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**This story used to be called 'Beauty and the Beast' like the disney movie but I had to change it because it violated a copyright issue. For those of you who have read my story before please note that it's still the same story as it was before just a different title. So please keep reading.

AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


“Is it Potter’s?”


“Oh course its Harry’s! Why would you think otherwise?” she said shocked.


“I don’t know. You’re the one who just blurted it out like it was some forbidden secret you couldn’t keep any longer.” He retorted.


“Well it’s not a secret. I don’t think. She just found out tonight that’s why she brought over Lily.”


“Good for them, I guess.” He sneered and looked away. “Not that we need anymore Potter-made brats running around.” He added.


“Be nice.” She warned.


“What’s the big hurry anyway? We’re not even 25 and they already have a 3 year old. And now another one on the way?”


“Well Ginny grew up in a big family and Harry never really had a family, at least not a normal one. They’ve been in love with each other for a while before they even got together. So why not start now?”


“Yeah but the last couple of years we had at Hogwarts were although memorable, they were also rather traumatic. And you three were gone most of the school year. How could they have possibly known they were meant to be together?”


“I don’t know, they always say that traumatic experiences bring people closer together and I guess you just know when you know your suppose to be with that person forever. It’s like a soul-mate connection.”


“Do you believe in that? Soul-mates?” he asked turning more serious.


She thought about it a little before she answered. “I want to believe it’s possible, that for everyone there is their perfect match, their other half. But realistically, I don’t know? I feel like if I purposely wait for that someone to show up in my life then I’ll just end wasting my life away waiting instead of letting it happen naturally. I mean you’ll never know unless you try.”


“Yeah like say you see a guy who comes into your bookshop. Instantly you don’t like him based on his appearance alone. He asks you out for coffee, but you’re unsure because you don’t know him. If you say yes, even if you have a feeling it might not work out you’ll be polite and except his offer. Then fast forward 20 years and you two are blissfully in love and married with two kids with frizzy hair like yours.” She shot him a glare as he continued. “But if you would have declined his offer because you didn’t think he was the right guy for you then 20 years later you could still be waiting around for your prince charming to sweep you off your feet thinking what if? ‘If only I’d taken that date with that guy way back when, then I wouldn’t have become the frigid old hag I am today.’” He said making a horrible impression of her.


She shoved him playfully, “I am not and will not ever become a frigid old hag or a crazy cat lady, so don’t even say it.” He chuckled. “But yeah that’s what I was getting at with the whole soul-mate thing. What about you, what’s your take on soul-mates?”


He shrugged, “same I guess. It’s something you want to be real, like how little kids want fairy tales to be real. But you can’t just wait around for something that you might only find in said fairy tales.”


“Mm.” she nodded. They walked towards the exit of the park and started heading back to her apartment. “Well I’m sure you’re getting lots of practice in ‘trying’ to find your ‘one’.”


“What is that supposed to mean?” he asked turning towards her.


“Oh, come on. You’re Draco Malfoy, one of the magical community’s most eligible bachelors. You must have women throwing themselves at you and I’m sure you have your ways of weeding out the crops.”




She snorted, “no of course not.”


“Mm well though it true, women do throw themselves at me but I’m not big on ‘weeding out the crops’ as you say.”


“Oh right. I forgot, you have a reputation to hold on to so therefore most of them don’t even make the cut right?”


“No that’s not it.” She rolled her eyes. “To me there has to be more then just good sex. It has to mean something. So therefore I don’t go around sleeping with a different woman every night, besides after a while it gets old.”


She thought about that for awhile. “Are you gay?”


“What? No, what just because I claim I don’t sleep around with every woman who claims they just want a good time makes me gay?”


“No I’m just checking.” She eyed him carefully even though she was just teasing.

            Before she could say anything else he grabbed her and pulled her towards him and kissed her hard on the lips. His hands placed on either side of her head keeping her in place. She made a small gasp against his lips but didn’t pull away.

            The kiss started out hard and possessive as if to prove a point. He then soften his lips against hers so he wasn’t smashing her mouth to the point where neither one of them could feel the sensation of the kiss. He didn’t pull back because he knew once he did it would be over. She would push him away. So he had to stay connected as long as possible.

            He brought one of his hands down and snaked his arm around the back of her waist pulling her closer to him as his other hand got lost in the curls of her hair as he cupped the back of her head. Her arms seemed to be glued to her side as if she was forcing herself not to give in to the kiss, even though her lips parted ever so slightly. He took that opportunity to deepen the kiss, to conquer her mouth with his. He licked her bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth and lightly nibbling on it. She moaned quietly into his mouth then gave in and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pressing herself up against him and kissing him back with the same ferocity as he was kissing her.

            This is so wrong she kept telling herself, but how could something so wrong feel so right? This was so different from the kiss he gave her last night that was sweet, innocent and unsure. This was passionate, hungry and exciting. She tried to hold back, make him think she wasn’t interested, but oh the wicked things he was doing to her mouth with those lips and tongue of his. Even as she relished in the incredible pleasure pouring through her, her mind was screaming that this is wrong, so wrong. They couldn’t do this, not now, not ever they were in the middle of the sidewalk in front of her apartment building for Christ sakes.

            He broke off the kiss leaving them both breathing heavily but he didn’t let go of her.

He leaned in and nuzzled the side of her neck, “Now do you still think I’m gay?” he asked kissing her just below her earlobe.


She closed her eyes at the sensation on her neck. She couldn’t breath or think let alone have the ability to form words.

She shook her head, “N-No” she whispered, her voice taking on a more husky tone.

