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When I got there, I was surprised to see that the two of them were already talking animatedly without any introductions or anything. It was weird but good. I had never seen Annabelle so vocal before or Peter for that matter.

He actually looked liked a marauder for a change. Every so often he would brush his hair back with his hands, like James. He would smirk and then give her a wink after he had told her a joke, like Sirius. He would even touch her on the arm occasionally or brush back her hair with a smile, that was Remus’ move.

I sighed as I realised I was no further with my own love interest. Then I reminded myself it was only the third day back and the second day of term and if something had happened by now it would have been nothing short of a miracle. Although I was wishing for one.

At the end of a fairly boring care of magical creatures lesson, my miracle wish was granted. Well not entirely, but it was close enough. Having hit it off spectacularly Peter invited Annabelle to Hogsmeade with him and she asked me to go with her too so she wouldn’t be the only girl.

I accepted her offer before she had fully worded it without bothering to mention that James had invited Lily Potter to Hogsmeade with him and she had somehow accepted. I was thoroughly glad for the chance to talk to Remus outside of school for a change, even if it was with a group of seven.

I was in a good mood for the rest of the day. I had no more classes and I had decided to take a break from studying for any of my subjects in order to stay in the cool Ravenclaw common room with the rest of the seventh year girls. It’s weird how in the last year of school everyone seems to get along better. I guess it’s the realization that we won’t see as much of each other after the year has ended.

“Looking forward to this weekend then, Annabelle?” Maia asked.

“I guess,” she said awkwardly, “I’m glad Nyx agreed to come.”

“Wait, Nyx gets to go?” said Isabelle quite loudly. “How come I wasn’t invited.

“Because you didn’t take care of magical.” I said. “If you come too it will just look like we’re flanking her and Peter will get nervous.”

“Fine then,” she said sourly, “you can be expecting us to accidentally run into you at some point during your visit.”

“As long as it doesn’t seem too obvious,” I said.

“Looks like I’ll be the only one us not trying to grab a marauder this weekend.” Maia twiddled with her hair as we all discussed them.

“How is it going with Tom?” I asked.

“It’ll be much better by next weekend after you’ve all taught me how to fly properly.

“When are we doing that by the way? Sirius and I are doing transfiguration work at some point during the week, or so he said.” I couldn’t help but notice Isabelle giving me an evil look as I said this.

“Tomorrow after classes?”


We all headed off to bed earlier than usual to try and get some energy for what would most likely be the worst round of flying Hogwarts would ever see. Quidditch was not any of our specialties. I knew how to fly a broom but I had this issue about not being able to catch a ball without dropping it three seconds later.

I had a busy day after that, three classes again. Luckily this meant I only had charms tomorrow. It did however, mean I had to eat breakfast on the run. I said hello to my friends when they finally arrived for breakfast as I hurriedly shoved two sausages into a bap with a healthy helping of ketchup.

I made a run for charms, why would they start a class at half eight? It was just cruel. Usually the earliest class was at nine, a far more reasonable time in my opinion. Either way I was going to have to leg it. I didn’t bother with the passageway it would seem weird going down it myself.

Eating whilst walking and trying to read is no easy feat. It was a good thing girls were so good at multi-tasking, except from me obviously. I wasn’t really looking where I was going so I have no idea why I was surprised that I had managed to trip over something.

As I fell, it sort of went in the horrifying slow motion that occurs when you have that dream about going out in public with just your knickers on. Except this was actually happening. I tried to stop my face from hitting the floor with my hands. Tried, but failed.

I dusted myself off, grumbling as I tried to stand. My breakfast was on the floor. My knees were probably going to be bruised in about half an hour. My book was ripped and halfway across the hall. If it had been anyone else, I probably would have laughed. Which is probably the reason I heard laughter behind me.

I turned round, ready to give them a good telling off when I saw all four marauders in fits of laughter, doubled over to try and keep themselves breathing. Assholes. I picked up my stuff, muttering furiously as I did.

“It’s not that funny.” I said angrily, how could they still be laughing?

“Actually Nyx, it is.” James managed to choke out.

“Seriously Warrender, I don’t think you could have made that any funnier if you tried.” Sirius said, which he then paired with an impression of me falling. Flailing arms and everything.

“That does look pretty funny.” I said, smacking Sirius in the arm as he continued his impression whilst walking down the hall.


I turned around to see what had tripped me up. Nothing apparently, so I guess it must have been my own feet which had obviously conspired against me in order to try and get me to do something else embarrassing in Remus’ company. Nice work feet.

