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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


“But still, how could she have known?” Hermione continued.


He let out a sigh, “I don’t know maybe Potter or Ginny told her?”


“No they wouldn’t tell her, that kind of thing would be to confusing for her to understand.”


“Does it really matter? I mean aren’t you glad she didn’t freak out or start crying because she thought I was a stranger?”


“Well yeah I guess,” she said looking around realizing that they were pretty much alone now with nothing to do.


“And now that she does know maybe she won’t dress me up in pink bows,” he said grinning.


“Ha ha yeah there is that, but you looked so pretty it was a shame I had to take them off of you. I should have taken a picture so you could always remember that moment.”


“You wouldn’t dare.” He glared teasingly.


“Just be grateful I didn’t think of it this time, just wait till next time…”


            For a minute Draco actually looked panic like he believed her then realized she was just messing with him. A pop coming from the kitchen turned both their attention to that instead.


“Hey Hermione guess what?” Ginny said excitingly as she walked out of the kitchen. “The doc…oh wow!” she suddenly stopped when she spotted Draco. “You’re human again.” She said staring at him. “Wow so you really are under a curse. I mean of course you are I’ve been cat sitting you for the past couple days. But you were just a cat so really it could have been anybody, but here you are standing in Hermione’s living room very much human, which makes this whole thing that much real.”


“Okay…?” he said carefully.


“Ginny, calm down your rambling. Yeah it takes a bit to get used to at first but you get over it.” Hermione said walking towards her.


            She almost completely forgot why she was babysitting Lily in the first place. She lowered her voice so Draco wouldn’t hear.


“So what did the doctor say?”


            Ginny looked pasted Hermione at Draco who was trying not to interfere with their conversation.


“Okay I know when I’m not wanted, I’ll just be in the kitchen getting something to eat.” He said as he walked past the two girls and into the kitchen, Crookshanks following behind him at his feet.


When he was out of sight Ginny turned back to Hermione, “Bloody Hell this whole curse thing with him is really real isn’t it.”




“Wow I know Harry and Ron work with him everyday, but I haven’t seen him in person since Hogwarts…he’s hot!”


“Yeah,” Hermione sighed blissfully, then caught herself, “Um I mean he’s okay. What?” she said when Ginny just simply grinned at her. “Were talking about you not Malfoy…so spill what did the doctor say?”


“Well I’m pregnant!” she said excitingly.


Hermione almost screamed with joy, “Oh Ginny that’s wonderful when are you due?”


“Around May,” she sighed then yawned.


“Well you should probably get back so you can tell Harry the good news. And then go gets some rest, doctors orders.”


“Yes sir, doctor Granger.” Ginny giggled in a mock salute.


“Lily’s asleep on my bed. Hey did you by any chance tell her about Draco? Not really being a cat?”


“No why?”


“Well as you know Draco was a cat the whole night and then he changed back about 20 minutes ago. And she was already asleep by then, so he helped me take her to bed but she woke up and she knew exactly who he was and not as the Draco Malfoy but as the cat Draky who she was playing with all night.”


“Huh, that’s weird. Maybe she just figured it out or something? You know she is really to smart for her own good sometimes and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with her.”


“Yeah and now you’ll have another little one to worry about.”


“Yep that I will.” Ginny said patting her flat belly.

            As Ginny and Hermione went about getting Lily, Draco was in the kitchen making a list of all the things he’d done in the past 4 days that would cause him to change back. What did he do the 2nd day? He only got 20 minutes of human time, so it wasn’t much. The only thing he could think of was when he chased Crookshanks around the apartment, but that wasn’t really playing at the time, he was just trying to ware him out so he wouldn’t have the energy to kill him later. That was the night the pixies invaded her home and that’s when he changed back and scared them off then later that day was when he found the mother cat and kittens, that had to get him some bonus points which caused him to gain an hour and 50 minutes on either side of midnight. Then he tried to help out Hermione that night and was nicer to her then he’s ever been in the past. Then of course he had to endure the child when she treated him like a toy, which had to count right? But this time he only gained an extra 30 minutes. What could he do tonight that would gain him more time for tomorrow night? But first he’d have to ask Hermione whether or not he was even right on his assumption of doing good things. Otherwise he would just be wasting his time and energy. Although even if it wasn’t that, it still wouldn’t hurt for him to be a little nicer and giving. Maybe he could make some kind of donation somewhere?

