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Stunning chapter image by Squiggles at The Dark Arts!

“Anddd…the Wizarding Wireless Network is back! It’s now eight thirty-eight PM, which…oops! I guess we’re a few minutes late, but it’s time to take your Floos! Loyal listeners, let’s make a pact not to jam up my fireplace this time, now shall we? Lovely.” Rose Weasley swivelled in her chair to face the aforementioned fireplace, eager and waiting to hold her nightly Q&A, as was a part of her job as hostess of the evening show on the Wizarding radio.

“Hello there,” Rose continued, speaking into her wand and addressing a pre-teen girl’s head that had just appeared into the green flames. “What’cha got for me?”

“I was wondering if you could send a message to my sister back at home…”

Rose answered questions, took favours, and shouted out shout-outs for the next twenty minutes, and then announced to the listeners, “All righty, all, last person before I close up shop for the night!”

Almost instantly, a man’s head appeared in the flames. “Hey there Rose,” he greeted.


“So, not to be blunt or anything, but, I was wondering…how’s your love life at the moment?”

“Funny, funny. What’s it to you?” She answered the question good-naturedly, but the tone of her voice was poised to snap out a comeback, should the need arise.

“Just curious.” He smirked.

“Well, it’s fairly nonexistent at the moment. Kind of has been for…forever.”

“Well, then…Just thought you’d like to know that there are several listeners of the male variety who could make it not-so-nonexistent, myself included.”

“Excuse me, sir? What business is it of yours to go around Wireless shows attempting to pick up on decent, proper ladies? What would your mother say to you if she could hear you now? By your attitude, I doubt you even had a mother! No respect for women at all! Good night, sir!” And with that, Rose grumbled, “Quietus!” into her wand, shut down the Floo connection, and shut down her office for the night.

If there was one thing Rose Weasley possessed, it was dignity. She would not allow herself to be trampled upon and treated as a man’s simple-minded plaything. Bearing these staunch values, it was no surprise that the man she turned down today was certainly not the first to receive such a tongue-lashing. She was a proud and open feminist, and wanted equal rights for all humans -- beings, beasts, and spirits.

What else could one expect from Hermione Weasley’s daughter?

Rose appeared in Ottery St. Catchpole with a crack! and found her footing again. Turning to her left, she headed towards home -- and yes, at twenty-two years old, she still lived with her parents. Why shouldn’t she? They raised her from day zero on up, and ever since Hugo joined the Ministry to be a Wizarding spy on the Muggle army last year, her darling parents were lonely.

“Rose Dora Weasley! Who, may I ask, who ends a radio show with a cry of ‘Good night, sir!’? Now it is apparent that you’d be upset by such advances, but do you give no thought at all to your image, to your listeners, to your livelihood?”

Well, she never said that they were always lovey-dovey to each other.

“Mum, he insulted my dignity. What, may I ask, what would you have done?”

Rose received a strange look from her mother. She knew it was likely because she had imitated Hermione’s sentence structure, which happened to be Rose’s personal way of back-talking people.

Hermione sighed. “Of course, dear. I didn’t mean to undermine the fact that that young man was presumptuous; I just wish that you’d put a little more consideration into your job.” She began filing papers into her briefcase, and Rose was quite certain that the one to be worried about job appreciation was not herself, but her mother. Ever since she had moved from the Department of Magical Creatures to Magical Law Enforcement, she had been overworking herself to the extreme. In Rose’s opinion, at least.

“Mum, I shall not be unemployed any time soon. You know Teddy, he can’t afford to lose me.” Rose started up the stairs to her bedroom, continuing, “And before you get started on it: No, Teddy isn’t only keeping me because we’re nearly family to him. Did you know that my show is highest-rated on the Wireless?”

“Yes, I did know that Rose,” Hermione responded from downstairs. “I happened to learn that little detail when we were dining with your grandparents and company last week, and I relearned it last night as well; thank you for refreshing my memory.”

