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A/N: First of all, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for the fanastic reviews I recieve! I thought this story would be ignored, but 100+ reviews later and it's going strong! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously I can't thank you enough! Everyone who reviews, favourites and supports you absolutely rule!

Thanks to my beta Miss J Potter and my graphics maker .MementoMori!

Disclaimer: J.K owns all you know of and love!

Claimer: OC's, Plot and whatnot :D


The next morning, I felt like crap. For some reason I'd forgotten the past few weeks, I remembered bits and pieces, but still it felt like a blur. Things had gone pretty fast but now they had started to slow down and I'd become Matthew's girlfriend, a new page had turned in my book of adventures and now it was going to take some time to settle in.

This morning I was also having a bad hair day.

“Stay flat!” I muttered in frustration. “Stupid frizz!”

Grabbing one of Mary's hair-ties, I put my hair into a side braid. Then tended to the outbreak that decided to appear on my chin and cheek. “Ewww, I feel so unattractive!”

“You look fine, Sophie!” Mary sang, as she came out of the bathroom, toothbrush in her mouth. “Boys don't notice acne.”

“When they look like the size of planet Earth they will!”

“Lily's got some Pimple Banishing Potion,” Heather said, as she too came out of the bathroom, and picking up her school bag. “You can ask once she returns from her Prefect meeting.”

“I might have too,” I replied packing my bag and grabbing my robe. “Because this is not cool, Matthew will vom!”

Mary and Heather laughed, and Kimberly rushed in looking over the moon, a rose in her hand. 

“James is such an awesome boyfriend!” She said happily, placing the rose with the other dozen in the vase that rested on her bedside table.

“Aw man, soon I'm going to be the only one without a boyfriend,” Mary sighed. “And that is unacceptable!”

“Single isn't all that bad.” Lily said, as she glided through the door.

“Yes it is!”

“I'm single!”

“You won't be soon; you're going on a date with Remus right?” Mary said, pouting.

Lily turned to me. “You blabbered!”

I bit my lip. “I was excited, I'm sorry!”

Lily rolled her eyes. “I don't know if anything will happen, so I am not getting my hopes up.”

“Pfft, like I believe that!” Mary huffed, as she tied her hair up in a messy bun.

“Anyway, Lily can I please use some of your Pimple Potion?” I begged.

Lily looked at me, and actually chuckled. “Yeah, sure it's in my trunk, help yourself.”

Whoa! She must have had a good morning with Remus! Going over to her bed, I bent down and opened her trunk. Luckily the potion was on the top, but something else caught my eye.

“Nice jacket!” I said, taking out the white trench-like jacket.

“Thanks! My sister Petunia brought it for me, she thought I wouldn't like it, but she was wrong,” Lily replied, as she sorted out her school books.

“Awesome, it's really nice!” I said, placing it back nicely.

“Thanks. Alright girls, let's get to breakfast, I want to be on time this morning, and I still have runs to do!” Lily ordered, clapping her hands.

Quickly unscrewing the lid on the potion, I dabbed some onto the affected area and handing it back to Lily, I gathered my stuff and followed the girls out. When I walked out of the common room, Matthew was waiting for me. I nearly melted at the sight of him! Sharing a good morning kiss, we made our way to breakfast.

When we arrived, we found out that Hogsmeade would be on the 10th of October. A month exactly since Dom and I had arrived.

“Nearly a month already! Gosh it's been that fast!” Mary cried.

“I know right,” I said, nibbling on an English muffin.

The doors opened and the Marauders strode in, James was up front, with a very angry Lily on his heels.

“I do not appreciate commotion in the halls, Potter!” Lily snapped.

“That first year asked for it,” James said, waving his hand like it wasn't a big deal. “Don't ask me what he asked for, because I don't know – he just had it coming.”

“That is not a good enough excuse to bully someone half your age, Potter!”

“Calm down, Evans, you've already taken points of us and the boy is fine. His head will shrink back to its normal size in no time.”

“If you all want two weeks detention, do not do it again!”

“Aye, aye captain!” Peter said saluting.

Lily rolled her eyes and walking ahead she took a seat beside Kim. “Keep your boyfriend under control, please,” she said, grabbing an apple.

“Sure, I'll make sure to punish him into next week,” Kim replied with a wink.

“Ooh, I like the sound of that!” James said seductively, as he and the Marauders sat down across from us.

“Later then honey,” Kim said, blowing him a kiss, James pretended to catch it and put it into his pocket. How cute!

