry.

    “Yeah,”  Harry nodded as he watched Linda slowly circling above the pitch. James was doing the same,  “It'll be soon, though.”

    Harry turned his gaze to the rest of the staff who were sitting around him. Most of them were quite reserved.  Nobody seemed to be showing the enthusiasm Harry was.  He didn't care.  Harry didn't share their belief that teachers couldn't get overly excited about Quidditch.
    A few professors stood up and then sat back down again as someone squeezed their way past them.  Harry craned his head and was surprised to see Walter Eckerton.

    Harry didn't know the man well.  They'd met on occasion at the Ministry, although Harry had a feeling he'd be seeing more of him now that he was Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

    What Harry mostly knew about Walter Eckerton was more on a personal than professional level.  Harry had never met a father who was more protective of his son than Walter Eckerton, although he did have good reason.  Never a more devoted father, either.

    Walter continued his way past the other professors until he stopped in front of Harry.  Harry was even more shocked to see the expression on his face.  Worry was etched in every part of his face, bringing out the wrinkles, but there was anger in his eyes.

    “Walter,”  Harry shook his hand as he stood up,  “What's going on?”

    “Not here,”  Walter muttered,  “I need a word in private.”

    Harry told Neville he'd be right back and he followed Walter out of the stands.  They continued walking until they were a short distance away from the pitch and then Walter stopped.

    “The boys have just been to see me at the Ministry,”  Walter said as soon as he'd stopped.

    “Wait, what?”  Harry asked,  “You mean Albus and Matt?”

    “Yes, and the other two as well,”  Walter said quickly,  “You've heard of Ralph Lubar, the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in Australia?”

    Harry nodded, slightly confused at the change of subject.  “Yes, not a very tolerant bloke, is he?”

    Walter's face hardened.  “That's a nice way of putting it.  The bloke is sick and twisted and he's got a grudge against me.  Very long story and I haven't got time to tell it.  Short version is that when Matt was eight, Lubar passed a law that required him to transform in a building with other werewolves, older werewolves.  Nearly killed him.  It was right before we moved.  For whatever reason, Lubar decided to visit Hogwarts today, possibly under the pretense of attending the Quidditch match.

    “The boys saw him and Flooed to the Ministry from Honeyduke's.  Matt's absolutely terrified of him, which is why they came to me.  I came back with them. They Flooed before I did, but when I arrived at Honeyduke's they weren't there. I've already spoken with the owners of the shop as well as a few other Hogsmeade residents.  No one's seen them.  We've got to find them.”

    Harry's heart sank.  “You don't think Lubar's got them, do you?  He's not dangerous, is he?”

    “To Matt, yes, but I haven't the slightest idea as to why he'd want the other boys,”  Walter said.

    “Even if he did only want Matt, he'd have to get Albus as well because I know Albus wouldn't let him take Matt sitting down,”  Harry replied, and started walking briskly towards Hogsmeade,  “Let's go.  I'll get every available Auror on this.”


    Albus tried as hard as he could to dislodge himself from Washburn's grasp as he was Portkeying to who knows where.  All Albus knew about the location was that it must be far away.  Portkeying is usually mostly instantaneous, but this time there was a significant lag.  Albus had time to try and get away, not that it did anything.

    The second clue that their destination was far away was the fact that it was very dark when Albus finally landed on the ground.  Not dark like an impending storm either.  Dark as in night.

    Washburn had let go of Albus as they landed and Albus hastened to get to his feet.  Loud thumps around him told him that his friends had landed as well.

    The ground was damp and hard and the foliage around them was dense.  Albus assumed they were in some sort of forest.  He gazed around and saw a lot of unfamiliar trees that seemed to stretch towards the starry sky. 

    There was no moonlight to illuminate the forest.  Lubar, the Willinsons, and Washburn had walked a few yards away from the boys and were whispering to each other.  All four had lit their wands, but it wasn't enough wand light to give Albus a good view of his surroundings.

