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[I don't own anything apart from the plot and some OC's. Everything else is JK Rowlings. Enjoy!]

I was completely and utterly bored as I sat in the staircase outside the Gryffindor common room, reading for the first time in days, but somehow I couldn't concentrate on it. I was stuck on a sentence and reread it over a billion times, but I couldn't get past it.  With a loud sigh, I closed the book and leaned my head back to stare up at the ceiling.

I knew why it was so hard for me to concentrate; I was nervous about tomorrow – Friday.  The only one I would know at The Three Broomsticks was Scorpius, and we hadn't talked about it since that time he brought it up, I didn't even know if he was still going.

Brilliant, I thought, what do I do if he's not going? I just have to ask him – I refuse to go alone. I stood up and shoved my book back in to my bag before walking down the stairs.

 “Hello, sir Nicolas,” I greeted as the nearly headless ghost past me on the way down, he gave a wide, friendly smile. 

“Hello, Rose, out for a walk?” 

I nodded and then I grimaced when he didn't look. One of the few friends I have in school is dead... Well, doesn't that sound nice?

I hurried away from there, and within minutes I found myself walking around amongst the many students in the hallways.

I did my best not to bump in to anyone, but it was impossible to do so, however, most people ignored it or just gave me a small glare as I mumbled a 'sorry'. 

It had been my intention to simply walk past my cousin, but I stopped at the sound of his voice, “Hello there, little Rosie,” he said teasingly, knowing how much I detested that nickname. Now, there was no denying that James was the cousin which I was closest to, and usually we got along just fine. Yeah, usually. 

“Well, hello to you too, Jamie,” I greeted friendly to which he snorted. I knew that he hated to be called by that name, but if he called me 'Rosie', then he really shouldn't expect anything less. 

However, he simply ignored it at the moment and his eyes fell on my hands, my book free hands which hung by my sides and his eyebrows furrowed as he crossed his arms over his chest and locked eyes with me. 

“Where are you heading?” he asked suspiciously to which I shrugged.

 “Dunno, just thought I'd come down here for a while, you know... I was, uhm,” I tried to find the right word for it, but ended up with a simple, “Bored.” 

James eyes widened and he gave a short nod. 

“Okay,” was all he said, no questions asked. Behind him I saw the face of Desideria Nott, and I figured that Scorpius would most likely be around her somewhere. 

“Excuse me, James, I'll be right back,” and with that I walked past him to make my way towards the black haired girl and as I has suspected, Scorpius stood next to her. He was leaning towards the wall behind him and he laughed at something she had said, however, he couldn't see me. But she could, and she caught my eye and made a nod towards me; making Scorpius look my way.

Nervously I pushed some hair out of my face and put it behind my ear, and walked up to him. By the time I stood in front of him a few strays of hair had escaped and yet again hung in my face. Why am I even nervous? I thought to myself, it's not like me and I didn't have a reason to be, did I? 

“Hi,” I said and it made him smile, probably because I sounded so awkward. 

“Hey,” He said and his smile grew wider, “Weasley, this is Desideria Nott – Nott, this is Weasley.” 

“Rose,” I corrected him before I turned my attention towards Nott, who politely held her hand out for me to shake. As I did, I gave her a small smile which she returned. 

“The girl from the library?” she asked Scorpius as we stopped shaking hands, and he nodded, I saw a faint flush spread on his cheeks. He had told her about me?

I wondered why, and what he had told her, but decided not to think about it at the moment.

“Scorpius, I was wondering if I could, uh, talk to you...” I don't think it was what he had expected me to say, but nonetheless, he nodded. 

“Sure,” he said hesitantly before he glanced over at Nott, who grinned at him, and he excused himself to which she rolled her eyes and urged him on. 

He told me to follow him, and I did so. Many students turned their heads to look at us, but I was used to being looked at, so I easily ignored it, however, Scorpius got defensive as they all glared at him. Must be the Malfoy name that makes them look at him like that, I thought sadly and somehow I ended up walking closer to him.

As we walked around a corner, we passed Andrew Thomas and Melinda Chang, who both looked at us with strange expressions, Thomas looked at me and gave a cold sneer before whispering something to Chang, and she looked awfully pleased when she saw us. I gritted my teeth and looked away from them, I simply couldn't stand the sight of them. 

“Oh, the spawn of a Deatheater and a prude bookworm, lovely couple, those two,” snickered Thomas and I almost turned around at the spot to show him what the prude bookworm could do to his face, but Scorpius amused sigh made me reconsider. 

“That amuses you?” I asked him, to which he shrugged. 

“You can't take people like them seriously, or it'd drive you mad.” 