            Just then Hermione and Ginny walked in with Lily in Ginny’s arms. Draco tried to hide his list he was making behind him but Hermione caught him and just simply raised an eyebrow in question but didn’t say anything.


“Well let me know if you need anything,” Hermione said to Ginny/


“Sure you too.”

Lily wiggled out of Ginny’s arms and onto the floor. She went over to Hermione. Hermione bent down and hugged her good bye.


“Thanks for letting me stay with you Aunt Mione.”


“Of course sweet heart.” She said hugging her again.


Then she turned around and went over to Draco, she wrapped her little arms around his leg and squeezed before Draco could stop her. “Thanks Draky for letting me play with you.”


He patted her awkwardly on the head, “Uh, sure thing kid anytime.”


She brighten up and looked up at him, “so you’ll be here next time I get to come over?”


He looked over at Hermione not knowing how to answer that. “Uh, I don’t know?” He said down to her.


“We’ll see.” Hermione added.


“Come on Lily it’s time to go home. I’m sure daddy wants to see you before he goes to bed.” Ginny said taking her back into her arms. “You two play nice now.” She winked at them before they popped out of sight.


Both staring at the space where Ginny and Lily apparated, Draco turned to Hermione, “Now what?”


“Huh?” she turned towards him.


“What’s the plan for tonight?”


“Um…” she looked at the clock, 9:45pm almost 10pm.

            If he changed around 9:30pm then that meant he had until 2:30am until he changed back. And for the life of her she didn’t want to be stuck in her tiny apartment all night knowing he was there and very much human. She did not want a repeat of last night…although the kiss was amazing. She would absolutely, no matter what fall for that again. She could not for any circumstances get involved with Malfoy. She needed a distraction and something to distract him as well, not that he would want to kiss her again, and maybe he thought it was a mistake as well. Ugh, regardless they needed to get out of the house. She didn’t care that it was practically 10 o’clock at night. She just needed to get out.


“We’re getting you out of here.” she said.


“What?” Panic clearly written on his face.


“Relax, I’m not kicking you out, I’m going with you. We just need to get out of this apartment. Besides it wouldn’t hurt you to get some fresh air, you know stretch your legs a little.”


“Um okay,” he said unsurely. “What if I…”


“If everything goes as planned you won’t change back until 2:30am which is plenty of time. And we’re not going far.” She said as she went to grab her purse.

            Her wand was sitting besides her bag, even though she had no magic she grabbed it anyway just incase. He grabbed his suit jacket and when he saw her he held open the front door for her.


“Thanks,” she mumbled as she walked past him.

            The night was perfect, the moon was high and the stars were bright and the temperature was a little chilly with the breeze but otherwise bearable. They walked down a couple of streets in silence towards no particular destination.


“Where are we going?” he asked.


“I don’t know.” She said honestly. “We can stop by your place if you like?” she said since she knew he recently bought a place somewhere near by. “So you can check on things or get a fresh pair of clothes or whatever since you’ve been gone for over 4 days now.”


“Okay I guess that’s a good plan. My flat is only a block away from here.”



            The interaction between them wasn’t awkward but you could tell there was tension between them. She just didn’t know if it was good tension or bad tension.


“This is it.” He said as they stopped in front of his building.

            Figures that he would live in one of the nicest buildings in downtown London it even had a doorman.


“Good evening Mr. Malfoy welcome back, I haven’t seen you around the past few days. Were you out of town?”


“Evening Richard.” He looked at Hermione. “Yes I’ve been out of town on business.”

            Thank god he didn’t say anything like he’s been held hostage and have been living as a cat for the past 4 days.


“Ah well welcome back, evening Miss.” He tipped his hat towards Hermione.

            She caught the once over he gave to her, obviously he suspected that whatever was going on between them had nothing to do with business and more to do with pleasure.


“Evening” she replied.

            Of course he was probably used to it thinking that she was just another girl he brought home for the night. Draco did always have a reputation for being a ladies man. She wouldn’t be surprised if he brought home a new girl every night. And that was another reason as to why she would not, could not get involved with Malfoy. She was not a toy you could play with then throw out when you get bored with it.

