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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Hogwarts. I own my original characters and this plot.

It was Sunday and Heidi was hiding out in the owlery, keeping away from Nathaniel, Bridget and Rose. The whole week had been full of detentions from her brother, being ignored by Bridget and being hounded by Rose to leave Albus. She was so over it and hadn't had the chance to tell Albus about any of it yet. A part of her was considering leaving Albus, but she really liked him and knew it wouldn't be fair on him. He was lucky that he no longer had Charms though, because Nathaniel was on a war path with everyone who had anything to do with the man who put him in Azkaban.
An owl fluttered in and landed on her shoulder, her favourite of the school owls, Venus. She nipped at Heidi's fingers until she gave her an owl treat.

“You only wanted me so I could give you that treat, didn't you? I guess everyone always wants something from me,” she mused out loud, patting the owl gently.

“That's not very nice,” said someone from the doorway.

“Who are you?” Heidi asked, not very nicely. She knew most students and had never even seen this boy, who had to be at least her age, probably older. He had shoulder length hair, a light brown colour, was quite tall, had a nice face and dark velvet green eyes.

“I'm new,” he said smiling, his lips looking very full and pink against his bright white teeth.

“That didn't answer my question,” Heidi said standing up.

“I'm Gerard Haler, but everyone just calls me Gerry. I transferred from America.”

As he said it, Heidi noticed his very strong American accent.

“I'm in fifth year,” he said when she didn't say anything, instead continuing to stare.

“Oh sorry,” she woke up from a daze, “I'm Heidi Clemmet, fifth year also. So are you just starting now?”

“Well I start tomorrow, but I got dropped off here today, I'm actually just sending my Mum a letter then I'm going to the Headmistresses office to be sorted.”

“Really? Do you know where you are going?”

“Not really.”

“Well, I would be more than happy to take you if you wanted.”

“That would be awesome.”

He smiled again at her and she felt something odd in her stomach. Choosing to ignore it she waited for him to send his letter, using Venus, then walked with him out of the owlery.

“So why did you transfer?” she asked him.

“Well, my Dad is English as is my Mum and they've been working there since I was six, so I pretty much grew up there. Anyway, Mum got a job at the Ministry here last year and Dad couldn't stand to be away from her, so as soon as he got a job here as well, they moved me. I'm really missing my friends though, especially my girlfriend Amber.”

“Well, if you get put into Gryffindor, I'll introduce you to my boyfriend, Albus Potter.”

“You mean Harry Potter's son? Wow! That's so cool.”

“You know about Harry Potter?”

“Yeah, he's in Modern History of Magic a class I took at my old school.”

“That sounds so cool, we just have boring History of Magic. Also, Charms is a nightmare with our new professor.”

“Sounds fun, ha ha. Anyway, we're here now, so I better go in. I'll hopefully talk to you again really soon.”

Heidi said goodbye then started walking towards the Gryffindor tower, smiling happily. As she was walking she thought of Gerry and suddenly thought how he was pretty cute. She pushed back the thought, because she loved Albus and nobody else. As she was walking she bumped into someone walking the opposite way, not seeing them because she was so lost in thought.

“Would you watch where you're going!?” Rose almost screamed at her.

There was books all over the floor and Heidi stooped down to help Rose pick them up, despite the fact she would have rather jumped into the lake. Heidi stood up and piled the last of the books into Rose's waiting arms.

“I'm sorry about that,” she said.

Rose ignored her and kept walking, in the direction of the Library. Heidi sighed to herself and kept walking. She had tried being nice to Rose, but nothing. Her position on the Quidditch team would have been lost instantly if James hadn't needed her so much. Something he reminded her every practice. She was on the verge of quitting, but she did love it, so she was trying to tough it out. She kept walking, thinking of everything horrible that was happening, until she got to Gryffindor tower and saw Albus waiting for her.

“Heidi! There you are, I've been looking for you everywhere,” he said smiling at her. She noticed that her stomach didn't feel funny the way it did when Gerry smiled, but she chose to ignore it again.

“Hey Albus,” she said smiling up at him.

“Let's go for a walk.”


Heidi sat at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast, smiling through her full mouth. Her and Albus had had a big talk about her brother and his cousin. Everything was okay for the moment and she was very happy. She was so happy she barely noticed the announcement that Gerry Haler had been sorted into Gryffindor. Sometimes, she thought as she chewed on her cereal, it was better just being happy with what you have, even if you might like something else a little better.

Albus sat beside her and she smiled at him, knowing that her heart only belonged to him and no-one else.

A/N: I hope you enjoed this, please keep on reviewing, more of Gerry soon!!!

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