“Oh, bugger off,” Sirius muttered, as he buttered his toast, but before I could speak, someone swooped down and kissed my cheek. I beamed.

“So, Christy isn't talking to us for the rest of the week,” Matthew said taking a seat beside me.

“Is she going to be okay?” I asked.

Matthew nodded. “I think so.”

“Phew! That's good.” Grabbing a strawberry, I dipped it into cream. “Open up wide!”

Matthew opened his mouth and I placed the strawberry inside and he closed his mouth over my finger to lick of the excess cream as I pulled it out.

“Delicious,” Matthew said. I giggled and we rubbed noses.

“Makes me sick!” Sirius hissed. Suddenly there was a splat! And I jumped back to see cream dripping off Matthews cheek.

“Ha!” Sirius smirked, placing his wand back into his pocket. Everyone roared with laughter and Matthew rolled his eyes as he wiped it off.

“Yeah, yeah, Black,” Matthew said. “And you think we're sick.”

“Sirius, that wasn't very nice!” I said with a frown.

“Only having a bit of fun before I lost my appetite.”

I rolled my eyes. “You're not funny.”

“Hey, it was either his cheek or crotch.”

“Sirius,” I said warningly.

“No, no it's cool, I think I get it,” Matthew said with a small smile. “I think I have something he wants, but isn't going to get.”

Sirius' eyes darkened, and he stood to his feet in rage, Matthew followed suit and you could almost feel the burn of their deathly stares.

“Guys, calm down!” I cried, trying to pull Matthew back down.

“Alright, guys sit down, please act your age!” Lily scolded. Matthew did as he was told, but didn't take his eyes off Sirius, who remained standing, his face dark.

“Mate, calm down, it's just a bit of fun,” Remus said in a calming tone.

“It's not fun.” Sirius said through clenched teeth, and grabbing his bag, he looked at me before storming off.

“Oh, man,” James muttered, dropping his toast and taking a swig of his drink and putting it down, he stood to his feet. “That's me done guys, got a mate to sort out!” Giving Kim a quick kiss, he grabbed his bag and walked off.

“What the heck?” I asked.

Matthew shrugged as he picked up his goblet. “It's nothing, Soph, just don't worry about it.”

Boys: the confusion you didn't need, but couldn't live without. I was baffled, and I think Snuffles had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

*** *** ***

After breakfast, I'd met up with Dom, who said Regulus wanted a private breakfast with just her. I was cool with them wanting to date, but I thought it was weird that Regulus wanted to be super secretive all of a sudden. When I saw him on my way to Divination, he just said he couldn't talk. I was left worried and confused, so I mirrored Dom who said he was just not getting enough sleep because he was anxious about something. Instead of calming me down, it just made me more worried and I planned to talk to him later to see what was up.

Divination was a bore; Professor Valaria was mostly testing us on what things may interpret to, like dreams, predictions, tea leaves and things like that. Her room also smelt extra strong of incense and it made the room a heavy and sleepy atmosphere, I couldn't wait to get to Care of Magical Creatures to get out for some fresh air!

Care of Magical Creatures was studying earth creatures, like Unicorns and Manicores. However, Matthew and I also squeezed a bit of Herbology in there as well, trees made good make out posts, but blisters were a nightmare.

DADA was also exciting, not only did I get a good mark on my assignment on Werewolves thanks to Remus, but next week we were learning about Patronuses, I was excited; I couldn't wait to see what mine was gonna be.

As for History of Magic? No comment.

Lunch was alright, scoffed down two ham sandwiches, and sat with Dom and Regulus at the Slytherin table, much to Matthew's disapproval; he sat with some other mates as Christy was still ignoring him. I even managed to get a few words out of Regulus, but he was mostly silent, but I suspected something was definitely up when even Evan, Stephanie and Christian were silent also. I didn't really want to know if it was about Voldemort, but then Dom seemed normal, so I was very confused and couldn't wait to get them alone to sort it out.

Transfiguration came along and Professor McGonagall landed a pop quiz on us surprise, surprise. I'm sure I failed, because I panic when I'm put on the spot, which caused me to forget most of the things we learnt, so I answered the ones I was confident with and then tried to copy off the girl next to me, which didn't work either because she caught me.

And then, the best part of my day finally came when my favourite subject arrived, Potions.

“I'm sooo tired!” Dom moaned running her hand through her hair. “Not to mention I got loads of homework to do and I can't get out of doing it because we don't go home to get any excuses.”

“Like any of your excuses are believable anyway, Yomee,” I replied chuckling.

