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Hey guys Its been What?a few weeks? Well I'm sorry this chapter is pretty uneventful. Kind of a filler, but it has a bunch of Draco's thoughts! Please Rate and review! Sorry its so short!


She didn’t have to hit me twice!
Draco thought sulkily to himself as he walked off towards the court yard. His cheek was still stinging as he stepped out into the chill of the bracing evening air. He strode over to one of the many benches and sat looking out across the grounds.

The cold wind eventually ebbed the throb of his cheek. Deciding he rather keep both buttocks he stood and walked to the library to warm his cold derriere. The library was one of the warmest parts of the building and smelled wonderful. It reminded Draco of his father’s study at home that was filled with books and bare parchment. His father rarely used that room anymore due to other extracurricular activities, so Draco gladly adopted the space for his own use.

He had never spent much time in the Library. The nerds always deterred him from entering. Also that Madame Pince see like the type that could potentially eviscerate a student for whatever reason with only her eyes. She was frightening, to say the very least. But seeing as Madame Pince was in fact very old and very absent from her normal station at the front of the library Draco figured he could wander the shadows cast by the bookshelves without much threat on his life.

It was dry and stuffy amongst the old spell books that were towards the very back stacks. If anyone were to light a match the air would catch fire. He licked his lips and paced forward. To his right was the restricted section and his left was another large section of old books, probably with names like ‘A Guide To Troll Behavioral Problems’ and ’How To Quiet a Banshee’. But on the opposite wall was a statue that looked out of place.

Draco started toward the statue, intrigued as to why it was there in the backmost corner of the library. However as he approached he had a sudden urge to go look for a book called “Merpeople Of The Mediterranean” so he turned on his heel and headed back down the rows of books. He searched for an hour or so through shelves of multicolored books bound in all sorts of materials, from leather to velvet to even pounded silver (Werewolf Folklore). As the minutes ticked on Draco found the need to search for “Merpeople of the Mediterranean” ebbing away.

 The Library was still deserted. The quiet was starting to get to Draco, not that he minded being alone much, he actually preferred it. But alone with nothing to do seemed just sad. He sat himself down at a table and peered around the library. Then it hit him like a sack of books dropped on his head: he was in a library. The only logical thing was to read. Draco tended to avoid reading at all costs, but when a situation presented itself…well not really present itself more like Draco wandered in with nothing else to do…But who was he to temp fate? That’s right he’s Draco Malfoy.

Draco fingered through multiple titles until his fingers stopped at the title Hogwarts: A History. He had never actually read it but he picked it up and carried it over to the table. It was a big book as far as books go and would probably last him all his break. Curiosity more or less got the better of him and he opened the cover and paged to the first chapter.

He had to admit, Bathilda Bagshot knew her stuff. He immersed himself in her writing. Losing track of time and the relevance of it.

“Ahem.” Draco’s head snapped up, too quickly for his liking for his neck was rather stiff, and his eyes were at level with the caretaker’s . “Isn‘t it about time you were off to bed?” Draco said nothing all he did was stare at the squib taking in his lowliness. Draco took his time stretching out his neck. And Filtch cleared his throat with a hacking cough once more.

Mr. Filtch was a scrawny man, skin and bones. He possessed nothing or magical talent except his superior knowledge of the secret passageways and his possible psychic link to his cat, Mrs. Noris.

“Mr. Filtch may I ask why you have disturbed me? It is break and I have an extra hour before bed than during regular school days.” Draco thought he was being quite rational, not to mention slightly condescending, but still reasonable.

“Why would I let mouth breathers like you roam about at night breaking things? I could be at a country home with the Mrs. And I-”

“You vacation with your cat?” Draco smirked and rolled his eyes when the caretaker just continued ranting.

“But no, I have to run around after you lot and Peeves!”  Draco stood, pushed in his chair, then dog-eared the page he was on before closing the book and walking away calmly from a still foaming Filtch, who was now screaming profanities at him for walking away.

“Good night Mr. Filtch!” Draco yelled over his shoulder.

As soon as Draco stepped into the cold dark corridor did he really get an idea of how long he had been in the library.

What? Like seven hours or something? he thought. I’m surprised that Granger didn’t show up there. With her track record it would have been a eighty-nine percent chance of her barging in and sticking her nose into a book.

His hollow footsteps echoed through the halls as he made his way to the dungeons. Draco had missed dinner and quite presumably the chance to fly his nimbus. He had been planning on training earlier that evening but he had gotten side tracked…

Why did that bludgeoned ghoul make that stuff so strong! I mean Highmore is nothing if not consistent.  The potion should have had a second wind like that. This was Highmore's fault.
“Young whippersnappers prowling the halls at such an hour! Ghastly behavior I would have never allowed that!” Whispered a portrait of a portly woman as he passed. Draco felt like apperating to the Highmore residence and giving Sheldon a piece of his mind. But then he probably should go around ranting and raving about dodgy illegal potions.

Draco pushed his fair hair from his eyes as he continued to walk on. H really did need a hair cut. Random. He thought to himself. The word ‘random’ hit on something of a focal point of his mind. He had discovered something else random in the library. 

What was it? Mermaids… Merpeople. A book! No. um… A Book!. Wait, no. he remembered walking into the library and proceeded to walk to the very back. There was something out of place, it was on the tip of his tongue.

The statue. The weird statue that made no sense.
Why was that there? What purpose does it serve? Why had he wanted to read Merpeople Of The Mediterranean? A nonexistent book.

I will find out what it is. I will uncover its secrets. Because I am a Malfoy and I am the best of the best.

Draco descended the stairs and walked past a few potions class rooms. He descended again and took a long passageway to the common room door. He had to make a plan. After he slept, of course.

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