    Matt, John, and Kaden had all scrambled over to where Albus was and were standing quite close to him, their wands out.  Albus pulled his own out as well, but didn't dare light it.

    “Why is it night?”  Kaden whispered.

    “Where the hell are we?”  John asked.

    “We're in Australia,”  Matt said in awe, as if he was just coming to terms with that fact.

    “We Portkeyed across an ocean?”  Kaden gasped.

    When Albus thought about it, it made sense.  Lubar was from Australia, so why shouldn't he take them there?  It was quite far away from anyone who would be looking for them.

    What didn't make sense was why Lubar was with Washburn and the Willinsons. As far as he could tell, the four wizards seemed to be working together, but why? Lubar lived halfway across the world.  How had he met the Willinsons?

    “Is this anywhere near your old house?”  John asked.

    “How should I know?”  Matt snapped,  “Australia's a huge country!”

    “I just thought if we were near it, we could hide there,”  John muttered.

    “You wouldn't want to,”  Matt said,  “My stupid cousin owns it now.”

    “You have a cousin?”  Albus asked.

    “Not important,”  Matt said quickly.

    Albus nodded.  “How are we going to get out of this?”

    “They're not paying attention,”  John whispered, gesturing to where the four wizards stood huddled in a circle,  “Maybe if we run for it.”

    “The Portkey's right there,”  Matt pointed to the tea kettle, which was a few feet away,  “If we can just get to it.”

    “All right,”  Albus whispered,  “On the count of three.  One...two...three.”

    Albus ran as quietly as he could towards the Porkey.  He was about to pick it up when it soared up into the air.  Albus looked up and saw Lubar sneering at him, with the Portkey in his hand.

    “That won't do,”  Lubar said as he stowed the Porkey in his cloak.  He turned to the other three men.  “They're trying to get away.”

    “What do you expect?”  Jarrett said rudely,  “There's four of them!  Do you realize how much more difficult this is going to be now?  We only needed Potter! But no, you had to go and insist on bringing that werewolf kid as well.”

    “You wouldn't even have managed this if it weren't for me!”  Lubar growled, “So don't go telling me what I should and shouldn't have done.”

    “Well, now we've wound up with two extra ones as well,”  Jarret muttered.

    “They're kids, how much trouble can they be?”  Lubar smirked.

    “You don't know this lot,”  Washburn replied,  “They're the reason we haven't had luck before.”

    “I thought that was because of your incredible stupidity,”  Lubar said.

    Albus was very intrigued.  Lubar was arguing with them as if he knew them well.  Had Lubar really been working with them all along?

    What did they need him for anyway?  What had Willinson meant when he said 'we only needed Potter'?

    “Shut it, Lubar,”  Jarrett said.

    “I'll say what I like,”  Lubar replied,  “This is my bush, not yours.”

    “You own the forest now?”  Jarrett asked.

    “As a matter of fact, I do,”  Lubar snapped.

    “Ministry must be paying you well.”

    “Indeed they are,”  Lubar said and turned to Matt,  “So many years have passed.  Tell me, what is it like pretending to be something you're not?”

    To Albus's surprise, it was John and not Matt who went flying at Lubar. Lubar disarmed John with a lazy wave of his wand, leaving John stunned in front of him.  It appeared that Lubar was a significantly better dueler than either of the Willinsons or Washburn.

    Pocketing John's wand, Lubar turned back to Matt, who was shakily holding his wand up.

    “It doesn't matter what country you're in,”  Lubar seethed,  “You're the same thing no matter where you live.  The laws don't change what you are.  Pretend as much as you like, but it won't change a thing.”

    Now Albus wanted to go after Lubar.  The anger was boiling up inside of him and he didn't think he had ever felt more angry in his entire life, and that included every encounter he had had with Scorpius Malfoy.  Malfoy was like a fluffy kitten compared to Lubar.

    However, Albus held himself back.  John was already wandless.  It would do them no good if Albus got disarmed as well.  Something told him to wait, to wait until he could catch them off guard.