“No, I mean, I'm not offended, but what they're always saying about you... I...” I trailed off as he broke eye contact and stared straight ahead instead, and as he picked up his pace – I knew I had crossed some sort of line with him. “Sorry.” 

“It's okay,” was all he said, and I was surprised at how genuine he sounded while saying it. I didn't say anything else while I followed him. 


We had walked away from all students, and it was just him and me as he stopped in front of a door. Slowly he put his finger to his mouth to tell me to keep quiet, and I did as he said, not that I had planned on saying anything anyway, but still, he looked over his shoulder to make sure that no one was near by. 

 He pulled his wand out and muttered a low Alohomora, to which the door unlocked and Scorpius could open it. He held it open for me and I walked in to a classroom which was never used. All this just because I wanted to ask him about tomorrow?

I heard the door close behind me, and then there was just silence. 

 “I assume you wanted to talk in private?” Scorpius voice came so sudden and so close behind me that I jumped and let out a startled shriek. He chuckled lightly, but when I turned to face him; he tried to hide it behind his hand, “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” 

 “It's okay,” I tried to smile, and he gave an amused nod.  

“So, what's on your mind, Weasley?” 

 “What's with you and calling people by their last names?” I hadn't meant to ask it out loud, and blushed slightly as I did so, but his smile only grew wider. 

 “You dragged me in here to ask me about why I address people by their surnames?” 

 “I didn't drag you in here, Scorpius, if I do recall right, then you dragged me-” He held up his hand to stop me for continuing. 

 “Relax, Weasley,” he said, still sounding very amused, “Hm, then what could you want? D'you just miss my company?” his voice was low and teasing. His eyes twinkled as I hesitated,but then I let out a snort. 

 “Don't flatter yourself,” I said. It wasn't that I missed his company when I wasn't around him – because I hadn't been around him that much, but... I wouldn't mind spending more time with him. “I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow.” 

 Scorpius looked at me for a while, before he understood what I meant and it was as if a light bulb appeared above his head. 

 “The Three Broomsticks,” he stated and I have a nod, “Are you coming?” When I once again nodded, he raised both eyebrows and stared at me. 

 “Yes, I thought I'd come along, if... I mean, uh, are you going to be there? I don't know anyone else there but you.” 

Scorpius gave a nod and smiled at me, “I'll be there. If you want we could go there together?”

I bit my lip as I felt a jolt of excitement rush through me for some unknown reason, and nodded. “Great, I'll come by the Tower tomorrow, at seven.” 

 “Will you come alone?” I blurted out, I have absolutely no idea where that question came from. It just seemed to force it's way out of my mouth. 



Silence fell up on us, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a normal silence but it lasted rather long. My eyes had dropped to the floor a while ago, so when I started to get bored I tried to find something to talk about, but I couldn't think of anything. 

 My eyes fell on his feet, he wore black shoes, I noticed, and then I let my eyes take in his body until I found myself looking in to his, and I found that he was staring at me intensely, his grey eyes which everyone found so cold were twinkling with curiosity as his blonde hair hung in front of them. However, I tore my eyes from his as he gave a playful wink. 

 “So,” I said, and stared at my feet before looking up at him again, “Funny thing happened last night in the common room...” I said sarcastically.


 “Thomas was being a jerk, apparently Melinda Chang had seen us in the library and has been going around telling everyone that you and I are 'very good friends',” I tried to make my voice sound like Melinda's, and by the look on this face, I had done just that – he tried to hold back a grin, “It was a bit awkward trying to explain to them, that we're, you know... I... Are we? Friends, I mean.” 

 Smooth, Weasley, I said to myself as I felt my cheeks redden, oh, how stupid I had sounded. He seemed to think so, as well, and we both began to laugh silently, but I stopped doing so as Scorpius rolled his eyes. 

 “I'd like to be friends,” he said, “If you want to, I understand if you don't, given what people say about me-”

 I held up my hand to stop him from continuing, and he lowered his eyes at my stare.

“Scorpius, you should know by now that I don't care what they say, I've got my own opinion of you and that's what matters to me. However, I would like to get to know you better, you know? I hardly know anything about you, apart from your name.” 

 “Thanks, Weasley,” as he looked up, I had expected a grin, or a smile, but he was very serious looking. I knew he was grateful and glad that I had said that I didn't care about all the others. 

 So, instead, I gave him a smile, just as he held his hand out, “Friends?” 

 I shook his hand without hesitation and found that he was rather warm, “Friends.” 

 We stayed in the empty classroom for quite some time and talked. Mostly about school and Quidditch. Since he was a Chaser and I was very interested in Quidditch, even though I didn't play, Quidditch was what we ended up talking about the most. He even made me promise that I would come and cheer on him when the next game was held. I promised on one condition, and that was that he'd help me with a long Transfiguration essay that we had coming up. 