            They walked to the elevator lifts and he stepped aside as he let her enter first. Has he always been such a gentleman? Or was he just trying to get on her good side? She couldn’t help noticing how he would hold doors for her or let her lead the way. The tension between them became even more noticeable when they were both inside the small confines of the lift. It was a huge difference from being outside in the open to this tiny space. It seemed like neither of them knew what to say so they just rode in silence.


“This is a nice place.” Hermione broke the awkward silence.


“Thanks. I like it here.”


“What made you want to live here?”


“Uh I don’t know I was walking by it one day and I liked the architecture on the outside. And well I was in the market to buy a flat in London anyway, so I bought it.”


“Neat.” She said as then mentally kicked herself, who said ‘neat’ anymore.


“Here we are.” He announced as they came to the 8th floor.

            She expected to walk into a lobby and see multiple doors that lead to different apartments. But was completely shocked when the elevator opened up into a grand foyer which then led to a spacious living room and huge kitchen. He had his own elevator lift entrance.


“Wow,” she kept gaping.


He grabbed her hand, “You better step out of there otherwise the door is going to close on you.” He said as he tugged her out of the lift.


“I knew you had a flat, but this is amazing.” She said as she started to look around.


She became aware of him staring at her so she turned around and faced him, “What?”


He chuckled and shook his head, “Nothing you just look like your about to go into shock.”

            She stuck her tongue out at him then turned back to look around some more. He chuckled again then said he was going to go change and that he would be right back. She smiled slightly to herself relieved that the tension between them was semi-broken for now at least. As she continued to look around without him watching her she became painfully aware that her place was a complete embarrassment compared to his. Her apartment was the size of a cabinet compared to this place. But she wasn’t going to feel belittled by that fact, yes he had a beautiful place and hers was a hole in the wall. And yes he had the money to afford a place like this and she didn’t, but that wasn’t going to let her down. At least she worked hard and earned that money where as he probably just got his from the family vault.

            Holy shit is that a Picasso? He has an original Picasso hanging along the back wall. He had other various pieces of art hanging around she didn’t know enough about art to know if they were famous or well known but she bet they were valuable and expensive. Draco Malfoy certainly had the bachelor pad look down to a key minus all modern muggle appliances.

            Instead of his place being dark and cold, it was surprising warm and inviting with rich colors and rich brown leathers. Besides the expensive décor this place is not at all what she would imagine Draco Malfoy ever living in. There along one of the walls was a huge fireplace which was surrounded by shelves from floor to ceiling of books. She was in complete awe. There along this wall alone probably shelved more books than her shop did. She walked over to see them up closer. She found all of his school books from Hogwarts and other various magical authors who wrote fiction as well as some non fiction novels. He had books in all genres; she was surprised to find a few muggle classics in collection as well. Wow, who know Malfoy was a closet bookworm. She could spend hours in complete heaven here.

            She heard a pop come from behind her, startled she turned around.


“Sorry Miss didn’t mean you fright you.”


She looked down at the voice, “it’s alright, I was lost in thought and wasn’t expecting you, and you must be Smitty.”


“At your service Miss, would Miss like something to drink while waiting? Hot tea, coffee, brandy?”


“No thank you I’m fine, but thank you for asking.” She could have sworn the little house elf was blushing.


“If you need anything just call upon me Miss.”


“Will do Smitty and please call me Hermione.”


“As you wish Miss Hermione.” He bowed then popped out of sight.

            She smiled to the now empty space where he was moments ago. He didn’t look in anyway mistreated; no bandages on his hands or wearing dirty rags for clothing. Maybe she misjudged Malfoy on that. Where was he anyway? She wanted to look around the rest of the flat but she didn’t want to snoop. So she turned around back to the shelves of books. On some of the shelves there were framed pictures, a couple of them were of him and his friends at Hogwarts. There was one with him and the Minister of magic. One of him and Professor Snape. Then there were a couple pictures of his family. There was one of a little boy no older then 2 or 3 eating cake with chocolate all over his face, sitting on his mothers lap. He looked so happy there, it was hard to imagine Malfoy as a little kid, and he was so adorable. She smiled to herself.


“My mother insisted I put that up there, it was either that or one of me in my diapers.” He said directly behind her looking over her shoulder.


She spun around placing a hand to her chest for fear her heart might jump out, she had no idea he was standing there. She felt as if she just got caught snooping around somewhere she wasn’t suppose to be.


