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Fast Forward Two Nights

Lily ran to her common room, she bustled through and vaguely saw James sitting in an armchair
‘Sorry be right there,’ Lily said as she dashed past
She bolted up to her dorm, threw everything she was carrying on to her bed and began undressing at breakneck speed
‘Lily?’ Rose asked
‘I’m late,’ Lily said pulling out her jeans some shoes and a top out of her trunk
‘Just two minutes,’ Autumn yawned from her bed looking at her watch
‘What?’ Lily asked distractedly pulling on her jeans and picking up the top
‘This isn’t mine,’ Lily said looking at the small top
‘Hey I was looking for that,’ said a brunette
‘Oh sorry Claudia,’ Lily said passing it to its rightful owner
‘Here,’ Rose said throwing a top at her
Lily caught the white material flying at her and pulled it over her head and putting her shoes on at the same time
‘That’s skill,’ Rose muttered to Autumn as she joined her on her bed and Autumn nodded in agreement

Watching Lily rush was one of the girls favourite pass times
‘Got to go bye,’ Lily said tearing out of the room and picking up a jacket on the way out
‘7 for speed,’ Autumn said
‘7?’ Rose asked
‘She stopped to realise it wasn’t her top and she spoke to Clauds and asked me a question,’ Autumn explained
‘That’s fair I say half a point for clothes coordination, the other half was deducted for the first top not being hers,’ Rose said
‘Mm,’ Autumn agreed
‘Don’t forget that she put her shoes and top on at the same time,’ Claudia said
‘That’s true, what do you say, 8 and a half?’
‘Sorry,’ Lily said skidding to a halt in front of James’s chair
‘It’s okay,’ he said standing, Lily surveyed him
Something was wrong.

They made their way slowly around the castle, it had been almost ten minutes and not a word passed between them
‘So?’ Lily said
‘So,’ James repeated glancing down an empty hallway
‘Are you okay?’ Lily asked
‘Yep,’ James said shortly with a curt nod
‘just figured I better not talk, might be an inconvenience,’ He said
‘Oh?’ Lily asked
‘Oh,’ she repeated coming to the realisation and she looked to James
‘I’m sorry about that, but I was in a foul mood and she just got to me,’ Lily said genuinely apologetic
‘Did you just apologise to me?’ James asked smirking
‘Ha ha,’ Lily said dryly
He continued to smirk
‘I really am,’ Lily said

At the sincerity in her voice James who was standing a little away from her locked his eyes in to hers, she looked up into his and then her eyes flickered down for a shadow a second to his mouth, he caught this and one corner of his mouth curled up.
It was here that Lily realised if she were to walk up to him his mouth would be level with her eyes.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a piercing scream, Lily and James broke their gaze and stared down the hall.
‘What the...’ Lily muttered
‘Come on,’ James said grabbing Lily’s elbow and running with her for a bit before he let go and rounded the corner

‘Milli,’ James said looking at the first year who stood in the middle of the hall way drenched to the bone
‘Peeves,’ Lily thundered at the poltergeist who was floating above the small girl, with the bucket still poised in the position of being tipped with another bucket next to him
Peeve’s hand twitched in its direction
‘Don’t even think about it,’ James laughed
‘Peeves you better leave her alone or I’ll tell Dumbledore,’ Lily threatened walking up to the small girl and put her arm around her and began to guide her away
‘Old Albie won’t do much of nufink,’ Peeves cackled and then grabbed the next bucket and flung its contents after Lily and Milli

‘Care-,’ James began reaching a hand out to the girls, but too late, the water cascaded over them like an isolated waterfall ‘-Ful,’ James finished as Lily shrugged into her own shoulders and opened her eyes, she gently pushed Milli to James turned to Peeves took a deep breath
‘BARON!’ Lily bellowed