“They are too!” Dom said. “My dog shat on my homework because my brother thought it was its litter box paper.”

I laughed and linked arms with her. “Oh, Yomee, you make me laugh.”

When we arrived, Slughorn was already letting the class inside, so we rushed to get in before he closed the door. Sirius was already seated and talking to James and I wondered if he was in a better mood.

“Right, Snivelly for me – gosh the dude friggen pisses me right off, I can tell why you found it hard to work with him, Yomee. He's too immaculate, like he's got OCD or something. I just like to get a move on,” Dom whispered, as she spied Snape setting out his books.

“Well, it sucks to be you, see ya!” I replied cheekily and walked over to Sirius “What up, Snuffles?” I asked, sitting down beside him. “You cool?”

Sirius raised his head from his arms, a small smile on his lips. “Well, everyone wants me, because I'm cool.”

I smiled. “Glad to see you have returned to the Sirius I know and love.”

Sirius smiled grew wider, his whole entire face beaming and his eyes sparkled.

“Okay class! As you know I do like to have suggestions on what we should do for an extra fresh and exciting lesson,” Slughorn said happily. “So today I want everyone to write a list of amusing potions to do so we can all test them out in the weeks to come! So open your books and I'll have everyone's list by the end of the lesson along with one potion to write about for homework! Proceed!”

I took out my book, and Sirius eyed it up, but I carried on just do he didn't question me about the notes again.

“So, what do you see in, Corner?” Sirius asked, as he opened his book and picking up his quill he tapped it slightly on his parchment.

“He's sweet, caring, honest,” I trailed, as I smoothed out my parchment.

“Do you even know him, properly, that is?”

I nodded. “Of course!”

“Really? I mean, all guys can have those qualities, what makes him extra special?”

I let out a breath. “Matthew has been nothing but kind to Dom and I since day one, he's got my back, he's like a rock.”

“So basically you think you need to owe him by going out with him,” Sirius responded. “You feel he can protect you.”

That's when I got a little weirded out to why Sirius was asking all these questions. Plus I didn't like the fact he said I was only going out with Matthew because I thought he was only good for protecting me and I thought I needed to owe him.

“I have feelings for Matthew, he's such a great guy, I feel connected to him.” I said slowly.

“What's his favourite colour?” Sirius asked, while writing down a potion.

“Does that really matter?” I replied, writing down Hiccupping Solution.

“Mines green.” Sirius said.

“Really?” I said in surprise. “My favourite colour is green too!”

“Something in common, I like that!” Sirius said happily.

“Me too!”

Sirius looked at James, who had turned around quickly, they nodded at each other and Sirius smiled slightly. “Look, Sophie, the boys and I - especially me, have accepted the fact that you are friends with Slytherins and we can't change that, so let's,” Sirius paused and looked to be struggling with the words. “Be friends.”

I smiled. “Alright, sounds good, let's put the past behind us and let's be friends.”

I'd never seen a smile so big on Sirius' face; I had to laugh, after writing a few more Potions down Sirius chuckled.

“So Snuffles, huh? What's with that?”

I laughed. “Yeah, sorry I couldn't resist, you erm, look like a Snuffles.” I lied.

Sirius laughed. “Na, I like it and it suits me too, being a bloody dog and all.”

I pretended not to hear the last part, as I wrote down some more potions. “Well since you are Snuffles then,” I began, “how about friendship nicknames?”

Sirius looked thoughtful. “What would you be? Oooh, I know the perfect one! You look like a Cookie, how's that?”

“Cookie?” I repeated, pulling a face.

Sirius' smile faulted. “If you don't like it...”

“You're right, I don't like it,” I paused and smiled. “I friggen love it!”

“YES! Bloody hell, you had me for a second there!” Sirius said, running a hand through his hair. I laughed, and touched his hand, and Sirius closed his fingers around mine, when I went to pull away, Sirius didn't, he just stared at our hands with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Snuffles and Cookie.” he murmured.

I just sat there staring at him, as he played with my fingers gently. His hands were smooth and warm and I felt a small tingle of warmth rising from my fingertips, travelling up to my arm and I felt this weird alien feeling in the pit of my stomach, making my heart pound just a little faster. Sirius' eyes met mine and I couldn't help but to notice how nice Sirius' eyelashes were – weird I know, but they were delicately long and his hair, so smooth and shiny and his jaw firm and strong and his lips, full and kissable.

“YOMEE! OMG!” Dom's voice snapped through me, making me jump and quickly tug my hand back. “Yomee, look on page three hundred and ninety four, the Potion is hilarious!”