She chucked to hide her nervousness, “Now that I would pay to see.” She teased.


“Ha ha,” he said dryly.

            It was then that she took in his appearance, he was fleshly shaven and he must have taken a shower because the tips of his hair were still damp. And damn if he didn’t smell good, he’s been a cat for so long she almost forgot how good he smelled. He was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and jeans that rested loosely on his hips and sneakers. He looked so normal she had to do a double take to make sure it was still Draco Malfoy.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” he said bringing her back to reality.


“Your wearing jeans!” she blurted out.


He looked down and then back up at her. “So?”


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of school robes and uniforms or tailored suits.”


“I don’t wear suit all the time, I have been known to go casual every now and then.” he smiled.

            Of course he did, she was just being silly, but seeing him like this out of a dress shirt and tailored pants it made her wonder what he slept in, if he wore anything at all. Oh Merlin, what the hell is she thinking. It’s getting late, she’s had a long day and she’s just being delusional.


Clearing her head she decided to change the subject. “Are you ready? Or I mean you can stay here if you want? I’m sure Smitty could take care of you when you’re a…cat. You don’t need me around necessarily.”


“Ah, but I do need you to help me figure out how to break the spell.” He said stepping closer to her looking at her with heat in his eyes.


She took a step back away from him, “But I’m sure Sm…”


“No you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not at least until the spell is broken.”


She let out a sigh not really sure if it was a good thing that she was relieved that he didn’t want to get rid of her.


“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay here?” she said looking around. “Your place is a million times nicer then my pathetic excuse of an apartment.”


“Nah, I like your apartment…it’s cozy.”

            She snorted then glanced at the over stuffed sofa facing the giant fireplace; she could easily picture herself cozying up there reading a good book.


“If you say so,” she said lost in thought.


“You could stay here if you want?” he said.


Whipping her head around, “What? No I couldn’t I have to stay at home for Crookshanks and I just couldn’t. But thanks for asking…I guess.”

            She certainly wasn’t expecting that. Draco Malfoy practically living in her apartment already was one thing but staying at his place? She couldn’t imagine, it felt to intimate.


“Okay whatever,” he said. “So now where are we going?”


“I don’t know, where do you want to go?”


He shrugged. “Is there anything open this late on a Sunday night?”


“No probably not.”

            Crap now what? It was only 11pm and she didn’t want to go home yet with him like this. She was kind of hoping that he would want to stay here and then she could go home and sleep. But she was bizarrely glad that he wanted to stay with her.


“Why don’t we just walk around and see what’s around or we can go back to your place. It’s been a long day and you look tired.”


She gave in, “Okay sounds good.”

            It was a very interesting feeling having Hermione in his home. He has never brought anyone over to see his home in London except his mother. He was almost nervous about bringing her here and letting her see it. He found himself wanting to know what she thought about it. Thankfully she liked it, he was relieved about that. Not that he had a bad place, it was actually very nice but nothing about it was really personal to him except his books and pictures. When they arrived at his place he had no idea how to act or what to do. He knew that he had to somehow start wooing her to try to make her fall for him, but she’s been pushing herself more away from him since he changed back earlier that night. Apparently the kiss last night didn’t do much for her. So when they entered his flat he left her in his living room as he went to take care of things and think.

            On the way there he’s been thinking of something he could do to gain more time, and he still hasn’t asked Hermione about his guess. On the way to his flat he thought about sending a letter to a friend of his who works on the Daily Prophet and telling him to put a ad in for Hermione’s book shop, since he knew that she hasn’t had much luck getting the magical population to come and check it out since it’s located in London and not Diagon Alley. He wrote down as much details as he could remember to put in the advertisement to help sell her shop. And with it he put in a sizable donation to pay for the advertisement. He sent it by owl, so surely they would get it by morning. He pulled out another piece of parchment and started to write a letter, this time keeping it anonymous and with a very large donation to the local animal shelter in London. This letter he would have to give to Richard to send out.

Once he finished both letters he hopped into the shower even though he didn’t look like he needed it. It’s been 4 days and he still looked like he did the day he change into a cat. He went ahead and shaved too for good measure. Then he quickly put together a small bag with an extra change of clothes and toiletries to take back to Hermione’s. He changed into something more comfortable since he probably wouldn’t be going to the office anytime soon. It was weird not going to work everyday, if he didn’t have to deal with being a cat most the day, he would probably think it was a very nice, long over due break.