Peeves zoomed away faster than a fire cracker. Lily turned back around and walked to Milli and James who was smiling broadly
‘Not funny,’ Lily muttered to him
James continued to smile and then looked down to Milli
‘Are you okay?’ Lily asked Milli
‘Just wet,’ Milli muttered
‘Not to worry Milli,’ James said getting down on one knee
‘James,’ Milli breathed and began to blush
‘Look at you,’ James said smirking and touching her wet hair that hung in clumps, at this Milli blushed harder
Lily smiled as James pulled out his wand
‘Let’s get you dry,’ he said pointing his wand at the blushing girl and she was instantly dry
Lily copied him, pulling out her own wand and drying herself
‘Thank you,’ Milli said softly
‘Pleasure,’ James winked causing Milli to turn tomato red and she let out a little giggle
‘Lets get you back to your common room then shall we,’ James said standing and putting a hand on her upper back because that was as long as his arm was and she was a small girl, with his other hand he collected Lily on the way, placing his hand on the small of her back and they began to walk

Fast Forward Ten Minutes

Lily and James bid Milli goodbye and watched her enter before they turned around
‘We’re near the kitchens, you hungry?’ James asked Lily
Lily nodded

Fast Forward Twenty Minutes

James and Lily walked out holding their stomachs for they had ate and laughed the entire time and they made their way back to their common room.
‘POTTER, MUDBLOOD,’ a male voice called from behind them
‘Beg your pardon?’ James asked indignantly turning around to the voice that belonged to one of the two 7th year Slytherin’s walking toward them
‘You heard me,’ said Octavious Greystone angrily
‘Yeah that's the problem,’ James said equally as angrily
‘You and your mudblood girlfriend got our little brothers into trouble,’ Kane McMillan said
‘You’ll stop swearing if you know what’s good for you,’ James warned

Lily had done nothing, these boys were the two meanest boys out of the whole lot
‘What are you going to do about it?’ Octavious asked
James grasped his wand and pulled it out in one fluid motion
‘Don’t,’ Lily said grabbing his wrist
‘Oh look your mudblood lover is sticking up for you,’ Kane mocked
James eyes narrowed and the arm that Lily was holding twitched so she grasped it even harder
‘Tell me Potter what does it feel like to have a mudblood turn you down, not just once but for years?’ Octavious teased
James opened his mouth and his arm shot up, but Lily pushed it back down
‘Ten points from Slytherin,’ She said simply
‘Ooo, scary,’ Octavious said turning to her ‘Stupid mudblood,’ he spat
‘Another ten, keep calling me that and let’s see how fast it takes for Slytherin to lose all its points,’ she said a lot more coolly then she felt

The Slytherin’s looked at her, eyes narrowed and nostrils flared, suddenly Octavious was pointing his wand at her, but James had mirrored him in action pointing his wand right in the fat Slytherin’s face
‘Try it,’ James threatened in a whisper
Octavious beady little eyes shot to him
‘Try it, see what happens,’ James said in such a deadly whisper that it sent shivers up Lily’s spine
‘Just you wait,’ Kane said
‘Yeah,’ Octavious agreed ‘just wait, we’ll get you both, just you wait,’ He said and they both walked away
‘What gits,’ Lily said letting go of James after Kane and Octavious turned the corner and disappeared from sight
‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ James said still looking after the boys
‘Wasn’t your fault,’ Lily said
‘Come on,’ James said placing his hand on her lower back and guiding her back to Gryffindor tower, they said good night in the common room and departed up different staircases.