I looked at Dom and quickly grabbed my book, but my eyes flickered over to Sirius, who went back to writing down potions. I took a glimpse of his fingers, they were nice and long too, Sirius' hands were the type of hands that were experienced and right now, I felt kind of jealous of the girls lucky enough to have those hands touch them, I bet he held them like glass.


I looked up to meet Dom's confused eyes. “Hm?”

“You alright?”

I nodded. “Of course! Um, page three ninety four, right?”

Dom just nodded and I just gave a small smile and flipped through the pages.

I was totally fine.

*** *** ***

After Potions, it was free time, and I met Matthew outside on the steps. When I saw Matthew waiting and he flashed his beautiful smile, Sirius' words came back to haunt me.

Did I really know him?

“Hey, Matt!”

“Hey, Soph!”

We hugged and kissed and then sat down. I smiled slightly and decided to finally ask Matthew some questions about himself.

“Matt, what's your favourite colour?” I asked, as I took his hand into mine.

Matthew chuckled. “Um, probably red, like blood red, it's really nice colour, what's yours?”


“Slytherin colours.”

“I liked green before then.” I laughed. “So, what do you like about me?”

Matthew thought for a moment, and I kind of felt a pang in my heart that he couldn't answer straight away, but I guess I had put him on the spot.

“You have a nice bright smile that always gets me. And you are like a rock I can lean on, and you listen, I love that you listen,” Matthew answered.

“Oh, cool I feel that way about you too.”

Matthew smiled. “Why all of the questions all of a sudden?”

I shrugged. “I feel connected to you, but I was scared we didn't know anything about each other.”

“We do know stuff about each other; otherwise we wouldn't be going out, right?”

I smiled. “Exactly.”

It fell silent between us and I took note of Matthews hands entwinted with mine. Where was the warm tingly feeling?


I looked up to see, Regulus above us on his broom, I stood up and smiled. “Reg!”

Regulus lowered so he was level with me. “Get on.”

I looked to Matthew, who didn't like the fact we'd been interrupted, but he nodded for me to go. Which I was thankful for, because I needed to talk to him.

“I'll see you later, okay,” I said, giving him a quick kiss. Matthew nodded and hopping onto the broom with Regulus, I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms tightly around his waist.

“Be careful with her, Black.”

Regulus just smirked and then lifting up, I closed my eyes tightly I felt my hair blow back, as he zoomed off. 

I was on a high after we had landed on the Slytherin's Quidditch stand.

“OMG! That was amazing!” I cried. “I was flying on a friggen broom for crying out loud, why haven't we done this sooner?!”

Regulus smiled. “If you have nothing on this weekend, we must ride, I'm glad you enjoyed it.”

“I loved it! I wonder if I can ride by myself?” I said, picking up Regulus' Nimbus and feeling the smooth black wood.

“I'm sure you can,” Regulus replied.

I placed his broom down and bit my lip. “So, how long have you liked, Dom?” I sat down and awaited his answer.

Regulus shrugged, as he leant on the banister, turning his back toward me. “A while now, I suppose.”

“Oh, well would you like to come on a date with me and everyone else?” I asked.

Regulus let out a hard laugh. “I accept you, Sophie, but with other Gryffindors', I don't think so. It'll definitely end up disastrous.”

I stood up and went over and leant over the banister and looked out onto the large pitch. “It was worth asking I guess.”

“I have a feeling you want to ask me about my odd behavior, am I right?”

I nodded. “What's up, Reg? I'm worried.”

“Hogwarts is officially your home now right? You have settled in, got a boyfriend, adapted nicely.” 

“Well none of it would have been like this without you,” I replied. “Without your friendship, I would have gone nowhere.”

“But am I important or just a contribution?” Regulus asked with a hint of desperation. “I don't want to be just another person who helped you fit in.”

“Reg, you aren't just some person,” I said with a laugh. “You are important, like a brother.”

Regulus looked surprised. “A brother?”

My heart dropped, I was replacing my family, I know I was. As hard as it was to admit it, Professor McGonagall had become like a mother, Dumbledore like a father, Regulus my brother and now I had a boyfriend and my friends had been replaced also, Lily, Heather, Kim and Mary were my friends now. I was slowly, without realising, replacing my old life with my new life. I loved my family don't get me wrong, but I had lost hope of seeing the portal and now I was pushing it away. I was now a witch, experiencing magic and living in an entirely different world.

I felt homesick for the first time ever.