When he walked out he caught her looking through his book collection, she didn’t notice him right away so he just took his time watching her until he made his presence known. He decided to say something when she started looking at the pictures he had along the shelves. He’d forgotten about his baby pictures he had there, his mother gave them to him as a house warming gift and since he never had anyone over he didn’t think anything of it. Luckily she didn’t make any wise comments about them.

He could picture Hermione curling up on his sofa in front of a fire reading a book with a glass of wine, her hair up off her neck and him sitting beside her watching her read with Crookshanks sleeping in front of the fire. He’d be lying to himself if he said he didn’t want to kiss her right now. He meant it when he asked if she wanted to stay here. Then again he would pretty much do anything to make sure he stayed by her side most of the time because he needed her to break the spell. She just didn’t know how much he needed her.


As they were heading back towards the lift she turned around, “you’re sure you don’t want to stay here?”


“No like I said your not going to get rid of me that easily, might I remind you you’re the reason we got into this mess.” He lightly pushed her into the lift and pressed the button for the ground level.


“If you hadn’t ticked my off, like always, we probably wouldn’t have gotten into this mess. So therefore it’s more your fault.” She pointed out.


“But you were the one with the wand in your hand, and you threaten me remember?”


“I did not…not really.” She said not really remembering the conversation they had before everything went down.


“You threaten to turn me into a toad remember? Which by the way if I had to change into anything I’d rather it be a cat then a toad.”


“Yeah because if you were a toad Crookshanks would have probably eaten you by now. Which reminds me you can’t keep feeding him, he’s needs to break the habit of begging for food.”


“He only begs because you feed that disgusting crap you call cat food.”


“It’s healthy, he’ll get used to it.”


He let out a sigh, “You know if you didn’t live in the city you probably wouldn’t have to make him go on a diet, because then he would have room to actually run around and play. Instead of being the fat house cat you’ve turned him into.”


“I know it’s my fault, but I can’t afford anything else except the crappy apartment I’m currently in and I couldn’t leave him at my parents they wouldn’t know what to do with him.”


They walked out of the elevator. “Maybe you should get him a friend, you know another cat.”


She laughed, “Well I know he probably does get lonely, but I’ve already experienced what it’s like to have two cats running around my apartment and it too crowded.”


“What? Is that why you want me to stay here, so you won’t have to deal with me?”


“No, I just figured that you would be more comfortable here is all, and that’s not why I wouldn’t want another cat. It’s just twice as much cat food and supplies to buy and twice as many medical bills to considered because if I got another cat, a real cat, I have to make sure they got all of their shots and got fixed.”


Draco cringed.


“Sorry” she chuckled, he glared. “And besides your not a real cat your different.” She whispered as they got near the doorman.


“I need to speak to Richard for a moment.” He said.

            She watched as he walked over to him and handed him an envelope that she didn’t realize he was holding. When he walked back they headed out the door into the night.


“What was that that you gave him?” she asked.


“None of your business.” He said forgetting he was supposed to be trying to woo her.


She looked away looking hurt.


Damn-it he thought, “It’s nothing just a letter I needed to have sent out.”


“Why not send it by owl?”


“It’s to a muggle.”


“Oh,” was all she said.

            Damn-it they were actually doing fairly well, they were actually talking, well arguing but still it was in complete sentences at least. Now they were back to single word answers. He cleared his throat thinking he might as well tell her what in the letter, then he can make his guess.


“Actually it was a donation I’m making to the animal shelter here.”


She lit up, “Really? Why are you doing that?”


“Because helping out the mother cat and her kittens the other day got me thinking that there needs to be more involvement in getting those animals off the streets, somewhere where they can be looked after and nursed back to health and then sold to families who will care for them.”


“That’s very noble of you, how much did you donate? Wait never mind I don’t want to know.”


He ignored her and answered anyway, “A couple million.”


She stopped walking and stared at him.




“Did I hear you correctly, did you say you donated a couple million pounds to an animal shelter?” she said unbelieving.


“Yeah,” he shrugged. “I figured they could use to money to help expand, get better supplies and more employees to run a more successful business. Now are you coming or not your blocking traffic.”