Fast Forward Two Mornings

Lily was exhausted as she plunked herself down at breakfast
‘You don’t look so good,’ Rose commented
‘Sorry we all don’t have the same genetic gifts you do,’ Lily said pulling a cup of tea toward her
‘You know what I mean,’ Rose said with a click of her tongue
‘Yes I do and yet I thought it clever to retort with some of my lovely morning wit,’ Lily said lifting her cup and taking a sip
‘What’s wrong, you’re not coming down with something are you?’ Autumn asked
‘No, I’m just tired, I’m suddenly very popular and everyone wants a piece of me,’ Lily said
‘Who’s got the gifts now?’ Rose asked smartly
Lily who was in the middle of a yawn, cut it short smiled and poked out her tongue
‘Morning Girlies,’ said a chipper voice from behind them

Lily turned to see James standing all happy like
‘Did I forget a meeting?’Lily asked
‘No but I came to tell you I’m filling in for Remus,’ James said
‘O-kay,’ Lily said not quiet understanding why he was telling her this
‘You’re filling in for Bjorn,’ James said
‘What, since when?’ Lily asked
‘Since she asked you yesterday at lunch,’ James said eyebrows raised
‘Damn it,’ Lily muttered
‘I can get Gloria to cover for you if you like,’ James said leaning over her to pick up a muffin
‘No,’ Lily said suddenly and she could feel Autumn and Rose watching her ‘she’ll just complain,’ Lily added as a waft of James’s body and clothing filled her nostrils.

Merlin he smelt good

‘What time again?’ Lily asked bringing the cup to her lips and trying to fill her head with the smell of English breakfast and not with the smell of James Potter
‘After curfew for an hour,’ James said eyeing her cup
‘Alright, I’ll meet you...’ Lily began then James took the cup out of her hand and took a large gulp ‘in the common room at nine,’ Lily finished watching him
‘Done,’ James agreed putting the cup back in her hands ‘see you tonight,’ James said before departing
Lily watched him go and then turned back to her friends to see they were watching her

‘He’s been doing that a lot,’ Lily said putting down the cup and picking up a new one
‘Everyday for four days now,’ Rose nodded
‘Thanks for keeping track Rosie, some might call it obsessive but I’d be lost without you,’ Lily laughed
It was now Rose’s turn to stick her tongue out at Lily, who laughed
‘So another night with Potter,’ Autumn said trying to sound casual but failing
‘It seems that way,’ Lily said
‘so what do you two get up to?’ Autumn asked
‘We walk around the castle, punish those that need to be punished and sometimes we get some food and I don’t know, talk I guess,’ Lily said with a shrug
‘Oh really, what about?’ she asked in a higher voice then normal
‘Stuff and things mostly,’ Lily said looking at her friend suspiciously
Autumn nodded
‘What is it she wants to ask?’ Lily asked Rose
‘she wants to know if you like James,’ Rose said simply
Lily rolled her eyes
‘Not the like where you want to rip his clothes off in a fit of passion, or the like where you’d like to share a soft lingering kiss, it’s more the like where he’s actually starting to grow on you,’ Rose further explained
‘Ah, well, he’s not too bad, I mean he has more words in his vocabulary now when he talks to me, as opposed to “will you go out with me” which I had to suffer with for a few years,’ Lily said
‘Uh huh,’ Autumn said still acting oddly
‘What are you trying to get at?’ Lily questioned
‘You’re a f-,’ Autumn began
‘I’m not a fan,’ Lily interrupted
‘Then what are you?’ Autumn demanded
‘A friend,’ Lily said
‘A friend?’ Autumn questioned
‘Yes he’s my (Lily swallowed) friend,’ she finished
‘How friendly are you?’ Rose laughed
Lily picked up the cup of tea James had drunk out of and saluted the girls with it
‘Friendly enough to share a cup of tea,’ Lily said challenging her friends and then they all began to laugh.

Fast Forward To Nine O’clock

Lily sat in the common room, next to the fire, waiting for James and as though he heard her thoughts his voice came out of the boys staircase.
‘Don’t try, last time you tired on Peter he sprouted antlers, it’s okay I’ll pop into the hospital wing on Patrol,’ James said

Lily stood and turned to see James with his back turned to her trying to shoo a worried looking Sirius away
‘And don’t you lot try to stick up for me either,’ James called up the stairs after Sirius to his other friends that were in their dorm Lily supposed

James turned around and Lily gasped...

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