We all walked to charms in fits of laughter, it was hard to remember what was so funny in the first place but we weren’t really laughing at anything in particular at that point, more just an unstoppable continuation from before.

Flitwick gave us a funny look as we tumbled through the door, he looked as though he had just woken up and was in dire need of a coffee. It wasn’t just the students who hated early classes apparently.

I spent most of charms talking contentedly to Remus, constantly wondering if he liked me back. Then I reminded myself that I was not the sort of person who obsessed over a guy so I got back to work. Still, he was awfully distracting with his sweet smile and sparkly eyes. Not to mention the fact he would get an answer wrong every so often and crinkle his nose up in frustration as he massaged his brow.

Even with the sparkly eyes, he looked more tired than usual. He seemed used to it or maybe he didn't notice. But there were definite bags under his eyes which seemed a darer colour than usual. Grey rather than brown. I hoped he had no more classes today either. At least that way he could get some sleep even if he wasn't going to be spending that time wit me.

Flitwick had to repeat my name a couple of times before I answered him. I probably looked like a moron seeing as they were easy questions. I knew the answers I just hadn't heard Flitwick. I was too busy thinking about Remus which hopefully no one had noticed.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Well, the rest of the school day that is. As promised, after classes we dumped our school things in the dorm and grabbed out flying gear. I had luckily decided to take my Magpies strip so I looked more in place striding towards the quidditch grounds.

Everyone else was wearing sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms, and as many scarves and gloves as they could find. The September wind was whipping at our skin and I was frozen. The sooner we got started the better in my opinion. Maia just looked nervous.

Luckily, there were no house practices that day, the first match wasn’t until late December. We had the pitch near enough to ourselves to fly about in. There was a group of third years who were also practicing but they left when it began to rain.

“Can we please go in now?” Isabelle moaned.

“What? But we haven’t even practiced any real quidditch yet.”

“Yes, but my top is actually soaked through and will probably take half an hour to peel off.”

We were all too busy shouting to realise that we weren’t actually alone on the pitch anymore. I wasn’t shouting, but I was flying around in circle round the pitch trying to avoid everything. Like I said, I’m no good at quidditch.

“I’d happily peel it off for you Isabelle!” The yell came from quite far down. I had to squint to see who was there. It was Sirius. Isabelle would be happy at least.

“Really Black?” She said in an expertly crafted sarcastic yet flirty tone whilst flying down towards him, James and Peter.

“Really.” He winked at her.

It took quite a bit of effort to keep my lunch down. I couldn’t imagine myself flirting like that. It was just so cringey, well it would have been if it were me.

I felt a lot less sick once I was back on the ground. Annabelle was talking to Peter so Maia and I were left to talk to James as Sirius shamelessly tried to get into Isabelle’s pants.

“So where’s Remus?” Maia asked, smirking and nudging me in what seemed like the most obvious possible way.

“Studying I’d imagine. Quidditch has never really been his thing.”

“How are things with you and Lily?” I asked, trying desperately to change the subject.

“Great actually.” Even he seemed surprised by this. “I have no idea what I said or did but I’m apparently human now so she likes me.”

He shrugged his shoulders and ran his hand through his perfectly messy hair. He was astounded at Lily’s new attitude towards him but he wasn’t stupid enough to question it.

I had already started packing up my things as we all talked, there was no way I was going back up again, even Tom wouldn’t have made his team fly in this. It was pouring and none of us had jackets, apart from Annabelle who was all snug in Peter’s jacket. Apparently he was a gentleman.

As a result we were soaked through when we finally walked through the entrance. Isabelle and Sirius were still joking with each other in the most obvious way possible. I would have bet they’d be together by the next day. They were. They had also broken up on the Friday. Neither of them cared, they had both only been it for fun.

Isabelle was going out with a Hufflepuff boy about two hours after they broke up, Sirius had beaten her, an hour after he was caught with a startled but very happy sixth year Gryffindor in a broom cupboard on the seventh floor. I didn’t even know there was a broom cupboard on the seventh floor.

It looked like it would just be me and Annabelle with the marauders during the Hogsmeade visit, Isabelle no longer had any interest and Maia was planning on innocently bumping into Tom in the quidditch store to mention trying out for the team next week.

Needless to say, a weekend with Remus, I was looking forward to it.

A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short. It's sort of a filler and I didn't want to babble on too much about random things. Plus a quick thanks to all the reviews and favorites! I love reading them :)

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