She looked around, “There’s no one around, its 11:30 at night.”

            She didn’t know whether or not to hug him or slap some sense into him. She can’t believe he did that and on his own. That should earn him so major points for tomorrow evening. She caught up to him and he started walking again. But in the opposite direction of her apartment.


“Where are you going?” she asked.


“There’s a coffee shop around the corner that is open late.”


“Oh okay” she said as she followed him.

            They got there just in time, they both decided to get their coffees to go so the owners could close up for the night. She took a sip, this coffee was delicious, she can’t believe she’s never stopped here before. Instead of going back to the apartment they decided to walk around a small park that was near by. It was odd that they were being so civil with each other, it still baffled her. The whole situation was weird, walking in public together, drinking coffee was so odd but in a good way. It was like they were never enemy’s, but friends. She can’t imagine what it would be like if anyone they both knew saw them together like this.

            The park was beautiful; there were fountains everywhere that were lit up at night creating a very romantic scene. Draco broke the comfortable silence first.


“So you said before that I can make a guess right? Well I think I have my guess.”


“Now wait, are you sure you know what it is? Like I said I don’t if you have a limit on how many guesses you can make.”


“I’m positive.” She blew out a breath hoping he got it right because she didn’t know how long she could keep the secret. “I think it has to do with doing acts of kindness, doing good deeds?”


She let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “Yep that’s it, how did you figure it out?”


“I’ve been going through everything I’ve done in the past 4 days and it just started to make sense when I gained 2 hours after rescuing the cats and then tonight I only got 30 extra minutes because I haven’t really done anything that big since then. And then the movie you and Lily watched and well…”


“Yeah you noticed how similar the situation was as well?”


“Yeah the prince got turned into a beast because he was unkind and he had to prove that he wasn’t a heart-less monster in order to change back.”


“So that’s the real reason you made the donation, right?”


“Yah, but I also wanted to do that.”


“Okay well that’s good because in order for you to gain more time it has to be something you want to do and not just do it because it will get you more minutes.”


“Okay. Can you think of anything else I should do?”


“I don’t know if I can help you come up with something, it might interfere with the curse.”


“Okay, but you can make a suggestion right? And then I’ll make the decision.”


“Well there’s what you’ve done so far with making donations to various places. You could help out at a soup kitchen or a nursing home? That kind of stuff.”


He looked at her funny, “What’s a soup kitchen and what’s a nursing home?”


She laughed of course he wouldn’t know what either one was. “A soup kitchen is a shelter that people who are less fortunate go to, to get free meals or sometimes a place to sleep. And a nursing home is a place where elderly people who are sick or are in need of taking care of because they can no longer take care of themselves go. And you can go volunteer at either one and help out with whatever needs to be done.”


“Hum that sounds…interesting.”

            She could tell he wasn’t very keen on either one of those. But she couldn’t force him or convince him to do either. They kept walking through the park both lost in thought. The temperature dropped and was colder out then it was before.

There was a group of guys walking towards them and from the looks of it, they were coming home for a night at the bar. As they were getting near, Draco could tell they were openly checking out Hermione. Draco felt a pinch of jealously, they shouldn’t be checking her out, couldn’t they see that she was clearly with him? He glanced at Hermione from the corner of his eye, he could tell she noticed them too and looked uncomfortable with them gaping at her. So he pulled her towards him and wrapped his arm around her waist keeping her close to his side. This was not the time to notice how perfectly she fit up against him. They went by with no complaint just a couple wolf whistles in Hermione’s direction.


“Boys” Hermione muttered the same time Draco muttered “assholes.”

            When they were a couple of feet away from them Hermione lightly pushed away from Draco’s embrace making his arm around her waist fall to his side. She immediately missed the contact, but she told herself it was only because of the coldness outside.


Draco looked over at Hermione, “You’re shivering.”


“Oh I’m fine. It just got chilly out,” she said as she wrapped her arms around her waist.


“Here you can wear this,” he said as he took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders before she could protest.

            She wanted to argue but as soon as he did that she was warmer and completely engulfed by his scent. His jacket smelled perfect, just like him, she tried desperately hard not to openly inhale.

            The quietness between them returned as they kept walking. She wanted to say something so she just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.


“So did you know that Ginny’s pregnant!”

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