It was nicer than I would have thought to just be alone with him and talk. It was as if all the hurt and mean words disappeared. He was just like me in a way, we both had a side to us that not many others were allowed to see. I hoped that he felt the way I did when it come to being comfortable around each other. 

 When he offered to walk me back to the Gryffindor Tower, I know I should have told him that he didn't have to. I knew that there was a possibility that he might run in to James or some other Gryffindor who didn't like him. But I was having so much fun with him that I dared to take the risk. 

 Thankfully there was no one there when we reached the portrait, I thanked Merlin silently before I looked at Scorpius. He was smiling a bit. 

“I'll see you tomorrow then, Weasley.” 

“Yeah,” I said and bit my lower lip, “See you, Scorpius.” 

 I turned to the portrait and mumbled the password before I glanced over my shoulder. Scorpius was looking back at me, winked, and then he walked away. I rolled my eyes at him before I walked inside to find that there were a few fourth years there. They looked at me as if a ghost had just entered the room. I sent them a filthy glare before I looked ahead to see my brother and Albus sitting on a sofa further in the room. 

 “Hey, guys,” I said cheerfully – perhaps a bit too cheerfully because at first they looked at me as if I'd grown an extra head. 

 “Rose!” Hugo sighed heavily and looked awfully relieved. “You're here, finally. James has been looking all over for you since you went for a little walk with Malfoy,” he said. The way he said 'Malfoy' didn't go unnoticed by me. 

 “His name is Scorpius,” I corrected and Hugo sent me a very annoyed look. “Where is James, anyway? Oh, he shouldn't have been worried, I just lost track of time. We talked for so long, and-” 

 “Rose?” James voice made me turn around to see him rush over to me. “Where the heck have you been? You said that you'd be right back, and then... I was worried sick.”

 “Sorry, James,” I said as he threw himself on the sofa, making Hugo jump out of the way in order to not get crushed. Hugo glared at James, but he ignored him. I continued, “But I'm a grown girl, I don't have to tell you where I am every second of every day. I was with a friend, okay? No need to get worried.” 

 “It's not the fact that you were with a... friend that is the problem, Rose. It's the fact that you said that you'd be right back but were gone for way over an hour. We were all worried and we looked all over for you,” said Albus and gave me a pointed look. He sure could look serious when he wanted to. He sounded a lot like Uncle Harry when he spoke like that. I forced back a snort. 

 “Where's everywhere?” I asked. 

The three of them looked at each other before Albus answered, “Well, in the library, down at Hagrid's, the Great Hall... and then the library again. That's where James just got back from.” 

 I sighed, knowing that I couldn't be upset with them for being worried about me. They could disappear for hours without anyone caring, but when it came to me... It was annoying. Itty bitty Rose wasn't supposed to disappear to be with friends. 

 “Look,” I said and they all looked at me, “I should have told you where I was and I'm sorry for worrying you. But I'm not a child.”  

They sighed in unison and then James pulled me down on the sofa and hung his arm over my shoulders in a half hug and pulled me closer to him. It wasn't uncomfortable as much as it was just weird. It was James. He wasn't the hugging kind of guy. 

 “Just don't do it again,” he said strictly and I snorted. 

 “Yes, dad,” I joked and he groaned and his head fell back. I suppose he realized how much he sounded like my dad in that moment. “Stop treating me like a child.” 

 “Oh, but you will always be a little girl in my eyes, dear cousin.” 

I was going to object, but he shut me up by covering my mouth with his hand. I thought about biting him, but I wasn't too fond of the taste of blood. 

 The rest of the evening went by quickly. Hugo was the first to go to bed, and as soon as he had – James has suggested that we'd play some Wizards Chess. And so we had. We had played for hours, when I decided that I needed to sleep. I wasn't the kind of person who could stay up late at night, or I'd have a nosebleed. 

I felt more exhausted than I had done in years as I crawled in to my bed and turned the lights out. I think I was asleep before my head met the pillow. 

[Oh my gosh. It's been so long since I updated this story! Almost a year. I'm so sorry, you guys. I just haven't been able to write ANYTHING on this story for so long. I think my muse has returned somewhat, though, and I'll definitely try to update more regulary. I feel so bad, and this chapter is more like a filler than anything, but I do hope you liked it anyway! 

That said, what did you think of this chapter? I'm trying not to rush anything with this story, I'm trying to really develope the characters and the plot and such. I hope you guys don't think it's going too slow or too fast :) How was Rose? and Scorpius? James, Hugo, Albus? :) Overall, the chapter? ... Do you hate me for being slow with the updating? (gosh, I really hope you understand what it's like to have a muse abandoning you..) 

Thanks for reading, please tell me what you thought :) - Cathyyy]

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