            She didn’t even realize that somewhere during all of this he managed to back them up against a wall, pining her body with his. Which she was grateful for because if he so much as let go of her, she wouldn’t be surprised if her knees decided to give out on her. She never did understand the expression ‘he makes you weak in the knees’ until now.

            They stayed like that for a few more seconds trying to catch their breath. She opened her eyes just as she noticed a couple walking along the sidewalk doing their best to ignore them.


“Hermione…” he said against her neck.


“No,” she whispered cutting him off bringing them both back to reality.

            She laid a hand on his chest and lightly pushed him away from her. He stepped back without argue. Whatever he was going to say she didn’t want to hear it.


“That was wrong.” She said, trying to gain courage to look him in the eye.


“What do you mean that was wrong?” he asked looking confused, he stepped further back to get a better look at her.


“We can’t do this,” she said heading towards the entrance to the building.


“Why can’t we do this?” he asked following her up the stairs.


“We just can’t Draco, you and me, whatever this is between us. It’s just not a good idea.”


“I feel like I’m repeating myself. Why isn’t it a good idea?” he asked as they reached the door to her apartment.

            Damn-it why did she choose to come back to her apartment now? After what just happened between them down there. It was probably not the wisest decision to make, forcing them to be alone in her apartment instead of out in the open outside. She should have just stood her ground outside until this cooled over. She unlocked the door with shaky hands and walked in without answering him. Crookshanks greeted them at the door. She glanced at the clock. It was already 2:00am, how did time fly by so fast? Only 30 more minutes and he would be a cat again.


“Hermione, will you please just answer me.” He said as he came up behind her reaching out to touch her shoulder. “I’m not going to force myself on you or anything. I just want to know why?” he said in a softer tone.

She let out a sigh. Did she really have to explain to him why it wouldn’t work between them? She turned slowly around to face him. Merlin, he looked sexy with his hair tousled about in different directions and his lips slightly red and puffy from their kiss. Bugger, why did this have to happen?


She looked him in the eye, “You’re Draco Malfoy.” She explained. “I’m Hermione Granger. We’ve been enemies since day one of meeting each other. You made my life a living hell every single day, constantly reminding me of what I am and how I will never be as good as you just because of my blood.” She walked towards the sofa and he remained standing where he was allowing her to continue. “You come from one of the wealthiest, most powerful, pureblood families in the magical world. If it weren’t for me being friends with Harry I would be nobody, I’m still a nobody. The only thing I will ever be known for is being the Know-it-all from school.” She turned back towards him. “Tell me. If we happened to be walking down the street in Diagon Alley together, what do you think people will say about it? It will be the topic of gossip for months and not in a good way. We’re like oil and vinegar; we’ll never be able to mix. If your friends asked about it, what would you tell them? Would you just laugh and make fun of me behind my back and deny everything? Or would you tell them the honest truth? Would you be ashamed or proud that we were together? What would your family say about it? Now I’m not saying that this,” she gestured between them “is even going to lead to anything, but if it did what would you do, how would you deal with all the criticism?”

He took a while to answer. She looked away convinced that she made her point.


“Hermione,” he said walking towards her. “I’m not the same bloke I was in school. I admit I was horrible but I’ve changed.”


“Really? So if your friends or family asked if you were dating a muggleborn you would tell them the truth, you wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed?”


He let out a sigh and ran an agitated hand through his hair. “Yes I would tell them the truth. If it turned out we were dating, which at the moment were not even a couple. Bloody hell Hermione all we did down there was kissed.”


“I know. I’m just trying to put it all in perspective for you Malfoy as to why we can’t do this. So it’s best that we just put a stop to this now before it gets even more complicated. Besides the only reason you kissed me is probably because you’ve been forced to stay here with me for the past few days and besides Ginny I’m the only female around who understands what’s going on with you. So I don’t know, you must be confused or frustrated or something because if it the circumstances were different the mere thought of me even touching you would probably repulse you.”


He laughed. “So let me get this straight, if the circumstances were normal I wouldn’t even want to come near you.” She nodded. “But instead since I turn into a cat for the majority of the day and therefore am forced to stay here with you, you think I’m confused because you’re the only female around who will tolerate me when in cat form, that that’s why I kissed you?” he laughed hard again.


Okay so that sounded lame even to her.


“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I find you attractive and actually wanted to kiss you? Even before you turned me into a cat? Did you ever think about the real reason I walked into your shop that day?” he asked walking towards her.


She tried to back up but came up against the wall instead, she tried to turn the other way but he had her cornered. “You were looking for a book for your mother.” She reminded him, her voice more shaky then before.


“No I just made that up,” he said as he placed his arms on each side of her body, hands against the wall trapping her.


He leaned in closer, “The real reason was I just wanted to see you.”


“Why?” she said breathlessly looking at his lips.


He leaned in so his lips were just a whisper away from hers, “Because I…shit, bloody hell not now!” he yelled as he pulled back instantly.

            She remained pinned against the wall as she watched him retreat to the kitchen. When he returned he was once again a cat. He hopped up onto the sofa, tail swishing angrily behind him as he glared at her. She tried to gain her composer as she pushed herself off the wall.


“That’s the other reason as to why we can’t do this. You’re cursed and until this curse is broken nothing is going to happen between us. That way we can both go our separate ways when this is all over and pretend it never happened.” She told him as she walked towards her bedroom.


She turned back to him, “I’m going to go to work tomorrow. I’m assuming you’ll be fine on your own?” she asked not expecting an answer. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She said more softly as she shut her bedroom door shut for the night.

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