    “What about your father?  I hear he's the head of the department in Britain now,”  Lubar smirked,  “Guess it's just a matter of time until the same thing happens.   You'll have to flee again.”

    Matt was visibly trembling now.  Albus wracked his brain, trying to figure out what to do.  What could they do? 

    “Oh, for Merlin's sake!”  Jarrett strode forward,  “How is this helping things?  Did we really risk Portkeying a bunch of kids to Australia just to waste time taunting one of them?”
    “Quiet!”  Lubar shouted,  “I'll do what I like!”

    “Excuse me!”  Kaden said loudly, turning to Lubar,  “But how in the name of Merlin do you know them?”  He gestured to the Willinsons and Washburn.

    Albus held his breath, waiting for Lubar to put some sort of jinx or curse on Kaden.  Sometimes his cousin was quite dense.  It seemed obvious to Albus that this was a time not to ask questions.

    To Albus's surprise, Lubar smiled.  It was a twisted sort of smile, but a smile nonetheless.

    “I think that's a fair question,”  Lubar said.  “My cousin married this idiot,”  Lubar pointed at Jarrett.

    “You're married?”  Kaden gaped at Jarrett, causing Albus to groan.  Why wouldn't Kaden just shut up?

    “Not for much longer,”  Jarrett muttered,  “Can we please just get on with this?”

    “Patience, cousin,”  Lubar said as he began to walk slowly around the other three,  “We musn't do this hastily.  Haste is the reason you three have failed prior to tonight.”

    Fail at what?  What were they going to do?  The only thing Albus could think of was getting the Hallows, but all three Hallows were in England.  If that was their plan, they wouldn't have taken them to Australia.

    Albus glanced nervously at Matt, who still looked scared out of his mind. Something was still telling Albus not to try and duel the men.  Lubar seemed smart, much smarter than the other three, and that scared Albus more than anything else.  There was a big difference between dueling someone who was smart and dueling someone who was an idiot.


    The Ministry seemed deserted when Harry and Walter Flooed there a short while later.  Harry had briefly questioned the owners of Honeyduke's, but they had not seen any of the boys.

    Harry and Walter ran towards the lifts at top speed, not pausing to answering the questioning stare of the bloke at the welcome desk.  The lifts could not go fast enough for the two men.  Harry nearly pulled the doors open when they finally arrived at Magical Law Enforcement's floor.

    The Auror office was slightly more lively than the rest of the Ministry, but not much.  Three Aurors were inside, two of whom hastily shoved away a pile of Exploding Snap cards and stood up upon seeing Harry arrive.  The other Auror, a rather short but stocky witch, shoved the book she was reading in the drawer, and joined the other two.

    “Potter, sir!”  the witch said,  “We thought you were at Hogwarts today!”

    “I was,”  Harry said darkly and explained the situation.

    The three Aurors looked grim as they waited for Harry to give them instructions. 

    “Dabney,”  Harry turned to the taller of the wizards,  “Brighton,” he looked at the witch,  “Get started with an extensive search of Hogsmeade.  I'm calling in everyone who isn't busy with anything else.  Tiburon and Oswald are on duty in Hogsmeade today, inform them of the situation.”

    Dabney and Brighton nodded before dashing out of the room.  Harry turned to the remaining Auror.  “Lewster, you will be searching the Forbidden Forest as soon as someone else arrives.”

    Harry pulled out his wand and muttered a spell.  An enormous silvery stag flew out of his wand and Harry whispered to it.  The Patronus glided out of the room and Harry leaned against the nearest desk.

    It wasn't long before Harry heard footsteps in the corridor.  He looked up at the door just as Ron was running through, followed by half a dozen other Aurors.

    “Harry, what's going on?”  Ron said in a worried tone.

    Harry rehashed the entire situation again.  Ron's face paled.  “What about Rose, was she with them?”

    “No,”  Walter shook his head,  “It was just the boys.”