“Yes Regulus, like a brother.” I smiled and looked at him.

“I know I don't show my feelings very well, but know this, Sophie, you are very important to me too, Dom also.” Regulus' words echoed through my mind as an entire different person had said them. “And just to fill you in, Dom is a Slytherin, but she and Stephanie aren't talking much anymore, because Dom is trying to convince the house of his true intentions …”

I stared at Regulus in shock. “Really?”

“That girl has determination, and I admire her very much, but I am still in his grasp.”

Maybe deep, deep down, Regulus knew the truth already and knew of his grim future.

It really broke my heart.

When we arrived back to the castle, I couldn't find Matt and Regulus went to find Dom. So I slowly trugged up the stairs to the seventh floor, only to bump into Sirius on the way.

“Cookie!” He said beaming, but when he saw my face his smile disappeared.

“I'm fine, Snuffles. Just a little homesick for the first time,” I said meekly.

Sirius put out a hand, his smile slowly returning. “Come with me, I know exactly what you need.”

Grasping onto his hand, I let him lead me back down the the stairs. Sirius didn't say a word as we went down a couple of more flights of stairs and turning some corners until we reached the stairs decending into the entrance hall. Instead of going towards the Great Hall we turned a corner and went down some narrow stairs. I raised an eyebrow and looked up at Sirius.

“Where are we going?”

Sirius winked at me. “You'll see.”

We continued going, even passing the turn off of leading to the Hufflepuff Portrait. Finally, we reached a portrait at a dead end, a portrait of a bowl of fruit. I knew immediately what led too.

“The kitchens,” I whispered, taking my hand out of Sirius' I reached up to the pear and tickled it. It giggled and then turned into a door knob, I looked at Sirius, who looked shocked and smiled.

“Where the hell have you been all my life?!” Sirius laughed, I couldn't help but laugh too. 

“Don't ask how I know,” I replied, turning the handle and pulling open the door. “OMG! House elves!”

Sirius stepped inside before me and helped me down the step, before shutting the portrait behind us. I looked around in awe at the four tables that were exactly like the Great Halls. I could hear clattering of pots and pans in the room coming from the back, and saw several house elves rushing around cleaning and cooking. This was amazing!

“Lucy!” Sirius called.

A little scrawny looking house elf scattered over, her large ears flapping about. “Mr Black, Lucy is glad to see you!”

“As I too see you,” Sirius said kindly, then he gestured to me. “Lucy, this is Sophie, she's very important to Mr Black.”

I looked at Sirius in surprise. Very important? My heart uncontrollably skipped a beat.

“Lucy is thrilled to meet you, Miss Sophie!”

“Nice too meet you too, Lucy!” I replied kindly.

“What is it would you like, Mr Black and Miss Sophie?”

Sirius turned to me. “Anything you'd like?”

“Cookies if you can please, make them double chocolate and a nice cup of hot chocolate would be awesome too, thank you.” I said, trying not to sound like I was ordering a maid.

Lucy looked over the moon. “I can prepare that straight away!”

“A toasted sandwich with the works and pumpkin juice for me thanks, Lucy!” Sirius said.

Lucy bowed. “Right away, please sit down!”

I smiled and took a seat, Sirius sat beside me and smiled. “So, how to do you think?”

“It's cool as! I mean, who knew I'd be seeing a house elf!” I exclaimed in excitement.

“I am happy to see you happy, Cookie,” Sirius said, flashing a smile.

I laughed. “Cookie will never get old.”

“Neither will Snuffles, it could be like my code name!” Sirius said.

That made me pause. When I remembered that he did use it as a code name for when he and Harry were conversing between each other after he escaped Azkaban. I couldn't help but to grow a little sad again, man my head was so cluttered.

“Soph, can I ask you something?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

“And you'll be honest with me?” Sirius asked.

“Of course.”

“Are you and Dom, from the future?”

I froze. I felt the colour drain from my face. Sirius just stared at me waiting for me to answer, should I tell him the truth?

“Well...” I trailed, picking at the dry skin on the side of my nails. I looked back at Sirius, who was staring at me intently, his grey eyes piercing through me. I sighed and looked down, knowing I couldn't say this while I looked into his eyes.

“Yeah ...  we're, from the future.” Bringing my head back up, my heart started beating really fast, waiting for his reaction. 

A/N: Phew! That was long! Hahaha! So yeah, what did you think everyone? I can't wait to hear the feedbacks and what's gonna happen now I wonder DUN DUN DUN! See you with chappie 17!
XOXO WildFlower!

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