“If you’re certain…” Rose trailed off, now having reached her bedroom. She looked around, smiled to herself, and fell onto her bed. The room itself was rather small; it was the same house her parents had had since they were married, and both hers and Hugo’s rooms were magical additions that had been added once they were born. Her room, along with the rest of the house, was crammed yet tidy, in a strange sort of way--and that “way” happened to be exactly how Rose liked it. It was almost like a mini-Burrow, and regardless of the fact that that house was just down the street, it still made Rose feel cosy and at home.

She sat on her bed and realized just exactly how pathetic she seemed. It was a Friday night, after all, and if there was one thing that Rose Weasley did not like, it was being at home, in her room--regardless of how much she loved it--sitting on her bed on weekends. She thought for a moment and let her rather uneventful day sink in. Yes, storming out of work because of a chauvinistic comment was uneventful for Rose.

Sliding off of her bed and kneeling into the fireplace, she took a handful of green Floo powder and threw it into the fire. The flames turned a sharp, neon green, and Rose stuck her head right into the middle of them. “Lupin household!”

Why not pester her best-friend-slash-boss? Rose, after all, knew him much to well--she would bet anything that he was doing something just as random and unproductive as she was at the moment, so why shouldn’t they be random and unproductive together?

Rose blinked, trying to recover from the swirls of ashes and the rushed visions of the fireplaces that had flown before her eyes. She felt the rough carpet back at home on her knees and the flames lick coolly at her face. “Anyybodyy hooommmee?” she whined, her voice ringing through the small cottage.

She heard footsteps wander tentatively into the room--Teddy really could be so ignorant sometimes. What did he expect, a hobo sitting in his dining room chair? “Down here, fellow.”

Rolling his eyes, Teddy greeted Rose. “Hello. Need something?”

Rose, following her usual pattern of mocking, rolled her eyes right back at him. “Nope. I was only wondering why an eligible young bachelor like yourself was sitting at home…doing whatever on a Friday night.”

“Reading.” Teddy gently dropped a book in front of the fireplace, and sat down next to it. From here, Rose could see that--for the moment, at least--Teddy donned burgundy hair with eyes the colour of an almost shocking yellow. Some might find it unsettling, but Rose could think of no better shade to suit him. Until he changed again, of course.

“Interesting…” Rose offered.

“Are you pretending to care?”

“Why, yes, I am,” she replied, in utter seriousness.

“How pleasant. Nice broadcast tonight, by the way.” He stretched his legs out a bit and casually laid on the wood floor.

“Did you like it?” Again, this reply wasn’t sarcastic in the least. Rose honestly valued Teddy’s opinion on her shows--he was, after all, her boss. Although she wouldn’t like it or appreciate it, if Teddy didn’t like her abrupt and, at times, random endings to the shows, she would find a way to become less dramatic. Eventually. However, she knew that this wouldn’t be the case. Teddy always loved her broadcasts, the crazier the better. She wouldn’t expect any less from him, and he wouldn’t expect any less from her. They worked perfectly together.

“Like it? Of course, what did you expect me to say?”

Rose shrugged--or attempted to. Not surprisingly, she found that moving her shoulders whilst they were unconnected to her head was extremely uncomfortable. She briefly wondered if that was how Nearly Headless Nick felt on the final strokes of his beheading all those hundreds of years ago.

“There are a great many idiots in this vast, vast world.” Rose decided that the time had come to be philosophical for the day. She could only imagine the kind of person that she would be if she were cynical and sarcastic all the time. She would have shuddered at the thought, but she didn’t want to feel that odd, disconnected sensation again.

“Amen to that,” Teddy finalized. He picked up his book and glanced at the clock on the wall. “Ten PM, Rosie, I’m going to hit the sack for now. If you’d like, you can sleep where you are, though I doubt it’d be very comfortable…” As he stood, his hair slowly faded to a light pink.

With a quick tug, Rose pulled her head out of the grate. Once she’d done so, she regretted it. Her bedroom spun in endless circles, and she lost her footing and fell onto her bed. A minute later, focus regained, she waved her wand and the lights went out.

So there's my new idea for a story I've mentioned once or twice! I really do need to update C.a.R.t.S.... I promise, it will be done. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first chapter of this! Could you tell me what you thought in a review? I'd love to know.

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