    “Thank Merlin,”  Ron whispered,  “But Harry, what about Willinson?  D'you think he's got anything to do with this?”

    “It's crossed my mind,”  Harry muttered,  “But I haven't got a clue as to how Lubar would know him.”

    “With dark wizards, you just never know,”  Ron pointed out.

    “I know,”  Harry nodded,  “Ron, lead the search of the Forbidden Forest.  Lewster's going with you.  And take Daniels and Smith with you.”

    Ron nodded and left the room, followed by Lewster and two other wizards.  The remaining four Aurors looked to Harry.

    “The rest of you can search the castle and grounds.  Be discrete.  I do not wish to interrupt the Quidditch match unless it is absolutely necessary,”  Harry instructed.

    The Aurors left the room and Harry turned to Walter.  He slowly shook his head.  Why was it always Albus?  This was the third year he had gotten into trouble.  Albus's years at Hogwarts were reminding Harry dangerously of his own.

    “I'd better go Floo home and tell Julie what's going on,”  Walter sighed, “She's going to fall apart.”
    Harry nodded as Walter left the room.  Ginny.  Harry snapped his head up. She was going to be watching the match, but was going to be late.  She's probably there now, Harry thought.  She'd be looking for him.

    Harry slowly left the room.  How was he going to tell his wife that Albus had been kidnapped and he didn't have a clue as to where he was?


    “You're just too afraid to do it!”  Jarrett shouted at Lubar,  “What could possibly go wrong?  We're halfway across the world from the Aurors that are looking for this lot!”
    “Once again you have proved your stupidity,”  Lubar replied,  “Do you realize who we've taken halfway across the world?  Harry Potter's son!  You haven't a clue as to how things work in the Ministry!

    “I can assure you that at this very moment, the entire Auror Department is looking for them.  Harry Potter's probably got every Auror on this case.  It won't take them long to realize that we're not in England.

    “And this one,”  Lubar gestured to Matt,  “He's got the most meddling parents in the world.  They'd sooner kill everyone in the world before letting something happen to him.  Very irritating.  They won't rest until they find him.  Not to mention the fact that he's the son of a Ministry official.  We've got two kids of two of the most prominent Ministry officials of Britain.  Think, Jarrett, think! We've got to be careful!”

    “Well, you're the one who wanted to take the werewolf, too,”  Jarrett growled.

    “And you're the one who insisted we take Potter's son!”  Lubar shouted,  “Why do we even need him?”

    “We just do!”  Jarrett shouted back.

    “If both of you idiots hadn't wanted to bring the kids, we could've done this whole thing without the Ministry finding out,”  Washburn cut in.

    “Shut up!”  Lubar and Jarrett said at the same time.

    Maybe if they kept arguing, they wouldn't have a chance to do whatever it was they wanted to do before the Aurors found them, Albus thought.  He could only hope that the wizards would have enough to argue about.

    “Are we going to do it here?”  Jarrett asked,  “Or go to the house?”

    “Have you learned nothing?”  Lubar shouted,  “When they find out that we're here, the first place they'll look is the house.”

    “Got any better ideas?”  Jarrett seethed,  “Have you got a secret little shack somewhere in this country?”

    “No,”  Lubar snapped,  “We're taking them to the outback.  Plenty of places to hide, not very inhabited.  Perfect place.”

    Before Albus could even contemplate running away, Jarrett had his arm in a vice grip again.  Matt was once again in the clutches of Lubar, and John and Kaden were both caught by the Willinsons.

    Albus knew very little about the Australian outback, just that it wasn't suitable for much human inhabitation.  However, the one piece of information he did know about it was that it was where most of the dementors that used to guard Azkaban had gone.  That, and it was a somewhat popular place for vampires.

    Lubar and Jarrett had stopped bickering.  Albus had two seconds to realize what was happening before he felt the familiar but unpleasant sensation of side-along Apparition.

A/N:  Thanks to my beta, Dancer_of_Starlight, as well as all of the awesome people who have read and reviewed this!

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